The Scourge of Pirates Chapter 751


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There was a sudden loud noise from the outside, and a violent tremor that spread like a strong earthquake.

These extraordinary movements all signal the arrival of Maude Pirates.

Yamato is very excited.

At this moment, she has been waiting for twenty years.

Until today, she was finally able to get rid of this cage cast by father.

I’m so sure, not because she trusts Maude Pirates 100% in strength, but because Kaido and Quinn are not on the island of ghosts.

“Jin, I’m really serious about reminding you that if you don’t want to die here, you’d better listen to me.”

The situation is clearly understood, and the wolf fang club is simply put away.

From the moment the sound came, she was convinced that Jhin wouldn’t do anything with her here.

Jhin looked at Yamato who was earnestly persuading him to escape quickly, and his face hidden by the pitch black mask showed discomfort.

“I was really underestimated by you, Yamato Young Master.”

His tone is extremely cold, with a hint of anger that is not easily detectable.

“I didn’t underestimate you, it’s just that Kaido is not on the island now, and the people who attacked the ghost island are not something you can handle.”

Yamato hung the stowed wolf fang club on his back, and then turned around to reveal the weak spot in front of Jhin, and moved towards Gaban who was still in the cell and walked.


Jhin frowned did not take advantage of this weak spot to attack Yamato, but looked at Yamato’s back coldly.

From Yamato’s words, he realized that…

The “Young Master” in front of him who has never concealed his rebellious character not only knows the identity of the attacking enemy, but also has a high probability of establishing contact with the attacking enemy.

This kind of behavior that completely crossed the bottom line is no longer a rebellion, but a betrayal.

Jhin looked at Yamato’s gaze, and suddenly became extremely cold.

“Yamato Young Master, I have always hated you.”

After speaking, Jhin’s shoulders glowed with flames, and his body expanded in a circle at a speed visible to naked eye.

“The stupid act of shouting over there to become’Kozuki Oden’ all the time, needless to say, as the only bloodline of the Kaido big brother, you always call the Kaido big brother by name, and there is nothing in your words and deeds. Regards…”

“If this is the case, since the Kaido big brother can tolerate your rebellion, others are not qualified to speak up, but…”

Turned on the human-beast form Jhin, temporarily ignoring the movement outside, moved towards Yamato and walked away.

Feeling the malice from Jhin, Yamato’s face changed slightly, stopped, and looked towards Jhin, who came step by step.

Jhin met Yamato’s slightly surprised gaze, and continued with a cold tone: “You have betrayed the Kaido big brother and your father!”

“Which father have you seen who wears this thing for his own children?”

Yamato slowly turned around and raised his shackled hands to Jhin who wanted to show his malice, said with a sneer: “And it is this kind of dynamite shackles specially used for’prisoners’ and’slave’.” [19459002 ]

Speaking of this, Yamato took the opportunity to hold the wolf fang club that was just put away in his hand.

“To be honest, I also hope that the sentence’Leaving the island’s shackles will explode’ is Kaido’s own white lie. After all, in this world, how can parents kill their children, but Kaido is… …Forget it.”

Yamato shook the head, too lazy to confess these feelings to Jin, directly released Busoshoku and covered it on the wolf fang club.

“Anyway, I have something that must be done. Anyone who comes in the way, I will fly with a stick!”

“What do you want to accomplish has nothing to do with me.”

Jhin’s eyes were cold, and his tone was as cold as a winter wind: “Next, I will abolish your limbs and take you to the Kaido big brother.”


Yamato was unafraid, he rolled up the wolf fang club, and put on a gesture style of thunder and gossip.

“Thunder and gossip…”

Jhin is very familiar with thunder gossip, only seeing Yamato’s first move, he knows that Yamato is going to use thunder gossip.

Yamato shot directly, and his figure vanished in a flash.

The wolf fang club with Busoshoku entwined in his hands, straddling a distance of tens of meters like a thunder, and suddenly came to Jhin’s eyes.

There seemed to be thunder in the spacious corridor, barely called it.

The next moment.

A huge clanging sound resounded throughout the prison.

The wolf fang club, which contained powerful attacking power, was steadily held back by the long knife that Jhin was in front of him, and it was difficult to make a point.

In front of this Kaido’s strongest subordinate, the thunderous gossip called killing move did not produce any effect.


Yamato was slightly startled when he saw this.

She has been imprisoned in Wano Country since she was a child. On the road to becoming stronger, Kaido has always been the object of her challenge.

So she has never fought against Jhin, and didn’t expect Jhin to catch her thunderous gossip so easily.

Surprised, Yamato decisively retreated and distanced himself temporarily.

“Because it is your’thundering gossip’, so I will choose to hard connect.”

Jhin was lifting his arm, and the tip of the knife pointed at Yamato who was retreating away.

The subtext of this sentence seems to be-

Compared with the “Thunder Gossip” of your Kaido big brother, your “Thunder Gossip” is not worth mentioning at all.

Yamato heard the meaning of Jhin’s sentence, but he didn’t get angry, but became more cautious.

The guy in front of me is the second in command of Beasts Pirates after all…

It must not be so easy to deal with him!

“Recognize the gap, Yamato Young Master.”

Jhin’s body exudes an imposing manner, and the flames on his shoulders suddenly become more turbulent.

He took a sudden step.

But just as he was about to make a move, the clear voice from the dark corner stopped his offensive.

“Jhin, the enemy attacking the ghost island is Maude Pirates.”

It was a mice with a curse on his face.

To be more precise, the sound was uploaded from the eye curse.

“Maude Pirates…”

Jhin quickly glanced at the mice loaded with royal power, and the grave expression appeared involuntarily on the face under the mask.

After hearing the name Maude Pirates, he finally understood why Yamato asked him to escape.

Although I don’t want to admit it, Maude Pirates does have this ability.

“How is the situation now?”

Jhin curbed his offensive intention a little, and asked mice.

“Very bad…”

Mice’s eye curse picture came out of the imperial voice that could not hide the solemn meaning:

“The opponent’s battle strength is too strong, especially Bekah. D. Maude… There was a barbarian who was killed by him in an instant. I had already targeted many’views’ at him, but I still haven’t seen how he killed the barbarian.”

“Tell me where you are and I will deal with him.”

Jhin expression congeals, asked quickly.

“You want to deal with me?”

Just when Jhin’s tone barely fell, and the royalist had no time to reply, Maude’s voice came from the prison entrance without warning.

Hear the sudden voice.

Jhin’s body tightened suddenly.

The royal man on the other side of the eye curse picture also fell into a dead silence.

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