No. 909 Chapter Open Market Array printing

Bold Yundan, dare to see the situation, before the Dan Hall! ”Hong Afar people angry shouted.
Yun Dan man laughed: haha! Can't be seen? It’s you who can’t be obsessed! I respect you as an elder, but you don't put my head in your eyes, forget the rules left by the Dan Ding ancestors, and you forget the ancestors. Today I will exercise the right to take the position and put you on the spot. ! ”
The Yundan Taoist body suddenly burst into a raging momentum, and a Danding virtual shadow emerged on his back. He instantly rushed Hongyuan and Hongyi out, and the whole person had disappeared into the hall. It’s already over the Dan Ding faction!
Both Hongyuan and Hongyi were shocked because they were all repairs during the robbery period, and the Yundan Taoists were only the repairs of the fit period. They had already been kept, but they never wanted to break free.
"He is outside! ”
Hong Yuandao’s figure flashed and he had already rushed out of the Dan Temple. Everyone in Dan Dian changed his face. They didn't understand what happened, and then quickly followed.
The three-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousands Everyone in the Danding School is no stranger to the Kai Ding Ding, because when he came in from Ding Ding, he saw such a huge Dan Ding, and it was rumored to suppress the Dan Ding faction. But apart from the core figures of the Danding faction, no one knows what it means to open the market.
At this time, the Yundan Taoist stood on the open market. The Danding virtual shadow behind him and the opening of the market were exactly the same. The opening of the market also exudes a magnificent atmosphere and the atmosphere of the Yundan Taoist.
"I didn't want to use the open market, but the two uncles, what you did is really disappointing me! ”
Yundan Taoist hands clasped the palms, then the palms slowly separated, and the mark of the opening of the market was formed between his hands. It was a golden dinosaur illusion, exactly the same as the Dan Ding sign. At the time of the birth of Dan Ding, the entire Danding faction suddenly surged, and the heavens and the earth changed color. The entire Danding faction was shrouded in a magnificent pressure!
All the Ding Ding disciples felt inexplicable guilt, and this magnificent pressure was too grand to make them feel a sense of insensitivity.
"Open the seal, refine the Qiankun! ”
Yundan Taoist angered, his eyes turned into a white mans, shining in the entire Danding faction, behind the opening of the market, a long-lasting singing, eighty inscriptions from the opening of the market It emerged and revolved around the Yundan Taoist.
Each inscription has a length of ten feet, floating in the air, and the entire Danding faction began to vibrate, as if an ancient behemoth was about to get out of the ground.
Opening up the refining and retreating, Ding Ding sent alchemy to Ding as the respect, the opening of the market is the treasure of the Ding Ding's town. It is said that in the ancient times, the Kai Ding can not only refine the medicinal herbs, but also refine the mountains and rivers. Heaven and earth, the vast sky, the world can be refined into a remedy!
"Adults, opening a market is not a simple thing. Yundan has the right to control the market. What do we do now? ”Hongyuan Taoist asked respectfully in front of Qianshange and Wanshuiyu.
"No hurry, I have to see what is the rumor of one of the nine avenues of the opening of the market! ”Qianshan song looked at Yundan Taoist thoughtfully.
At this time, the Yundan Taoist people are like ordinary gods. The breath of the whole body has already merged with the opening of the market. The Danding array in the hands seems to be able to suppress the Wanli River and refine all evil demon.
The disciples of the Danding School were shocked to see the Yundan Taoist. They were the first to see the Yundan Taoist performing such a horrible means. Even when the White Demon King was out of trouble, the Yundan Taoists did not urge the opening of the refining. Today, my own head has been forced to the end of the road by Hong Yuan and Hong Yi!
"Yundan, you are not the real master of the opening of the market, only the opening of the market, the price of stimulating the opening of the market is to burn your life,

Are you afraid of dying? ”
Qianshan song suddenly stepped out and appeared in front of Yundan Taoist.
When his words came out, all the people in Danding changed their faces. It’s no wonder that when the white demon king was out of trouble, the Yundan Taoists did not use the horrific means of “opening the refining and refining the Qiankun”. cost!
Yundan Dao’s face is firm and cold, and he sighs: “In order to annihilate your two evil devils, let me continue to carry out the Ding Ding, and sacrifice my Yundan alone?”
"A good Ding Ding party head, this kind of spirit is really fascinating, but unfortunately you are incompetent, only to put Danding in an unjust place, Dan Ding has only lost you, can continue! ”
Wan Shuiyu also appeared in front of Qianshan Song, and made a loud laughter. The resounding seemed so upright in the ears of all Danding disciples.
"Pity! ”Qianshan song shook his head.
"What a pity! ”
Yundan Taoist glared at Qianshange and Wanshuiyu. Although he did not know who the two were, he also guessed seven or eight points in his heart. He also understood the abnormalities of the two uncles, Hongyuan and Hongyi. These two people are inseparable.
"Unfortunately, you have no chance to use the refining. ”Wan Shuiqi laughed.
"what? ”
The Yundan Taoist was shocked. The open-faced prints in his hands quickly rotated, but the open-air dings behind them gradually sank, and the magnificent atmosphere of the gradual convergence gradually converges, surrounded by eighty-one. The inscription actually began to dissipate in the air!
"What have you done! ”
Yundan Taoist was furious, and the opening of the plaque between his hands could no longer be maintained, and it was directly disillusioned!
"Nothing, just separate the real open market and the atmosphere of this open market. ”
There is a white light in the singer of Qianshan. The light is holy and awesome. These white radiances make a line of thoughts that will surround the market.
"How can you possibly -"
Yundan Taoist was shocked.
"Anything is possible. ”
Thousands of mountains and songs have already waved, and a ray of light has slammed into the Yundan Taoist people, and the Yundan Taoist has been hit hard!
The Yundan Taoist body slammed into the open market and gave a dull voice. It echoed for a long time in the entire Danding School, giving everyone a glimpse.
Yundan Taoist spit out a blood, blood splashing in the air, with the wind.
He slammed into the sky and angered: "When you go to heaven, you have brought the outsiders into the forbidden place of our Danding!"
There are two open market trips, and the opening of the market inside the squad is the real opening of the market. The open dings visible to everyone outside are just a shadow. It seems that although it is really incomparable, it has no physical form.
The Yundan Taoist lost contact with Kaixuan Ding. There is only one explanation. That is, someone enters the open market in the transmission array, and uses the big means to cut off the connection between Kai Ding and him!
"Although we can't enter the open market, you are not the master of the open market, but forcibly become the master of the open market. It is too simple to cut off the connection between you and the open market. ”Wan Shuiyu said.
When the medicine was infinitely brought with the wood feathers into the holy land of the Ding Ding School, they just came out when they came to the sky. They just wanted to let the Yundan Taoist people use the open market to go to the transfer line today, and then they went to the Dante. People, know how to suppress the opening of the market!
When Deng Tiandi smiled, he said: "Senior brothers, the two of them entered our Danding holy place to visit, but our Dan Ding faction blessing!"
"presumptuous! In addition to our alchemists, Danding’s holy place is not allowed to enter. I didn’t expect you to dare to make such a big mistake! ”
Yundan Taoist slammed his chest and his face became pale, but the voice contained anger.
"Less nonsense, brother, you are incompetent, now you have been poor, and you still have to hand over the market. ”When the sky is shining, the eyes are shining.
When Yundan Taoist stared at the sky, he snarled: "It is death, and I will not hand over the open market to your hand!"
"Then we can do it ourselves! But I can warn you that if we forcibly push out the opening of your body, you will become a waste person in the future! ”When the sky sneered.
Medicine Wuji Heart A panic, hurriedly came to heaven side, Humbly said: "Brother, you first slightly Ann not impatient, in such a disciple before the impact of force is not good, so it seems that we are in revolt, I am afraid that many disciples will not be satisfied with the heart, or let me to persuade Yun Dan, as long as he voluntarily surrendered to open market array printing, You can justifiably be the top of the Dan Ding faction is. ”
When Deng Tian was indulged for a while, he found that the medicine was infinitely justified. UU reading nodded: "Good! You go to persuade, if he is obsessed with it, then you can't blame me! ”
"Thank you brother. ”
When the medicine is finished, it will float directly to the body and fall to the side of Yundan Taoist. The Yundan Taoist who is seriously injured will be held in the eyes, and the eyes will be worried. "Well, the current person is Junjie, you are still yourself. Donate the open market and don't give up your life."
Yundan Taoist looked at the promising eyes of the medicine. He reached out and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. He said one word at a time: "Teacher, tell me, these things are not your intention!" You are just forced to help, isn't it! ”
He still believes that medicine is promising, and believes that his younger brother has any hard work to make this kind of thing.
The medicine has no way to avoid the eyes of Yundan Taoist. He tried to suppress his emotions and then said: "When the brothers are more suitable than you, you don't understand it yet?"
"I don't know what happened to you, but the pharmacist I know won't say this to me. You are not my pharmacist! ”
The Yundan Taoist pushed the medicine out of the limit, his look was full of perseverance, and the promising eyes of the drug were full of disdain and anger.
"Brother, I am for you. ”
The medicine is extremely uncomfortable. He knows all the truth, but now he must be a person who is "controlled" and can only try to discourage the Yundan Taoist. If Yundan Taoist people continue to be stubborn, they will inevitably suffer from cruel torture.
But the Yundan Taoist has stood up. He looks at the medicine and laughs.
"I am different from you, I would rather die than do it! ”
The words of Yundan Taoist are like a sharp sword piercing the medicine of the Promise, as if blaming the drug for being greedy and fearful of death. )Download the free reader!!

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