Chapter 516 Resentment and Forgiveness

  "The fourth child!"There was a look of surprise on Mu Rongxuan's face.

  Mumingda and Mu Ji are also happy to look at their younger brothers. They did not expect Wood Fold Star to come back at this time.

  The repair of the wood folding star is the highest among the four brothers, even higher than the wooden crane, but he has always chosen to indulge in the wine, and has not done anything for the wooden house for 20 years.

  The dress of the wooden folding star is very ordinary, there is no drunkenness in the past, and there is no wine full of body. He looked at the wooden feathers still sitting on the stone and wanted to find something different from this stranger.

  But Mu Yu didn't look at him, just looking at Mu Xin on his thigh.

  At this moment, Mu Xin is happily stroking the young handsome in the arms, while Xiao Shuai is screaming with boring.

  After a long silence, the wooden folding star opened the door: "Are you a wood feather?"

  "Where did you know?"

  Mu Yu told the news of the two guards of Sikong Gaoming yesterday, but only the Mu family knew it.

  Wood Folding Star did not move back to Mufu from the cemetery with the wooden family. In the past few days, no one knows where he went, and he only came back today.

  "The outside is passing, saying that the real god's disciple Mu Yu returned to our wooden home."Wood folding star road.

  "It’s really fast."Mu Yu Road.

  I didn't expect the two people to release the news, but in fact it is a matter of time, because Sikongqiwen wants to defeat Mu Yu in front of everyone to prove himself, of course he will let more people know about it.

  "So you are my son?"The wooden folding star stared at the wood feathers, and the eyes in the deep squat seemed to ignite the flame.

  Mu Yu did not answer him.

  Mu Rongxuan eagerly wanted to say "yes", but Mu Tianhe stopped him.

  This kind of problem, if Mu Yu does not want to answer, other people should not interfere.

  A long silence.

  "Do you know everything about things? Do you know about your life and who caused it all? ”When Wood Folding Star saw that Mu Yu did not answer, he continued to ask.

  Wood Folding Star glanced at his father and found that Mu Tianhe was also watching him, and his muddy eyes were full of embarrassment.

  "I know."Mu Yu did not hide anything, Mu Rongxuan told him the truth of everything.

  "My child has a mark on my own bluestone, only I know, your genealogy stone?"

  Before the wooden folding star and the bamboo autumn scorpion were in the runaway, Zhu Qiuyu was already pregnant, and the wooden folding star secretly dug a piece of bluestone under his name on the genealogy stone and made a mark.

  Mu Yu pulled off the bluestone on his neck and threw it over.

  The wooden folding star saw the slightly invisible scratch on the bluestone, and the body suddenly trembled. His gaze became red, and it was indeed a child he had never met.

  Twenty years ago, he never knew the whereabouts of his son. Even when Zhu Qiuqi came back alone 18 years ago, he did not tell his son the exact whereabouts, but he did not expect his son to find it himself.

  "Sorry, I am not competent."Wood Folding Star returned the bluestone to Mu Yu.

  He turned his head and looked at the wooden crane, the father who made his wife and daughter.

His eyes are still full of anger.

  Mu Tianhe avoided the look of the wooden folding star, and he had no face to face his son.

  Wood Folding Star once again looked at Mu Yu, and asked: "Do you know that all this is caused by Mutianhe?"

  Mu Tianhe’s heart was sour and sorrowful. His son had never spoken to him for 20 years. He did not expect to wake up today, but he still did not forgive him. He also called his name to everyone.

  Mu Tianhe understands that he is not a competent father, and he is also sorry for the two people in front of him.

  Mu Yu did not go to see the wooden folding star, but looked at the wooden crane. This old man may have been too much before, but he has now won the respect of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu said at the beginning that when Mu Tianhe puts the following, he will regard himself as a wooden family. Therefore, when Mu Tianhe decided to be Mr. Yan’s housekeeper, Mu Yu had already forgiven him.

  "He is my grandfather."Wood feather head did not lift said.

  Wood Folding Star stunned, and he clenched his fist: "What about me?"

  "You are not my father."Mu Yu said simply.

  Wood Folding Star refused to forgive his father.

  Mu Yu did not want to forgive his father.

  Mu Tianhe is somewhat anxious. He is even more surprised than the wood folding star for the wood feather. Because the source of their father-son conflict is on him, if Mu Yu refuses to forgive a person, that person should be him, not a wood folding star.

  But at this moment, Mu Yu forgives him as the chief culprit, but refuses to forgive Mu Yu's biological father, which makes him feel a little confused and puzzled.

  Mu Tianhe said eagerly: "Mu Yu, he is your father, you can not recognize me this grandfather, but can not help but recognize your father."

  Mu Tianhe always wanted to make up for his son and grandson.

  "Grandpa, it's not your business. I don't like people who escapism. ”Mu Yu still hasn't seen the wood folding star.

  The father in his heart is the dead wood, and everything done by the dead wood is in line with the responsibility of a father.

  Wood folding star undulating in the chest, he hates for his wife and children
I have been my father for twenty years. Now that his wife’s name is right, his son has found it himself, but the contradiction between them cannot be eliminated.

  The escaping reality deeply hurt him.

  "How can you forgive me?"Wood folding star looked at the strange son.

  "When you forgive yourself."Mu Yu touched Xiao Xin's head.

  Many things are not the question of who forgives anyone, but the reason why they can't go through that. Wood Folding Star has a deep sense of guilt about his wife and children, and instead hates his father. He can't forgive Mu Tianhe, and he can't forgive himself. He thought that he was not able to protect his wife and children when he was incompetent.

  However, Mu Yu did not continue to blame the wooden cranes that caused all these sources, making the wooden folding star very angry.

  "Why did you forgive the wooden crane?"The sound of the wooden folding star is mixed with anger.

  "Grandpa, he put down his face, I forgave him. What caused this situation is that his former face is blaming. Now that he is no longer the person, I don't have to blame him. ”Mu Yu always looked at Mu Tianhe and didn't want to see the wooden folding star.

  His eyes are very clear and his tone is calm: "I have been an orphan for so many years, I am the one who should hate him the most, not you."

  Mu Tianhe opened his mouth and shyness filled his chest. Mu Yu was supposed to be the one who had no reason to forgive him, but he was forgiven by Mu Yu.

  "You are the one who should hate him the most…"Wood Folding star whispered this sentence.

  Mu Yu became an orphan. He grew up watching other people's different eyes and received ridicule from others. The pain in his heart was only known to Mu Yu himself.

  The wood folding star could not be realized because he chose to escape and be a drunkard.

  However, the words of Mu Yu make the wood folding star suddenly wake up, if anyone should hate the wooden crane, not him, but Mu Yu.

  When Mu Yu forgave Mu Tianhe, he has no reason to continue to hate it.

  The wooden folding star was shaking all over, and he clenched his fist.

  "I understand."

  Wood Folding Star took a deep breath, then slowly walked to the front of Mutianhe, looking at the old face of Mutianhe, his heart was mixed.

  Mu Tianhe also looked at his son, his eyes filled with embarrassment.

  No matter what contradiction between the two, it is a father-son relationship. For many years, Wood Folding Star looked at Mu Tianhe for this home, and even when the Mujia moved into the cemetery, he looked down on him. He thought that he could retaliate against his father.

  However, after living in the cemetery, he did not realize the pleasure of revenge, only a trace of sadness, and even shame.

  Yes, Wood Fold Star is ashamed.

  On the night of the cemetery, he had forgiven Mu Tianhe. He has always chosen to stand by and watch the things of Mujia. He thinks that everything in Mujia is caused by his own father, but that day he let him wake up, and he is the reason for the decline of Mujia.

  He has a high talent but chose to be a bystander, so that his father is still struggling for the survival of Mujia.

  Mu Tianhe has been seeking forgiveness of the wood folding star, but the wood folding star has chosen to ignore it. Now, he knows that he should be back.

  The wooden folding star "slammed" and slammed down, and slammed a head and said: "Father."

  This "father" made Mu Tianhe tears again. He shook his hand out and lifted the wooden folding star. He twitched: "Good! it is good! it is good! ”

  Wood Folding Star sighed gently: "Mu Yu chooses to forgive you, I have no reason to hate you again. After the wooden house, the heavy responsibility will be handed over to me and Mu Yu. ”

  "No, we have a responsibility for each of us!"Mu Tianhe patted the shoulders of the wooden folding star and looked at everyone, and said firmly.

  "Correct! We all have a share! ”Mu Rongxuan and other three people nodded.

  "And I! And I! ”Mu Xin shouted happily. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

  Mu Hao also nodded in the side.

  Mu Yu smiled slightly and his heart was very solid. Some people have things that don't need to be too clear. If the wooden family wants to rise, it is not enough to rely on him alone. Unity is the best way to rise.

  After the accident from the dead wood, he no longer has any sentimental ideas, so he always takes things in the long run and hides his own feelings.

  He did not directly kill Sikong Gaoming, because he was afraid that the wooden family would be implicated by him like the dead wood.

  He will kill Si Kong Gaoming, but not now, but after defeating Sikongqiwen.

  A person who has not accompanied his parents has lived alone for so many years, saying that no grievances in his heart are deceptive. But when he admits that he is a member of the Mu family, he finds that the focus of the contradiction between Mujia is actually on him, and he can't stay out of it.

  If the wooden house can be re-twisted into a rope because of his forgiveness, then he will choose to dispel the grievance.

  Many times blaming is not the best solution, mutual understanding is king.

  Mu Yu is an optimistic person, so he will handle the problem in an optimistic way.

  Wood Folding Star looked at Mu Yu and asked softly: "Do you forgive me now?"

  "do not know! Maybe. ”Mu Yu said faintly, finally looked up and looked at his strange father.

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