The Scourge of Pirates Chapter 589


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When Blackbeard easily defuses the offensive of Ace, precognition, and Fujitora, Maude then took action, beating everyone in the Blackbeard Pirates regiment with just one face.

The whole process, fast and ruthless!

The people who saw this scene with their own eyes were all looking at Blackbeard and the others with one after another blood arrow sputtering on their bodies.

The reason they are surprised is that Maude’s cunning Form Displacement Shadow has deceived everyone, including Fujitora.

At that moment, it seemed as if Maude and Shadow were inseparable from each other.

In the field.

Blood arrows splattered from the bodies of the Blackbeard people fell on the surrounding ground, forming countless blood-colored plum spots.

The scene looked tragic, but in fact, the wounds they were cut were not deep.

This is also the difference between [Blade Wheel Slash] and [Very Dark].

The former will spread [attack] in various parts, while the latter will concentrate [attack] on one point.

It’s just that the reason why the wound is not deep is more because the superb Kenbunshoku of the Blackbeard Pirates group, before being eroded by the fine blade light, timely laid the Busoshoku defense.

Maude turned slowly, and calmly looked at Blackbeard and the others who were stained with blood in many places but still had a strong breath.

This result was within Maude’s expectations.

If the Blackbeard Pirates team can be solved with a single attack, then this team, which is quite a top villain in the original book, is too famous.

Blackbeard slowly stopped the scream, blue veins floating on his forehead, bloodshot eyes all over his eyes.

“Almost killed by you… damn bastard!”

Blackbeard raised his hand to wipe off the blood splashing under the corner of his eye, and the look in Maude’s eyes was extremely vicious.

A little carelessness caused a lot of wounds on Maude’s body, which made Blackbeard very upset.

Shiliew squinted at the limpid autumn water that Maude was holding on the right hand, and the fighting intent gradually rose.

Just before Maude made the move, he was the only one who noticed the determination from behind.

After Maude made the move, he was the only one left to defend and counterattack.

However, when the first opportunity was lost, no matter how fast Shiliew’s reaction was, the thunderstorm blade immersed in the venom still failed to keep up with Maude’s speed.

If you can only just hit Maude when Maude is attacking like lightning…

Even the slightest wound can send poison into Maude’s within the body, so as to kill a monster that can pose a huge threat to their entire team in advance.

“Next time, I will definitely kill you!”

Shiliew’s eyes flashed with cold luster, and the horrible green venom secreted from the palm flowed along the handle of the knife to the body of the thunderstorm knife, and finally dropped to the ground, emitting wisps of light smoke.

The color of the venom varies from person to person.

And this man who enjoys killing, chose green.

Van Augur gripped the handle of the gun tightly, his eyes were full of shadows.

Since he met Maude, the pride of the past has ceased to exist in several confrontations.

This made him wonder whether he was right or wrong in choosing the extremely difficult path of [Sniper].

“I didn’t lose…”

Van Augur’s gaze shifted slightly, staring at the white touch of Maude’s waist.

If it wasn’t for this special weapon…

Facing the gazes from the Blackbeard Pirates group, Maude held the limpid autumn water backhand, and then, in front of the Blackbeard Pirates group, slowly returned the limpid autumn water.

The heavy blade with rich texture, little by little slipped into the scabbard, making a clear sound that makes every sword tyrant intoxicated.

As the limpid autumn water returns, Maude’s right hand, not at all, leaves the hilt, but maintains the gesture of holding the backhand.

In the dark eyes looking at the people of the Blackbeard Pirates group, wisps of red luster, like a breathing lamp, flashed and extinguished.

The shadow pulled out from behind, agitating upward like a spring, and like a living mud, climbed up Maude’s calf, and instantly spread all over Maude’s back.

Shadow flow. Pisces flow. Shadow demon form.

As if a jet of water hit Maude’s back, the muddy shadow suddenly melted away, covering Maude’s whole body at the same time, a pair of irregularly shaped black wings extended on both sides of moved towards.

When the form is completely covered, Maude has a circle of black red irises in her eyes.

The red luster that flickers like a breathing lamp is also shaped accordingly, like a red beast pupil that crosses over, interspersed in two circles of iris.

Kenbunshoku’s external appearance is thus integrated into the ability form.

“How many tricks are there in this bastard’s’shadow ability’……!!!”

Looking at Maude’s powerful Shadow Demon form, Blackbeard’s heart was shocked, and his pupils trembled slightly.

Based on his in-depth research on [Devil Fruit], he has never heard of the shadow fruit Ability User of past generations, who will extend so many tricks on the basis of ability.

“His breath, cough cough…has become stronger, and not a bit stronger.”

Doc Q, who missed his horse in the storm, could only stand on the ground with his legs swayed, covering his mouth and coughing, looking at Maude, full of look of dreading.

Crescent Hunter, Shiliew, and Van Augur did not speak. They didn’t need Doc Q to point this out, and they could clearly feel the significant change in Maude’s breath.

“Today, if someone wants to’exit’ here, then…I hope that the person who’exits’ is you.”

Maude stared at the members of the Blackbeard Pirates group intently, and his upper body leaned forward, his tone so calm that he could not hear the slightest wave.

“Thief haha, I want to see…Huh!?”

Blackbeard was halfway through, and Maude staring at him, suddenly disappeared out of thin air.

At that moment, the suffocating sense of crisis urged Blackbeard and others’ Kenbunshoku to the extreme.


Just as the red light was flourishing in their eyes, Maude was like a flash of lightning in the clouds, swiping a knife and carrying a cold glow over their bodies.


Maude showed his figure behind the Blackbeard Pirates group, and stepped forward with his right foot, slowly stepping on the ground.


This foot on the ground, with a mighty force, shook the originally dilapidated ground into a deeper and denser crack.

At the same time.

Blood arrows were once again splattered from the bodies of the members of the Blackbeard Pirates group who were knifed in a flash.

It’s just that the blood arrows splashed from them this time have become thicker and more conspicuous.

When the blood arrows were pouring down on the ground, they slowly showed an incredible expression on their faces, staggering and almost falling to the ground.

“How is it possible…”

Blackbeard everyone feels palpitations.

Only Shiliew turned around abruptly, looked towards Maude’s back, and said in an indifferent tone of in the bones: “I hit it.”

Speaking, his blood-stained arm slowly lifted, erecting the thunderstorm blade mixed with blood and venom in front of him.

The blood attached to the Thunderstorm Knife is naturally Maude’s.

Hearing Shiliew’s words, Maude turned around, switched the limbid autumn water to his left hand, and immediately raised his right hand, facing the back of his palm to the Blackbeard Pirates group who had been struck twice by himself.

A slight wound was cut in the center of the back of the palm.

Blood was dripping from the wound, and a touch of miserable green was faintly visible.

“Oh, praiseworthy.”

Maude’s expression was calm, and before she finished her voice, she slashed off her right hand with a sharp knife.

Shiliew’s eyes shrank sharply when he saw this.

This guy…! ! !

Other people in the battle circle were once again shocked by Maude’s actions.

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