Chapter 1064: Chaos Yin Yang

There is a fine and luxurious courtyard in the unique film. At this time, Mu Yu has already sat in the courtyard of this courtyard.

The courtyard provided by the Vision is quiet and quiet, and everyone sits in different places in the courtyard.

Simon unfortunately lay half-lying on a flat stone, holding a jug of wine in his hand and filling himself. He is sitting on the water grass next to the small pond, his feet falling in the clear water, and the goldfish in the river.

There was a banyan tree in the yard, and a swing was hung. Xiaoshuai was sitting happily on the swing, and kept swaying. Only he was not troubled. Wood feathers leaned against the trunk and stared at the back of Xiaoshuai in thought.

Suddenly sitting on the chair next to the wooden feather, she had a wooden table in front of her, holding her chin in her hand, and curiously looked at the unfortunate and embarrassing thing of Simon. The Lonely Heaven and the Boyang Dao people sat on one side, and the Boyang Taoist still seemed to be somewhat cautious.

The words were sitting across from each other and brewing a pot of tea for everyone.

After the war, everyone did not seem to want to talk much. There have been many things happening today, and the casino is no longer a safe place.

The Boyang Taoist has already rested in the house of the other house. He is still weak and Mu Yu has already treated him. Lonely Tian settled his master, and this came out of the house, sitting silently across the rumor, and promised him a cup of tea.

"Thank you."Lonely days simply said.

Mu Yu looked at the unfortunate and embarrassed Ximen and said: "I did not expect that you two are actually chaotic yin and yang."

Ximen unfortunately poured a sip of wine into his mouth and smiled: "The old man just took a fancy to my physique and sealed the power of chaotic yin and yang in our body. We were too lazy to use this power!" Anyway, I have never liked me. ”

His feet swayed in the water, and he smirked and smirked: "You are not mature enough!" I prefer to be masculine. ”

Ximen unfortunately ridiculed the young talents of the major sects in the realm of comprehension. The embarrassment is notorious, but they have never had an accident. The temperament must be in the chaotic yin and yang of their bodies.

Xiaoshuai’s swing swings high and he holds two small flags in his hand. He excitedly asks: β€œSo which of the nine devices are you?”

This is also what Mu Yu wants to know. For the nine-way device, Mu Yu now knows that it will open the market and the temple, but the others are unclear.

Ximen unfortunately looked at each other and Ximen unfortunately said: "The old man's Taoist name is evil, a very bloody axe, an axe can be used to heaven and earth, evil things, but unfortunately not here."

"not here? Can't you even find it? ”Mu Yu was amazed.

Ximen unfortunately shrugged his shoulders: "Chaotic yin and yang just seal in our body, we can use chaotic yin and yang, but we are not chaotic yin and yang. That evil day is in another world, suppressing some powerful things. I and I, like the five of you, are all people who can't live, but the chaotic yin and yang make us survive. This force is difficult to control, and it is necessary to be able to exert a powerful power with the shackles, but I am always reluctant to join me in arranging other people's sisters. I have no choice. ”

When Ximen was unfortunate, he snorted without any help. She moved her foot and the goldfish in the pond dispersed and rejoined.

"You are also a person who can't live?"Mu Yu had some accidents. The four of their brothers and sisters belonged to people who could not survive. I did not expect Ximen to be unfortunate.

The eucalyptus tree around Muyu sprouted and formed a wooden chair, sitting next to it.

The prophecy said: "Everyone's physique has five attributes, in addition to the five elements of physique. I think Ximen unfortunately your physique is yang, so in order to survive, your body seals the yin-yang power of Chaoyang Yinyang? The physique is yin, so the seal is the power of the yang attribute. ”

When Simon was unfortunate enough to use chaotic yin and yang, he had black awns all over his body, which was the power of the yin attribute, and η»Ύη»Ύ was the opposite.

Simon unfortunately smiled and looked at the words: "Nothing can hold you!" In my opinion, I always thought that Luo Wei was very powerful. I didn't expect you to know more. ”

The promise said in a light way: "Because of the emptiness of the air and the physique of you, there is also the power of chaotic yin and yang in their bodies."

"Is it empty and wonderful?"Suddenly exclaimed.

Mu Yu is thoughtful place nodded, in fact, in the beginning to know that Simon unfortunate and Wan Wan has chaos Yin and yang, he had already thought of fallout sent that a pair of people very headache troublemaker, often the whole fallout mountain make chicken flying dog jump, they two leave the desert Yun jiangyong vein, the speed of cultivation is extremely swift, very abnormal.

I did not expect that the air and the wonderful is actually a pair of chaotic yin and yang!

"I said that their two guys must have some secrets, and it really is chaotic yin and yang, even I have been cheated! It’s too bad, I’m going to beat my ass next time. ”Xiaoshuai said with a small flag.

Small handsome usually and chaotic yin and yang very close, in the open market ding when he chased the big black white little black, in the Fallout mountain and empty wonderful two people everywhere trouble, but the empty wonderful the chaos in their body yin and yang was sealed up, I am afraid not only is small handsome, even they both do not know this.

Xiaoshuai squatted on the shoulder of Mu Yu and said: "Wood feather, or do you also seal the little black and white seal to which little girl?" I took them to conquer the world. ”

Mu Yu touched Xiao Shuai's mind and said helplessly: "I still don't know how to play the power of Chaoyang Yinyang perfectly. How to seal it? The next time you meet empty and wonderful, you can find them to play. ”

Then Mu Yu remembered the empty space and the wonderful, he asked: "Brother, what is the master's mastery?"

The slogan gently took the teacup and took a sip, saying: "The master's control is a mountain."

"A mountain?"Mu Yu frowned.

"I know that it is Tianyan's return to the peak, isn't it?"Xiaoshuai returned to the swing from the shoulder of Mu Yu.

Mu Yu is really surprised now, Tian Yan round back to the peak? Tian Yan's turn back?

Last time on the demon island of the Kraken King, entering the town demon tower, they returned to the past by the cave where the Tianyan reincarnation peak, and also met the image left by Master during his youthful period in the pavilion of the Tianyan reincarnation.

The words nodded: "Mu Yu, I think you have been to the demon island, got the Tianyan round, isn't it?"

Mu Yu opened his hand in silence, and a mountain like a paradise appeared in his hands. This mountain is very small, like a piece of art, very delicate. A waterfall pours down from the top of the mountain. The flowers and trees on the peaks are growing vigorously. It seems to be a small world. It has its own rules circulating, and even sees the bees and butterflies dancing in the flowers.

There is also a quaint and dignified pavilion on the mountainside of the mountain. There is a cave on the side, which is the passage back to the past. At the time of the demon island, Mu Yu and Ghost Desire returned to the past through this passage and explored the soul. The fall of the heart.

It is a pity that the town demon tower has provided a powerful spiritual power. The time and space passage of the cave has now been closed, and there is no way to start it again, even if it is capable of relying on the ability of the wood feather today.

"Brother, how did you know?"

Mu Yu never knew that he had inadvertently got Master's Tao. He should have thought that the last time he entered the Tianyan reincarnation, he sat in the pavilion and saw the phantom left by Master. Master is still very young. He doesn't know Mu Yu, only tells Mu Yu that he is a person who lives in the past.

Mu Yu did not know what it means to "live the people in the past". He always felt that there was something in Master's words.

Looking at the exquisite mountain peak in the hands of Mu Yu, he said: "An uncle told me that I used to find a way to go to the town demon tower. It was not until I found out that the Kraken King was born and related to you. The peak of the Tianyan Wheel has also disappeared. I am thinking that you have taken it away. It seems that it is."

Mu Yu remembered the empty space and seedlings that disappeared in the southern Fuli Garden, and Lan Linger, and could not wait to ask: "Brother, when did you see An Shu? An uncle, is he okay? Are the air and the wonderful and Lan Linger taken away by An Shu? ”

Since the release of the impenetrable imperial prison in the Moyun Mountain Range, An Shu has also disappeared mysteriously. Mu Yu does not know what the situation is, and he does not consider it in the wrong direction.

The words nodded slightly: "Three months ago, An Shu found me, so I had to go to Master's Tao, An Shu said that he would go to complete the task of Master's confession, so that the look left in a hurry. As for the empty space and Miao Miao and Lan Linger, they should be taken away by An Shu. ”

Mu Yu asked in surprise: "An uncle, he is going to complete the task of Master's confession? What is the mission? ”

Cheng Yan shook his head: "I don't know, UU reading He refused to say, he said that it was Master's task to him, he had to finish, I proposed to help him, but he asked me to find Master. The road."

Mu Yu said with some worries: "But An Shu's repair is…Brother, is Uncle’s cultivation correct…”

"It is the Golden Age, but he has some means of Master, saying that he can handle some things. I don't dare to refute An Shu's words. You also know the temper of An Shu."The words are helpless.

Even if the cultivation of the slogan is now in the Mahayana period, he is also a younger generation in front of An Shu, and he will listen to An Shu’s words. Not only is it a promise, even if it is Mu Yu, if he meets An Shu, he does not dare to be too arrogant. An uncle used to be extremely strict with their cultivation, and punish them with bad cooking skills. Awe.

Everyone is in silence, and the pressure on the Triple Palace is too great. It is impossible for the dictator to fight the entire triple palace with one's own strength, because the strength of the Triple Palace is unfathomable.

"I hope Master is still well."Mu Yu silently held his hand.

Suddenly bite his lips and look bleak. She has not recognized her father until now, let alone her mother does not know where she is.

Simon unfortunately smiled heartily: "Don't worry, my master and your master are missing at the same time. Although there is no specific news, I know that neither the unruly old man in my family nor the gentleman in your family, Still alive, this is inevitable."

Suddenly, I was eager to ask: "Immune is unfortunate, what are you talking about? Have you seen them? ”

Simon unfortunately shook his head and revealed a mysterious smile. He said, "I have never seen it, but I think Mu Yu should know why?"

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