The Rise of Dark Pokemons Chapter 1399

        Aoki left because his scheduled time with No. 4 had arrived.

The hazy night makes the whole thing a little dark and windy night.

“It should be the place where No. 2 lives, Batram, are you ready? But do n’t drop the chain at a critical moment. The strength of the other party is not weaker than you and me. Once he escapes, for us , But the calamity. “It was also No. 4 and Aoki, who were also in a black robe, standing on the top of a large tree at this time.

Looking at a suitable living environment not far away, Aoki was able to feel his throbbing jade expectation from No. 4’s voice, and an excited heart and trembling about what they were going to do. hand.

“Hey, take good care of yourself, but don’t relent at the critical moment. If you can’t solve your opponent, even if you push everything onto me, don’t try to escape the joint responsibility.” Aoki chuckled. With a beep, the arrow is now on the string, and the No. 4 cannot help.

Moreover, Aoki is fully prepared. Since he and No. 4 can unite to deal with No. 2, then No. 4 is likely to join others to deal with him, so for safety reasons, Aoki has already barred Barrett in advance. Calling Catherine not far away, once he foresees something wrong, he can immediately have two more powerful helpers.

“hmph! Go!” No. 4 ignored Aoki’s cold sneer, and they have become accustomed to such exchanges.

As the voice fell, No. 4 jumped from the treetop, and a huge purple bat with two pairs of wings in the night sky grabbed his shoulders and flew to where he moved towards No. 2.

Aoki also slowly integrated into the night, with the help of Gengar, his hiding ability can be said to reach the limit in the wild.

Honchkrow, wearing a big hat on his head and looking like a gentleman, swept across the treetops, and followed behind Crobat with a dark shadow.

I noticed the movement behind me, and No. 4 looked back, and it was Aoki that followed, and my heart was calm.

He also has the same care as Aoki. Since Aoki can unite with him to deal with No. 2, it is also likely that he will be able to join No. 2 to dig a trap for him.

But after all, No. 2 and they are not the same boss, and he and Batram also belong to the “old acquaintance”. How to say that the trust between them is much higher than that of No. 2.

Now that I see Honchkrow, No. 4 temporarily suppresses suspicion of Aoki.

Both of them have strong super powers. In the case of covering the whole body, if No. 2 is not predicted in advance and the scanning intensity is increased, they will basically not be found.

Before being able to see a little bit of Courtney’s Cal, Aoki and No. 4 chose to land early, and then they were ready to approach from the ground slowly.

They didn’t talk to each other, but they also had some tacit understanding.

Gengar of Aoki slowly disappeared into the dark night, Weavile closely followed Aoki’s side, while crumbling to protect Aoki’s safety, there was not much movement.

Aoki finally saw another Elf on the 4th except Crobat and Nidoking, a full-featured Ariados, firmly attached to the back of the 4th, one after another spider silk from Ariados Shot in the mouth, slowly weaving a huge cobweb.

When the two were close to No. 2’s place of residence, he was still resting at this time, not at all feeling any movement, but at this moment they could not continue to approach it hurriedly, because at this time they had reached a limit The range, close to the last protective measures left by No. 2 must give him enough reaction time.

If you think about it in other places, you can understand that at this extreme distance, Aoki and No. 4 will definitely have Elf behind.

The two look at each other again, silent each other, but the killing intent on their bodies is getting more and more severe. When these two killing intents condense to the limit …

“Start!” No. 4 loudly shouts, I saw his hands flash quickly, several Poké Balls were all thrown out, and one Elf seemed to be fully prepared. After coming out, he did not move directly towards the other party. The location rushed away, but spit out a thick purple poison mist together.

The corrosive poison mist not only carries strong toxins, but also has a powerful destructive power. Aoki can clearly smell the unpleasant stench in this poison mist.

The culprit of these poison mists is Weezing, who looks exceptionally strong.

“Who? !!!” A loud drink rang from the place where No. 2 lived. The poison mist had not yet reached the place where he lived, but it had already triggered his final alarm.

“Look for death !!” The sound of No. 2 sounded again, and Elf rushed out of his place, and then saw a slightly embarrassed silhouette rushing out of it wearing the large black robe.

Seeing the poison mist surrounding him and his Elf, I can imagine how ugly No. 2’s face is at this moment.

Hearing No. 2’s voice, Aoki heard a very disdainful sneer from No. 4 in front of him, and then saw that he walked into the poison mist without any protective measures, and at the same time, Aoki’s ear appeared. The voice, without a trace of emotion, “Batram, do your own thing.”

Watching No. 4 completely disappeared in the poison mist, the corner of Aoki’s mouth hidden under the super power film outlined a cold arc, and then disappeared with Honchkrow and Weavile in the tree shadow. In the night.

As we begin to work, as the most important part of the Aoki plan, we can only let this No. 2 end his life quickly.

After Aoki disappeared, I heard a huge battle roar in the poison mist, a huge flame rising into the sky, and several silhouettes that appeared in the firelight.

No. 2 is a trainer for Fire Element Elf, and Aoki and No. 4 have been investigated before they come.

Vaguely seeing a huge fox holding a flame like torch is defending as much as possible.

This poison mist was made by Weezing. Although it was covered up by the strong stench, it was able to smell the high concentration of strong gas hidden in this poison mist. Once it was really flamed The huge Explosion formidable power and the roar generated by the explosion are not so simple.

It can be seen that after knowing the capabilities and strength of No. 2, No. 4 is really well prepared.

As a super-powered person, and good at surviving in the wild, how can it not feel the thick gas hidden in the poison mist, and he is now around him, waiting for him to fall in Into the trap set by the opponent.

It doesn’t matter if the gas is not ignited. In this way, Fire Element Elf’s best fire attack will definitely become bound, and will be slowly consumed to death by No. 4’s toxin and Elf attack.

This is the best fighting method of No.4. Visit your trap in front of your opponent. Whether you choose to jump or not to jump, it means that you have entered his fighting rhythm. .

With the ebbing of time, the toxins accumulated by the poisonous Elf are not playing around. They will definitely send the other party to lose consciousness before they even realize it!

Aoki walked outside the poison mist. In fact, his task was relatively simple. He forced the opponent into the poison mist again when he was about to escape.

For example, this time, while the other party was entangled with No.4, he sent an Elf, quietly looking for the escape route in the poison mist, but was just caught by Aoki who was waiting outside the poison mist. Then, Honchkrow slammed back a long-time Stockpile Divine Bird onslaught.

After this attack, No. 2 reacted. The attacker on this time was not only one person, at least two people, but also the kind of premeditated attack on him.

Even if I was surrounded by poison mist, I just felt a little bit tied. Although I was shocked and prepared by the other party, I didn’t think I would be too dangerous.

It is normal for him as a man under the nerves to have friction with the man under the black face. It is also a constant contradiction between each other, but when there is a dead hand, because this is an explicit order of theologian Forbidden, the consequences are not acceptable to ordinary people.

“You guys are so brave !!! Have you ever thought about the consequences of doing this?” The voice of No. 2 came out from the poison mist for the first time, which shows that he was really panicked at this time.

But neither Aoki nor No. 4 ignored him, but strictly did their own thing. From the moment they started, their determination would never be shaken, in this brief moment No. It’s the trouble that I can’t get rid of.

I didn’t get any voice answer. No. 2’s face hidden under the super power film was gloomy again, and his heart was also slightly sinking. He knew that the worst situation really happened, but at this moment he was not too Good solution.

If he is only an opponent, he can pass on his superpowers, and can call on his companions in a special way of God, but how can Aoki and No. 4 give him this opportunity, a strong woven from superpowers The huge network has blocked the entire poison mist.

Don’t say what information you want to pass out now. People outside do not want to pass anything in without the consent of Aoki and No. 4.

At the moment, No. 2 thousand zhang in his heart. He did not expect that someone would really have such courage, and he was willing to block his own life in the face of such a cake that does not seem to be of great interest.

He never thought that this was done by the people in the alliance, because the people in the alliance would not be able to do this at all. Only those who are also gods know the gods best.

Because he knew his situation at this time, No. 2 was confused and was seized by No. 4 to take advantage of the opportunity to launch a fierce attack and defeat No. 2.

Although Aoki is outside the poison mist, he always pays attention to the fighting between the two inside. Even without his help, in the case of preparation in advance, No. 2 has fallen into absolute downside, and In terms of hard power, the strength of No. 2 is not at all No. 4.

According to Aoki’s understanding, the number four is quite good among all the members of the deities this time.

The reason why No. 2 can withstand the shocks of No. 4 Elf in this unfavorable situation is because of the Trump Card Elf of No. 2 and his Delphox.

Little Elf: Delphox (blue)

Gender: Male

Level: 8Level 4

Attribute: Fire Element + Super Power System

Characteristic Trait: fierce fire

Carrying props: None

Genetic skills: Wish, Hypnosis, Heat Wave, Magic Coat

Basic skills: Mystical Fire, Future Sight, Play, Switcheroo, Shadow Ball, Grab, Tail Whip, Ember, Howl, Flame Charge, Psybeam, Fire Spin, Lucky Chant, Light Screen, Psyshock, Flamethrower, Will-O- Wisp, Psychic, Sunny Day, Magic Room, Fire Blast,

Teaching skills: Blast Burn, Fire Pledge, Iron Tail, Laser Focus, Telekinesis, Snore, Wonder Room, Low Kick, Snatch, Ally Switch, Trick, Shock Wave, Foul Play, Fire Punch,

Skill learners: Protect, Psyshock, Calm Mind, Safeguard, Double Team, Attract, Overheat, Dream Eater, Substitute

This is a combination of Delphox’s skillful super powers and Fire Element skills, which allows him to avoid worrying about his fire triggering the hidden gas in poison mist. It is also because of Delphox’s super power flame that prevents poison mist. Eroded into the vicinity of No. 2.

After the confusion at first, No. 2 slowly sinks his heart. He has a big advantage over Aoki and No. 4, that is, his super power can be superimposed on Delphox. This is A kind of increase. Of course, as a member of the gods, the divine force infusion is also essential, but it is not his main force, Delphox that’s all.

Aoki and No. 4 stared at No. 2 and his Elf tightly, and the more they felt secure, the more they worried about the opponent’s desperate counterattack.

Now Aoki and No. 4 are very conscious that they did not drive No. 2 to a dead end, but gave him a path that seemed to have a chance to survive.

Gengar in Aoki has also entered into poison mist, and persecuted the other side with Elf on the 4th. Gengar, as a phantom poisoning system, is not afraid of toxins in poison mist, as he who has absorbed highly toxic gas , And also not afraid of Poison Gas hidden in poison mist.

After going through the outbreak of at first, the three entered a state of killing, and this is exactly what Elf’s No. 4 who is good at using the poisonous system is best at.

Standing outside the poison mist, Aoki squinting his eyes with a thoughtful expression, just a step away from the poison mist. At this time, the number 4 and even the number 2 in the poison mist actually have their own. Idea.

Do you really trust others completely?

How is that possible!

Hitting No. 2 now feels more and more exhausted, he only reacted now, the other side completely grasped his fluke mentality, leaving himself a survival path that seemed to survive, but with the fighting time The length of this life is getting smaller and smaller today.

Boil frogs in warm water!

No. 2 had a bitter smile on his face. His fluke made him the boiled frog. He kept hypnotizing himself, the water was still warm, and he didn’t need to be nervous.

But when he found that the water temperature was hot, it was too late, and the other party had added a large hardwood under the pot, which accelerated the speed of the water temperature.

However, it is unacceptable for anyone to welcome death in this way. Besides, the last life-saving straw on the 2nd has not been broken.

“No. 3! No. 4! I know it’s you two, it’s a good intention, and they’re united to deal with me!” No. 2’s voice sounded again in the poison mist. At this time, he had only left hardship. The power of resistance was about to fall at any time, but his voice passed into Aoki and No. 4’s ears accurately.

“I do n’t know if there is anything in me that is worth your attention, but I do n’t know how Dao Child is going to allocate it after solving me?

Three! The strength of No. 4 is much better than you. Do n’t you worry that after solving me, No. 4 will hit you again? !! “No. 2’s voice seemed to have some relief, as if to really consider it again for Aoki.

What he said is very likely to become true. If there is 100% trust in the people of the gods, I am afraid that it is not far from death.

“No. 4! Your strength is stronger than No. 3, and you have the most effort. No. 3 just looks at the wind outside. Do you really give him some of the benefits ?!” The voice of No. 2 bewildered again .

Even if No. 4 does not have enough strength to solve Aoki after solving No. 2, but do n’t forget that No. 2 and No. 4 are in the poison mist at this time, even if he ca n’t solve Aoki, he can occupy the poison. Mist’s field advantage takes all the benefits into its own, 60% to 60%, but it is just a joke.

I have to say that at this time, No. 2 ’s provocation was just the right time. When he was about to fail, it was also the time when Aoki and No. 4 had the most conflicting interests in theory, because he did n’t know when No. 2 would fall. Next, it is almost time to distribute the benefits.

This is the biggest and most intense moment of contradiction.

After hearing what he said, although No. 4 didn’t speak, the frequency of his commanding Elf’s battles slowly decreased.

After noticing a change of joy in Number Two, he felt that he might be able to grasp the vitality.

If the team with No. 4 is really the former Bartram, maybe they really inspired the contradiction between them, but unfortunately the No. 3 is not what they imagined Bartram. , But Aoki as a member of the alliance!

At the moment of the fourth hesitation, Aoki’s voice sounded in his ear, “Give you more Khoury! You seven and three! Do you know the consequences of letting him escape?

Don’t hesitate, kill! “

Aoki took the initiative to command Gengar to launch a violent attack. After hearing Aoki’s words, No. 4 no longer hesitated, and Khoury was divided, which is a very good harvest!

So, together with Aoki, launched the final impact on No. 2.

Feeling the instantaneous change in the fighting rhythm, Joy just emerged from the heart of No.2, and suddenly fell to the bottom.

Elf’s opponent is a lot fiercer than the first attack, and No. 2 also knows that the opponent is launching the final attack, but now he can’t see any vitality anymore, Elf is exhausted and exhausted. He has lost the possibility of escape.

I felt violent in my heart. Since the two people were going to let themselves die, even if they really died, they had to bite a piece of meat from them!

Don’t underestimate any wild beast that has been driven to the road!

“You forced me, No. 4! Since you are so content with your gains, you might as well try to see if No. 3 will hit you after you are seriously injured !!! hahahaha ha-

Delphox, Blast Burn! !! explode for me! burst! !! burst! !! !! “The sound of No. 2’s wanton laugh came from the poison mist again.

He knew that he had no chance of surviving, so he was ready to pull the No. 4 into the water together.

As a wild beast, when he is most desperate, the counterattack is also the fiercest.

“Damn !!!” The face of No. 4 changed suddenly and immediately commanded Elf to protect him. In order to refrain from No. 2 refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases, he did not dare to use the powerful Fire Element skill to avoid ignition. All poison gas in the poison mist caused him to be seriously injured first, so after a while, the gas in the poison mist has reached a very rich level.

Watching the last Blast Burn issued by Delphox in despair, the gas around No. 2 was detonated almost instantaneously. At that moment, Weezing of No. 4 immediately cut off both sides of the Poison Gas to prevent extradition.

Standing at the outside of the poison mist at this moment, Aoki was watching such a “grand” explosion. If the formidable power reduced by half in this way, it is estimated that No. 2 will not stare.

Aoki’s face has a meaningful smile. Since this is the other party’s last wish, as a person who will to help others, Aoki will certainly not sit idly by.

When No. 4’s full attention was cut off the gas, Aoki took out a Poké Ball and opened it.

“Frighten me!” Blaziken appeared beside Aoki.

Aoki looked at the rich poison mist like a dark cloud, and the gas that has been fully integrated with the poison mist, and said to the flame, “Blaziken, do you want to watch a grand explosion?”

When I heard Aoki’s words, Blaziken instantly understood and flung it away. A condensed Fireball was thrown from his hand, and a beautiful arc was drawn in mid-air, which fell directly on the entire poison. In the middle of mist!

It’s like dropping a stone in the calm lake surface, which makes the whole lake surface ripple, and it doesn’t seem to be very moving.

But then ………

Bang! !! !!

The sky above the entire area was almost reflected as red. The huge explosion centered on the Fireball that Blaziken had dropped, creating a huge explosion.

All of the poison mist disappeared in an instant, and the only thing left was the raging or tongue of fire, and a large tree blown down by the aftermath of the explosion, the rock of Whirlwind.

Blaziken stood in front of Aoki and helped him resist all the shocks, which allowed Aoki to watch the explosion calmly.

Just the aftermath of the explosion, Blaziken needs a lot of effort to stop it, so what about the two people at the center of the explosion at this time?

Elf on the 2nd has lost some combat capabilities almost a long time ago, but finally supported that’s all by relying on Delphox’s powerful strength, but in the end Delphox also gave up all defenses and used the last trick Blast Burn, brought this grand explosion package for the whole game.

Of course, if it wasn’t for Aoki’s contribution, in fact, the explosion would not be so severe. He finished the No. 2 who might finally fight back to No. 4. In fact, he has already consciously let Weezing shrink the poison mist. Gas is out.

If normal development is followed, Delphox’s final counterattack on the 2nd will at most only blast himself into a serious injury and kill his trainer.

On the 4th, if there is no absolute certainty that we can control the gas in Weezing, he will not use this tactic.

But there was an accident of Aoki. He helped No. 2 complete his last wish, and the concentration of one’s mind in No. 4 of Converging Gas did not even notice who was responsible for the explosion. All he knew was that his attention was on that one after another tongue.

So he didn’t know the existence of Aoki Blaziken, so he didn’t know the role that Aoki played in it.

Aoki took Blaziken back and watched that a huge pit appeared because of the explosion and there was no vegetation in it. It seemed to be all evaporated instantly, or after being enveloped by a poison mist at first The corrosion is over.

Without any flammables, after this huge explosion, no fire star was left. There was only that huge deep pit, but the temperature in the deep pit can be felt at this time. The explosive formidable power at that time was really extraordinary.

Aoki stepped on the mud of the hot feet and couldn’t help wrapping his feet with super powers.

It ’s like walking around the back garden of his own house. He walked leisurely towards the position where No. 4 was. As he walked, a shadow appeared at his feet, just perfect. Dodging the explosion of Gengar, he saw him appearing beside Aoki unscathed.

Looking at his masterpiece, Aoki couldn’t help but sigh, “I’m really a good man!”

Would n’t it be a good thing to help No. 2 who had died unconsciously to complete his last wish and to help him seriously hurt No. 4?

“But … I don’t know who the Teacher used to teach well and do good deeds, but I can’t leave a name. I think I finally understand what the teacher said is true.” Aoki walked away , While still lamenting.

If there was n’t a Gengar beside him who witnessed everything, people who did n’t know really thought that Aoki had done something wonderful.

Aoki walked not far from No. 4, at this time because of the explosion, he could only see his silhouette faintly in the dirt.

“Hey–damn it! Damn it !!! Damn it !!!” Just when Aoki was thinking of someone, Cao Cao always appeared in time.

I saw No. 4 spit out the dirt in his mouth, and at the same time he reached out to be afraid of hitting the dirt on his body. At this time, the fluctuation of his superpowers had almost completely disappeared, even the superpowers on his face that had not consumed much The film also dissipated, and Aoki also saw the number four for the first time, but it looked like a pretty middle age person.

It just looks a little embarrassed, and the whole face looks a little shady.

The words of cursing on his mouth are not over yet, and No. 4 sitting on the ground saw Aoki and Gengar and Weavile beside him unscathed.

No. 4’s face suddenly became a bit vigilant. In his opinion didn’t expect that he was actually overshadowed by No. 2, but the opponent’s Delphox strength was indeed strong.

But at the moment, his situation is not very optimistic. His super powers are exhausted to protect himself. Even the most basic super power film cannot be maintained. His Elf was more or less different in the explosion. The impact, especially Weezing, which is the source of gas, almost completely lost the combat capability.

The rest of Elf were also injured, and Ariados of the Toxic Department can say that the explosion impacted him much more than No. 4 imagined.

The only good news is that the strong Nidoking and the fast-moving Crook not at all are greatly damaged. Although it was injured in the previous battle, it still has at least a certain battle strength. His Trump Card Elf did not lose battle strength.

So No. 4 is not afraid of Aoki, but it is not without any counterattack ability.

Aoki looked at No. 4’s wary face, not at all made any expression, but walked not far, where No. 2 fell.

In addition to the remaining Delphox, which has a certain amount of operational capabilities at this time, the rest of the second, Elf, have all lost the combat capability.

This Delphox also failed to stop Aoki’s footsteps and walked to the unrecognizable number two.

Although there is a smell of roast meat in the nose, Aoki now has no appetite.

Rudely took out the space equipment of No. 2 and all the Poké Balls and did not put them away, because at this moment there are still a pair of eyes glare like a tiger watching his prey behind him.

I walked to No. 4 sitting on the ground with a cold face.

“I ’m a Batman who is an honest person. The value of Elf in these Poké Balls is the highest, especially the Delphox, and I only want this storage space.

You also saw it. I did not at all to see what’s in it, so it should be 30%. These Elf are yours! “Aoki threw all Poké Balls in front of No. 4.

Seeing these Poké Balls, a surprised expression appeared on No. 4’s face.

As Aoki said, the value of these Elf is the biggest and should be far above that storage space.

According to his own situation, if everything in his storage space, including God Stone, is added up, it may not be 30% of everything he owns.

No. 4 didn’t expect Aoki to be so trustworthy. Even if he has a lot of Elf who has lost the combat capability, the other party has not taken advantage of it.

Even on the 4th, he is ready. If Aoki wants to swallow it alone, he will definitely fight back, but if Aoki chooses to divide by two, even if it is 50%, he can bite his teeth and accept, because at this time he Elf really Can’t be hurt anymore.

Didn’t expect it to end like this.

Everyone is happy!

Anyway, those Elf are not in Aoki’s goal, it is enough to harvest all the resources of the other party, and this No. 4 can play a greater role, it is not the time to remove him.

Finally, Aoki and No. 4 inspected the scene together and determined that there were no traces left. The two left here as quickly as possible.

When the two of them left, two silhouettes appeared here, one man and one woman.

“This is what adults say,” the man asked out loud.

“Here it is, finish the things that adults have told you, and don’t leave any traces.” the woman said.

Aoki’s plan has begun!

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