Chapter 1087: I am ruined

"When did this happen?"Mu Yu asked with his head.

"Three days ago."

The dead wood knows what Mu Yu wants to ask, and there is always a tacit understanding between them.

"What did you do?"Mu Yu could not wait to ask.

"Chaos yin and yang, they repaired my soul, I woke up three days ago."The dead wood glanced at the big black and white in the air and replied.

Mu Yu widened his eyes: "Chaotic yin and yang can do?" Then I am still running around in a mess, looking for ways to help you…"

"So you are a girl."Dead wood said unceremoniously.

Mu Yu laughed, as if it had been passed by this person for a long time: "Daddy, right! It is this feeling! You are not stunned, I am still not comfortable. ”

"How are you still ashamed as before?"The dead wood slammed the wood feathers.

Mu Yu said: "In any case, it is not painful to swear, my skin is thick!" They were all picked up by you before. ”

The dead Wood's mouth again surfaced a smile, but then he gave a face to the board, way: "This matter and your Chaos Yin and yang related, open the market ding and the array Hall has certain relations, I didn't know the chaos Yin and yang can do all this, until your Chaos Yin and Yang ran into the open market tripod, inadvertently played some role, It was a while before I came back. ”

Big black and big white smashed over, spinning around the dead wood, and Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai reverberated around Mu Yu.

"Mu Yu, are you awake? Dead wood is anxious! I think his look is jumping fast, I can't wait to resurrect that soul to kill more than a few times, only to use the blood to protect the sky. During this period of coma, he didn't relax for a moment! Just like a ghost, drifting around you, drifting away, half a tea time to explore the breath, see if you are dead. Oh yes, I forgot that he is a ghost. ”

Xiaoshuai turned over and stepped on the four chaotic yin and yang to step on, laughing.

"really?"Mu Yu asked curiously.

"fake."The dead wood responded without thinking.

"The pretend is really good."Mu Yu snickered.

The dead wood stunned Mu Yu with a glance: "How is it as childish as a child? How old is it! At this age, there is no maturity. When can I grow up? ”

"Is there a famous celebrity saying this? I will always be a child in front of the old man, isn't it?"Mu Yu pretends to be a serious statement.

"Celebrity quotes? Which celebrity said? How did I not hear it being said? ”Asked the dead wood.

"Wood feather."Mu Yu said that his name is not blushing. Anyway, his name has always been wanted in the realm of comprehension. It is also a celebrity.

The dead wood glanced at the wooden feathers, and then slowly said: "What happened to you this time, talk about it."

"Since you have an accident, I went to a squadron and did something in the sect. Do you want to hear it? I put…"

"I know all these things, even if you go to the demon island, I know everything. I want to know what you put after my soul is in the open market."The dead wood interrupted the words of Mu Yu.

"Do you know? Who told you that? ”Mu Yu asked curiously.

Deadwood said: "The soul of the soul, keep my consciousness, although I can't talk, it seems to be sleeping, but I know what you do, I will always be next to you, even if you sleep at night, I will turn over clear."

Mu Yu exclaimed: "What? You can tell me what I did? Doesn't that mean that I am with Joe Snow…"

"Well, yes, young people, good energy."Dead wood is a rare joke.

Mu Yu’s face was green, and he shouted: β€œYou’re so old, actually peeping at me? Don't know if something is going to be avoided? You, you will not really see the whole process, right? It’s so yellow and evil…”

Mu Yu almost jumped, who can think of the dead wood actually in the soul of the soul when the consciousness is awake!

The dead wood just looked at the wood feathers faintly.

Let Mu Yu complain.

At the end, Mu Yu retired and sat down again: "Forget it, I watched it. I really don't know if I fell down for eight lifetimes, but I am sure that you see me doing that kind of thing, my heart is very Hey? After all, I am young and strong, it should be better than you…"


The dead wood slaps on the head of the wooden feather, still familiar pain.

"What are you doing!"Mu Yu angered. Although dead wood is a soul, after all, it can be used for the Mahayana period, and it still hurts.

The dead wood is a bit black: "Would you really be the kind of prodigal son?" How can I see that kind of thing? Just kidding you, are you still serious? ”

Mu Yu smiled a little and quickly waved his hand: "Misundering, misunderstanding, I said that the old man is wise, and should not make such excessive things. I just complain about the dissatisfaction that is being kept in the drums. You are right. ”

The dead wood snorted, half awkward, what he remembered, and gave the back of the head of Mu Yu.

"Why are you hitting me again?"Mu Yu asked painfully.

"The slap was just not enough."The dead wood said calmly.

A thousand grass mud horses in the heart of Mu Yu passed by.


In the open market, a soul and a person, familiar scenes, as if many things happened yesterday.

"So I saw it in the heroic deeds of the sect, and I went to heaven in eight steps, defeating the patriarch of Fu Zong, Chang Tiancheng. How was my performance?"


"The score is very good, how many points do you play?"

"Two points."

"What about my fight with the Red Moon?" I have been playing the red moon to find the teeth. The red moon is full of sorrows, and there is a collusion with the ghost door. I want to kill and restore my cultivation. I am prevented. ”

"one cent."

"What about the performance of the demon island? I cracked the town demon tower of the mysterious son of the mysterious machine, and also had a fight with the little devils of the ghost gate! ”Wood Yu is a fist, and he is very satisfied with his performance in the town demon tower.

"Three points."

"Where did the two dragons kill the two dragons? At that time, I have not yet reached the robbery period. Is the Dragon Quest not? ”

"Two points."

"That helped you save the Dan Ding faction? Your dearest Danding is going to perish, and I pulled it back from the edge of destruction. ”

"Two points."

β€œNo pass?”


"Is there no friendship?"


"Family relationship?"


"Look at what we are so familiar with, give a face."


Mu Yu was defeated and it was too difficult to give this stubborn old guy a five-point rating. He looked around for a bit of depression and asked, "What about your body? I can now use life and death in the blink of an eye, and I can resurrect you. ”

The atmosphere suddenly became a bit quiet.

Then the dead wood faintly said: "I am ruined."

"what? destroyed? ”

Mu Yu was shocked and suddenly stood up and his body ruined? He stared at the dead wood and asked, "Do you know that there is no body, can't you resurrect?" What do you do to destroy your body? I can let you live! ”

The dead wood snorted and said: "What do you say?"

Mu Yu looked at the eyes of the dead wood, his chest kept undulating, he felt an inexplicable irritability, Shen Sheng: "Do you know?"

"Blood protection is my cloth."The dead wood responded coldly.

Dead wood is a strategist. He saved the wood feathers with blood protection, and he understood what this technique means.

"Who is who the thing is."Wood Yu said angrily.

If he uses the power of life and death in the eyes of the dead wood, he will die. But Mu Yu never regretted doing this. He didn't feel that it was wrong to return his life to the old man.

"I gave you."Dead wood emphasizes the road.

Mu Yu clenched his fist: "I don't need it."

The dead wood looked at the wood feathers, and the expression eased. He shook his head and said, "You call me the old man, I have to bear this name."

Mu Yu sarcastically said: "Then I call you the old man? Will you take my life back? ”

The tone of dead wood is calm: "I don't like to take back the things I sent out."

The calm tone of the dead wood makes Wood Yu angry. Wood Yu has been looking for ways to repair the soul for so many years, and then use the life and death to make the old man live. But dead wood is just a simple sentence, and all his efforts over the years have been negated.

He was very angry and inexplicably angry. The fire in the chest is getting stronger and stronger. He has been trying to resurrect the person in front of him, make up for his regrets, and make up for the mistakes he once made. For this purpose, he is not even afraid of death.

But the dead wood is just a light decision, so everything is in vain.

He destroyed his body!

Mu Yu said angrily: "You don't think that it is great to give me life. I always insist on living for others. What do you mean?" Always look like a self-righteous, think what you want to do! What do you think? How big do you think you are? I tell you! You gave me, I am never rare! Do not care! ”

He didn't know why he suddenly became so angry. When he learned that the old man had given him his life, he had been living in the shackles. He felt that his life was no longer solely his own, and that flowed in him. Life is like a heavy mountain, and he can't breathe.

He has been working hard all these years, wanting to do the right thing, returning things to the original owner, and taking the road to the heart, UU reading even if he can't live.

But the stubborn old man is willing to go his own way, the first thing to recover is to ruin the body directly!

Just as Mu Yu knows the dead wood, the dead wood also knows the wood feather, they all know what the other party will do. Mu Yu can resurrect dead wood regardless of his life, and dead wood can protect wood feathers regardless of his life.

So dead wood destroyed his body, he is always a step faster than Mu Yu.

Mu Yu has never said his intentions. He is squatting with everyone, making a deal with the sentence, and taking his life as a bargaining chip. He is careful to prevent anyone from perceiving his purpose.

What Mu Yu didn't expect was that the soul of the dead wood would recover with the help of chaotic yin and yang. The only thing he did wrong was to put the body and soul of the dead wood here.

"I gave my life, no matter how rare you are, I have not regretted it."

Deadwood did not go to see the eyes of Mu Yu, but reached out and touched the chaotic yin and yang. Chaos yin and yang seemed to be quiet because of the ups and downs of their two moods. It was like two gentle little beasts, arching themselves with their heads. The owner, expressed comfort.

"You don't regret it, but I care!"

In the heart of Mu Yu, I feel that a volcano is ready to go, and I want to wait for it to vent. Almost all of his body was enveloped by the power of anger, his body shape had already flashed, and a punch hit the wall of the open market. The violent spiritual power poured out from him and slammed into the open market.


The entire opening of the market was slightly trembled, and the crisp sound echoed around for a long time.

He closed his eyes and lay on the ground, his chest could not calm down.

Xiaoshuai was quiet, and no one made a sound again. The inscription in the opening of the market was still flashing, emitting strange light, and the lines were looming and very peaceful.

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