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Chapter 553 Different Beliefs

  The yellow sand is flying in the air, the flame is burning around, and the air is filled with hostility that should not have appeared.

  Simon unfortunately chose to stand by and watched. This is the familywork of others. He silently retreated to the side.

  "Wu Yu, where are you standing?"Luo Wei asked coldly, the burning sword in his hand flashed with blazing light, violent and tyrannical, he wanted to know the position of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu lowered his head and he was very lost.

  This is the same door, but you have to meet each other?

  He does not support the approach to the south, but he does not want to interfere with the decision to go south, just as he does not want others to interfere with him to solve the nine-day magic array.

  "I want to do my own thing."Mu Yu slowly spit out these words.

  What he wants to do most is to resurrect the dead wood.

  Luo Wei stared at Mu Yu and said: "I understand, I will even pack you up today! Otherwise, sooner or later you will have an accident! ”

  The flames of the sky instantly surrounded the wood feathers and reflected them on Mu Yu, making him feel uncomfortable.

  Luo Wei has the cultivation of the gods and nine heavens, and Mu Yu has just stepped into the distraction period. The swordsmanship between them is from the heavenly sword.

  Perhaps Mu Yu realized that the sword array of the Tianjian nine cited more understanding of the Tianjian nine, but he wants to defeat Luo Wei, it is still very difficult.

  The dark branches are surrounded by the wooden feathers, and the leaves of the woods are green and green. The black and green interlaced plants exude a strange atmosphere, blocking all the heat waves outside.

  The foot of the wooden feathers was light, and the whole person had disappeared into the sea of ​​fire and left the encirclement of Luo.

  The words frowned.

  "Master does not let us learn the formation, why do you violate Master's wishes?"It was very annoyed to look at the lines of Mu Yu’s body.

  Feng Haochen does not let them learn the formation method. It is worried that the main body of Yumeng Ling will discover the flaws of the Terran Formation. When the Yumeng Mozu and the Terran fight in the future, the array of methods used by the Terran to deal with the Yumeng Mozu will be invalid.

  The practice of Mu Yu violates the original intention of Feng Haochen.

  "I have to learn the array."Mu Yu said softly.

  He has no other choice, he must ensure that the dead soul of the dead wood is not a problem, but also to find a way to crack the nine-day magic array.

  The most important thing is that he does not want to bury the dead wood as the master of the battle.

  All aspects of the dead wood old man lost to the wind and dust, the formation is the only place he can compare with the wind and dust. At the beginning, the dead wood scorpion used his life to perform the array, in order to prove his ability to the wood feather, to prove that he is qualified to be the master of the wood feather.

  Perhaps in order to satisfy a thought of the stubborn old man, Mu Yu wanted to inherit his array.

  However, Cheng Yan and Luo Wei will not understand, because they do not understand what kind of person is Evergreen Evergreen.

  "I can't let you both go on."

  Cheng Yan’s expression is very serious. As a master, when Master is in trouble, he must shoulder the responsibility and can no longer let the younger brother also have an accident.

  In particular, the forces hidden in the four of them are so terrible, once they are out of control, the whole comprehension will be ruined!

  The ground is starting to surge,

The metal in the yellow sand was all stripped out by him and turned into pieces of metal ore of different sizes, wandering around. Every piece of metal ore flashes with cold coldness, and a sense of chilling sweeps everyone.

  The promise is also the cultivation of the gods and nine heavens.

  Mu Yu is still the lowest of the four divisions and brothers, but the difference is that he mastered the sword array of Tian Jian and Jiu, and learned a strong array of techniques, which is what they did not have.

  Each of the four men controls the elements of the Five Elements, and they are squatting for different beliefs.

  It is said that the metal ore around the body suddenly turned into a water-like substance, and instantly came to the south, and countless metals covered the south.

  Throwing countless stones to the south, blocking all the metal of the promise.

  However, the metal of the rumor turned into a sharp and sharp blade, and all the stones were smashed at once. However, the ground around the south slammed down like a huge tearing force from the ground.

  Those sharp blade speeds were also slowed down and wrapped directly in the yellow sand.

  The dull sound of metal and sand is intertwined fiercely, and the fire of Luo Luo has already covered the wood feathers!

  Luo Wei’s aggression is very strong, and his sea of ​​fire is on the verge of exploding, instantly igniting the trees of the wood feathers. However, the trees of Muyu always sprout in the sea of ​​fire, and they are endless and endless.

  This is not the first time that Mu Yu has played against Luo Wei. In the Moyun Mountain Range, Mu Yu has already played against Luo Wei.

  Wood feathers are always at a disadvantage under the flame, but because of the endless life, they will not be defeated immediately.

  "Why are we fighting?"

  Mu Yu’s mood is very lost. They are brothers and brothers. Although they occasionally squabble on weekdays, they never thought that they would meet each other one day.

  When Mu Yu was in the double heaven, in the dream created by the illusion, he alone confronted four people, including Qiao Xue.

  But Mu Yu always thought that it was just a dream.

  He recalled what the illusion said at the time: the dream may be a reality.

But now the protagonist in this reality has evolved into a southward and his own.

  "Every time you get into trouble, I can help you solve it. But if you want to unlock the nine-day magic array, I must stop you. I can't let you happen and change like south! ”

  Luo Yan’s eyes flashed with flames, and even his hair was burning. His body was high-spirited and his momentum was in full swing.

  The back soil of the south body was not successfully sealed by the nine-day seal, which is also the reason for the southward character.

  Whether it is the promise or Luo Wei, they are all worried that after the release of the sentence from the nine-day magic array, the thought of Mu Yu was assimilated by the main body of Yu Mengling, becoming extreme and becoming another south!

  "I want to resurrect the dead wood, and that's it."Mu Yu said firmly.

  The plants around him are all transformed into summer cedars, which are plants that are not afraid of heat and are not ignited by any flames. They can block all the heat.

  "Resurrection of dead wood is a good thing, it is not a good thing! You will destroy everyone in the real world for him alone! His life is not as good as everyone's life. ”Luo Wei responded coldly.

  The life of a dead old man is not as good as everyone’s life?

  Mu Yu suddenly had a fire in his heart. He remembered the experience of the dead wood, and his heart was quite uneven! He can't blame Master, because Master didn't want to hurt the dead woods, but the fate is always unfair to the dead wood.

  The dead wood old man can give up everything for the Miao language, let himself become a poisonous king who is fascinated by the real people. He can even let go of his self-respect and choose to save his own rivals! He is living for others. When he wants to live for himself once, he never has a chance to live!

  If such a person is not worth saving, then who else is worth saving?

  Are those hypocritical and ridiculous comprehensions in the realm of comprehension?

  Are those who are considered to be mustards by the Triple Palace?

  These comprehensions are like captive animals in the eyes of Miegong. When one day the power of the Miegong Palace is warned, they begin to let these comprehensions go out to fight, and go to Yumeng to kill the battlefield!

  Then turned into a soul force to consolidate the supremacy of the Triple Palace.

  The anger in the chest of the wooden feather seemed to be more than the flame of Luo Wei, and Luo’s words completely angered him.

  The dead wood is the most qualified person to survive!

  "I just want to save people I think are worth saving, even if the world doesn't understand me, then what?"The sound of Mu Yu became very cold and his body was shaking.

  For the sake of everyone's life, Master chose to sacrifice his own cultivation, but in the end he was rewarded by the betrayal of the Miegong, silently waiting for death in a barren place, and even the ghosts dared to hit his head!

  Now that the White World has started with Master, isn’t Mu Yu also sealed his ability to prevent the dead woods from living?


  What did Master sacrifice for himself? What did the people of the Three Continents do for Master?

  What did Mu Yu seal his ability? What did all the comprehensions do to him?

  The comprehension believes that the world is prosperously developing under the leadership of the Mie Palace, but does not know that some people are carrying them in the dark and trying to eliminate all hidden dangers.

  The dead wood old man once accused Feng Haochen: he is the hero of the world, but he does not dare to be the husband of his beloved woman!

  And Mu Yu does not want to be the hero of the world, he just wants to be the son of the dead wood.

  What is the world righteousness with him? One of the hearts is said to measure the world, even the people who care about it can not protect, but also want to protect the entire realm of cultivation?

  He can't do it!

  Mu Yu respects his master, but he does not want to go to Master's way!

  "You want a battle, then let's fight!" Also, the resurrection of the dead woods is something that I will do, and no one can stop it! ”

  Mu Yu’s eyes have completely changed his appearance. His left eye is shining with white awns, his right eye is filled with black light, black and white spirits are swiftly moving around his body, and the whole person’s momentum is constantly rising.

  Mu Yu has never liked Luo Wei, because Lan Linger always takes Luo Wei to devalue him. Luo Wei did not like Mu Yu, because Mu Yu almost killed Master in the Mo Yun Mountain.

  Due to the love of the brothers and brothers, Luo Wei has been helping Mu Yu, Mu Yu also admitted this two brothers.

  However, Mu Yu couldn't stand the words of Luo Wei. The life of the dead wood is very heavy in his mind. Compared with the self-cultivators who are kept in the drums, the dead wood is the person he cares more.

  "Master wants to save the lives of the whole world. I follow Master's wishes. We can eradicate the Mie Palace in any way, but it is definitely not at the expense of unlocking the nine-day magic array! Do you have a master in your eyes? ”

  Luo Wei’s tone is very firm, and Master has always been one of his beliefs, unbreakable.

  Feng Haochen is a preacher to the apprentice. He will not tell the apprentice what to do and what should not be done. He will only tell the apprentice: When you think that doing something is worthy of your heart, then it is right.

  Luo Wei and Cheng Yan believe that the life of the comprehensible is finally Taishan, so they stand on the side of the comprehension.

  South said that the eradication of the Mie Palace is the most important, so he does not care about the lives of other comprehensions.

 Mu Yu thinks that the resurrection of the dead wood is correct, so he wants to unravel the nine-day magic array.

  Whoever is doing the right thing, UU reading into a major event is informal, there are always people who need to make sacrifices.

  Xiaoyi is difficult to do both. Why is it that Muyu chooses filial piety is wrong?

  After a long silence, Mu Yu asked: "If Master is killed by the Triple Palace and I can resurrect him, will you let me resurrect Master?"

  Luo Wei’s body jerked, and the flame in his eyes was weak. He never thought about this problem!

  "If Lan Linger is killed by the Triple Palace, will you let me go to the resurrection of Lan Linger?"Mu Yu asked again.

  Luo Wei clenched his fist and he suddenly felt a panic. Both Master and Lan Linger are extremely important to him. Will he choose to let Mu Yu do this?

  Mu Yu looked at Luo Wei coldly: "Whether you like it or not, if this happens, I will definitely save it, just like I am going to save the old man."

  The flame on Luo Wei gradually faded. His chest was undulating, and he could not understand how to refute Mu Yu.

  Everyone was selfish.

  When things don't happen to you, you can enjoy the righteousness, the morality of the righteousness, and the responsibility of the world. And when disasters come to themselves, they will be at a loss!

  After all, not everyone has a broad mind like the sword shadow dust!

  If you can't be a selfless great man, why can't you be an ordinary person who is innocent?

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