The Scourge of Pirates Chapter 635


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Sent out three Devil Fruits, and also gave thoughtful suggestions.

Maude won’t take care of anything after that.

No matter who comes to eat Devil Fruit, or sell Devil Fruit for money.

These things have nothing to do with him.

“Franky, come with me.”

Maude called Franky.

His exit was aroused by Devil Fruit’s Straw Hat group. They couldn’t help but stop discussing, and turned to look towards Maude.

“Come here.”

Franky went straight to Maude’s side.

This is a mutually beneficial transaction.

And Maude is making an all-out effort like this, then Franky will never lose the chain.

So, no matter how demanding Maude’s “requirements” are, Franky will achieve it super perfectly!

Straw Hat’s team also knew what kind of deal Franky and Maude had made, and did not speak, but silently watched Maude and Franky who walked out of the Medical Room one after the other.

As the door closed.

Suddenly there was silence in the Medical Room.

I can even hear Luffy’s breathing.

“We really took a big advantage.”

Sanji looked down at the tons of pressed fruit in his hand.

Although he hasn’t eaten yet, he is already looking forward to it.

Just like Maude said…

First use the ability of this Devil Fruit to learn and master the Geppo skills that can fly in the air, and then find a way to incorporate the characteristics of the ton pressure into the kicking skills.

“It’s so bad, vomit, vomit…”

While Sanji was thinking about it, Usopp’s retching sound suddenly came in his ear.

It was Usopp who ate Hira Hira no Mi.

The smell is worse than shit, and Usopp keeps retching.

“Senior Usopp, come on!”

Bartolomeo cheered Usopp on the sidelines.

Usopp’s face turned blue and looked at Hira Hira no Mi who had been bitten by him. With a heartbeat, he learned Luffy and stuffed the remaining fruit directly into his mouth.

gu lu ——

After finally squeezing the fruit into his stomach, Usopp lay on the ground like a force.


With a slight sound, Usopp’s body turned into a plan view, lying softly on the floor.


Looking at Usopp’s body changes, Bartolomeo and Chopper on the side immediately stared at them.

Sanji looked at Usopp who was eating the whole Devil Fruit, and wondered: “Just one bite? Why do you want to eat it all?”

“Because idols are all eaten!”

Bartolomeo immediately responded to Sanji’s doubts.

Usopp, who had finally slowed down, slowly recovered his body, immediately raised his head and looked towards Sanji, earnestly said:

“Sanji, if my Master did that, there must be his ‘reason’. Anyway, as long as you follow Master’s footsteps, you can’t go wrong!”


Listening to what the two said, Sanji didn’t know what to say.

After being silent, he took a bite of the crushed fruit.

As soon as the purple flesh was imported, the tongue trained in the cook industry instantly gave the nerves an extremely bad taste.

Sanji’s entire face was directly green. If he hadn’t engraved “Can’t waste food” into the depth of one’s soul, he would spit out the flesh when he was not sure about the entrance.

“This taste… is really hard to describe in one word.”

Forcibly resisting the feeling of vomiting, Sanji gritted his teeth and ate the whole ton of fruit, which would be too late for a while.

As Usopp and Sanji ate Devil Fruit one after another, Straw Hat Pirates added two more Ability Users.

“Nami, where is your Devil Fruit?”

Watching Usopp and Sanji eat Devil Fruit, everyone’s attention shifted to Nami.

“Already eaten.”

In response to everyone’s gaze, Nami’s face is not red and heartbeat.

“Eat it?”

Except for Robin, everyone else looked surprised.

“Well, I ate.”

Nami nodded.

Sanji, who was struggling to calm the stomach upsurge, was the first to discover something was wrong.

He looked at the sensitive part of Nami’s chest and muttered in a low voice: “The contours and sizes on the left and right sides are wrong…”


When everyone heard Sanji’s whisper, they were lost in thought.


Maude led Franky to the central control room of the terrifying three-masted ship.

It is said that it is a central control room, which is actually a room with a wide view and no ceiling.

In the central control room, there is only Laffitte, and Jaya, who is responsible for powering the terrifying three-masted ship, is going to prepare lunch.


Seeing Maude, Laffitte greeted him, and his eyes fell on Franky.

Maude moved towards Laffitte nodded.

“This is Franky. I mentioned it to you before. Later, he will participate in the transformation of the terrifying three-masted ship. This is Laffitte, my Navigator. There may be some details regarding the modification direction of the terrifying three-masted ship. Requirements.”

Because there is no intersection between Laffitte and Franky, Maude gave a brief introduction.

“Hoho, let’s start now.”

Laffitte looked towards Franky and pointed to the drafting workbench prepared in advance at the corner of the wall, and looked a little impatient.

Franky could feel Laffitte’s urgency, and without a word, sat at the workbench and began to draw the concept map of the terrifying three-masted ship.

After the deal was negotiated yesterday, Maude has taken him around the entire terrifying three-masted ship and made many requests.

Franky has already memorized these things by heart.

What we have to do now is to draw a conceptual drawing, then discuss with Maude and the others to finalize it, and finally draw a design drawing.

Franky, who was already prepared, drew the concept map in a while.

“So fast?”

Maude and Laffitte were a little surprised by Franky’s efficiency.

Franky is rarely narcissistic and boastful, so he handed over the drawn concept map to Maude.

In that way, it looks like Party B who is handing in homework and is quite solemn.

Maude took the concept map and looked down carefully.

His focus is mainly on the weapon system and driving force system.

“This is a laser cannon? It’s similar to the Marine and Pacifista?”

Maude points to some crude weapon sketches drawn by Franky under the front end of the terrifying three-masted ship.


Franky nodded and said: “But if the materials are insufficient, I can’t make it even if it is super, and after making it, I have to conduct various tests.”

“Well, this is natural.”

Maude expressed understanding and there is no question.

Give the weapon system to Franky, a weapon madman, to design, at least he is relieved.

Later, Maude turned to the equally important power system, and asked Franky a few more questions.

Such as steering, speed, speed increase, explosive power and so on.

“Because you said that you don’t have to worry about fuel life, so I used the principle of’weakened version of the wind to cannon’ in the driving force system. In this way, the power must be super perfect, but relative, fuel The consumption speed is also super fast!”

Franky pointed out the shortcomings of this power system in due course.

Maude nodded, asked: “The fuel can only be Coke, right?”


Franky responded.

The premise of all designs and concepts is to use Coke as fuel.

This is absolutely unchangeable.

However, with the size of a terrifying three-masted ship, as long as the ship is equipped with a set of Coke production line, the disadvantage of excessive fuel consumption can be alleviated to a certain extent.

“That’s about it…”

After understanding the approximate weapon system and power system, Maude has no problem, and thus finalized the conceptual design given by Franky.

A few minutes later, Maude slipped away.

The details of the subsequent transformation, as well as various issues such as the power system, are very brain-intensive and mentally intensive, and Maude does not plan to follow up.

It is the captain’s prerogative to directly leave these exhausting tasks to Laffitte to do.

That’s what I said, but Maude can’t stay aside from the material.

In addition to collecting the materials needed by Franky to manufacture various weapons, there is also a large amount of gold that can support the entire power system, as well as the issue of fuel life.

For weapons and materials, Maude thought of a winter island where Franky landed after being shot and flying by a bear-the institution island, the future state of Baltimore.

There should be enough materials in that place.

If it’s not enough, let’s just use the weapons factories under the Sneak Attack Kaido site.

In short, the target island will always be there, so if you spend a little energy and time, you will surely be able to collect enough weapon materials.

As for gold…

You can take a trip to Skypiea, or use the Revolutionary Army intelligence channel behind Sabo to find the golden ship of the Golden Emperor Gild Tezolo.

The difficulty of obtaining this matter is also not high, but it requires effort and time.

Finally, there is the issue of fuel life.

Before Franky was invited to participate in the transformation, the reason why Maude let Franky not worry about the fuel life issue was because Maude knew that in this world there is an Ability User like Caesar.

By then, as long as the fruits of Caesar within the body are captured, the fuel problem should be solved.

Maude has a clearer mindset for these issues.

But right now he will focus on finding Rayleigh.

“I don’t know what happened to Sabo?”

Maude walked in the corridor, talking to herself softly.

At the same time.

The newspaper published by the World News and Economics Agency is like a pot of water poured in a hot pot.

the entire world is boiling again.

The headline of the newspaper this time was-Yonko Kaido was fiasco, life and death unknown!

The content of the title alone is enough to cause an uproar around the world.

Countless people were shocked.

Kaido’s defeat?

What international jokes are you making? !

But Pirates around New World basically reacted this way after seeing this title.

Kaido of the Beasts!

That is the one of the kings who has been in New World for many years.

How can an existence like this be linked to the word “fiasco”?

Just looking at the headline, the first reaction of most Pirates is to directly question the authenticity of the newspaper content.

But at the same time a question arises–

If this is true, then who will make Kaido a fiasco?

They naturally want to keep watching.

Then they saw a few photos published in the forum proving Kaido’s “failure”, and the Daimyo who had deeply penetrated their cognition-Bacardi Maude! ! !

Countless people were shocked.

That man again! ! !

“Yonko Kaido was a fiasco? Hey, did the World Economic News Agency get kicked by a donkey or caught in the door? It took such a title? I’m not afraid of being spat on?”

“The one who beat Kaido is Bacardi Maude.”

“Huh??? It’s Maude, that’s all right.”

“Have Kaido and Maude officially contacted?”

“I remember Kaido only declared war on Maude Pirates not long ago. Didn’t expect to do it so soon.”

“This kind of thing is really unimaginable.”

“Kaido actually lost…”

“It would be an exaggeration to say it was a fiasco, but from these photos, Kaido really lost…”

After the newspaper that published the fiasco of Kaido flew to the whole world, it not only caused a strong earthquake, but also aroused intense discussion.

The weather vane of the world has been very unstable since the end of the war at Marineford, which was large enough to be recorded in history.

The first thing people feel is the desire for wind and rain.

After that, people were surprised to find that several major events that occurred after the end of the war were all related to Bacardi Maude.

“Bacardi Maude, this man…has become the center of the entire world’s vortex.”

“Yes, there is always a sense of absurdity that he holds most of the world in his hands.”

“I have the same feeling. Now that guy’s every move can be said to affect the entire world situation all the time.”

“Bacardi.Maude…obviously contributed to the decline of Whitebeard Pirates, and then thunderbolt the Blackbeard Pirates group that had just emerged, but it did not take the Whitebeard Pirates site as a matter of course.”

“What on earth does that man want to do?”

“Hey, don’t say so absolutely, Whitebeard Pirates has indeed fallen, but it hasn’t fallen yet.”

“Yes, but, I don’t think that a group of “remnants” can cause trouble in front of Maude Pirates… You see, even Kaido is defeated by Maude. In a few months, I will hear Maude destroy Kaido Pirates. I don’t think it’s weird about the news!”


Through newspapers, information spreads to every corner of the world at an extremely fast speed.

People were shocked by the fact that Maude defeated Kaido.

After accepting the facts, I felt deeply disturbed by this increasingly turbulent situation.

New World, somewhere in the Sea Territory.

A golden light gleaming Hegemon ship is breaking through the waves on the sea.

The length of the ship is more than 10,000 meters, and a seemingly large and prosperous town was built on the ship.

On both sides of the bow of the ship, two golden guns with a length of more than 100 meters were installed, straight forward, looking extremely Haki.

This Hegemon ship is the largest entertainment city in the world-Guran Tezolo, ruled by the golden emperor Gild Tezolo.

On the ship, in the room of a gold and jade in glorious splendor.

Tezolo leaned on the sofa with a wine glass in his hand.

The candlelight shines on the wine glass, making the red wine in the glass emit a ray of luster.

On the round table on the side of the sofa, there are newspapers with reports of Kaido’s fiasco and Maude’s bounty order.

Tezolo looked down at the Maude photo in the bounty order, without looking away for a long time.

“I really want to see you soon, Bacardi Maude!”

After a while, Tezolo’s slightly low voice sounded in the room.

The tone is full of expectation.

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