Chapter 355 killing people by knife

  Mu Yu's mood had never been so heavy, he thought that the deadwood would not be in danger if he went back with the Dan Ding pie. Dan Ding faction in the Sanchong on the mainland no one dared to provoke, guarding the court although there is urgent to deal with the old man, but also sent two out of the bougainvillea days of the escort to escort the dead wood, this should be foolproof things, but why did it happen?

  Guard the old man said dead Wood and himself is now the focus of Dan Ding faction protection objects, cloud Dan when the ban on the dead wood, to Yundan the majesty of the Taoist, when ascend is not dare to violate. But Mu Yu always ignored one thing. He forgot that if the dead wood is out of the way, I am afraid no one will take the time to go to heaven!

  When the sky is Heaven Cloud Grandpa, Day is not the day cloud half mother brother, when the heavens will certainly please do not let the shot!

  Mu Yu left the southern fifty-liyuan. He didn't know what the day was, but he had to go to the appointment. He had to save the dead wood, even if he had to live his life!

  The sky is still a bit gloomy, and the thunder has been rolling for two days, and the rain has not yet fallen.

  Mu Yu madly hurry, his speed has been raised to the limit, even taking seven or eight six-order medicinal herbs, Yu Feng Dan, the speed is better than the comprehension of the distraction period!

  The mountain river under the foot has been turned into a virtual shadow and is constantly retreating. His whole body is working to the peak, for fear that a dead wood will cause an accident.

  With the help of Yufeng Dan, it took less than four hours for him to rush from the southern Fuli Garden to the Deadwood Valley. This horrible speed is really staggering. His figure directly entered the valley and landed in front of the demon tree.

  The demon tree has lost its former glory, the ground is full of broken branches and broken leaves, it wants to attack the sky, but where is the opponent?

  At this moment, there are two people standing under the demon tree. One is a gentle young man. He looks like a gentleman and has no strength in his hands. However, his faint scent tells Mu Yu his cultivation, which is a distraction period. Repair!

  Another young man dressed in blue, his face is a little pale, and his breath is a little weaker than that of Mu Yu. This person is the most popular fairy tales on the list of the most popular, Wan Tianming.

  The last one is dead wood.

  The dead wood was pale and backed by the demon tree, and there was a trace of blood on his chest. The whole body was very wilting. However, when the dead wood saw the wood feathers, it did not move, and even did not speak. It just looked at Mu Yu, and his eyes looked anxious. The things he least wanted to see still happened. Mu Yu still came. .

  "The disciples of the sword shadow dust wind, long-awaited fame! Not waiting for the next day, Tianyun’s big brother, I think Tianyun, you should always know? ”The gentle day is not waiting for the opening.

  Mu Yu saw the serious injury of the dead wood and had already clenched his fist.

  "I don't want to stay in the sky, you will find me to take revenge." When one person is doing things alone, are the people at your Star Gate so shameless? ”Mu Yu shouted.

  The day is not waiting for a smile, his smile is so gentle, people can not give a trace of resentment: "I just came to justice for my brother, and did not intend to hurt the dead wood predecessors."

  The day is not waiting for a ringing finger, and the dead wood suddenly can speak. He is eager but very weak and said: "Mu Yu, hurry to leave!" He is the young master of the Star Gate. You are not his opponent. I was forced to take the slave and could not defy his orders. ”

  "The dead wood predecessor,

You have too many words. ”I didn’t wait to smile and shook my head, and the dead wood suddenly closed her mouth.

  Nudan! It is a slave!

  There are not many slaves in the realm of comprehension, but those who have the heart can still get it. The slaves who are not waiting for nature are naturally handed over to him when they sneak into the sky. In fact, the slaves knew the method of refining in the hands of the older generation of Danding, but they did not dare to refine this. Kind of things.

  The sword shadow dust invented the slave, originally to end the war between the Yumeng Mozu and the Terran, but there are always many people in the Terran who are used to deal with their own people.

  Mu Yu tightened his fist and his eyes were full of murder.

  "Tianyun is my waste, you want to take revenge and come to me!"Mu Yu’s heart is like a ignited flame, and he can’t wait to pour out the anger and pour it into the eyes of a person who hates a false smile!

  I don’t have to smile: "Tianyun is not a good business, but after all, it’s my brother. I have a very good relationship with me. If you abolish him, then you should pay the price you deserve."

  "Are you a distracted repairer still need to kill me by threat?"Mu Yu really wants to tear his disgusting smile.

  I don’t want to shake my head: "I don't rely on threats, I don't kill people today, I just watch others kill."

  "What do you mean?"Mu Yu’s eyes fell on another young man who was not waiting for him to see others killing?

  "Introduction, this is Wan Tianming, the 92nd most popular fairy."The day did not wait for Wan Tianming to nod slightly, and Wan Tianming’s face suddenly showed a pale expression, and his eyes became very flustered.

  Mu Yu frowned slightly: "Do you think that killing me with a million days?" Or are you watching me kill Wan Tianming? ”

  I didn’t wait to laugh, and he turned and asked: "Wan Tianming, are you sure to kill Mu Yu?"

  Wan Tianming bowed his head and did not dare to look at the sky. He feared that he would return to his master.

  "How do you know if you don't try? You are so easy to say
If you lose your words, it is impossible to defeat the higher ranked people on the list. Then it is useless to follow me! ”The day is not to say in good faith.

  Wan Tianming’s face suddenly appeared endless panic. He “slammed” and stumbled in the sky, and slowly said: “The owner forgives sin, damn it! Ask the owner to spare. ”

  "You shouldn't ask me for my life, but ask the dead woods for their lives."The day is not to be pointed to the dead wood sitting on the side, reminding.

  Wan Tianming even rolled up and crawled in front of the dead wood, and kept screaming: "The dead wood predecessors forgive, the dead wood predecessors forgive!"

  What happened in the end?

  Mu Yu looked at all this inexplicably, and did not understand what medicine was sold in the gourd. This Wan Tianming must have taken the slave, so this will be so obedient to the order of the day. However, Mu Yu still does not understand, Wan Tianming is a person on the list of immortals, the potential is extraordinary, he does not have any intersection with the dead wood, why do you ask for dead wood?

  "Look up."The dead wood said with incompetence, his eyes showed that he did not want to say this at all.

  Wan Tianming looked up in horror and looked at the dead wood.

  However, at this moment, the dead wood suddenly took out a flying sword, like the last effort, a sword pierced the throat of Wan Tianming, and then pulled out. Wan Tianming glared at his throat in disbelief. He wanted to say something, but the blood could not be poured out of his throat, flowing down his fingers, drowning his words in the snoring.

  The cultivation of dead wood is only the Golden Age. The process of pulling the sword to the stabbing sword seems so slow in Wan Tianming's eyes. If it is ordinary, the Wan Tianming in the expiration period faces the dead wood of the Jindan period. When the force is shaken, the dead wood can be killed. But in the face of this mortal sword, he did not hide, can not hide, can only watch the dead wood pierced the sword into his throat.

  The dead wood raises his hand and is a sword, directly cutting the head of Wan Tianming!

  Blood splatter!

  Wan Tianming’s head rolled a few laps on the ground and rolled to the foot of Mu Yu. His eyes were wide and full of anger and unwillingness. I couldn't believe it until I died. He was a man who died in the golden woods of the Jindan period. He died so badly that he didn't even have any thoughts of resistance.

  Another very dead death!

  The dead wood closed his eyes, his body shivered slightly, everything was slavery controlling him, he did not want to kill this person.

  Why don't you wait for the control of dead wood to kill Wan Tianming?

  Mu Yu felt a horror at the death of Wan Tianming. He thought that it was a plan to let Wan Tianming deal with himself. However, the direction of the matter was somewhat strange. What is the purpose of not waiting for this? If the day does not have to be enemies with Wan Tianming, you can kill Wan Tianming yourself. Why do you have to use dead wood?

  Is it –

  Mu Yu suddenly has a look! He suddenly remembered the rules of the immortal list, people over the age of 40 are not allowed to start with the immortal, and the offender must pay for it! This is to ensure that the Fairy List can be fair and just, not manipulated by the older generation, and unfairly ranked.

  The dead wood has already passed the age of forty years old. Wan Tianming is also the ultimate fairy of the immortal list. The dead wood kills Wan Tianming, and has already committed the taboo of the Sangong Palace!

  "This is really an interesting killing. People who dare not challenge the strong are not worth living in this world. Wan Tianming does not dare to challenge you, but the repaired only the dead wood predecessors of the Golden Age have killed the Wan Tianming in the flood season. Isn't this a model of weak victory? There are countless examples of Mu Yu’s friends in the realm of the weak and strong, and the dead wood predecessors as one of your masters naturally have this quality. What do you say? ”

  It’s not like waiting to explain the killing, the tone is very calm, and even when Wan Tianming’s head rolled out, he didn’t even blink his eyes.

  "You bastard!"Mu Yu screamed, his feet stepped, and his body shape was already waiting. But the day is not just a wave of hand, a giant force swept over the wood feathers, Mu Yu's hand in the shadow of the sword raised, blocking the giant force, but the body is still flying back a dozen meters to stabilize the body shape!

  The day of distraction is not the alchemy teacher who has a low combat power when he is in the sky. He is a real distracted defender, and the wood feathers in the outing period are completely different concepts!

  The day is not to be gentle and authentic: "You are not my opponent at all, and it is easy for me to kill you. But I want to kill someone, not to let him die so much, I want him to understand a little, the person who hurts my star door, I will let him taste the same pain. By the way, I remind you that the dead wood predecessors have killed the celestial celestial beings, and the rules of the Mie Palace have been broken. The Mie Palace will soon come to him for trouble. ”

  "You–" Mu Yu is like a hail!

  San Miyam, as the ruler of the triple continent of comprehension, it is simply a breeze to kill a bad ruler! Mu Yu only has a period of cultivation, what does he use to protect dead wood?

  "The dead wood predecessors, there will be no future! You are the elder of the Danding School. My Star Gate has nothing to do with what happened next. The death of Wan Tianming has nothing to do with me. I am just a bystander in what happened today. You are self-sufficient. Mu Yu Daoyou, UU reading I am waiting for you to arrange the aftermath of the dead wood predecessors, then come to me for revenge. ”

  There was a madness and smugness in the gaze of the day, and he did not want to kill Mu Yu so quickly, because killing is far from humiliating a person so smoothly.

  "If you don't kill me today, he will kill you!"Mu Yu’s eyes are filled with angry flames.

  "It’s killing you here.
None, because no one saw that I was the apprentice who killed the true God. I am waiting for you to come to me, I will kill you in the eyes of the public! Let everyone see that the so-called true God apprentice is nothing in front of me! Remember, I am not waiting for people who are not waiting to be seen. ”

  The day is not waiting for a smile, it has already vacated and disappeared into the valley.

  The dead wood moved, and his face was pale, and he looked at Wan Tianming, who had already died on the ground. It doesn't matter who is the death of the immortal, but it can't die in the hands of the self-cultivator who is over forty years old, otherwise the Sangong Palace will severely punish this person!

  It is not a day to kill the dead wood, but the dead wood is the elder of the Dan Ding. The status of the Dan Ding School is detached. If it is a crime to offend the Ding Ding faction, it is also unwilling to bear the result of the Star Gate. However, if the Miegong killed the dead wood, it would be different. The Danding party wanted to revenge and could only go to the Miegong!

  Days don't want to personally provoke contradictions with the Dan Ding faction, so he controlled a very fairy, using the rules set by the Triple Palace to kill people with a knife!



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