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Chapter 869 Variations in Cultivation

        The power of killing is still affecting the wood plume, but he has been thinking about some things, he is not as boring as the days before, the mood suddenly become enlightened up. &1t;/p>

        The words of the wooden star let him find himself, and he is a pleasant thing to be himself now. When Mu Xin had nothing to do, he ran to Mu Yu, and told Mu Yu to tell the story. Everyone in the wood family was also concerned about him. &1t;/p>

        When the chill of the killing was entangled, the care of the family made him gradually return to the old one, as if the frost was peeling off and he was reborn. He doesn't know how long this feeling can last, but he doesn't want to think about the future, but cherish this short time. &1t;/p>

        After resting for four or five days in Mufu, Mu Yu took out Xiaoshuai from the kitchen and planned to leave Mufu to continue doing his own thing. &1t;/p>

        Mu Tianhe and others are very reluctant. They think that Mu Yu will live for a while, but Mu Yu is wandering around. There is never an exact stop. He has a lot of things to do and he can't continue to delay. &1t;/p>

        "A good son-in-law, don't you say hello to your father-in-law? What should you call me now? ”The white demon king lazily said, he is now living in Mufu, although shameless is shameless, at least the life of the wooden family no longer have to worry about being afraid. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu’s eyes were soaked. He suddenly wanted to take a look at this shameless old monkey. He always wanted Mu Yu to call his father-in-law. &1t;/p>

        Then I remembered that this scene was a bit like a deja vu. In the beginning, the old man was forced to scream the father-in-law under the eyes of the public. How was this kind of thing still his own? &1t;/p>

        However, Mu Yu is not the one who is willing to suffer. He smiles slightly: "Mr. Bai, please come to you in the following days."&1t;/p>

        When I said that I wanted to run quickly, but the white demon king suddenly suddenly dragged Mu Yu with a breath, not letting the wooden feathers slip. &1t;/p>


I said that your kid is so dry? What is Mr. White? I have talked with your father and grandfather. We all agree to this marriage. Should you change your mind? ”The white demon king said with a bad heart. &1t;/p>

        "A single name, everyone is their own, why care so much, you say yes, Mr. Bai."Mu Yu almost wants to give a punch to the face of the white demon king. &1t;/p>

        Mu Tianhe said: "Mu Yu, it is very important to call this kind of thing. If you change your mouth, you will be determined." The pro-family is also a bold person, and your name is right. ”&1t;/p>

        It’s really a pot that doesn’t open the pot, and Mu Yu can’t laugh. &1t;/p>

        "Mr. Bai, you dragged me for a quarter of an hour, and someone had to stay on the altar for a while. Now there is still a joke, which is not very good."Mu Yu said with a grin. &1t;/p>

        The White Demon King shook his head and said: "It doesn't matter, he has been waiting for so many years, and it's not a bad time to say two words."&1t;/p>

        Mu Yu said in a voice that no one else could hear: "Let me go, do you deliberately make me embarrassed?"&1t;/p>

        "Call the father-in-law to let go."&1t;/p>

        "I don't want you to be able to help me?" Is it deadlocked here for a lifetime? Or are you going to destroy this marriage for Joe Snow? ”Mu Yu shouted. &1t;/p>


        The white demon king was stunned and somewhat annoyed. If he could be the master of Qiao Xue, he would definitely oppose this marriage. &1t;/p>

        "You give me a wait, I will let you say it in the future! What is the worship of the church, the rituals of the three 跪 叩 不 不 休 休 洞 洞 洞 洞! ”&1t;/p>

        The White Demon King seems to have done the same thing, but there are still opportunities to think about it. &1t;/p>

        "We have all cultivated together, not bad room for one night!"&1t;/p>


        Mu Yu showed a smile to everyone, then jumped to the sky and left Qingshuicheng. &1t;/p>


        Mu Yu is naturally going to look for Luo Wei and Xiang Nan, Luo Yu said to the south near the ghost gate, then he will go to the ghost gate. &1t;/p>

        Where is the Ghost Gate, Mu Yu has been easy to find this time, but he has no hardships, just staying nearby. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu input the spiritual power into the heart flame left by Luo Wei. Luo Yi once said that when this flame is burned by spiritual power, he will sense that if Luo Wei is nearby, this flame will still be I will fly by myself. &1t;/p>

        But at this time, the heart flame did not react, and did not move. &1t;/p>

        "Is Luo Luo not here?"Mu Yu fell into meditation. &1t;/p>

        He looked at the array outside the ghost door and the door that went in and out from time to time. He was full of disgust in the place of the ghost gate. The existence of this martial art is almost a disaster for the comprehension world, and it should be destroyed most. It is! &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu circled around the ghost gate, and the heart flame that Luo Wei gave did not react. Luo Wei did not seem to be nearby. &1t;/p>

        "What do we do now? What do we have to do without the trace of Luo Wei? ”Xiaoshuai asked on the shoulder of a wooden feather and ate an apple. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu’s eyes showed a strong killing path: “I really want to destroy the ghost door.”&1t;/p>

        "With our two?"Xiaoshuai thought about it curiously and continued, "But Mu Yu, have you forgotten?" Ghost Lord of the Ghost Gate, now it is estimated that the strength is about to reach the Mahayana period, right? Can we play it? ”&1t;/p>

        This is indeed a problem. Thirty-four years ago, the ghost master was only a master of the robbery period, but after thirty-four years, the ghosts and sorrows returned with a ghost flag that could swing the field ability to assist the ghost owner. The ghost master almost caught the dead wood old man who was injured by the soul. &1t;/p>

        Since the ghosts are returning from now on, it means that the ghost master must have completed the Mahayana period, so it seems that Mu Yu wants to destroy the ghost gate and still can't do it. &1t;/p>

        "First find Luo Wei! It is not enough to destroy the ghost door alone by my own strength. ”Mu Yu said for a moment. &1t;/p>

        He is now truly repaired only for the fit period. Although he has the power of killing, there is still no way to face the ghosts of the Mahayana period. &1t;/p>

        As a last resort, Mu Yu could only leave the boundary of the ghost gate. He found a place where the ghost gate was ridiculous and laid a simple dragon-seeking array. &1t;/p>

        Because Luo Yu left the heart flame to Mu Yu, then Mu Yu could use the heart flame to search for the whereabouts of Luo Wei. &1t;/p>

        The smaller the scope of the search for the dragon array, the quicker it will be. Mu Yu is now very skilled in this formation, but it took a moment to lay it down, and then began to search for Luo Wei’s heart flame as a search for a dragon array. &1t;/p>

        According to Mu Yu’s estimation, this simple dragon search can search for at least a thousand miles. This already covers the boundaries of the ghost gate. However, I did not expect that Mu Yu searched for two hours, but still could not find Luo’s whereabouts. . &1t;/p>

        "Strange, where did Luo Lan go?"&1t;/p>

        Mu Yu recovered the dragon-seeking array, and Luo Wei did not seem to be in the ghost gate. &1t;/p>

        More than half a month ago, Luo Wei said that the direction to the south was near the ghost gate. At that time, he came alone, and Mu Yu had to choose to separate from Luo Wei in order to protect the ninth eternal life. After the feathers finished, they did not find Luo Wei. &1t;/p>

        "I don't want to show Luo Wei to the south, I want to leave, and Luo Hao chased it?"Xiaoshuai guessed. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu does not rule out this possibility. &1t;/p>

        The night gradually darkened, and Mu Yu put away the base of the dragon-seeking array, and prepared to say it again in Lin Zhong, and continue to investigate the situation tomorrow. &1t;/p>

        Xiaoshuai has caught a red fire duck on the side and started to barbecue. The wooden feathers have laid out some guardian arrays to hide their traces. Under the influence of these guardian arrays, even if there are comprehensions flying over their heads at the moment, they will not see the fire of Xiaoshuai barbecue. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu began to calm down and practice well. &1t;/p>

        This time he has been busy, rarely calm down to practice, because the wood folding star, so that the wood feathers look a lot, the suffocation of his body has disappeared a lot. &1t;/p>

        However, Mu Yu understands that as long as he continues to use the power of killing, he will gradually be affected by that power. He must now learn to control this power and deprive himself from himself. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu runs up and down the dust, he has only learned this method so far, but it is enough. The things taught by Jianying Dust Wind are never the best, assisting Tianjian Jiuyan and the array, so that Mu Yu rarely ate losses in front of the enemy. &1t;/p>

        The dusty heart method worked in the wood feathers for nine hundred and eighty-one days, and the black and white spirits kept flowing in the veins. &1t;/p>

        Two black and white two distinct spiritual flows are very slow, they are combined and separated from each other. Even if any kind of spiritual power is out of control, it may cause an unpredictable devastating disaster, but at this time they It is subtly maintained in a state of balance. &1t;/p>

        Black and white spirits want to swallow the other side, but they can not swallow the other side, obviously very violent, but so docile. &1t;/p>

        When Mu Yu's dusty heart was added, he felt that his consciousness seemed to leave his body, as if he was watching himself. &1t;/p>

        This is a very strange feeling. He saw another sitting on his own disk, and the one sitting on the plate seemed to be a transparent person. The blood of the whole body can be seen clearly, even the black and white spirit. The color of the force is clearly audible. &1t;/p>

        The black and white spirits flowed quickly, and gradually, he suddenly made something wrong, because in his own spiritual power, there was even something white like silk. &1t;/p>

        "This is -" &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu carefully looked at the white silky things, suddenly shocked, he recognized what this is! &1t;/p>

        "Soul strength? how come? I have a soul in my body? ”&1t;/p>

        Mu Yu is amazed. Soul is the source of the power of the Triple Palace. It is also a kind of thing that people, Yumeng and Yao people will produce after the death. This kind of thing is the basis for maintaining the triple palace, and it is the triple palace. The main reason for instigating the war between the Terran and the Yumeng Mozu. &1t;/p>

        Since he has separated the anger and death of the grass, Muling has been contaminated by death and turned into a death sacred instrument that absorbs the soul of the dead soul. Therefore, among the people killed after him, no one's soul was collected by the Triple Palace. &1t;/p>

        These power Mu Yu always thought that they were all swallowed up by Mu Ling, but I did not expect that after the Dongsha City incident, Mu Ling transferred all the souls that were swallowed up to Mu Yu! &1t;/p>

        "How can I have this kind of thing in my body?"&1t;/p>

        Mu Yu is very disgusted with the soul, because this is the logo of the Mie Palace, let him use the power of the Mie Palace to survive, which really makes him feel nausea. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu tried to guide these souls out of the body, but those soul forces seemed to be attached to the veins of Mu Yu, completely unmoved. He continued to try to control the black and white spirit to devour the soul, but this time the black and white spirit seemed to regard the soul of the wood feather as his own, and let it stay there. &1t;/p>

        "What exactly is going on?"&1t;/p>

        Mu Yu stopped practicing, opened his eyes, and was puzzled. &1t;/p>

        "What happened to Mu Yu?"Xiaoshuai ate a leg of a red fire duck and asked curiously. &1t;/p>

        "Little handsome, there is a soul in my body, the power of the soul is still very strong!"Mu Yu said seriously. &1t;/p>

        "Soul strength? Then you are not part of the Triple Palace? ”Xiaoshuai looked at Mu Yu with a disdain, and then said, "But you haven't run white light!" The hypocritical guys of the Mie Palace always have all sorts of white light, and they look annoying. ”&1t;/p>

        "Don't be kidding, I am serious."Mu Yu said. &1t;/p>

        "I will help you see."&1t;/p>

        Xiao Shuai’s duck legs were thrown aside, and they reached the shoulders of Mu Yu. They stretched out their small claws and explored the thin blade like a flap, piercing the shoulders of Mu Yu without any hindrance. &1t;/p>

        "What are you going to do?"Mu Yu asked. &1t;/p>

        Xiaoshuai's sharp blade is very sharp. Because of the thinness, there is no pain in piercing the body. However, Mu Yu always has no sense of security for Xiaoshuai's claws. He clearly remembers that every time Xiaoshuai is a light stroke, The thick iron beast was cut off. He did not doubt that Xiao Shuai’s hand slipped and his arm was separated. &1t;/p>

        "You are running a spirit now, let me see what the soul is like."Xiaoshuai wiped the greasy paws on the wooden feather clothes, and the wood feathers have become accustomed to it. &1t;/p>

        "You give me a little, don't unload my arm."Mu Yu warned. &1t;/p>

        "I know I know, I will unload it and put it on."Xiaoshuai urged. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu re-entered the state of cultivation, he once again run the dusty heart, the whole person's consciousness has left the body again, looking at his own meridians above. Only this time, he actually saw the shadow of Xiaoshuai. &1t;/p>

        The handsome blade of Xiaoshuai is in the shoulder of Mu Yu, as if it is integrated with Mu Yu. When Mu Yu’s spiritual power is flowing, these black and white spirits are actually led by Xiao Shuai into Xiao Shuai’s own body. &1t;/p>

        "very strange! How can this happen? ”&1t;/p>

        Xiao Shuai’s voice suddenly sounded in the ears of Mu Yu, UU reading www. Mu Yu was shocked and turned to look at it. Now an illusory little handsome does not know when it appears on his shoulder. &1t;/p>

        "I am conscious of being out of the body. How did you leave my body?"Mu Yu asked in surprise. &1t;/p>

        "Because you use the dusty method, I am naturally familiar with what is going on in the dust, so I am probably combined with you." This is not the point, the point is that I think your soul is very strange! ”Xiaoshuai said strangely. &1t;/p>

        "Can you tell me something I don't know?"&1t;/p>

        "Blood protection is ineffective, I think the reason is this!"&1t;/p>…


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