No. 632 Chapter Fork

  Ghosts have been trained by two people from a young age, waiting for a certain time to let two lives fight together, and the convenience of losing is the tool of the other side. This is called twin.

  A ghost doorman originally had only one twin, but the ghost is obviously not a simple person, he actually has six! And these six twins have a sense of autonomy, unlike other twins who can only execute orders unconditionally, which is quite abnormal.

  Ghosts let their six twins go to track the wood feathers, and he took the Horcrux and set foot on another cable bridge. According to the cable bridge that the twins saw, they quickly flew to the front and found the other end of the broken bridge.

  Ghost Laoqi just said that Mu Yu disappeared on the iron bridge on the left. Therefore, the six twins did not hesitate to choose the right side of the cable bridge and continued on. After a long distance, they saw the wood feathers slow in front. Walking slowly.

  They pressed their suffocating sighs in their hearts and did not scream. After half a hour with the pace of Mu Yu, there was a fork, and Mu Yu set foot on the right side of the cable bridge, they set foot on the left.

  But this time it was very weird, because they floated, but the front of the cable bridge was suddenly divided into three roads, and the figure of the wood feather disappeared over the middle of the iron bridge.

  "what happened? Which one do you want to go now? ”Ghost old seven Shen Sheng.

  Three roads, Mu Yu walked the middle of the road. According to the way of "seeing is not true", they should choose a road that is inconsistent with Muyu, but there are two inconsistent roads at the moment.

  "It seems that we can only be separated."Ghost sixth proposed.

  "No, we are separated from the ghosts and can't be dispersed."Ghost Laowu shook his head and said.

  "If you don't separate, then which way do we have to go?"Ghost asked four times.

  The cable bridge here is also very strange to these twins, surrounded by a white fog, they can not see where the distant cable bridge leads.

  Ghost second thought for a moment, said: "We are divided into two ways, the third child, the fourth, you follow me to the left, the other people go to the right, we are familiar with their breath, once they find something abnormal, they will return ."

  After the meal, the second child felt that he was suspicious. Even if Mu Yu was even more powerful, he was only a comprehension person. The six twins had the repair period of the fit period. What abnormalities can happen?

  Although Ghost Xuanyue said that Muyu’s exercises were very weird, Ghost Cold relied on absolute repairs to trap Mu Yu last time, so there is no need to worry too much.

  The six twins were divided into two, and they embarked on the cable bridge to the left and right of Sancha Road, and soon disappeared into the cable bridge again.

  Shortly after the six twins left, Mu Yu slowly returned from the middle of the cable bridge.

  "I don't want to bring it in my own place, but also come to my chance, I really have to entertain you!"Mu Yu smiled slightly.

  Xiaoshuai leisurely kneels on the shoulder of Mu Yu: "We will give them some surprises!"

  "Surprise? Of course you want. ”Mu Yu’s hand was gently stroked, and the cable bridge in the middle of the road had disappeared. He set foot on the cable bridge on the left.

  To deal with this kind of ghost, you have to separate them one by one.

Then break through one by one.


  Ghosts frowned, and the more he went, the more he felt that something was wrong, because at the moment the ghost field gave him the soul device and it showed that Mu Yu was on this road. And just half an hour ago, the Horcrux clearly pointed to another way.

  "This place is weird."

  Ghosts stopped, and the cable bridge just cut off his way, so he had to choose to separate from his six twins, but the more he went forward, the lesser he felt for the six twins. If you continue to go on, you may lose the breath of the other six twins.

  A large part of the Ghostmen’s combat power relies on twins, especially those who have six twins. The loss of twins has a great impact on him.

  However, the influence is even bigger. He is also a comprehension person in the fit period. Even when he faces Mu Yu alone, he has confidence to defeat Mu Yu.

  But now the situation is whether he continues to look for wood feathers according to the instructions of the Horcrux, or return to call back the six twins.

  The ghosts reluctantly thought about it and finally decided to move on. He needs to find Mu Yu, this time he does not intend to follow it in the dark, but to directly grab the wood feathers, forcing Mu Yu to bring himself out of this opportunity!

  He had just walked a few steps, but found that the figure of wood feather appeared in front.

  Mu Yu has been standing there, as if it has been waiting for a long time.

  "You are a little slow!"Wood feathers looked up lazily and looked at the ghosts.

  Ghostly staring at Mu Yu, said faintly: "It seems that I am still a little you, have you been waiting for me?"

  Mu Yu leaned against the fence of the cable bridge and looked at the white mist in the distance. He said leisurely: "I am very curious. You are not in the place of your own opportunity to understand your chances. What do you do in my chance?"

  The purpose of the ghosts to come to the Siren King City is not for the so-called chance, he is for the same thing inside. However, he did not want to tell Mu Yu, but responded: "It is natural for you to take me out of this maze."

  "You are so sure I will take you out of this maze?"Mu Yu looked at the ghosts with a playful taste.

  "You have no choice!"Ghosts step by step close to the wood feathers, and the strong momentum of the body fits over the wood feathers.

  However, when his momentum fell by the side of Mu Yu, there was a breeze blowing in the surrounding white mist. The imposing momentum was blown away like a snowflake, floating outside the cable bridge and drifting away.

  Ghosts are sorrowful.

  "It seems that I still have a choice."Mu Yu said without hesitation.

  "Humph!"The ghosts rushed to the ground and couldn't fly here, but even the speed of running him was almost an incredible point. He rushed directly toward Muyu and wanted to catch the wood.

  But he couldn't run a few steps, because the cable bridge around him had started to shake. The cable bridge in front of him suddenly disappeared and he stepped on the air. If he didn't respond quickly, he might fall directly into the endless abyss.

  "Card wipe!"

  The wooden bridge of the cable bridge has been cracked in layers. It stretches from the two ends to the foot of the ghosts like a dead wood. The ghosts change slightly, and a strong suction suddenly comes from under the feet, trying to get him into the abyss.

  The soul device vibrates in the hand, and the ghost device of the ghost domain exudes a powerful soul force, and stabilizes his body shape in time!

  "It's a pity that I didn't fall."Mu Yu shook his head, suddenly bursting out countless chains from the white mist, whistling to kill the ghosts!

  Ghosts succumb to the ghosts of the whole body, and all the chains were swept away, and the chains slammed on him, but they could not hurt him, and all of them were blocked.

  "Do you have this ability?"The ghost succumbed to the soul device stepping on the foot, the Horcrux did not let him fall, but it also made him unable to move.

  "How about you? Why don't you want to kill me? ”Mu Yu can't hurt the ghosts, even if they use the lines here, the repair of the ghosts is too high.

  "as you wish!"Ghosts gaze at the eyes, the whole person leaps high along the chain, the toes point on the chain, and quickly approach the wood feathers.

  Although it can't fly here, it can still borrow power from the chain, as smart as the world.

  The wooden sword in the hand of Mu Yu crossed, and countless vine leaves appeared on the chain, and went along the chain to the point where the ghosts borrowed their strength. At the moment when the ghosts are dying, the purely vine leaves are entangled in his feet.

  The ghosts have long been prepared for these strange vine leaves. He twisted his body in the air, and the soul device in his hand blasted a soul and shattered all the vine leaves.

  The souls on the demon island are not afraid of the death of Mu Yu, because they are not dead, so the soul power possessed by the Horcruxes makes the wood feathers helpless. Mu Yu keeps the chain away from himself and avoids the ghosts coming back again.

  The two are in the air, and no one is going to do it because they can't take anyone.

  "You can control these chains!"Ghosts are a little accidental.

  "All said, here is my place, when I got my chance, I can be controlled here!"

  Through the calculation, Mu Yu learned that the real machine of the mysterious machine gave him the opportunity to lay the ground. As long as the rules of the field of the field are used, UU reading can know how to control the location of the opportunity, he only used The cable bridge to make the branch road is actually to confuse the ghosts.

  He knows that ghosts are hard to deal with, and his body is quite weird. By controlling the six twins who are squandered in this field, he understands that he can't beat the ghosts, so he designed them to separate.

  As for the six twins, Mu Yu always arranged a maze for them to let them wander around.

  Ghostly deliberately nodded thoughtfully: "So you know how to go out?"

  "I know, but I won't tell you."Mu Yu said simply.

  Ghosts cherished a cold smile: "I don't need you to tell me, I just need you to know."

  The ghost mist of the sky spread from him, and the wood feathers were shrouded in an instant. These ghost mists were contaminated by the soul force, just to cope with the pure death of Mu Yu!

  However, the ghosts have already drifted to the opposite side, falling across the wood feathers.

  Can he fly?

  Mu Yu's brow was picked, his foot flickering, and he had already teleported out, but the ghosts around him blocked him.

  "Don't play, do you really think that I am so stupid with other people? I still want to fool me with your kind of insects? ”Ghosts faintly smiled.

  He is not affected by this piece of opportunity, only to be separated from other twins is just that he deliberately did it!

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