Chapter 629 The Origin of the No Shadow Family

  After Xuanjizi’s 5,000-year-old seal of the Siren’s king, he personally transformed the Siren King City and made the people of the time the highest ones, such as Heliankong, Ghost Domain, Bohong and Mu Mengfei, as the leader of the human soul. Defend the Siren King City.

  Among them, He Liankong controls the power of the King of the Sea King, and the other three have the power to seal the King of the Sea King. Any decision requires four people to agree. As long as the ghost domain is on the edge of the Siren King, the wood feathers cannot be approached.

  This incident is very tricky. Both He Liankong and Ghost Domain have the initiative. No one can bypass the Warlord King.

  "how about it? Have you decided yet? ”The soul device in the hands of the ghost domain flashes cold and cold.

  "Yes, but you can only send a person who is the same as Mu Yu, so that is fair."He Liankong looked at the ghost night that rushed out of the gravel pile, and said with arrogance.

  Ghost night bright face, I can't wait to kill He Liankong, he has never been so embarrassed.

  "it is good! Then I will send a person in the fit period to go in with him. ”Ghost domain knows that Helian will not give in, and he does not want to push too tight, each step.

  "Synthesis period? Mu Yu is divided into gods! ”Heliankong said.

  "He has defeated the Yao people in the fit period. Do you still treat him as a comprehension of the distraction?"Ghost domain sneer.

  He Liankong said: "He defeated the Yao people because of my soul device, and once my soul device was used to open the Siren King City, where does he have the strength to fight with the fit?"

  The ghost domain said sullenly: "Look like you don't understand this kid at all?" Do you have no confidence in the disciples of the sword and dust? ”

  "Sword shadow dust? Who is the disciple of the sword shadow dust? ”He Liankong’s face was slightly shocked. He turned his head and looked at Mu Yu. “Are you an apprentice of Jianfeng Dust?”

  Mu Yu shrugged helplessly, and Master’s name was too big, even the practitioners of 5,000 years ago heard it.

  "Oh my God! How could you be his apprentice? Are you not our Danding people? ”He was shocked.

  "I am an apprentice of Jianfeng Dustwind, but I am also a Danding person, because my other Master is the alchemist of the Danding School. In short, I will explain it to you in detail."Mu Yu feels that it is too much trouble to say in detail.

  "How can the sword shadow dust be alive now? Is he not the person of our time? And it has long since fallen! ”Helian is still unbelievable.

  Fallen? Mu Yu’s heart was a bit funny, and Master liked a dull life. At that time, it was estimated that he would hide his identity by fake death.

  "I got the inheritance of the sword shadow dust."

  Mu Yu remembered that Master was now worried about falling into the center of the white world. He really didn't want to explain too much, and he didn't want to reveal the secret of Master's eternal life. If it was passed down, then everything would make sense.

  "This way! No wonder you have such a powerful battle as an alchemy teacher. ”He Lian nodded and then confidently said to the ghost domain: "Well, you can send a person with a fit period and Mu Yu."

  "Predecessors, I am an apprentice of Jianying Dust, but I am just distracted…"Mu Yu quickly reminded.

  He Liankong is an envious look: "Everyone wanted to be a disciple of the sword and dust, but unfortunately he never received an apprentice. The sword shadow dust wind is a bad character.

I can get his inheritance, I believe that you can also deal with the comprehension of the fit period during the distraction period.

  In my time, when the sword shadow dust winded freely pointed out the swordsmanship of a young man, the young man later killed the opponent in the fit period with the repair of the distraction period. You almost did it today, and you The humiliation did not have the name of the sword shadow dust. ”

  Mu Yuhan Yan, Helian empty words have said this part, and he is still a pro-disciple of the sword shadow dust, if you can't do it, it really wants to insult the big shadow of the sword shadow dust.

  Ghost domain glanced coldly at the wood feather: "Good! Then three days later we gathered in the Siren King City. Leave! ”

  The night of Ghost Night is like a snake, staring at Mu Yu, and leaving the ghost field without a word.

  Until the two of them disappeared, Mu Yu said helplessly: "Predecessors, you really can see me!"

  "Sword shadow dust wind before the fall is a very powerful person, almost no one dares to provoke him in the realm of cultivation. Can get his inheritance, your kid is so lucky! ”He Liankong took another shot of Mu Yu’s shoulder.

  Cold gas invades.

  Mu Yu laughed and said twice, he did not deny his master's ability, but he did not want to die in vain, or defended: "Predecessors, you said that the youth may just be lucky! It’s so easy to kill the fit period during the distraction period…"

  "Although I remember that it was really lucky at the time, but luck is also part of the strength, nothing, I am optimistic about you! Just as the young man named Bai Liangsheng was more and more famous in the realm of comprehension, it seems that he also created a martial art called the non-shadow family, which was specially opposed to the filmmakers at that time…"Helen said, touching his beard.

  No shadow family?

  Mu Yu opened his mouth!

  When I was in Qingshuicheng, Tianyue traces money to kill Qingming to kill him. At that time, there was a white night who claimed to be from the shadowless family to come to him, to warn him, and to assist him. They investigated the secrets of Si Kongqi.

  But at that time, Mu Yu refused the white night because he didn't like white nights.
The attitude of the day.

  "Predecessors, can you talk to me about the power of the no-picture family?"

  Mu Yu remembers that Bai Yetian said at the beginning that the realm of comprehension is not only the apparent strength, but also many hidden strengths. It is not weaker than eight. Obviously, no one is one of them, but he did not expect the founding of the shadowless family. People actually have a relationship with their own master.

  "No movie family, I think about it! A small door small pie. This should start from the scene of the sword shadow dust, because at that time someone spent the sky price to let the film organization to assassinate the sword shadow dust, the film organization sent more than 100 top shadow killers, set a trap to bury the sword shadow dust The result was all killed by the sword shadow dust, and finally the sword shadow dust wind heard that it was seriously injured and left the world. ”

  He Liankong paused and thought about it and continued: "The young man named Bai Liangsheng heard that the shadow of the sword and the dust had passed away, and he deeply hated the filming organization. So I heard that the founding of the shadowless family should be done with the filmmakers. Revenge for the sword shadow dust, but where is the filmmaker organization that he can afford? Anyway, the shadowless family disappeared in the realm of comprehension. It should have been organized by the filmmakers to fight back. For a long time, I forgot about it…"

  Mu Yu is listening to it one by one. The shadowless family disappeared from the shadows. It is clear that it has lived to the present, and has been secretly organizing the sticks for the filmmakers.

  The existence of the original shadowless family was that Bai Liangsheng had to fight against the filmmakers in order to avenge Mr. Mu Yu. Unfortunately, the sword shadow dust wind just took the opportunity to live in seclusion and shunned the world. He has lived in seclusion for thousands of years. I am afraid there is no such thing as Yumeng. Not necessarily standing out.

  It’s no wonder that the white nights of the no-picture family wanted to protect the wood feathers, because Mu Yu was the apprentice of the sword shadow dust. In fact, as long as the day and night told the wood feathers about the twists and turns, Mu Yu might believe them. .

  The shadowless family has been developing for 5,000 years. It is not necessarily true whether this strange force is still following the rules of the predecessors. After all, the white man died long ago, and the original intention of his descendants and the filmmakers was correct. It is hard to say if there is any change.

  "In short, since they only send a comprehension of the fit period to go with you, then you don't have to be afraid of anything. If you look at him, he will kill him directly. Anyway, you are an apprentice of Jianfeng Dust. Points should be able to do it."Heliankong is very optimistic about Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu licked his temples. He felt his head hurt a bit. Where did Helian’s predecessors feel confident that Mu Yu could overcome the comprehension of the fit?

  However, at this moment, it is already difficult to ride a horse. He has no choice but to take one step. For the ghosts of the last match, Mu Yu relied on the practice of restraint, in fact, not necessarily will suffer more, but Mu Yu still dare not care.

  In the past three days, Mu Yu still pushed the mystery of the field of the array in the vicinity of the Siren King City. If he can learn the field of the array, he will be more grasped when he faces the test of the real machine of the mysterious machine after entering the King of the Sea King.

  As for the battle for the territory of the Yao people, Mu Yu has already let go, let the other souls themselves control the battle of the bones.

  On the fourth day, Mu Yu came to the door of the Siren King City. When he came, the ghost doorman had already waited for him early.

  Ghost domain only glanced at the wood feathers faintly, and the ghost night is very sinister, a sense of killing.

  Come with them, there are Mu Mengfei and Bo Hong. Mu Mengfei agreed with He Liankong's practice, but Bo Hong's face is not good-looking. He seems to be very opposed to this matter. UU reading is only persuaded by the ghost domain.

  He Lian air floated to the gate of the Siren King City and said: "Who do you send in?"

  "Ghosts are desperate."Ghost domain said.

  Among the ghosts, there is a cold young man. The breath of this man is only the fluctuation of the fit period, but it gives the wooden feather a dangerous feeling.

  He Liankong frowned and glanced at the ghosts, and looked at the wood feathers. He found that there were some different things in the body of the ghosts, but he could not tell what it was. However, since it has been agreed, he has no idea of ​​remorse.

  "Mu Yu, you have to be careful."He Liankong took over the soul device handed over by Mu Yu and shouted.

  Mu Yu nodded, and he also noticed that there was something wrong with the ghosts.

  The soul device in the hands of Heliankong lit up a white mans, which turned into a blue light, and then shot on the vermilion city gate of the Siren King.

  The gate of the city is full of brilliance, and a mirror of two meters high is slowly appearing. This mirror is very weird. It displays the images of Mu Yu and other ghosts. Only the souls such as He Liankong can't display. In the mirror.

  "This mirror is the entrance to the real machine of the mysterious machine. Only the living person can get close. You can go straight to the mirror."Heliankong said.

  Mu Yu immediately hesitated, went straight to the mirror, looked at himself in the mirror, and then stepped into the mirror and entered the Siren King City.

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