Chapter 1073 Soulstone

"Then cut off their limbs and expose their bodies to the gates of the city."Zhang Hao looked up and stared at Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai, and had already sentenced Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai to death.

"Listen to you."The wolf did not nod, but then the body shape flashed, and had already gone to Mu Yu.

In his eyes, killing Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai is just a breeze!

However, Mu Yu only looked at the wolf who did not know the life and death, and extended a hand.


The Jackaldo Dao has widened his eyes in disbelief. The speed of Mu Yu is reaching its limit. His throat is only caught by Mu Yu for a moment, and there is no room for resistance!

"You want to kill me?"Mu Yu held the wolf's neck in one hand and raised the wolf.

"You, you, how can you…"

The wolf-walker feels like he is being poured into a powerful spiritual power, his throat is caught, his body is not moving, and even the spiritual power can't be lifted! The face is also flushed, and the whole person is almost breathless!

"how come?"

Zhang Wei has been scared, and his memory of the powerful and omnipotent grandfather is still very powerful. He is discussing with him how to kill Mu Yu, but he did not expect it to be just a face-up, but his grandfather is like a The dog of the family was lifted up!

How can this be?

Zhang Huan’s mind did not turn around. His grandfather was the comprehension of the double-day robbing period. He was one of the best in the martial art. Everyone tried his best to get him because of his grandfather’s existence, but the brave grandfather was in The young man’s hands are not even halfway!

It's incredible!

"Who are you, who are you?"

The Jackaldo Taoist asked in amazement.

"who am I? You are not qualified to know. ”The soul of Mu Yu’s hands turned out and found that the wolf-walker was not controlled by the sacred sacred squad. This meant that the scorpion scorpion was voluntarily obeying the orders of the Mie Palace and swearing for the tiger instead of being a last resort.

"People like you are not enough to die."

Although Mu Yu wanted to kill the wolf, he chose to use the soul to control the other side, because he needs to know the movement of the five Yue League.

"I have seen the master."The wolf Taoist was respectfully kneeling in front of Mu Yu.

"Grandpa, you…"Zhang Wei saw that the god-like backing of the day had fallen, and the whole person had already collapsed, brewing two steps and sitting on the ground.

“Who is going to find death?”Xiaoshuai looked at Zhang Hao with interest.

Zhang Wei’s face was white like a piece of paper. He’s gone from small to big and squatting. At this time, there’s no more arrogance, and the pants are already wet.

Instead of taking care of Zhang Wei, Mu Yu asked the wolf Taoist and said: "Talk to me about the situation of your five sects, and what plans are there for the Sangong Palace."

The sorcerer replied: "Our Wuyue League is in the order of the Three Palaces, and is ready to re-integrate the order of the entire cultivating world. With hard-line means, all the people in the cultivating world will obey and refrain from spreading any rumors that are not conducive to the Mie. Anyone who dares to resist is innocent."

Mu Yu said coldly: "The war of the Yumeng Mozu and the self-cultivator can't be defeated. Is it going to be shameless?"

Now the Triple House is notorious, and the reputation of eight has plummeted, because eight doors lost three of the Youmont, which is related to the Demon clan, so the practitioners understand the strong demon clan, do not want to go confusedly to the Triple Palace when the gun, so the Triple Palace in order to maintain their dark rule, opened a violent reorganization.

Despite the great injury of the eight gates, as long as there is a comprehension of the robbery period in the eight gates, basically many people can't resist, that is, they don't want to be a gun, and they don't dare to lie.

"What is the triple mystery that you just mentioned?"Mu Yu continued to ask.

The wolf Taoist honestly took out a white stone and handed it to Mu Yu. He said: "This piece is called the soul stone. As long as you kill someone, the soul stone will gather the soul of the killed person here. ,

The soul stone will become strong. If the comprehension person integrates the soul stone with himself, it will be enough to rely on the soul stone to grow and cultivate. I am planning to help my grandson to integrate the soul stone into the body. ”

The soul stone is only half the size of the palm, exuding a sacred white awn, which looks awesome.

"What is the Sangong Palace doing again this time?"Xiaoshuai asked the hawthorn tree inexplicably.

Mu Yu took over the soul stone, and a cold breath passed from the top of the soul stone, like a thousand years of ice, letting the soul involuntarily hit a cold. He carefully tried to figure out a soul stone, his face changed slightly, and said: "The means of poisoning."

"what happened?"Xiaoshuai took the soul stone curiously, felt it, and was amazed.

Xiaoshuai reluctantly returned the soul stone to Mu Yu and said: "This soul stone is indeed the same as the mites of the three palaces we met. It can transform the soul into a soul force and make ourselves stronger. However, the Soul is dedicated to the souls of the Mie Palace, not the comprehensible. The person who merged the soul stone at the beginning will advance rapidly, and once it is repaired, the soul of the soul that fuses the soul stone will be Will become part of the soul stone, swallowed by the soul stone. The soul stone will become more powerful. At this time, the Sangong Palace will re-recover these soul stones, and the soul stone will become the source of strength of the Mie Palace. ”

Mu Yu nodded: "It is true."

Nowadays, the comprehensions will not arbitrarily fight with the Yumeng Mozu. The source of the Soul of the Triple Palace is limited. They don’t want to expose their true colors, they have created something like Soulstone. In order to become stronger, the comprehension of the soul stone will kill and collect the soul. When the time is ripe, the Mie Palace will kill the comprehension of the soul stone, and let them become the source of strength of the soul.

The plan of the Mie Palace today is like planting on the comprehens, so that the comprehensible will continue to kill and grow for the sake of strong cultivation. When the time is ripe, these comprehensions of the soul stone will be equivalent to the mature fruit. Can be picked and eaten.

All these comprehensions are unaware of it. If neither Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai and the people of the Mie Palace have had countless dealings, they will not find these plots hidden in the soul stone.

"This kind of thing should be ruined."Xiaoshuai said.

Mu Yu asked: "So how many people have you killed?"

The wolf Taoist replied: "After I came to Fang Yongcheng, I have killed at least three hundred people who disobeyed the rules of the Sangong Palace. After they were killed, the bodies were gathered at the gates of the city to show the crowd and condense in a special way. In the air, let the birds feed. Their souls have been collected in the soul stone, and after I have killed 500, I will use it for my grandchildren. ”

There are still some restrictions on the soul stone, because Zhang Xi’s repair is too low, so the requirements of the soul stone are higher. The wolf Taoist is very good at him for this grandson who does not learn anything, but unfortunately even the wolf Taoist himself I don't know, once you let Zhang Hao merge the soul stone, Zhang Hao will die in the future!

Mu Yu continued to ask: "What is the identity of the people killed?"

The wolf singer replied: "We are now killing some of the more prestigious comprehensible practitioners who are superb in the realm of comprehension. Most of them are those who oppose the Triple Palace, and some elders who do not know how to live. Those disobedient sects have also been killed by me for twenty-three. Now those sects have no heads and no longer dare to resist anything. Killing a big man of a martial art is quite deterrent to other people. In addition, even those who are in the procession are stunned by us when they walk on rumors, and they kill directly. ”

Mu Yu was full of anger, and many of the array of squadrons were ordered to repair the real world and inquire about the news to perform the task. I did not expect to get into trouble. He whispered: "Have you killed a few arrays of divisions?"

"I killed five squadrons, but in the morning I caught two instincts who were spying on the information nearby. I was preparing to execute at the gate of the city at noon, so that everyone in the city could understand the end of the match with the Mie. ”The wolf Taoist said.

Mu Yu’s face changed slightly. There were less than twenty innate actors in the array. How many people were caught?

He has been retreating for a decade, and how the ordinary people of the squadron went out to spy on intelligence. They were all responsible for the old village chief and Zhuge Xiaosheng. He didn’t ask much, but he never thought that he had accidentally encountered this.

"What are the names of the two innate strategists?"Mu Yu asked quietly.

"One named Lu Deyi, one named Situ Yangtian, UU reading I heard that the two of them are important figures of the sect, just to kill and play a great shock!"

Mu Yu cold channel: "How are they now?"

The wolf Taoist felt the oppression of Mu Yu, and fell pale on the ground, saying: "They should have been taken to the gate of the city…"

Mu Yu’s heart has already reached the extreme. If he didn’t come here inadvertently, Lu Xianshi and Situ’s first master will die of Huang Quan!

Mu Yu glanced coldly at Zhang Wei and said: "I came to get back the one hundred pieces of Lingshi."


A large number of white flowers and flowers fell to the ground, the total number of at least hundreds of thousands!

"Adults, these are the spiritual stones, asking the grown-up to spare the villain, and the villain no longer dares."Zhang Hao quickly squatted on the ground, and his head kept licking his head.

After waving a hand, Mu Yu took away his hundred pieces of Lingshi and then said, "I only take my own things, and you are not very useful to me."

Mu Yu stared at Zhang Wei with a smug face, and then moved his mind to let the sorcerer restore his mind. At the moment when the wolf Taoist people recovered their consciousness, they suddenly roared: "Who are you?"

Mu Yu sneered: "I let you regain consciousness, let you understand that you have killed so many disciples of my generation, and sooner or later have to pay the price."

A blast has passed.


Zhang Wei is still squatting, but when he is straight up, his head is already rolling on the ground and rolling to the eyes of the wolf.

The wolf-doer looked at his grandson’s unspeakable head, and suddenly he was stunned and his eyes were red: "You, you dare to kill my grandson!"

"I will not only kill you, if Lu Xianshi and Situ Xianshi have any difference, I promise to destroy the entire Xuan Lingmen!"

Mu Yu said with amazement.

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