The Scourge of Pirates Chapter 636


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New World, an island.

This is an inaccessible zone where Pirate gathers in crowds.

There are many places like this in New World.

After all, even Marine, which has powers all over the world and the first half of the Grand Line, can hardly reach into the New World ruled by Yonko.

Affected by this, many places outside the jurisdiction have naturally become inaccessible.

But with Akainu succeeding Fleet Admiral, this phenomenon that has been maintained for many years may change little by little.

At this moment.

The uneven buildings in the inaccessible zone are all caught in the fire.

The billowing black smoke moved towards the sky, shining with the gloomy sky.

The noisy streets in the past are so quiet that there is only the sound of fire burning.

A bloody corpse lay on the ground in a mess.

The light of fire fell on the body, bright and dark, exuding a breath of death.

A little further away is the Central Region of the complex.

There, a hill was built by countless corpses.

At the top of the dead mountain, sat a man with a majestic figure, a military uniform and long golden hair.

This man is Douglas Buretto, the successor of the evil spirit.

“Interesting, interesting…”

Buretto holds a newspaper in his hand, grinning dangerously.

Around him, there is a fire that consumes oxygen rapidly.

The unbearable high temperature formed by ordinary people fills every corner.

But Buretto, who was sitting on the corpse mountain, had no effect like a point.


He destroyed this untouchable den.

He also contributed to this small corpse, as well as the corpses that can be seen everywhere in the street when you look up.

People who are too weak should die.

This concept has been rooted in Buretto’s behavioral style.


In his opinion, it is just a string of cold numbers that’s all.

“I will find you, Bacardi. Maude.”

Buretto’s eyes flashed with an awe-inspiring fighting intent, and he flung the newspaper into the sky with a quick throw.

The spread out newspaper flew high.

Under the light of the fire, the bold black title of [Yonko Kaido Fiasco, Unknown] is particularly conspicuous.

Then the flying newspaper was swept away by the air current, and within a second or two, it was burned to ashes by the fire.

Buretto jumped off the hill made of corpses and strode towards the outside of the town.

Dang, oh la la ——

On the ground, the many swords, guns, swords and axes that fell beside the corpse, as if attracted by magnetic force, rolled along the ground into a mass, following Buretto’s back.

In this way, Buretto took a bunch of weapons to the port where many ships were anchored.

In a few minutes…

This very personal Pirate Ship will be turned into a pile of scrap iron by Buretto.


New World, Whole Cake Island.

This is the most important base of Big Mom Pirates.

“I was knocked down by that little demon!!!”

“Kaido, what are you asshole doing?!”

The newspaper delivered today caused Charlotte Linlin’s rage to spread across the island in an instant.

The street, inside the house.

The Soul Spirit Creatures of various shapes are very sensitive to Charlotte Linlin’s emotions, and they are all shiver coldly curled up in the corner at the moment.

Besides the Charlotte Linlin room, the many children headed by Katakuri and Perrospero are all showing grave expressions and looking at the closed door.

It is like an oppression visible by naked eye, constantly pouring out from the gap in the door.

Vaguely, you can see the faintly flickering black red rays of light through the crack of the door.

That seems to be the Haoshoku manifestation of Charlotte Linlin’s emotional explosion.

“Mama is often angry recently…”

“Yes. Affected by this, several vassal islands dedicated to desserts have already become victims.”

“It’s all Bacardi Maude’s fault!!!”

Confectioner Perrospero, with a long tongue, looked fierce.

In his hands, it was the headline report sent to the whole world today, and it was also the culprit who caused Charlotte Linlin’s sudden anger.

“If you can’confirm’ the location of Maude Pirates, Mama will definitely kill Bacardi Maude and avenge Smoothie elder sister!”

“The sea is so vast, and Maude Pirates has not established a stronghold, and the whereabouts are even more erratic. It is very difficult to find them.”

“If not, Mama would have killed Bacardi Maude!”

The children of Charlotte Linlin’s knees gathered in the corridor did not conceal their resentment and killing intent towards Maude.

Katakuri, one of the Commanders, embraced his arms, leaned his back against the wall, and calmly said: “That guy can beat Kaido. It’s trickier than expected…”


Perrospero gloomy and coldly said: “But no matter how strong the bastard is, he will never be Mama’s opponent. Moreover, we are absolutely superior in terms of military strength.”


Katakuri glanced at Perrospero, but did not answer.

Under the gaze of many brothers and sisters, Perrospero looked at the door, his expression increasingly gloomy.

“If you can’t find Maude Pirates, you will not be able to meet the conditions for’Go to War’, and we don’t know the situation on Kaido right now, so we can only continue to wait and see.”

Speaking of this, Perrospero seems to have thought of something, coldly said:

“The powerful prisoners who escaped from Impel Prison have been very active recently, especially Buretto, the successor to the evil spirit, who are simply beasts out of the cage, wherever they go, blood flows into a river .”

“Compared to crusade against Maude Pirates, if Mama can conquer these guys…”

Perrospero’s eyes glittered.

Leave aside other things, just talk about battle strength…

The prisoners who escaped from the 6th floor of the Deep Sea Prison are extremely dangerous and brutal, but they are excellent in battle strength, and they are a group of monsters worthy of a bit of thought.

Even if it only recruits two or three, it is a good thing that cannot be ignored for Big Mom Pirates, who is already at the Yonko level.

Perrospero hopes that Charlotte Linlin can temporarily shelve the killing intent of Maude, and instead focus on the group of monsters.

But even though he was an eldest son, he didn’t dare to make such a suggestion to Charlotte Linlin under this juncture.

speaking of which ……

If it weren’t for today’s headline report that shook the entire world and angered Mama again, Perrospero would have planned to find a suitable time to bring it up within the past few days.

Thinking of this, Perrospero gritted his teeth, wishing to skin Maude cramps.

“Master Perrospero!”

At this moment, at the end of the corridor, an urgent voice came.

No one arrives, the sound comes first.

A little Captain hurried over.

“Idiot, don’t come here, stand there and wait for me.”

Seeing that little Captain was burning with anger, Perrospero frowned and asked little Captain to stand still.

But his reminder is obviously too late.

Little Captain, who ran straight over, rolled his eyes suddenly, and Peng Sound fainted on the corridor.

Just the aftermath of Haoshoku seeping from the crack in the door directly stunned the little Captain.


Perrospero cursed in a low voice, walked over, waved the candy cane in his hand, released a thick liquid of sugar, and rolled up the little Captain who had passed out.

“Katakuri, let me leave.”

Perrospero glanced at Katakuri with his back against the wall.

Katakuri hearing this, moved towards Perrospero nodded.

Perrospero left here with Captain.

Judging from the fierce reaction of this little Captain, it should be that he has received some important news.

Perrospero thought so.

He took Captain away from the Haoshoku Haki area of ​​Charlotte Linlin and came to a cake house not far away.

Then, with some means, the little Captain woke up.


Little Captain woke up leisurely, first sucked in a breath of cold air because of severe pain, and immediately after seeing Perrospero, he endured the severe pain and performed his duties. Fly report:

“Master Perrospero, not long ago, our people found the seriously injured and unconscious Dark King Rayleigh on the outermost beach of Flavor Island in the north!!!”

“en?! What did you say?!”

Perrospero startled.

A few hours later.

Perrospero, who came to Flavor Island on the sugar slug, saw Rayleigh, who was seriously injured and unconscious by Captain.

“This is really…”

Perrospero looked at the complexion pale, eyes closed, Rayleigh with a rather weak breath.

Looking over Rayleigh’s empty sleeves and trousers, Perros Perrault couldn’t help but see a look of shock.

This legendary figure who was once the right-hand man of Pirate King Roger suffered such a tragic injury.

“Let’s not say that he was injured, why did he end up here? Is it accidental, or…?”

In shock, a killing intent flashed through Perrospero’s heart.

When faced with the confusion that cannot get an answer, Perrospero’s approach has always been to eliminate the root cause directly.

He doesn’t believe that Rayleigh, who lost his limbs, drifted to Flavor Island Beach by accident.

So, for a moment, he moved the killing intent and wanted to take advantage of the situation and kill Rayleigh directly.

But after some weighing, he restrained the killing intent.

Because he was not the first discoverer…

If Charlotte Linlin knows that he is good at advocating, it will be difficult to explain.

“Get someone to come and treat him.”

Perrospero waved his candy cane and ordered Captain who was accompanying him to mobilize the doctor.

“Okay, Lord Perrospero!”

After Captain took the lead, he quickly ran to the flavor town in the distance.

After watching Captain leave, Perrospero looked down towards the dying Rayleigh.

“If the information is correct, your relationship with that bastard Maude is not bad? Dark King Rayleigh.”

While whispering to himself, Perrospero’s eyes flashed with strange rays of light.


The country of harmony, the island of ghosts.

The headline report that Kaido was defeated by Maude spread all over the world, and naturally, the ghost island that was the base of Beasts Pirates would not be missed.

“Why is this… Mr. Kaido actually…”

Quin, who received the news and rushed to the ghost island, was surrounded by many crew members with a face full of disbelief.

“Jin, what the bastard did with the past!!! And Peggy Wan and the others!!! Are they all idiots? Why is there no “report” of them in the newspapers!!!”

Quin, who could not accept this “fact”, vented his anger on Jhin, who was on the expedition with Kaido, and many cadres and members.

In anger, Quinn squeezed the newspaper hard, even showing signs of beastization.

“Hey, where did the king go? Did you contact Mr. Kaido directly?”

When he just arrived at the ghost island, he suddenly remembered this.

Compared with the news about Kaido and the others who set sail on the expedition, it will be clearer to contact Den Den Mushi directly.

After hearing Quinn’s words, the members of the surrounding Beasts Pirates looked at each other in blank dismay.

Someone timidly said: “We didn’t see the royal lord either!”

“Then hurry up and find her!”

Stripes of blue appeared on Quinn’s face.

At this moment, a cold and dull voice came from not far away.

“There seems to be something terribly important in that newspaper, let me see it.”

Everyone followed the prestige and saw a first-born red horn, with long white hair that faded to green, wearing a red prajna mask on his face, hanging wolf fang club on his back, and a man with a rope tied on his waist. Stepping on the wooden clogs, strode from the direction of the Ghost Island building.

“en? Yamato Young Master!”

Everyone, including Quinn, called out the name of the person when they saw that person.

Meaning as Young Master, he is ready to come out.

However, although everyone at Beasts Pirates is respected as Young Master, she is actually a daughter.

Yamato walked directly to Quinn, stretched out his hand unceremoniously to snatch the newspaper, and looked down.

“Oh? That old fogey was defeated.”

After scanning the report a few times, Yamato said in surprise, “Should I die like this?”

“Uh, Yamato Young Master…”

Looking at Yamato’s Serene reaction, Quinn’s eyelids jumped.

In his capacity, it’s not easy to reprimand Yamato.

Yamato ignored the reactions of Quinn and the many Beasts Pirates crew around him. After reading the newspaper quickly, he silently wrote down Maude’s name.

The name…

She was imprisoned on the island of ghosts, and she seems to have heard it frequently recently.

Immediately, she threw away the newspaper and looked towards Quinn in front of her.

“Why? Haven’t you contacted the old fogey yet?”


Quin shook his head and said: “I rushed over as soon as I got the news, and I don’t know what happened to Mr. Kaido.”

“Has the life card been confirmed?”

Yamato said in an indifferent tone.

Quin was about to answer, when she was robbed by a sudden voice.

“I just confirmed that Kaido-sama is fine.”

The source of the sound is a small and exquisite woman with eye paper hanging on her face.

It is the royal king Quinn just wanted to find, and Kaido’s secretary.

“In addition, on the east side of the island, someone was washed up on the coastline.”

Put the middle finger of Bao Huang’s index together and put it on his forehead.

Through the “shared vision” of the eyes on the paper, she discovered the east coastline faster than the members in charge of the patrol.

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