Cap 370 s 8

  The warm sunshine sprinkled on the ground, making Mu Yu feel very comfortable.

  He has some doubts, have he got the wrong place? When I entered the dead door, the ghosts were stunned, but after I stepped into the dead door, everything suddenly changed. It was cloudless and sunny, completely different from what he imagined.

  He stood under a green linden tree, and the green shade of the linden tree sheltered him, as if he had endless vitality, swaying joyfully in the wind. Looking into the distance, it is a mountain, and his location is on a hillside.

  Mu Yu touches the linden tree, and the linden is true, not illusory. But he understands that between the gossip, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. Many formations will confuse one's senses, and it is not possible to distinguish between reality and illusion by touch alone.

  The Bodhi tree is no stranger to him. When he was in the Muyumen territory, the old treeman took him to see the guardian god of Muyoumeng, the old Bodhi who had not known how many years had grown.

  “Do you need to find clues yourself?”The wood feathers surrounded the linden tree and found no abnormalities. He did not want to be integrated into the linden tree because he could not determine if anyone was observing him in the dark.

  Someone in the dark did observe, but when he entered the eighth, the two disciples who were on duty could not detect his movements, and no one could see what was hidden in the eighth.

  He looked at the morning sun and was rising from the east. This is a phenomenon that should not exist, because according to his calculations, the real time at this moment should be right at night.

  The sun shines on the linden trees, making Bodhi more vibrant. Mu Yu walked out of the shadow of the Bodhi tree and bathed in the sun.

  Suddenly there were countless embarrassments in the air, as if anyone had fallen a stone on the calm lake, and the surrounding scene suddenly became gloomy, and thousands of ghosts swept toward him. Despair, fear, killing…All kinds of negative emotions suddenly come to my heart, so familiar scenes, it is as if Mu Yu has re-entered the deadness of the grass!

  In the dead air of the grass, Mu Yu has never overcome this emotion. He is almost lost in the terrible phenomenon. If it is not dead wood, he will point his life outside and force him to pull from the dead world. Going back, he can't go out at all.

  Mu Yu’s body trembled. He saw the dead wood covered in blood and lying under his feet. He struggled with pain and wanted to let Mu Yu save him.

  "help me……"

  "Why don't you use endless vitality to save me? Why don't you kill the sky, why don't you go to the sky when you kill, why should you tolerate? ”Dead wood is difficult to ask.

  "I have no ability to kill them, I am sorry."Mu Yu turned back in a flustered manner. He saw the Bodhi tree behind him. He retreated back to the Bodhi tree.

  All the illusions disappeared, the sun was still bright, and the distance was still the mountains and mountains of the peaks and peaks. The sun slowly climbed up the branches, rising higher, and the shadow of the Bodhi tree was also shrinking.

  When Mu Yu sat under the Bodhi tree, he was very upset. He was afraid to see the dead wood and struggled in front of him, and he could not do anything. He is so weak, even the sky of the starry gate can't be defeated, how can he face the giant palace like a giant?

  The Bodhi tree is like the last bright harbor in his heart, protecting him from being infested. The shady green shade gave the wooden feathers a comfort, and his heart slowly calmed down.

  "little mouse,

What do you see? ”Long Teng whispered.

  Xiaoshuai bitterly covered his face: "The chicken legs that are eaten are raw, I am going to starve."

  "I saw myself being smelted into undead medicine."Dragon vine is very unhappy.

  Xiaoshuai and Longteng were also affected by the eighth, and the two of them saw what they were most afraid of.

  Mu Yu knows what he is going to do at this time. He must face the inner fear. If he can't overcome his inner fear, he can only be trapped under the Bodhi tree.

  "I have to face this all the time, isn't it?"Mu Yu clenched his fist and stepped into the sun again.

  The air swelled again and the endless darkness came. The day is not standing in front of Mu Yu, smiling gently, his smile is so sunny, people can not give a trace of resentment, but in the eyes of Mu Yu is like a smile of the devil.

  "He is very important to you, right?"The unnoticed foot stepped on the chest of the dead wood, the dead wood was dying, and the blood was stained on his body. He opened his eyes with difficulty and spit out two words: "Save me…"

  Mu Yu trembling all over, he knew it was an illusion, he told himself to be calm! His eyes crossed the sky, and there was a door not far behind.

  Is that the exit?

  Mu Yu did not go to see the dead wood, he clenched his teeth and ran wildly toward the exit.

  "Do you really save him?"The swordsman in the hands of the day is swallowing the cold murder, but his smile is still so warm.

  Mu Yu couldn't help but look at the dead wood, and the sword that was not waiting for it had already stabbed the throat of the dead wood.

  "Do not!"Mu Yu snarled angrily. He closed his eyes, but he still saw the scene of the blood of the dead wood throat in his mind. It was not here that he could solve his eyes! He knew that this was a fake, but all this still made him unacceptable. He wanted to retaliate for the dead wood, but he could not do it!

  Before he came to the door, he knew that as long as he passed through the door, all the illusions would disappear and he would pass this!

/> His hatred of the day has gone to the point of hard work, his eyes are red, but he can not stop, struggling to open the door, rushed in!

  He looked at everything in front of him, and the Bodhi tree was still swaying vigorously. The sun was warmly sprinkled on the earth, and the shadow of the Bodhi tree was getting smaller and smaller than it had been.

  He returned to the original place!

  The door did not take him through the eighth, but brought him back under the Bodhi tree.

  Why is this?

  Mu Yu’s mood was terrible, and his anger filled his heart, and his mind was full of dead wood asking for help. However, under the anger, there is a deep sense of powerlessness. He is so weak, so small that everyone can easily crush him.

  "Don't wait! I will kill you! ”The sound of Mu Yu has completely changed, and the sound is no longer full of vigor and vitality, but low and hoarse, like the resentment under the nine secluded, difficult and unbearable.

  The linden shook gently behind him, and a few leaves fell slightly on the shoulders of Mu Yu. The sun in the sky has risen even higher, and the shadow under the Bodhi tree has continued to shrink.

  He took the courage and stepped into the sun for the third time.

  The cockroach is wide open and the darkness is coming. The day’s warm smile is so realistic in front of Mu Yu’s eyes that Mu Yu can’t wait to tear his abominable smile!

  "You are afraid of me, you are afraid that I am right, because you also know that you can never beat me."The words that are not waiting are so kind, just like telling a simple humanity to your brother.

  However, the shadow sword of Mu Yu has been squirted, and the smothering of the sky is mixed with the murderousness of Haotian. The sky was not waiting for the collar of the dead wood, and the dead wood was in front of him.

  "Do you have the heart to start?"The voice that is not waiting is polite.

  The shadow sword stopped at an inch of the forehead of the dead wood, and a hair of the dead wood was cut off by the sword of the shadow sword and floated in the air. Mu Yu’s face was distorted, he couldn’t get his hands, and he couldn’t start his own boss.

  "help me……"The dead wood opened his eyes and said weakly.

  Mu Yu's whole body is violent, and he can't wait to kill it, but the dead wood is not taken hostage. Although he knows that all this is fake, he still doesn't want to start.

  "Don't you dare to play with me brightly?"Mu Yu trembled.

  I didn’t have to laugh, like I heard a very funny joke. He threw out the dead wood and suddenly disappeared in front of his eyes. Then the right ear of Mu Yu’s right voice appeared: "Play with you." Have you beat me?"

  Mu Yu turned his head and greeted the day with a gentle smile. He was stunned and the shadow sword had swept away. However, the day is not just to extend two fingers, so the sword of Mu Yu is caught without fancy. Mu Yu wants to pull back the sword, but the sword is firmly clamped and does not move.

  "You are so weak, why do you fight with me?"I don’t want to take a palm in the air and print it on the chest of the wooden feather.

  Like a mountain hitting a wooden feather, Mu Yu’s whole person was swept away. The internal organs of his body had been displaced, the ribs on his chest were completely broken, and blood was sprayed from the mouth. He fell on his wolf. On the ground, there is no strength to climb.

  The harm that does not have to be done to him is actually there!

  "Call out to me, I will not kill you."I don’t wait to smile in front of Mu Yu’s eyes, sticking out a finger and lifting the chin of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu gasped, and his body was filled with endless dead air, wrapped around the injured veins, repairing his wounds. He clenched his teeth, but the palm hurt him, let him, without any resistance.

  Days don't care, he stood up, grabbed Mu Yu's collar and picked him up: "Now your shelter has not disappeared, I can't kill you. I want you to see how powerful I am, how unstoppable, and let you die slowly in despair and powerlessness. UU reading You are a weak person, still stay under your Bodhi tree! Be a tortoise, don't come out again. ”

  I don’t want to shoot a palm again. Wood feathers, like a broken kite, fell heavily and fell into the shadow of the Bodhi tree. The sun became bright again around the sun, the sun had risen to the sky, and the shadow of the Bodhi tree was reduced to a wood feather.

  Mu Yu was seriously injured, and the pain came, shattering his anger and blurring his consciousness.

  "I will kill you."Mu Yu screamed out the words before the coma. He was very hurt and understood what it was.

  This embarrassment is a test of life and death. If you can't hold it, then there is only one dead path, unless someone comes to save.

  However, Mu Yu only chose a way to kill and then give birth, not to be shocked to truly reach the eighth. He is not like those who are the first instinct to challenge the eighth scorpion by relying on the true strength. The innate congenital disciples will be valued by the top of the sect, and he will not.

  After many years of squadrons, many of them have chosen to succumb to the shackles of the three generations, and all died in their own fears. The top leaders of the squadron will not always pay attention to what happened at the front door. They will only appear when someone has passed six hexagrams.

  After passing through the Seven Miles and killing the land, it is completely different concepts. No one will save him!

  The array is not lacking in the disciples!

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