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Chapter 420 Southern Star Taoist Temple

  Five days later, Duan Yang told Mu Yu that the work of the field had been arranged. The person in charge of the team was named Ma Mingxun, who was an experienced Zhongtian squad, and was trained in the expiration period.

  The array of the sects did not look at the cultivation, only to see the understanding of the road, so even if Ma Mingxun had a period of cultivation, he was only a stalwart.

  "Ma Mingxun, what about the Zhongtian actor in the semester?"Mu Yu touched his chin. He did not expect that Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai would send a squadron to deal with him. This is a trouble.

  Among the same-level comprehensions, the strategist is the strongest in short-term combat capability and much more powerful than the ordinary comprehension. If you want to deal with the strategist, you will usually choose to fight a long-term battle, try to delay the time, and wait until the aura contained in the squad's squad gradually consumes light. At that time, it is the time to counterattack.

  However, the attackers are aggressive and aggressive. They generally won't give you the opportunity to delay the time. Every squad knows its shortcomings, so it won't be in love. Mu Yu is only a preliminary contact array, and the control against the law is certainly not as good as Ma Mingxun. If the two fight, Mu Yu is likely to fall.

  "Wind wood, long-awaited name."

  Ma Mingxun nodded politely to Mu Yu. The Zhongtian actor did not need to be polite to the Zhongtian disciples. After all, they passed the assessment before becoming a Zhongtian strategist, which is much higher than the Zhongtian disciple's rumors. But Mu Yu is already a quasi-innate disciple, in a sense it is still higher than Zhongtian Xianshi.

  "I have seen Ma Zhongshi."Mu Yu nodded and began to look at Ma Mingxun. Ma Mingxun was born with a friendly face. He looked like he was only forty years old. He was dressed in the service of the Zhongtian Array, and he was probably about three days before the expiration.

  Mu Yu always thought that the only ones who had been sent by Fu Zong were Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai. However, they did not expect to hide Ma Mingxun's mentoring period. It seems that Fu Zong is really against Zongtang for a long time, and the spies sent out are extraordinary.

  "This time we are going to the South Star Taoist Temple to help arrange a mountain guardian. The guardian mountain array is the most basic array. This time, it is arranged by the three of you, I am responsible for the guidance."Ma Zhongshi said to the other two middle-class disciples.


  The two middle-class disciples, named Gu Fei, and one named Jing Yucheng, are all Zhongtian disciples who follow Mu Yu. They listen to Mu Yu’s words, but Mu Yu does not trust them, and a large part of them follow him. It’s all the spies of Fuzong, but Mu Yu can’t identify it.

  Since this attendance was arranged by Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, it goes without saying that the three people who walked with Mu Yu might have secretly started to secretly.

  Gu Fei and Jing Yucheng are only repaired by the Golden Heaven period. They are only about fifteen years old and less than five years old. Whether it is Gu Fei, Jing Yucheng or Ma Mingxun, each of them is better than the wood feathers that just "stepped into the Golden Age", perhaps in the eyes of Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, Mu Yu this time. It’s absolutely impossible to escape from the field!

  They will never think that the person they are dealing with will be the apprentice of the Triple God.


  The Southern Star Taoist Temple is a small, unremarkable small martial art. It is small in size and has only a hundred people. The Lord is a white-haired old man. He is a self-proclaimed Nanxing Taoist. He looks like he is seventy or eighty years old. He is not high but only Yuan Ying.

  In the face of Ma Mingxun's period of cultivation, he appeared to be very sincere. Obviously, he did not expect that a middle school teacher who was higher than him would come to lay a mountain guard for them.

  "I have seen the Master of the Chinese Master, Nan Xing does not know that the Chinese Master has personally come, there is a far-reaching welcome, but also forgiveness."The star of the South Star is in the body. Although the sect is not as good as eight, it is also a big sect. It is not that his little lord can be offended. Others don’t say that Ma Mingxun’s repairs are enough to make him have to be respectful. .

  "The star of the South Star is not welcome."Although Ma Mingxun is younger than the South Star, his talent is much higher. In the realm of comprehension, we only look at the strength and do not look at the age. Therefore, Ma Mingxun’s words still reveal the majesty of the embarrassing period.

  How big is the triple continent, except for the big gates, there are no fewer than tens of thousands of small gates. Most of the small sects can't get on the table. It is similar to the Southern Stars who can create a small martial art. Most of these comprehensions occupy a hilltop and open up the school, concentrating on cultivation and not arguing with others.

  The Southern Star Taoist people wandered outside during their lifetime. After they got old, they found this mountain. It has been 30 years since the establishment of the Southern Star Taoist Temple. The qualifications of the disciples under the door are very low. Most of these disciples are inaccessible to the poor people in the vicinity, and they want to pursue the immortality. Therefore, they join the Southern Star Taoist Temple.

  Mu Yu recalled that when he was in the Moyun Mountain, a person in the Jindan period could become the master of the school. This Nanxingguan master Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian’s cultivation is already quite good. The place where he survived was the triple continent where the strong people stood, not the kind of depression in the Mouyun Mountain Range, so his repair of the Yuan Ying Jiu Tiantian did not come to the table.

  The guardianship of the mountain was originally the foundation of a mountain gate. As early as the opening of the mountain, the Southern Stars asked the people of the sect to help arrange the Guardian. However, it was only an ordinary acquired actor who helped to arrange the guardian squad at that time. The repair was lower than that of the Nanxing Taoist. Therefore, the South Star spectator was a little surprised when he saw Ma Mingxun in the late period.

  According to the previous situation, the business of this small martial art is indeed handed over to the genius of the day after tomorrow, and the sect will not send a squadron to deal with the business of the small martial art. It was only recently that Fuzong increased the robbing of the business. Many sects and middle-sector businesses were robbed, so the sects now pay special attention to the business of some small sects, and occasionally send the squad to go out.
On the one hand, in order to ensure that nothing is lost, on the other hand, for example, a small martial art such as Nan Xing Guan, who sent out the squad of the squad, can also play a deterrent role, and at the same time leave a quilt for the South Star spectator. A good impression of the attention of the array.

  "Please ask inside the middle school!"Nan Xing Guan respectfully welcomed Ma Mingxun and others into the Taoist temple, and did not dare to neglect.

  This Taoist temple is not big, but it looks simple and fresh, hidden between the trees, is also a hidden world. However, Mu Yu found that many buildings were destroyed to a very serious degree, such as being destroyed by human beings, and there are Taoist disciples who are cleaning up bricks and broken tiles.

  The Taoist disciples who were seen along the way were very low, most of them only had a base period, and the Jindan disciples were very old, so when they saw that their highly respected masters were so respectful to a 30-year-old comprehension. Many disciples of the Southern Star Taoist Temple understand that this is a big man, and they have stopped talking.

  "South Star Views, according to the information you provided us, you made a series of guardian squadrons eight years ago. This array is enough to resist the attack of the Yuan Ying period. Why is it now damaged? Does your faction have enmity with others, or how can the entire mountain gate be damaged so badly? ”Ma Mingxun also noticed the anomalies in the Southern Star Taoist Temple.

  Nan Xingguan sighed and said: "There is always a contradiction between the Chinese Masters and the Yunhe School on the opposite side. When I went out to work for a while, I clashed with the head of the Yunhe School, He Tianqiang. It is slightly cheaper at the bottom. Just three days ago, He Tianqiang did not know why he suddenly came to the door. Originally he was repaired and I was only in the middle of the room, but that day he did not know where he got a fifth-order medicinal medicine. By the time of the expiration, we destroyed our entire mountain guard. ”

  Mu Yu blinked his eyes, a dollar gathers gas? This thing, he still has a lot of it!

  One yuan is the fifth-order medicinal herb, which is specially used for people in the Yuan Ying period. It can enable the repairers of the Yuan Ying period to exert their strength in the stagnation period in a quarter of an hour. Of course, the consequences will be vomiting and diarrhea after one day. There are too many sequelae. However, this medicinal medicine is very expensive. After all, it is a fifth-order medicinal herb. One has already reached the price of a big mountain guard. The general yuan-year-old repairers bought it for life. This He Tianqiang actually took it directly. Out of breath.

  "He just ruined your mountain gate? Didn't do anything else? ”Mu Yu could not help but ask.

  Nan Xingguan saw the same wooden feathers and found that Mu Yu was only repaired by Jin Dan. Although he still did not dare to slow down the cast, he also had less respect for Ma Mingxun and instead replaced a senior. Muzzle, said:

  "Yin Yin, you don't know, one yuan gathers gas Dan has sequelae, and the effect is only a quarter of an hour. It is said that the array of the array is unparalleled in the world. Although this mountain guardian method can not withstand the stagnation period, but it has been ruined for a quarter of an hour. If it is not the effect of this quarter of clock, I am afraid that the old age will surely kill the hands of He Tianqiang. ”

  The South Star Taoist people recalled that the scene of the day was still awkward. He shook his head helplessly and continued: "The old man worried that He Tianqiang was making a comeback, so he invited the faction to come back to the law. In the past three days, I have lost the mountain guardian method. I am also worried. He is worried that He Tianqiang will bring people to kill him. If he still has a one-dollar gas, then if he gives him a quarter of an hour, I am afraid that this Taoist temple will be destroyed. ”

  If Yuan Tianqiang of Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian once again takes one yuan to gather the gas, he will be able to kill all the Nanxing Taoist people in a quarter of an hour, including the old man in front of him, so the South Star Watcher Two days can be said to have been waiting for the formation of the formation of the formation.

  The sects have opened shops in all parts of the three continents, and they are usually taken care of by the day after tomorrow. Whether it is a martial art or an individual who wants to lay out a formation, it is only necessary to tell the requirements and location of the array of shops in the nearby city pool, and negotiate the price. The array will be dispatched according to the situation.

  The cost of different powers is different. For example, the former star of the South Star can only barely produce 10,000 Lingshi to ask the people of the squad to lay down the big mountain array that can withstand the Yuan Ying attack. If you have more power, you will need more expenses. UU reading This is not something that Nan Xing Guan can bear.

  Nan Xingguan, with Mu Yu and others, went to see the destroyed mountain guards. The guardian mountain array usually does not consume too much aura in peacetime. It only calls the base when it is attacked or invaded by foreign enemies. The aura to resist.

  At the moment, the base of the Nanxing Taoist Temple has already become a pile of waste rock.

  Mu Yu’s accomplishments for the array are not the same as before. He can see at a glance that this mountain guard is not right. This guardian of the mountain array is based on the help of the Zhongtian Array and Lingshi, which belong to the relatively poor array.

  It is a little difficult to defend the Yuanshan Jiuzhongtian in this way, but it is absolutely impossible to resist the blow of the flood season. However, it is only a quarter of an hour before He Tianqiang is destroyed. Why?

  and many more! The attack on the Southern Star Taoist Temple occurred three days ago?

  Mu Yu decided to go out of the field five days ago. The fact that the squad had a field assignment every day, had to wait five days?

  Unless these five days are someone who deliberately creates a task for a field trip, it is to ensure that nothing is lost.

  "It turns out that it is a deep heart."

  Mu Yu wanted to understand a lot of things in a flash! He sneered a little and already knew how Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai had to deal with him.

  "So, are you an innocent victim or a Fuzong sent to a fake person?"Mu Yu stared at the frustrated South Star Taoist.

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