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Chapter 659 The horns of the horns

  "Dare to pick up my horns, I will swallow you first!"

  The strange power on the purple grievances began to reverse. It was actually hard to absorb the spiritual power of the wood feathers, and even the lines under the wooden feathers could not be spared.

  "Mom, disgusting vampire!"

  Mu Yu feel oneself unexpectedly will not be able to maintain the wind of the Sunda Deceitful Act, in the body of chaos and Yin and Yang, will be lost Reiki complement, stabilize the matrix, and his hands of pure Dengbal but still be purple resentment to suck a lot.

  Dengbal was wrapped in a pattern, the black vortex again became strong, the purple resentment of the horns sucked in. At the same time, the anger of the left hand white is also a whirlpool, and a corner of the purple blame is actually drilled out from the white vortex, and it is topped up!


  Purple stunned and looked at the corner of the white whirlpool. Where did he think that his horns had been transferred to this side by Mu Yu in this way, or came to himself. It exclaimed and jerked back into the corner, avoiding being topped by himself.

  At the moment, Mu Yu also found that the original horns of the meat-winged horns did not necessarily grow on the chest. When the purple grievances retracted into the horns, the horns protruded from behind, and the wings were connected together!

  "How many ugly tricks do you have!"

  Xiao Shuai’s little figure is holding a huge thunder sword and pointing to the purple grievance of the fleshy wings. It now hates the wings. At the beginning, Xiaoshuai had always wanted to roast this pair of shredded wings. Later, after cutting down the shredded wings, he turned into a corpse of corpse, and Xiaoshuai never ate any wings.

  When Xiaolei’s Lei Jian was coming, the purple grievances on the wings were uplifted, and the purple grievances retreated. They opened the distance and let Xiaojian’s Lei Jian smashed.

  "This guy's horn can also devour the power, you be careful!"

  When Mu Yufang used the black vortex to absorb the corners of the purple grievance, the horns exude a powerful suction, which absorbs a lot of black gas from his body, and almost can't maintain the vortex.

  The anger and death in his hand were quickly dissipated, and it was too dangerous to use the "wind and flower" in this way, because his hand would be damaged to a certain extent, and the attack on the fit phase would be against the wood feather. It is also very difficult.

  However, the black spiritual power in the body once again returned to balance, and the wound on his hand quickly recovered. The shadow sword emerged again, and together with Xiaoshuai Longteng, they rushed to the purple blame!

  But at this moment, the purple grievance suddenly screamed in horror, and then the whole body trembled fiercely. It turned and looked at the horns that had been transferred to the back. The horns above were actually with a trace of pure death. !

  That is the black spiritual power in the wood feather body!

  "What is this! Bastard! ”

  Purple grievances want to resolve the black spiritual power of Mu Yu, but it finds that the black spiritual power can not get rid of it, just like the bones of the bones began to swallow the purple grievances that are invincible!

  The purple blame's horns are like ice and snow melting, melting away from the sharp top, then the entire ugly corner, and finally transferred to its wings.

  "Asshole! Despicable human, what did you do! ”

  Purple resentment screamed, the hand fell off the knife, purple mans flashed a fierce light in the air, it even hard to cut off his wings and horns!

  "Even if you have to go,

Really! ”Longtan swallowed and said.

  The shredded wings and the horns are their powerful weapons. Once they are cut off, they will lose their strength. When the Moushan Mountain was buried in the valley, Mu Yu cut off the corner of the Red Moon and made the Red Moon completely incomplete. Give real strength.

  Purple grievances have to do this. It absorbs the dead air from the right hand of Muyu too much. It is the dead air of the grass, which can swallow all things in the world, and it is not the purple grievance that can easily resist. It knows that if you don't cut your own horns and shredded wings, your body will suffer!

  The cut horns and shredded wings were gradually swallowed up in the air, leaving only a black cloud of dead air on the devastated snow-capped mountains.

  But what Wu Yu did not expect was that the black spiritual power did not dissipate, but began to swallow up the snow-capped mountains and gradually went deep into the snow-capped mountains.


  The snow-capped mountains trembled, and the surrounding white lines flickered out. The formations could not escape the ruin of the black dead air, and there were signs of collapse!

  "Wood feathers, fast! That is the dead air of the grass, if it is not handled well, it will erode everything! ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

  Mu Yu also woke up, and he did not expect that the dead air flowing out of his body would be so terrible, and he would grow himself by swallowing everything around him.

  He immediately rushed over, and the white spirit of his left hand rushed again, grabbing the black dead air. The beginning of the dead air and the anger began to entangle, and did not want to be taken away by the wood feathers, has been struggling to get rid of Mu Yu’s hand.

  Mu Yu can only clench his teeth and help the angry uniform to die. This process is very difficult, because the dead air is too overbearing, after swallowing the wings of the purple resentment, it is out of the control of Mu Yu, Mu Yu wants to recover the dead air is still too stubborn!

  At the critical juncture, Mulingjian rushed out and wrapped the hands of Mu Yu. The holes in the body exude a strong suction. This suction contains some strange power, and finally it is struggling a little bit. Dead air is in control, and Mu Yu will completely recover his body.

  "What the hell, my body
Buried a thing that could explode at any time. ”Mu Yu said with a lingering heart.

  Last time, in order to deprive him of the anger and death of the grass, he could not withstand the huge fluctuations of life and death and death. He almost died, or the dead wood gave him blood to protect him from the sky. This time, if it wasn't for Mu Ling's assistance, he couldn't control his death.

  The anger and death in the wood feathers are maintained in a balanced state. If it is usually injured, it can help him recover quickly. However, he now understands that this force cannot be used at will, although it is so powerful that even the meat-winged horns can't resist, but if you are not careful, it will lead to uncontrollable consequences, which is too terrible!

  The purple grievances are very miserable at this moment. The proud meat wings and horns have disappeared. The place where the chest has long horns is flat and very different. It looked at Mu Yu with resentment and said, "What is hidden in your body!"

  "I have something hidden in your body!"The tip of the wooden feather is a little bit, and the shadow sword on the hand rushes out of the strong blue light, and screams at the purple.

  Purple grievance knows that the general trend has gone, immediately turned into a virtual shadow, rushed out from the body of the ghost cold, fled in the air, and held the transparent crystal ball in his hand!

  The ghost cold has already died, and his chest is bloody, and the whole person has no breath.

  "Want to escape? dream! ”

  Mu Yu knew that the shadow was killing, so he took the risk again, and the black gas in his hand once again flourished. After the Tianzhu star array took him to the purple resentment, the black gas had already been printed with the purple shadow!

  He bet on this time, the black spiritual power in his body is really the nemesis of this virtual shadow!

  Purple grievously roared, struggling, throwing the crystal ball in his hand to the ghost butterfly, shouting: "Ghost servant, take this to leave the town demon tower!"

  Ghost butterfly also found that the situation is wrong, her ghosts are so strong, temporarily swayed the deer boss, rushed to catch the crystal ball, and at this time the handsome sword of the thunder has been slamming down, the sky is lightning Going to the butterfly –


  The ghost butterfly did not catch up. It was hit by a violent thunderbolt and snorted, but it turned into a ghost fog and went to the distance.

  "Deer boss, catch up with her! Can't let her run! ”Shouted Mu Yu.

  The purple grievance has not been completely killed, he can not leave directly, otherwise the residual dead air will not cause recovery, it will cause irreparable effects. The deer boss did not say anything, and his body shape chased the ghost butterfly.

  "The people who are against us in the Moon Gods will not end well!"Purple blame and poison said.

  "You go to threaten the prince!"

  The dead air in the hands of Mu Yu gradually swallowed up the illusion of purple grievances, and then he once again wanted to escape, and it took a lot of effort to recover.

  He glanced at the battlefield and determined that there was no residual air around him.

  The crystal ball must not be taken away from the town demon tower by the ghost door, otherwise the meat wing horns may be attached to the human body by the shadow, and it is quite bad at that time!


  The thirty-th floor of the town demon tower.

  There are countless meat-winged horns, and the meat-winged horns are locked according to the color. The aura here is very thin, and they are severely restricted.

  At this time there was a cage, and the purple grievances were locked together with nine other purple meat-winged horns.

  "I really admire the purple grievance, he is the first of us to leave here."A meat-winged horned horn said.

  "Yes! Seeing his appearance should be successfully attached to a ghost servant, we can only wait for the next batch. ”

  The meat-winged horns looked at the purple grievances sitting in the corner, envious of the face.


  However, at this moment, the purple complaining body suddenly heard a cracking sound, and attracted all the attention of the meat-winged horns. Then the body of the purple grievance appeared like a porcelain with more and more cracks. In the end, it turned out to be "squeaky", and the body of the purple grievance turned into a pool of purple water!

  "what happened? Who killed the purple blame? ”

  "impossible! The Terran is unable to kill us, how can the purple grievances die! ”

  "The purple grievance is really dead, and even the soul has not escaped."

  The purple meat-winged horns suddenly began to scream around the purple grievances, trying to find out the cause of the purple grievances, but no one found out that there was a little sesame-sized black gas in the corpse of the purple grievance.


  After the ghost butterfly got the crystal ball, it began to rush to the foot of the mountain, and the cabin that was buried under the foot of the snow mountain did not know when it was rebuilt!


  After the ghost butterfly opened the door of the cabin, UU read the book and closed the door heavily. At this time, the deer boss also rushed in, and then Mu Yu followed.

  But after Mu Yu rushed into a dark room, he found that there was only a deer boss in the room.

  "Deer boss, ghost butterfly?"The wood feather looked around and was surrounded by a black lacquer, but there was nothing.

  The deer boss’s hand illuminates the surroundings, but it illuminates the surroundings, but there is nothing left, nothing but a hard wall.

  "I don't know, the ghost butterfly doesn't seem to be here, there is no smell of her here!"Deer boss also has some doubts.

  Mu Yu squatted and looked in his head.
Quickly deducting the changes in the channel, said with annoyance: "Well, the export should have changed!" The ghost butterfly entered the fourth layer before the change, and we entered the 63rd floor! ”

  "Mu Yu Xiaoyou, what do you mean by this?"The deer boss asked inexplicably.

  Mu Yu sighed and did not explain it immediately. He forgot such an important thing, the town demon tower in the realm of the "family return to the original" array of Xuanjizi real people, all the damaged things can be restored, which also includes the exit that was just crushed by the avalanche. !

  This is not the point. The point is that after the ghost butterfly fled, it happened that the exit of the passage changed at that time, and they took the wooden feathers to another layer!

  This problem is serious!

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