Chapter 832, the main rescue of the old city!

    The Yumeng Mozu stared at the bottom of the city in Dongsha City, staring at the next move. One fire was burning in the air, burning so strong, but the enthusiasm of Dongsha City suddenly overshadowed the fire of the Yumeng Mozu The flames have eclipsed the Yumeng Mozu in the sky.

    The whole city is cheering, the whole city is shaking, the whole city is crusade.

    They seized the old city master and seized the Xuan Zhengtang family. They believed that the person would appear. I believe that the new city owner will lead them to seize the mysterious person. I believe that the Yumeng Mozu will let go after getting the person. they!

    They believe that they will survive.

    In the run-down courtyard, two people who were riddled with the power of killing were quiet in the house, and the noise outside them was unheard of.

    Mu Yu is learning the five-line array. He wants to combine the humanoid array with the five-line transmission array to create a Yumeng transmission array that the human body can bear, and send all the city's comprehensions away.

    He is only stubbornly trying to save the group of comprehensions that he hates according to the wishes of the old man.

    "Your quest for the law is beyond my imagination."Luo Wei said thoughtfully.

    "I am the door of the door."Mu Yu did not hide anything.

    However, there is a certain law in all methods. Mu Yu’s deductive ability is very strong. Luo Yu only explained it once. He is already familiar with the operation of the entire five-line transmission array, and he also explored how it should be in the original. On the basis of adding your own learned array.

    "But I am still saying that many people are not worth saving."

    Luo Wei sat in a chair and watched where Mu Yu was studying how to transform the five-line transmission array into a method that could transmit the comprehension.

    Although he was tired of protecting the Terran, he did not stop Mu Yu.

    "I know that they are not worthy of my rescue."

    The pattern in the hands of Mu Yu is still pulling, trying to integrate his own array into the five-line transmission array.

    "But the old city owner wants to save."Mu Yu continued.

    The noise of the whole city has already been introduced into their ears. They don't care. From the early morning, the noise of the whole city has not stopped.

    They think that the noise is now the same.

    Mu Yu swayed a thousand years of greenwood.

By connecting the Aoki Aoki and the ancient spirits to the fire, he explored why the five-line transmission array could not transmit the human race.

    "Are you going to leave here first?"Mu Yu asked.

    "I am going with you."Luo Wei said indifferently.

    Even with the power of killing, even if the temper has changed, even if tired of the original intention of protecting the self-cultivation, Luo Wei still regards the wooden feather as a younger brother, the master is absent, and they must take care of each other.

    Mu Yu nodded: "Then you must help me transfer the residents of Dongsha City."

    Luo Wei snorted and did not answer.

    Mu Yu continued to transform the five-line transmission array. The reason why Yumeng's five-line transmission array could not transmit the human race was because the constitution of the comprehension was too complicated and did not meet the conditions for transmission.

    The condition of the five-line transmission array transmission is that it is either an attribute of the five elements or a perfect five-line balance, that is, the body of eternal life.

    Like the Muyou, Mu Yu is an extremely wood-like physique, so he will not be excluded from the transmission array when he transmits the array. The same is true for Luo Wei and others.

    However, it can be seen that Muling can protect it. It seems that Muling can temporarily cover his own wood property with others, so that people will not be shredded by the powerful power of the five-line transmission array.

    Once Muling was damaged, it still didn't completely protect the sorrow. Now that Muling has recovered, Mu Yu believes that it can protect many people from leaving.

    He began to portray his own lines, connecting his own lines with the five-line transmission array, so that at least one hundred people can be transmitted at a time after expansion.

    "Tongsha City, more than 100,000 self-cultivators, how do you send them all?"Luo Wei asked.

    "Do our best, I only know that if Dongsha City is completely slaughtered by Yumen, it means that the soul of 100,000 people will become the source of strength for the Miegong!"Mu Yu replied without raising his head.

    Mu Yu intends to connect the transmission array to the wide area of ​​Dongsha City, and strive to let the transmission array transmit more people at one time.

    "If you want to transfer so many people, you need a very strong base. Can your chaotic yin and yang be done?"Luo Wei asked.

    Mu Yu thought for a moment: "After using chaotic yin and yang, if there is an unexpected situation, I will not open. I need to take advantage of Dongsha City's moat, and Master's statue can be my base. ”

    Mu Yu’s idea is to arrange the array method on the open space below the gate of the city gate. The array takes the statue of Master as the base and then connects to the transmission array here, so that the comprehension does not need to be crowded into Luo. In the run-down courtyard, you only need to leave at the gate of the city.

    "You saved the people of Dongsha City, they will not appreciate you."Luo Wei said.

    "I don't need them to be grateful."

    Mu Yu said with no sadness, "If they can survive, they should be grateful to the old city owner."

    But Mu Yu knows that this group of people cannot thank the old city owners. They will not be grateful to those who really help them. They will only believe in the so-called eight.

    The so-called Triple Palace.

    "I have finished, I can use my own array to protect the body of the comprehension, so that they will not be squeezed by the Umon transmission."

    Mu Yu has completed the transformation of the formation, and then goes to the gate of the city to arrange the formation.

    "Will you come?"

    Mu Yu stood up and portrayed all the formations on a congenital formation. Just push the base in front of the gate and transfer the array of formations to the open space at the gate of the city. A group of resentful comprehensions left Dongsha City.

    Luo Wei followed the words without a word, his red clothes have been re-masked into gray by the five-line method, which looks quite inconspicuous in the crowd.

    The whole city is still noisy, and the noise is one after another. The figure of two people swiftly passed the house, their speed was very fast, and ordinary people could not detect their existence.

    But as Mu Yu passed a street, suddenly a few comprehension words fell into his ears.

    "What a pity! The Xuan Beast Square is so ruined! ”

    "Humph! Where is this poor? They harbor criminals, and they are guilty of sin! ”

    "Yes, the woman was able to recover from the fire, and she must have colluded with the fire, they deserve it!"

    "Several people in the Xuan Beast Square are not enough to die! The lives of all of us add up to be more important than they are! ”

    "The move of Gao Yixing's great deeds is really admirable. Let's go to the city gate to see!"

    Several comprehensions talked on the roof, and these words made Mu Yu feel a little sigh.

    He heard the words "Xuanyinfang" and "Tianhuo" and the words "high one star", and suddenly felt uneasy in his heart.

    He was going to kill Gao Yixing, but it was delayed because of the appearance of Luo Wei. But why do this group of people say the words of a high star and a great deity?

    Mu Yu’s heart suddenly whipped up a sense of irritability!

    He now discovers that the noise of the whole city seems to have gathered at the Dongchengmen at the moment. There are very few street-repairers in the streets, and many self-cultivators are rushing to the Dongchengmen.

    Mu Yu quickly crossed the group of comprehensions, passing through the air, leaving a phantom, falling in the mysterious beast.

    "Old town master? Uncle Xuan? ”

    Mu Yu fell in the yard and looked at the courtyard full of mess. The willows in the original yard were also broken. The flowers and plants were scattered all over the place. The living room had been turned into a pile of ruins, and countless debris was in the wind. Fluttering like a serious attack.

    No one responded to him, Xuan Zhengtang and others were gone.

    "What happened?"Xiaoshuai is also looking around with suspicion and uncertainty.


    Suddenly three figures were thrown to the ground.

    "Ask them and they will do."

    Luo Wei has already captured the composing people of the three distracted periods from the corner hidden in the ruins.

    Mu Yu stared at the three comprehensions coldly and screamed: "What happened here?"

    The killing in his eyes poured directly on the three people like the tide, and the three comprehensions of the distraction suddenly frightened.

    "Adults are forgiving! We are only ordered to wait for your appearance here, and then report to the urban master, we don’t know anything! ”A distracted moustache replied in panic.

    When the three of them saw the appearance of Mu Yu, they thought that they would directly fire the Xìn hào spark to inform Tian Ziming, but Luo Wei immediately stopped them and gave them no chance to shoot.

    "What about the people here?"The smell of killing covered the body of Mu Yu.

    The moustache is flustered, but his eyes are constantly aiming at the sky, seemingly waiting for rescue: "They, they, we…"

    Card wipe!

    The moustache's neck has been twisted.

    There is a strong killing in the eyes of Mu Yu, and the mustache will not understand what this kind of wood feather means!

    "You said!"

    Mu Yu points to the rough man who has a knife in the second corner of his eye. UU reading

    Knife Han looked at the mustache and fell down, and suddenly took a breath of air, he did not expect that Mu Yu shā rén would be so decisive, that breath is like a demon, let him chill. He quickly shouted: "The big and the grown-ups are forgiving. The great elders of the Burning Sea Party said that Xuan Zhengtang of the Xuan Beast Square covered the criminals, so the city owner brought people to ask for sin. But Xuan Zhengtang refused to tell the truth, and refused to admit that, you are the mysterious person of yesterday, and also seized the old city master, for the whole city, so the city owner, the city owner will take them…"

    "What happened to them?"

    The sound of Mu Yu has already trembled. Xuan Zhengtang is a very honest person. It was because of this integrity that Mu Yu wanted to help them. The Old City Lord was a bloody and responsible person. The Old City Lord wanted to save. The whole city, so Mu Yu is going to save!

    "They are, they are in the city gate, adults really don't care about us!"The knives and sorrows are on the ground like a slap in the face.

    Mu Yu has disappeared in the Xuan Beast Square. The remaining two comprehensions of the distraction period do not know when a blood hole has appeared in the throat, and there is no vitality. Even the soul has not escaped. (https://)

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