No. 368 Chapter Star Array

  "How quickly did he break into the second?" ”Zhan Bing looked incredibly at the wood feathers in the line. I remembered that it took me seven days to realize how to crack the second one. I was almost hungry.

  This method of continuous aura is maintained, if you look carefully, you can find some hidden food in the grass. These foods are prepared for younger people, and there is no influence on the law. Just pay attention to it and even find dew on the grass to quench your thirst.

  Not only is it the exhibition, but the time for each person to crack the formation is not the same. This depends mainly on the understanding of one's understanding and the method of understanding. The shorter the world spent on cracking the array, the more the person's understanding is. high.

  Generally, the disciples will spend at least seven or eight days, or even one or two months. The fastest of the disciples is three or four days. As for the congenital disciples, it usually takes a day.

  But Mu Yu only spent less than an hour!

  Although Mu Yu did not learn the esoteric array, he always used to calm down and think about the way to solve the tactics when he faced many things. This is related to his cultivation of the dust and the law. Exclude distractions in your heart. And the dead wood tells him that there is no one in the world that is perfect, there will be some defects, as long as you can calculate the general situation of this array can be cracked.

  Therefore, when he faced the second scorpion, he was not like a headless fly flying around like other people, but he thought carefully, just as he had solved the mirror image set by the dead wood.

  "I remember to crack the second record. The fastest record holder is Ms. Mu Chenghong. It took only two hours to crack it, but this guy didn't seem to have an hour?"Fan Wen took a breath of air.

  Mu Chenghong is the first genius recognized by the ancestors and the only innate disciple of the sect. When I first started a decade ago, I broke into the seventh, but unfortunately I failed in the eighth, almost killed Huang Quan, or a congenital strategist rescued him, but the matter is still in the line. The sect caused a huge sensation.

  But the people in the line seem to have broken the record of the first day?

  "Don't worry, Mu Shixiong, but who has passed through the Seven Miles, this new guy is just lucky, and it is better than the brothers, maybe he will stop at the back."Zhan Bing said.

  The cracking methods of the first and second ones seem to be unchanged. Many people think that if you let the disciples of the ancestors mention it, it is not a problem. But the front door has ensured the impossibility of this kind of cheating, even if the disciples at the beginning of the squad told the gossip that the second one was looking for a difference, and at the foot, the person would be Forcibly forget this method and let him explore it alone.

  Everything depends on your true strength, not on falsification. Therefore, Zhan Bing and Fan Wen did not think that Mu Yu was cheating, but that Mu Yu was lucky.

  Mu Yu stood still and did not move. The grassland above his head was broken like a mirror, but when he was lying on him, he turned into a finer fragment of the pattern, disappeared, and did not cause any harm to him. .

  The surrounding scene changed again and all the grasslands disappeared, and the whole body of Mu Yu suddenly lost his gravity and floated.

  "what happened?"Mu Yu frowned, wanted to talk, but found that there was no sound coming from his mouth, and the air suddenly fell into a silence, and no sound could be heard.

I can't smell anything. Xiaoshuai firmly grasped his clothes and was crawling into his pocket. His mouth was a piece of one and seemed to curse something loudly.

  Mu Yu knows the mouth of Xiao Shuai almost as well. He knows that Xiaoshuai is complaining, "Why am I floating up?" Does it make me go to heaven again? ”

  This is also the question of Mu Yu, his body is not bound by anything, like swimming in the water, but can not find the point of borrowing, can not swim, just floating aimlessly. The spiritual power in his body seems to be suppressed by something, so that he can't completely control himself.

  A fog surrounded by white, his whole person floating in the fog wandering, it is impossible to tell where the sky is. The fog gradually dissipated, and the darkness descended, but in the darkness, there was a little bit of light, densely populated, and more and more presented, seemingly regular but disorganized in the wood feathers.

  These lights look like stars in the sky, only the size of the rice, some stars are brighter, some are very dark. Mu Yu reached out and found that the stars were within reach and could be moved by him, but after a while, the stars would automatically return to their place.

  What is the third thing to do?

  Mu Yu looked at the stars carefully. Every star was arranged in a familiar way. Then he suddenly understood what these stars mean. When looking up at the stars every night, the stars in the sky are arranged like this.

  He looked around and finally saw the most familiar Big Dipper star array not far away. He struggled to move toward the Big Dipper, which was not easy, because he could only move a little bit at a time, and when he moved to the Big Dipper, he felt that it had been several hours.

  But what if you find the Big Dipper? There is still no hint as to how this is going on. There are no strange things about these stars. The star-sized starlight shimmers in the light, and there is no posture to attack the wood feather.

  He has never been in contact with the star array before, but the dead wood has mentioned with him. Studying the stars is a huge learning. Different star arrays have no
With the same ability, most of these stars are used in combat.

  When the comprehens are fighting with the Yumun Mozu, it is impossible to be a melee. The Terran has many great powers to study the heavenly stars and determine the position of the comprehension according to the position of the stars. The combination of offense and defense will have an unexpected effect on the battlefield.

  Is this third trick used to crack the star array?

  He just thought of it, suddenly the stars around him changed, all the stars changed their orientation, and they began to rearrange. Soon all the stars were divided into two dials, a chaotic doping spread on both sides of the wood feather, and another dial In front of him gathered into a mysterious star array.

  This star array looks like a long snake, the snake head is a triangle, the body is constantly twisting and changing, very flexible. Mu Yu roughly estimated that at least hundreds of thousands of meters of stars will form this long snake, about ten feet long, like a giant in front of Mu Yu.

  "Do I have to use the stars around me to make something to fight this long snake?"Mu Yu thought, but this is too exaggerated. There are tens of thousands of stars around him, and he does not say that he is very hard to move now. If it is placed alone, I am afraid that it will be placed for a hundred years. Not necessarily as big as a long snake.

  However, the long snake suddenly spit out the letter, and then the tail slammed toward Mu Yu, Mu Yu wanted to escape, but the body did not listen to it, and was directly swept away. He felt that his chest was like a sap, and he was very uncomfortable. The long snake made up of this star came true!

  The long snake letter was swallowed, and suddenly it attacked Mu Yu. This time it turned out to be a big mouth opening and biting towards Mu Yu. This guy's Shekou is enough to bite the wooden feather head down. The wooden feathers are twisted openly, and the snake teeth bite on his arm. The pain of the heart hits and the blood has flowed out.

  The long snake made up of this star is almost like a real snake. Fortunately, the long snake looks like no poison, otherwise Mu Yu will definitely start to swear.

  "If these stars can be controlled by me, I must make a stick and see if I can't kill you!"Mu Yu is also angry in his heart. He is now physically restricted. The confrontation with the long snake is completely unilaterally murdered. It is himself who is abused.

  However, just after his idea was formed, the stars around him actually formed a stick that was almost as big as the long snake along with his wishes, and slammed it down to the long snake!

  "Hey? Can you just think about it? ”Mu Yu had some accidents. He knew that these stars could be controlled by his mind, and he was arrogantly done by the long snake.

  The long stick did not hit the long snake, the long snake was very dexterous to avoid, while the tail quickly slammed and the long stick was taken out.

  "The snake hits seven inches and let me rectify you!"Mu Yu’s mind was moved, and the long stick in the air made a triangular fork, stabbing the seven-inch snake. However, the body of the long snake suddenly rolled up quickly, wrapped around the long triangle fork, and bite it bit by bit.

  "Slots!"Mu Yu felt his chest shocked and four clear teeth appeared on him.

  If the long stick is bitten, it is equivalent to being bitten!

  Under the control of Mu Yu, the long stick was turned into a loose sand, freed from the entanglement of the long snake, and soon became an eagle. The eagle fluttered its wings, revealing sharp teeth and grabbing the long snake. However, the long snake is not to be outdone, but turned into a big net, want to live in the eagle.

  Mu Yu quickly turned the eagle into a giant sword and smashed it toward the big net! The big net was divided into two by Mu Yu’s giant sword, but it was re-aggregated quickly and turned into a giant sword and Mu Yu.

  "This is not the case. Everything is in harmony. Whenever I change my own star into something, it will become something more powerful to restrain me." It’s completely endless to play, and there must be some loopholes in it that I have ignored. ”Mu Yu carefully looked at the big sword opposite, and wanted to find something unusual from the big sword.

  The stars around the size of the rice are his weapons, and he only needs to use ideas to make these stars into anything. If he wants to break the star array, he needs to use his own star point to defeat the opponent. It’s just that the other party is also a star point, and it can always be turned into something stronger to resolve its offensive.

  Soon he found that there was a huge star with red light on the sword's handle. The star was very dazzling and it was easy to see. Mu Yu remembers that when the long snake was located at the seven-inch snake body, UU read and became a big net, this red star is located at a corner of the net.

  At this time, the two swords in the air have been intertwined and they are struggling to kill. If the sword of the wood feather control is cut by the other side, he will hurt his teeth. He wants to use his own sword to stab the other star, but it will always be resolved by the other party.

  "With me than the sword? It’s just a breeze! ”Wood feathers whispered.

  Then I found this to be a bit weird. What is it, it’s too hard to hear.

  Mu Yu’s giant sword suddenly spread out and turned into six flying swords. Although the size became smaller, it was more dexterous. Tianjian Jiuyin is the housekeeping skill of Mu Yu. His six swords are like a dragon in the air, and they are rolled to the giant sword in various ways.

  The giant sword began to look a little busy, and found that he could not cope with so many flying swords at the same time, so he turned and spread it into a huge ball. The ball was wrapped in a layer and wrapped in a red star. The whole ball rolled quickly and resisted the attack of the wooden feather flying sword.

  The feather of the wooden feather stabbed on the rolling ball, the ball
It turned out that his sword had been turned into a lot, and the six swords were stabbed at the same time and they were bounced without any accident!

  At this level, even if he can make Feijian make the sword, it is not used by Mu Yu himself, so it is still very raw.

  "Is the intelligence competition?"Mu Yu’s ambition was aroused, and he really couldn’t believe it could not heal the rolling ball!

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