The Scourge of Pirates Chapter 681

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In Weibur’s cognition, Haoshoku’s role is nothing more than the enemy that is much smaller than itself.

Simply, it is cleaned with miscellaneous soldiers.

but Until Now, he prefer the feeling of killing the enemy directly compared to Haoshoku.

So, in the unclear battle, he rarely use Haoshoku, and it is unclear that Haoshoku can be attacked on the same way as busoshoku.

Details at this moment, what is said, as if a thunder is in his heart.

“haoshoku … can ‘wind around’ …”

Weiber has never thought of this Probability, which has a huge impact, and immedierately displays a slight color.

The serious injury makes his mouth and nose.

When IMPEL DOWN, he has been blown once by Maude.

But he did not suffer too seriously.

can this Time is different.

With the loss of blood together, it clearly passes a message to Weibull.

that is –

He has completely lost its ability to fight against Maude.

“Your shadow, I accept it.”

Maude Moved Towards on The Verge of Collapse Walk.

Just now, the evacuation of the whole force. Change, under the premise of your positive hit, you can follow any of the enemies under the Jiuxing Physique.

but Maude is very clear, with Weibur’s body strength, it is expected to resist this move at the expenditure.

This is also the result that Maude wants to see.

looks at Maude and step by step, Wibull faces, and you will be taken away by Maude.

I can’t give him any feedback regardless of how he drives his thoughts.

can only stand in the same place, no movement, even the knife can’t hold it.

“I, I am WhiteBeard Jr. !!!”

is strong and anger, making Weibull Roar, spraying blood in the blood, and the ugly face is extremely distorted.

He is angry with Maude, and he can’t wait to tear your Maude.

“If you are a son of Whitebeard, then I can only say …”

maude is in front of Weibull, Indifferently Said: “Whitebeard has a son like you,”

Webur Hearing this, the blood in the eyes, like the Spider Web spread all over.

MAUDE body shape, shine behind Weibull, waving Limpid Autumn Water.

嗤 –

The shadow is separated from the body of Weibull, and is pinched by Maude.

Weibull lost shadow, and his eyes lost the focal length, and he fell to the ground.

has arrived in the abdomen of the throat, and it can only be turned back.

If it is usually, even if it is cut by MAUDE, Weibull can at least keep the awake of about five seconds.

But he is seriously injured, and he can’t stand in a second, and the awareness of the ground is lost.

Before going out, write his name into the notes. “

Maude glanced over the Wibull, and put the shadow’s shadow, in the world silently self-speaking.

Subsequently, Maude turned to Looked Towards Hancock, the eyes indifferent.

The eyes, like it is said: Next, it is turned to you.

Hancock is like not noticed the eyes of Maude.

She looked at MAUDE LIMPID Autumn Water on Right Hand and was immersed in the shock of just now.

She also has Haoshoku.

But she has never thought that Haoshoku can be wrapped around the attack.

and MAUDE just now, it is directly opened a new world gate.

If she can do Haoshoku on the captive arrow, I can make harm to Weibur, which will not be dragged by Weible in Unable to Move Even a little bit.

“finally saw you … Bacardi .made.”

Hancock is deeply sensitive to this man in front of the man, and I also thought about her all the way.

She looked at Maude, the eyes of the eyes, and she didn’t hide the feelings of the admiration. They did not dismiss it.

“this woman …?”

Seeing Hancock’s reaction, Maude stunned, the mind could not be flashing in the original Hancock against Lufy.

now standing in the Hancock in front of him, not to make a flowers like the original, but this is not coming, let Maude feel unfathomable mystery.

he doesn’t remember that he and Hancock have had an in-depth intersection.

The last contact is a matter of war, and has not said a word.

What is the situation now?

Maude is unfathomable mystery, and it is doubt.

but he Divine Light Flash, suddenly thinks something of probability.


is because he attacked Holy Land MarieJois and kneading five Celestial Dragon’s things, so that the brightness of Hancock got Hancock?

If this is the case, it is said to pass.

After all, the original was only threw a punch at Luffy flew Celestial Dragon, let iceberg unbearable emotion, that love is dead.

Maude gazes Hancock, and the coolness in the eyes is slightly converge.

Originally thought that Hancock chased him to come in prison, just like Weibull, in order to find him.

I want to come now, from the war until now, I really didn’t feel hostile in Hancock.

Although maude does not send, Hancock has kept the change of Maude at an attitude, and the Rays of Light in the eyes becomes more bright.

“I never thought, in this world, some people dare to shoot Celestial Dragon, and … also killed Celestial Dragon.”

middle of Hancock, reflects MAUDE.

“When you know this, you will feel the shock never had, from that, you have been thinking about you!”

“You have seen it now, then?”

Maude face doesn’t change looks at Hancock.

Hancock’s lips: “I don’t want to be your enemy.”

“Is it …”

Maude tap Hancock, suddenly returning the Limpid Autumn Water.

“If you don’t want to be my enemy, then you have only one choice now, that is, becoming my ally.”


hancock hearing this, the eye is imagined.

“You just said … you have to be your …”

She can’t help but hold his mouth, did not speak the last “person” word, but looked at Maude, and HeartBeat did not suppress acceleration.

At this moment, “Being My Allies” listened to Hancock, “Being Make People” Hancock, full of brain has been eproved by MAUDE said that this sentence does not exist.

Maude seeing Hancock’s look with Moved Towards, showing the trend of evangelism, and DumbFounded.

He carefully recalled what he said, there is nothing wrong?

“I said, let you become my allies.”

“Ah …”

Hancock once again listened this sentence “Let you become my person”, you can’t help but fell on the ground, muttering: “Is this a confession …”


MAUDE IMMEDIATELY a question mark.

In just one minute, he is obedient.

In the eyes of the world, the high-cooler is like a man who is difficult to close. It is like an iceberg, in some respects, in fact, is actually Terrifying.

It is also no wonder that there will be so speechless in the original.

“Available, this woman is not so annoying.”

looked at Hancock, MAUDE shook his head slightly.

At this time, Arrive Slowly’s JINBE and BUGGY come from a channel to the scene.

then, they saw the faded mave, the emperor of the face of the shame, IMMEDIATELY stayed.

“What is this?”

jinbe and buggy are difficult to cover the color, can’t believe such a look, will appear on the legendary AS Cold As Ice and Frost’s emperor Hancock face.

Hancock is also immersed in the confession of Maude overbearing, and it does not notice the arrival of Jinbe and Buggy.

Maude looks at Jinbe and Buggy, Calmly Said: “Next, go out directly.”

1st Floor and Second Layer’s prisoners are several times more than other stomaties, but they are not worthy of Maude.

, the longer in the Impel Down, the higher the pressure being affected by the companions of Marine, the higher it.

When you hear Maude, JINBE slowly slowed Nodded.

and Buggy is a hard hat, he wants to escape from Impel Down, and it has been crazy.

Before younk, JINBE looked at the eyes of the eyes and unconscious, and the rotary touth of the Looked Toward was in deep fantasy and kept shaking his head.

“maude … What happened?”

JINBE’s eyes have become a little bit, returned to MAUDE next to the eyes, and the mAUDE next to the right looked touth.

Maude is silent, I don’t know how to explain it.

“In short, she is her own person.”


jinbe eyebrows, a lot of emotion: “For us for our lack of ‘Battle Stregth’, this is really good news.”

as the original Shichibukai, he is very clear as the strength of Shichibukai’s Hancock.

In this situation in this strong enemy, there can be such a strong assistance to join the team, which can be called a provode timely help.

maude is facing Jinbe Nodded.

With their current situation, Hancock’s joins, you can really bring difficult to estimate Battle Stregth value.


Maude is in Impel Down, while the battle outside Impel Down is gradually hot.

The participation of the Red Hair Pirates group, for Marine, is an unvermaken change.

Even so, Marine is still in the wind.

Akainu as a well-deserved main force in the MARINE, and it should be the strongest Akagami Shanks in the enemy camp.


Quickly elongated lava thermal fists, with Thunder’s trend to Shanks.

Shanks waves with the name of Kriffin in his hand, with no differenty’s poodle of Akainu.

Losing the temperature of the temperature, turns into a coke, scattered on the ground.

See Shanks so easy to resolve the Dog, Akainu Coldly Snorted, the eyes of the Shanks intact.

Shanks noticed the eyes of Akainu, Calmly Said: “Only ‘arms restored’, it should be not worth a thing.”

“Akagami, let Maude help you restore your arm, is the reason you have to be blended at the price?”

Akainu’s face is full of hot MAGMA, but the eyes are cold as II.

Shanks will arise with Griffin knife on the side, Remain unmoved: “It seems that you forgot my previous ‘identity’, Akainu.”


Akainu no longer says, suddenly, waving the lava fist, wrapped in the heat waves, and pulling straight to the body of Shanks.

Shanks Raise Upwards, the lava fist who came with Akainu hit it.

霎霎, a violent waves, in their center, suddenly swept to all around.

I don’t know if it is impossible, or the tacit is made.

Whether it is a member of the Red Hair Pirates group, or a member of Marine, it is far from the Shanks and Akainu, who is being confront, creates a single environment.

This development, both sides are illuminated.

but hawk eyes disagree.

The reason why he agrees with Marine’s call. On the one hand, the other side does not want to destroy the comfort of the stage, and on the other hand is the Shanks who recovered the arm.

The result is fell, it is actually pretreated by Akainu.

However, Hawk EES did not give up, the location of the Moved Towards Shanks was close to the past.


A lead bomb entangled in the busoshoku is playing a big pit on the ground in front of Hawk Eyes.

hawk eyes stopped, looked up with Looked Towards – the deputy captain of thered Hair Pirates group, this .beckman.

Beckman single-handed guns are raging Rifle, and the look is light:

“Hawk EYES, I can experience your mood, but … now the situation, although I don’t go, it is not too bad, before the ‘new change’ appears, I can’t let you mess. “

“I am not interested in the ‘Gunner’.”

hawk eyes calm looks beckman.

beckman hearing this, mouth hook slightly, said: “Take a gun as a knife, I have not done it, it is better to be a half-hanging Swordsman.”


hawk eyes silence.

At this moment, a man came to Beckman.

The man has a braid head, and the body is covered with a Black coat, his chest, and holds a long knife that has not yet out of the sheath, randomly take it on the shoulder.

“Paper Man, still let me come.”

“is just right.”

beckman looks at the scorpion head of Sword Technique, SECONLY TO SHANKS, Smiled Slightly.

Hawk EYs is helpless, silently raise the Black Blade.

At the same time.

The people of the Red Hair Pirates have many main Forces in Marine.

and Laffitte They are also inevitable to the backbone of Marine.

Despite the Red Hair Pirates to take most of the pressure, Marine remains Battle Stregth is still sufficient to suppress Laffitte them.

“Um ~~ This seems to make Bergonak Academician’s’ bottom cards in advance,”

kizaru is in the case of chin, calm the situation in the field.

He was originally in hand with PrecoGnition, but GARP suddenly shot, replaced him to hold Precognition.

After all, with his ability, it is more suitable for the MAUDE PIRATES that is in a chartered Maude.

, especially in the case of MAUDE PIRATES, his laser beam will become a dead sickle that can harvest MAUDE PIRATES.

“Which one should you first? ~”

Kizaru slow Rosbe’s Looked Towards Maude Pirates.

Crisis is quiet approaching.

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