No. 617 Chapter Ghost Region son

  "But what?"Mu Yu hurriedly asked.

  Heliankong said: "I will say this! After the death of these people, the soul can still remain, because of the town demon tower. The atmosphere of the town demon tower can guarantee that our soul will not dissipate, but it also directly limits us to this demon island. I think the light of the town demon tower can repair the trauma of your master's soul, but it is not allowed to always be Your Master’s soul will always be on this island. ”

  This is not what Mu Yu wants, and what is the resurrection of the old shackles on the demon island?

  Mu Yu listened and shook his head: "Is there any other way besides this?"

  He does not want to take the risk, the wounds of the dead woods can be repaired naturally the best, but if you are imprisoned on this island, this is what Mu Yu absolutely does not want to see.

  Helian Airway: "I don't know, but I can help you to ask the ghost domain, he may know something."

  Mu Yu’s rumors rejected the proposal of Heliankong. He did not believe in the ghosts and did not want to pin the life of the dead woods on the ghosts.

  "In short, you can see the town demon tower at night and see if its light can cure your master. Your master can train you such a young sixth-order alchemy teacher, he must be a good person. ”Heliankong said.

  Mu Yu smiled and did not refute anything. In his eyes, no one in the Danding faction can match the dead wood.

  The souls on the demon island are all indifferent, they will find a place to rest directly, not so much attention.

  Perhaps in order to remember life, many souls will be hidden in their own bones. When Mu Yu walks on the road, he must be very careful. He can't just step on the bones of others. Otherwise, there will be several souls coming out from time to time. It is not a polite thing to disturb the rest of others.

  The human soul and the demon soul sometimes play several times a day, sometimes they will have a truce for several days. Today, they only played one and they didn't continue to fight again. The demon people seemed to be aware of the living people on the demon island, and they kept shouting on the dividing line.

  However, the dividing line generally has its own soul in the guardian, because there is an agreement, so the Yao people are not hard, and He Liankong also ignores the Yao people, but has been asking for Mu Yu.

  I have been trapped on an island for 5,000 years. Every day I face the souls. I don’t know what happened in the real world today. I just want to wait for Muyu to hear the truth of today’s comprehension.

  Mu Yu is also convinced that he will try his best to tell all the souls of the real world. When Mu Yu talks about the immortal list, all the souls are very interested in the rankings on the top of the list. After all, the three continents are extremely popular. It represents the true strength of the younger generation in the realm of comprehension, and these people are also hopes for the future of comprehension.

  "Mu Yu, have you been on the list? How many of us did Dan Ding put on the list? ”Helian air could not wait to ask.

  Mu Yu said honestly: "Danding is on the list of seven, and I am on the list."

  "Seven, not bad! When I was young, I also had a very popular list, but at that time we only listed five, right, how much do you rank? At least seventy or eighty, right? ”Asked by Helian.

  "You don't expect him to rank high. Is it still unclear about the flaws in your alchemy?"Ghost domain said faintly.

  Because the alchemists are refining medicines all the year round,

So there will be a lot of wood residue in their body. These wood slags seriously affect the physical function of every alchemist. They have nothing to do with their own bodies. Therefore, every alchemist has no strong combat power. When competing with others in the comprehension world, There is no advantage.

  He Liankong sighed: "Also. Mu Yu doesn't matter. Our alchemists are not fighting with others. Don't be discouraged. Even if you are in the 70s or 80s, it doesn't matter. You are a sixth-order alchemist. I am an eighth-order alchemist. More people have gone, don't care about a very popular list! ”

  After talking about Helen’s self-satisfaction, he glanced at the ghost field, and the ghost domain snorted.

  The celestial logo on Mu Yu’s hand was erased by him. He did not like the Triple Palace to mark him. However, he bought a list of extremely popular singles a year ago. His ranking shows that it is forty-three. After one year, he did not know how the ranking of the extremely popular list became, but no one challenged it. He, so his ranking will not change.

  "My top ranking is forty-three."Mu Yu spread the list of the best fairy list and showed it to everyone.

  "It’s only forty-three! Very good. ”He Liankong put his gaze on the list of the immortals, and replied casually, but soon he felt that something was wrong, "Wait! What did you say? The first few are coming? ”

  "forty three."Mu Yu said.

  He Liankong opened his mouth.

  "Are you an alchemy teacher of our Danding School?"Helian swallowed a spit and couldn't help but ask.

  Mu Yu nodded.

  "Then why do you have such a high ranking?"Helen asked in an incredible way.

  Mu Yu touched his chin: "I don't know, luck."

  The alchemy division's comprehensive combat power is not high, it is not a fighting talent at all, but the immortal list is killing each other, not looking at identity, only to win or lose, so this list is unfair to the alchemy.

  However, this list was originally intended to screen out the most talented humanity young talents to lead the comprehension to fight with Yumeng. If the alchemist can’t get a countertop in repairing,
There is nothing to say, after all, their identity is still very honorable in the realm of comprehension.

  Ghost domain looked at Mu Yu and asked: "I don't believe, you said forty-three forty-three?"

  Mu Yu did not care about spreading his hand: "Love does not believe, I don't have to prove anything to you."

  Ghost domain's attitude toward Mu Yu is not as enthusiastic as other people, but it is very cold, and Mu Yu does not care. He doesn't like ghost gates for a day or two. No matter where people are ghosts and ghost gates, it's not so good.

  "Don't let go, is the Danding's juniors so ignorant?"Ghost domain rebukes.

  "People respect me a foot, I respect a man."Mu Yu said briefly.

  He really does not need to prove anything to these souls. On the one hand, there is no hard evidence. The immortal logo has been destroyed by him. On the other hand, these souls have been trapped on the demon island all the year round. They can't interfere with anything. They believe that it is not that important.

  He Liankong was not happy, and blinked at the ghost domain: "Ghost domain, what do you mean? If you allow your ghosts to be on the list, we will not allow our Dingding disciples to be on the list? Blue is better than blue and blue is not understood? ”

  Ghost domain sneered: "I don't trust him."

  "I don't trust you either."Mu Yu said in a tit-for-tat manner.

  "I believe in him!"

  Heliankong did not want to ask Muyu for anything. For the alchemy, it was very rare to be able to squeeze into the top 50 of the immortal list, so he still stood on the side of Mu Yu.

  "For five thousand years, there has never been a living person who can find the Siren dynasty. Now the first one is the disciple of my Danding school. You question him. Do you have any opinions on our alchemists? If you think that you are a ghost, then why don’t you see the ghosts find this side? ”Heliankong said.

  The ghost domain snorted: "That may not be."

  After the ghost field said this inexplicable words, it has already turned into a group of black shadows drifting away. Mu Yu noticed that this guy even the color of his soul is different from others. The souls of people like He Liankong are all white, but the soul of the ghost domain is black.

  "He is too self-righteous to see others. Don't worry about Mu Yu! ”Heliankong said.

  Mu Yu is thinking about the words of the ghost domain: that may not be.

  Why does the ghost domain say that it may not be? Did he already know that ghosts will find it here?

  The soul of the demon island is isolated from the world of comprehension. It is impossible to know the situation of the outside world. Mu Yu is the first step to the demon island. It is reasonable to say that the ghost domain cannot know that the ghost gate person will come here. Is there any way for Ghost Domain to contact Ghosts?

  However, Mu Yu did not consider too much about this matter, because he knew that the ghost doorman would definitely come here soon. He had to think about how to deal with the ghost gate.

  He Liankong may have been trapped on the demon island for too long, so there are countless questions to ask Mu Yu, including the situation of the Dandan faction, the situation of the triple continent, the Yao people, and Yumen.

  Not only him, but other souls also want to ask about the situation of their respective sects, but He Liankong sent the questions of other people as the elders of Mu Yu, specifically let Mu Yu answer his questions.

  In the evening, UU reads www. Uukanshu. Com weather is very sunny, the moon is drilled out of the clouds, shining on the entire island.

  He Liankong had already brought Mu Yu to a mountain on the demon island. Here, you can see the terrain of the Yao people in the distance, and you can also see the town demon tower that has been occupied by the demon soul.

  A green pagoda rises in the distance. This pagoda towers into the sky. I don't know how many layers. The green light shines in the moonlight and quickly envelopes the entire island.

  The green light is mixed with strange little stars, like fireflies, flying around.

  Looking around, the whole island is green and the spots are scattered. The broken bones in the daytime battles begin to heal under the green light. The scattered pieces of bones fly together.

  Mu Yu looked at the huge tower with amazement, and also reached out to touch the green light spots. The light flashed at his fingertips, which contained endless vitality.

  "What are these spots in the end?"Mu Yu couldn't help but ask, the scene on the island is too strange, making him feel like a dream.

  Helian air material to Muyu will have this reaction, laughing: "To tell the truth, we have guarded the town demon tower for thousands of years, and did not find its mystery, only know that it is a magic weapon of the mysterious son. Xuanji was a very powerful self-cultivator at the beginning!"

  Xiaoshuai explored his head, grabbed a green light spot, and snorted: "I seem to have seen this kind of thing somewhere."

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