Chapter 483 Chaos Yin Yang

  The incomparable black scorpion was designated in the air by one of the wooden feathers. It also had a large mouth and a mouthful of water. The fangs were already covered with cold light, and the horrible breath rushed to the face of Mu Yu. It is.

  However, it stopped in the air and could no longer advance!

  Then Mu Yu's fingers turned into a pointed finger, and the black cockroaches turned a head hard and turned to the past. Chang Tiancheng was amazed. Then he thought of something. He snorted angrily. He had a ray of light in his hand and made his own black scorpion into nothing.

  "Are you brain-dead? You can crack the array, I can also control your skills, you really do not change! Haven't learned the lesson so far? ”Mu Yu said impatiently.

  Chang Tiancheng was angry. He and Mu Yu both controlled the treasure of the door. At the moment, no one else could help.

  To a certain extent, Chang Tiancheng is more disadvantaged, because he is a congenital innate teacher, he has a very strong character, and Mu Yu only has a period of repair, the two are not a grade.

  However, because of the temple, Chang Tiancheng is equivalent to breaking one arm and standing on the same level as Mu Yu.

  It can't be said that it is the same level. If you don't rely on the skill, Chang Tiancheng is still the repair period of the fit period, which is two realms bigger than Mu Yu! Even if Chang Tian Cheng Fu fails, it can't be compared with the ordinary fit period repairer, and it is more than enough to deal with Mu Yu's one-time comprehension.

  "Kid, I just don't need a spell, I can kill you like an ant!"Chang Tiancheng smiled coldly and stepped on his feet. He was like a ghost and caught the wood feathers.

  However, the appearance of Mu Yu's feet is surging, and it really disappears directly in the same place. When it appears again, it is already the other side of the Eight Diagrams.

  Mu Yu is not afraid of Chang Tiancheng's skills, nor can he use the array for Chang Tiancheng, but it does not mean that he can not use the array of Scorpio stars! He can still hold the Scorpio Stars on himself.

  Chang Tiancheng's speed is quite fast. He said that it is also a repairer of the fit period, even if one breath can stabilize the wood feathers. It’s just that Mu Yu’s in the Eight Diagrams, the breath of the Eight Diagrams is a hundred times stronger than that of Chang Tiancheng, and that the wood feathers can withstand the breath of the Eight Diagrams, let alone Chang Tian.

  A few times in a row of dodging, the two staggered in the gossip array, has turned into a phantom. Mu Yu is not afraid of the strong pressure of the other side, and his Scorpio star array can always avoid the chasing of Chang Tiancheng.

  "Do you play hide and seek with me?"

  Chang Tiancheng has been completely angered. His fingers are swaying, and the spiritual power has entered the squadron. The red radiant stone suddenly emits a red light, and the entire gossip map is covered in an instant.

  "I see how you can run for me!"Chang Tiancheng's array of stone used in the field of forbidden surgery, which is much stronger than Lingzheng used, as long as Chang Tiancheng does not voluntarily withdraw, there is no time limit in the field of forbidden surgery.

  The feeling that Mu Yu hated was once again on him, and his Scorpio star array had expired and could no longer be teleported. He took control of the temple and had the ability to control all the arrays and techniques of the world. However, the field of forbidden surgery was the ability of the sacred stone. The sacred stone itself was in harmony with the temple, and the wood feather could not control it.

  "Death!"Chang Tiancheng roared, and a dagger appeared in his hand. Only when he killed Mu Yu could he get rid of it! Mu Yu also called out his own shadow sword.

I rushed up without fear.


  Mu Yu was smashed out by the atmosphere of Chang Tiancheng. This time, he did not take any advantage. Although Chang Tiancheng's attack is not fancy, Chang Tiancheng is not Lingzheng. In the face of the absolute realm of the fit period, Mu Yu can't bear his blow!

  Mu Yu only felt a shock in his chest, and the whole body's spiritual power was somewhat confusing. Only a short hand made him suffer a small internal injury. However, Chang Tiancheng was also hit hard by Zhou Jinglin. The palm of his hand was a fatal injury for him. Therefore, the strength of Chang Tiancheng has also been greatly weakened. This makes Mu Yu have the capital and the other side hard.

  Mu Yu took out the sixth-order Yufeng Dan, and the technique was invalid here. The effect of the drug was still there. Yu Feng Dan can make his speed as fast as the distraction period, which is almost comparable to the normal day after the injury.

  Chang Tiancheng was very annoyed. He found that he had no reason to get a wooden feather in a short time, and with the huge trauma of his chest, his whole person's breath has begun to fade. He understands that if he drags on, he must be dead!

  Mu Yu is sure to drag him, so that Lu Xianshi will not help himself.

  This is the most awkward battle that Chang Tiancheng played. He has a strong spell, but he can't help Mu Yu. Now even if the two are out of the way, but Mu Yu's body is still much smarter than him, plus his injury, almost no advantage.

  "well! Give you a life first! ”

  Chang Tiancheng can no longer delay, and he plunges directly into the groove of the center of the Eight Diagrams. As long as the avatar in the handle is set on the gossip map, he can control the entire temple. When the wood feathers are not protected by the temple, they can't control his formation. Why fight with him?

  Chang Tiancheng's speed is very fast, and Mu Yu can't stop it. He can only watch him push down the stone.

  The array of stone and the gossip map were combined with each other, and suddenly the whole hall began to tremble fiercely. The gossip map was not just a pattern, but also a variety of patterns.

And the plaques burst open from the Eight Diagrams, and the scent of the ancient vicissitudes swept out again, and the two of the Eight Diagrams were rolled up. A black and white breath chased each other and began to transform into a small yin and yang vortex.

  The yin and yang vortex seems to be weak and weak, but in the softness, it is tough and unstoppable. It is soft and soft, and contains the mysterious law of heaven. People want to be incarnate, but they are so inaccessible.

  The black and white vortex of the yin and yang vortex is shrouded in Mu Yu and Chang Tiancheng. Both of them are in the Eight Diagrams. The Rao is Chang Tiancheng and can't resist this vast and melodious atmosphere, and the yin and yang vortex becomes bigger and bigger. Both of them were sucked into the whirlpool.

  Mu Yu feels that he seems to be experiencing the vastness and mightness of the world, and it is like looking at the flowers and flowers in the world. His heart became an ethereal, and the strange yin and yang gas echoed the black and white spirit in his body.

  Black gas represents death, white gas represents new life, two distinct breaths are mutually exclusive, attract each other, transform each other, and seem to maintain a wonderful balance in the dark.

  Two people were swept into a world of embarrassment by a mysterious force. There is nothing superfluous here, only pure black and white.

  It's pure, simple, but it's so complicated, there is a terrible power that is hard to say.

  Mu Yu is somewhat surprised. The same is true of the world in the grass. The grass is used to supervise the balance of the whole world, and the yin and yang in the gossip is more like explaining the balance of this mysterious. He tried to understand the balance of the world, but the artistic conception was free and easy, without touching.

  Chang Tiancheng's face became iron blue again. After he combined the squad with the temple, the scene of taking over the temple did not appear. He and Mu Yu came to this black and white world, and the two seemed to be tied to some kind of power, and no one could hurt each other.

  After the combination of the array of stone and the temple, they will merge into a supreme treasure called Chaoyang Yinyang. The owner of chaotic yin and yang is only allowed to have one, and while we are both in the gossip map, it is impossible for you to monopolize. ”Mu Yu said calmly.

  When the first line of the door was separated, it was because no one between the two door owners would let the other party become the master of the chaotic yin and yang, so that the chaotic yin and yang were divided into two halves and kept separate. Both Chang Tiancheng and Mu Yu are in the Eight Diagrams, so Chaos Yin Yang can't recognize the Lord and directly bring them to this illusory world.

  Chang Tiancheng looked at the black and white when he was around, and remembered that there was such a secret. He did not think that: "Chaotic yin and yang brought us to this emptiness world. Its purpose is to test us two and see who we are. Only qualified to become the master of chaotic yin and yang. Do you think that you can compare with me? ”

  Although the two characters of the array are different in expression, they are all based on the gossip. Chang Tiancheng is the patriarch of Fu Zong, and his understanding of the gossip is naturally very proficient. He has been immersed in the life for a lifetime, and his understanding of the ethics has reached a fairly high level. He does not believe that he will not be able to compare with a young man who has just learned the battle!

  "Can you compare with you, not that you have the final say."Mu Yu looked up and the yin and yang around him began to sway.

  Mu Yu is very familiar with this yin and yang. He has encountered countless times of yin and yang. He does not say that he has the yin and yang ability of "life and death in the blink of an eye". He once found a very strong yin and yang in the grass. The gas, and almost let him fall into it can not extricate themselves.

  At this moment, the formation of the ancestor, the combination of the array of stone and the temple also produced the chaos of yin and yang, he once again need to face the yin and yang.

  I always feel that everything in the world can't get rid of yin and yang. Yin Yang controls people's life and death, and the balance of yin and yang is destroyed. Extremely terrible things happen. Just as the same small grass can destroy the whole world, it is extremely important to maintain the balance between yin and yang.

  A black and white breath began to wander in the air, like the two most primitive brute forces in chaos, gradually morphing all the rules of the world. Whether it is law, battle, spell, sword, spirit…Everything in the world can't escape the control of chaotic yin and yang, they represent the world.

  Then the mysterious gold inscriptions began to illusion from the yin and yang, these inscriptions are quite difficult, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com is an extremely ancient and original text that they have never seen before. Numerous inscriptions were separated, and the two people were spinning around each other, floating up and down, and swaying in various subtle ways.

  The wooden bun sat down, and the mind was moving. There were nine hundred and ninety inscriptions around the two of them. The two men understood in an instant, these inscriptions need them to comprehend, who can integrate all the inscriptions, then they will be recognized by the chaotic yin and yang, become the master of chaotic yin and yang!

  Chang Tiancheng has already begun to incite the law, and began to delve into these difficult inscriptions. His talent is indeed very high. Although he can't understand these inscriptions, but with the study of the Tao, it is only a moment, there is actually one. The inscription illusion of a photo, integrated into his body!

  "This old fox can't be underestimated."

  Wood Yu did not dare to neglect, but also began to study these words. The shape of each text is very weird, and it is not feasible to use a general interpretation, but he always feels that the text seems to have seen somewhere, some vague impressions.


  Another inscription separates a phantom into the body of Chang Tiancheng, but Mu Yu is still pondering the meaning of the inscription at the moment, he even
An inscription has not been realized.

  Mu Yu frowned, and the meaning of these inscriptions gave people the feeling that they were in front of them, but when they reached for the touch, they could not touch them.

  He found that he could not find the feeling of being close to the inscription!

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