NO. 486 chapter the way of Balance

  Changtiancheng jerked his head, his eyes like through the boundless void, came to the chaos of the world, saw still 81 inscriptions around the wood plume.

  He looked at Mu Yu like a dead man and smiled jokingly: "I almost forgot, and you are a poor pity!"

  "Yes! It is really poor. ”

  Mu Yu shrugged and stood up. Eighty-one inscriptions, he still did not comprehend any inscription, but in the face of Chang Tiancheng who has become the master of chaotic yin and yang, he is not panic.

  Chang Tiancheng looked at the calm face of Mu Yu. He felt very uncomfortable. Everything was just led by this young man, but now he has become the master of chaotic yin and yang, becoming the master of all the world and the teacher. The new owner, why is this guy still a self-righteous look?

  "I am the master of chaotic yin and yang now, you are not worthy of staying in this place!"

  Chang Tiancheng slammed his hand out, and the black and white air around him suddenly violently surging, and then a black cockroach fascinated again, and opened the bloody mouth and rushed toward Muyu. "I see how you can avoid this time." !"

  Mu Yu only looked at the black sly faintly. This time he didn't even bother to stretch his fingers, just looking at Chang Tiancheng leisurely. Just as the black scorpion was about to bite into the wood feathers, the inscriptions around the wood feathers seemed to be alive, and a slight movement, a golden light filled the air, and the black scorpion flew out!

  "what happened? I am the master of chaotic yin and yang now. Why do these inscriptions protect you? ”Chang Tiancheng's face showed a slight change. He carefully felt the connection with the chaotic yin and yang, and found that he could still control the chaotic yin and yang, which was a little relieved.

  "Do you know what these black and white qis mean?"

  Mu Yu calmly looked at Chang Tiancheng, and waited for Chang Tiancheng to open his mouth. He himself has already answered it. "The black and white spirit represents the balance between life and death. Everything in the world is in harmony with each other. Because of balance and mutual restraint, life is only Continued.

  Black and white represents Taiji yin and yang, Taijisheng two instruments, two instruments and four images, four-phase students and gossip. The gossip constitutes the most basic technique of our squad and singer. After you are recognized by Chaos Yinyang, you can control all the use of gossip. The person of the law, but you have forgotten one thing, balance is the most powerful force in the world. ”

  "Humph! Ridiculous, I don't know how to balance, but I know that I now have chaotic yin and yang, and I have everything, and all the strategists and teachers must follow my orders! Disobedient, kill innocent! ”Chang Tiancheng sneered.

  "Then try again now, can you kill the lord of my sect?"Mu Yu smiled slightly.

  Chang Tiancheng’s face changed slightly. He once again turned his attention to Zhuge Xiaosheng’s body. He used chaotic yin and yang to pull the lines of Zhuge Xiaosheng’s body. He wanted to kill Zhuge Xiaosheng, but Zhuge Xiaosheng’s body suddenly poured out. The inexplicable spiritual power of the stock bounced his chaotic yin and yang out!

  "This is –" Zhuge Xiaosheng was shocked. He didn't understand why the spiritual power in his body came from somewhere.

  But he was even more alarmed. He found that his stagnant array had begun to be unsealed. Not only did his all his disciples find that his array had been restored, but Fu Zong’s disciples felt himself. The body's skills have been banned!

  "How can it be! How can you also master the power of chaotic yin and yang? ”

  Chang Tiancheng was furious and mixed.

But then he was even more shocked to find that his control of chaotic yin and yang in the body gradually disappeared, and chaotic yin and yang began to get rid of his control!

  "how dare you? stop! I am the master of chaotic yin and yang! ”Chang Tiancheng roared.

  However, it is too late. He has lost his sense of Chaoyang Yinyang. The power of the world has been lost from him and gradually transferred to Mu Yu.

  "Do you think that the way to control chaos and yin is to understand these eighty inscriptions?"Mu Yu asked.

  "Is not it?"Chang Tiancheng is angry.

  "You are wrong. You understand eighty inscriptions into a certain category, but there are so many things in the world. The yin and yang contain countless objects. How can you replace everything with a small category? To fully control chaotic yin and yang, you need to understand what is balance.

  Balance not only exists with all things, but also in everyone's heart, the heart is balanced, can become the true master of chaotic yin and yang! Unfortunately, you will never understand this truth. ”Mu Yu shook his head.

  Mu Yu now understands why Master told him from the beginning that doing things is not right or wrong, only relying on his own heart, as long as he can stand up to his own heart, then this thing can be right. This is a kind of balance, the road to the simplicity, the balance does not need to care about being looked at, but to have a clear conscience. Once you do something with your own heart, then the balance will cease to exist.

  Chang Tiancheng's heart is full of greed and thirst for rights. Many things he does are staring at his own conscience, so when Mu Yu uses a balanced mentality to communicate chaotic yin and yang, Chaoyang Yinyang chooses him without hesitation. .

  Chang Tiancheng, in his own way of understanding, did indeed lead Muyu to temporarily control the chaotic yin and yang, but Mu Yu realized the deeper side of chaotic yin and yang, which is the most correct way to control chaotic yin and yang!

  Mu Yu had already understood the eighty-one inscriptions in his own way, but he did not need to comprehend like Chang Tiancheng. In his mind, these eighty inscriptions are a world, you can turn them into any east.
West, they are mutually restrained and develop each other. This is a kind of balance.


  The surrounding black and white gas gradually disappeared, and Mu Yu and Chang Tiancheng have reappeared in the Eight Diagrams. This point has not even been thought of by Chang Tiancheng, that is, a sudden force has arrested him from outside the temple.

  At this moment, Chang Tiancheng's face is full of deep resentment and unwillingness. He has clearly become the new master of chaotic yin and yang, but I don't know why Mu Yu directly deprives his ability! He was resentful in his heart, staring at Mu Yu, and his expression was distorted to the extreme!

  "Give me the chaotic yin and yang!"

  Chang Tiancheng Chao Muyu rushed over, but the gossip map issued a majestic power, and he swept him out in an instant! The bloody big hole in his chest came out again with blood, and the whole body was completely suppressed. There is no capital with Muyu.

  "I am the master of chaotic yin and yang!"Chang Tiancheng struggled and climbed toward the wood feather like a poor worm, but without the chaotic yin and yang body protection, the wound caused by Zhou Jinglin’s sneak attack on his body was torn apart. He climbed halfway and could no longer climb. .

  "As you said at the beginning, you are really pitiful."

  Mu Yu shook his head, and there was a trace of chaos in his hand. Then he thought of something, and the sign of the fairy on the right wrist had been shattered directly by him and disappeared.

  "I am the master of the line now, you are not worthy to identify me."Mu Yu looked at the immortal logo to dissipate, but he had other ideas for the Mie Palace.

  Mu Yu looked up and looked at the white mans outside the temple. The white world still looked at it all. Even when Chang Tiancheng’s ambition was revealed, he did not stop it. He is invisible to everyone, but not for Mu Yu!

  "This is my site, you get out."With the powerful power of the temple, the chaotic yin and yang in the wood feathers made a strong striate pattern, rising from the sky above the temple, and rushing toward the white world.

  The white world can't see the wood feather, but he feels the power of the wood feather. The power of the temple is terrible. Once it is carried out in the right way, it can completely block the white world from the array.

  Just like Tiandaodao used so many years to use powerful arrays to block the prying of the white world, Mu Yu got the guidance of the heavens, and he also understood how to use the temple to deal with the white world!

  "Sure enough, you can't underestimate you, heaven!"

  The white world turned to look at the forbidden forest, and the array of heavenly roads was quite similar to him. If it was not by the guidance of the heavens, the wooden feather would not be enough to confront him. There was no shot in the white world, and his body shape flashed and disappeared into the array.

  His purpose has also been reached, and the heavens have already died. He has already gained half of the control of Xianji!


  Mu Yu did not stop the departure of the white world, he could not stop it. Without the help of the temple, he could not beat the white world.

  He dragged the collar of Chang Tiancheng and turned to appear in front of everyone.


  Fang Cai also wants to be the master of the door, killing all the division's Chang Tiancheng at this moment is like a dead dog, kneeling on the ground, but also every Fu Zong disciple!

  Their lords are so finished?

  "The only thing left is to solve the people of your Fuzong, the sovereign, you can dispose of them at will, and their skills can no longer be carried out."The sound of Mu Yu has spread all over the entire array!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng stood up, looked at Mu Yu with his face in excitement, and then looked at all the people who were frightened by Fu Zong, and waved his hand, his eyes showing a stern refusal, and sighed: "Kill!"


  All the disciples were suppressed by Chang Tiancheng’s terrible breath. They were all injured by Fu Zong’s disciples. Nowadays, the roles are changed. Everyone’s heart has accumulated endless grievances, and they rushed to the opposite side. .

  The people of Fuzong dare to scatter on their sites, and they should pay a price!

  Surge, surging, all the people of Fuzong were smashed, and the disciples of the ancestors did not have mercy, and all the squads were sacrificed, ending the sinful lives of these aggressors.

  "Then I have to entertain you with the Star Gate."

  Mu Yu controlled the temple, which also controlled the numerous arrays of large and small. His powerful chaotic yin and yang is only effective against the division and the teacher, but it has no effect on the people of the Tianxingmen. After all, he does not have the cultivation of the Changtiancheng period, and can not trap Tianhaihua and Tianguangqi in a moment.

  The man of the Star Gate had already broken away from the sculpt cage after Chang Tiancheng was defeated by Mu Yu.

  "The person at the Star Gate, retreat!"Tian Haihua saw the menacing squad, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com does not dare to fight again.

  They all know that the formation is quite powerful, and the explosive power in a short period of time is too high. In particular, the innate array has a lot of bases, and there is no shortcoming of succession. In addition, there are also five formations in the formation. Even if each one is seriously injured, he does not dare to support him. After all, the person who controls chaos and yin and yang is a variable!

  Nowadays, the people of Fuzong have already gone, and the two comprehensions of their compatriots are not enough.

  "Want to go? Sovereign, help me a favor! ”Mu Yu used the chaotic yin and yang to force Zhuge Xiaosheng to his side!

  He does not have much strength even if he controls Chaos Yinyang. Besides being able to shock the squad and the teacher, he is still
Only the expiration period.

  In the past, the dead wood scorpion used the array to pull the seventh-order blast, and almost killed it. At that time, the dead wood old man was not enough, so he used his life as the base to launch this terrible battle.

  Mu Yu does not need to spend life, want to let the seventh-order blast Dan play the true power, only need to rely on Zhuge Xiaosheng in the fit period!

  Mu Yu’s hands portrayed a variety of patterns, and ten seventh-order blasts were transformed into wood by the wood feathers.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng looked at the combination of the explosions and the formations. It was also a slight shock. He had never seen such a mysterious array. The explosion and the array were different concepts. How can they use the explosives to display the array? ?

  But Mu Yu has told him by action!

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