The Scourge of Pirates Chapter 682

The fist built by the rock block cracks, while the smoker’s white fist is defeated to fly back.

Take this gap, Hina flashes to Jaya side.

“to do it!”

Hina’s arm is swept to Jaya.


The arm trails through Jaya’s body, leaving a black iron iron that tightens Jaya.

He thought that Hina’s hina was controlled, and wanted to win, and a few blacks in Jaya.

but just in the moment she started, tied Jaya’s Black iron, which was alive, suddenly transformed into snake head, biting a close to Hina.


hina is shocked, rushing to raise the armrests.

The snake head of the iron irrormed Into, Fiercely bites on the arm of Hina.


It’s like steel to hit, and the snake head hits a blink of spark.

hina is like a hit, and the body is sliding out of a distance.

She is used to block the attack, but they are attached to a layer of black, almost defeated the damage.

“hina is big …”

I looked at the blast of the snake head that was opposed to the eye, and the Hina heart was never.

She realizes that the ban on the ban is in front of this woman in front of this woman, there is a one-point role.


hina feels a slight shock sensation in the feet, and alert alert, and the condition reflection is jumped.

hong long!

She just jumped, on the ground, suddenly extended three stone pillar, Moved Towards, her emperors.

Hina eye is slightly changed, and the left and right moves, only the two stone pillar, it is left in the last Stone Pillar, and the whole person flies out.

At the same time, a sturdy white smoke package wraps Jaya.

is smoker to shoot in time, blocking Jaya wants to chase Hina’s thought.

Jaya looks at the white smoke arriving and waves the ax.


A comet-shaped shock wave, takes the white smoke of Aggressive to the earthquake, then the rest is hobby.

Smoker Complexion Slightly Changed, the upper body is directly hit by the hegemon shocks to do not stay for half a slag.

but as the white smoke is surging, the upper body of the shock wave is hidden in a very fast speed.

“If you don’t use Elemental Transformation to avoid harm, it is use ‘busoshoku’ defense, I am afraid it will be seriously injured …”

smoker heart is moving, just a few rounds, thinking about the power of Jaya.

Despite this, SMOKER will not refund.

He pressed his heart and moved his heart, once again actively attacked Jaya.

Hina just fell by Stone Pillar, is also a rapid restructuring of the offensive, with SMOKER’s attack, attacked Jaya from another direction.

Faced with SMOKER and Hina two Marine Ability User, Jaya is slightly lighter, and it is calm.

“It is necessary to fill two of them, we can make a hand to help others, …”

Jaya is thinking, first is the ability to use, and control a large group of rock blocks, which will enclose the SMOKER that is rushed over.

Subsequently, Jaya waist is in turn, and the side of the hina is wrapped from the BusoShoku’s fist from behind.

Taking hina attacks, Jaya has not been in love, and the ax is on Hina.


hina groaned, shooting a blood arrow in front of him, and flies out by a ax.


smoker uses a large number of white smoke to explode the rock block that trap him.

can take a moment when he takes off, Jaya is coming to him.


smoker is shocked, and the eyes are reflected in the eyes.


Wrap the ax edge of Busoshoku over SMOKER’s chest.

Bloodless flying, smoker is stunned, and DENG DENG retired two steps.

Sentomaru’s eyes flashing red gloss, before Luo’s sword, it will cover the Busoshoku’s double-eddy ax in front, blocking Luo’s empty Slash.

“HMPH, before the battle, I have a good job, let alone your ability information, nor secret.”

SENTOMARU COLDLY SNORTED and SAID: “As long as busoshoku strength reaches the standard, you can prevent your ability, right!”

“About this, I don’t deny it.”

Luo will sway the ghost cry, slowly recover to the body, Indifferently Said: “But the peace pacifista you brought is not so good.”


Sentomaru Startled, in the eye angle, Hedse, I saw a peacepacifista was chopped in two halves, fell to the ground, and sent a dull sound.

“is just from being affected …”

looks at the fragility of two halves, such as Paper Tiger, and the GRAVE EXPRESSION.

The cost of a peaceful PaciFista is equivalent to a battleshiP. As a tactical weapon, the attack power is not much more, it is also very good in Defensive Power.

But in front of Ope Ope No Mi, even if the material of manufacturing peaceful pacifista is hard to resist the Strongest Man in the World WhiteBeard …

If there is no busoshoku, everything is white.

in A Flash, Sentomaru realized that he would not let Luo Shizhong, and immediately slammed against Luo.


SENTOMARU is shining in front of Luo, and the huge double-edged ax in his hand dances a breeze, slashes the head of Luo.


Luo refers to a lifting, sudden and one of the average PaciFista in the field is positioned.

SENTOMARU face changed, and if you want to attach the ax, it is too late to cut it directly at the chest of the peace pacifista.

咔吱 –

The chest immediately of Peace Pacifista is cut out of a large impunity by Sentomaru’s ax, showing the line of Tangled and Complicated Tangled and Complicated in the inside.

“Trafalgar Law …”

SENTOMARU GNASHING TEETH looks at damaged peaceful pacifista, it is really the ability of Luo to nausea.

Luo calm looks at Gnashing Teeth Sentomaru, appreciated: “Very strong attack.”

“you …!”

Sentomaru face anger, followed by a glimpse.


Suddenly there is a laser beam from afar, and the arm of the Luo gripped knife.


Luo Groaned, the eyes are trembled.

is not a peaceful pacifista attack …

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