The Scourge of Pirates Chapter 752


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The sound comes first before the person arrives.

Maude’s tall silhouette is slowly revealed at the prison entrance.

He came alone, standing at the entrance of the prison, expressionlessly looking towards Jhin standing in the middle of the corridor, and the rice that could perform the functions of spreading and monitoring.

The arrival of Maude directly changed the atmosphere in the corridor.

Jhin tensed his body in an instant. With the enemy in front and back, he chose to turn and face Maude without the slightest hesitation, exposing his back to Yamato.

With this conditional launch-like reaction and choice, Jhin believed that Maude’s threat far exceeded Yamato.

This is true.

Jhin’s judgment in in a flash is wise and correct.

Yamato’s gaze crossed Jhin and fell on Maude.

An excited smile appeared on her face, as if she had seen freedom.

Inside the cell.

Gaban swallowed the braised pork leg with the bone into his stomach, and then used Kenbunshoku to lock Maude’s breath and position.

“Maude, you now are as dazzling as the sun.”

Feeling the powerful breath of Maude, Gaban smiled and gave a comment.

Where Maude is located, Gaban cannot be seen in the cell, but he can also use Kenbunshoku to lock Gaban’s breath and location.

Gaban’s breath is very stable, which makes Maude a little relieved.


At this moment, the eye curse on mice’s face made an incredible voice from the royalist.

“You were obviously still in the front door area behind the torii… and you also killed a barbarian!!! But why…”

Mice raised his head, and the eyes on the curse map stared at Maude. If the eye pattern can convey emotions, I am afraid that it will be filled with incomprehension and shock at this moment.

Hearing the voice of the royal, Maude looked away from Jhin, and turned to look towards the mice, calmly said: “It’s a convenient ability, you should be the royal, so… you don’t know me. Ability?”

“en? “

The king was silent for a while, and soon, a startled voice came from the eye curse map again: “It’s your shadow…but it’s just shadow, just shadow… He killed a barbarian in an instant…?! “

“Barbarian? Are you talking about that guy who is taller than Giant Race, wields a stick and barks and barks?”

Maude right hand clings to the handle of limpid autumn water, moved towards Jin slowly stepping out of the 1st Step.

“I didn’t think about making a shot at first, but he was too noisy. Moreover, is it not the most normal thing to end the battle in an instant when dealing with such a guy whose whole body is full of attacking parts? Although it is only to kill him My Shadow Clone…”


Inside the corridor, Jhin and Yamato’s face changed slightly.

Although the Barbarian is the experimental failure of the ancient Giant Race, in terms of battle strength, it is undoubtedly one of the mainstays of Beasts Pirates.

But such a powerful monster can only be killed by a spike in front of Maude.

Jhin or Yamato.

They don’t think it’s normal to kill the barbarian in seconds.

It’s too abnormal, okay? ?

At least they can never do it.

The lord at the other end of the eye curse picture, after recognizing the facts, fell into a dead silence again.

There is such a reaction, not only because Maude showed her shocking power as soon as she appeared on the stage.

It’s because the members of Maude Pirates are crushing and killing their own forces.

The situation is not optimistic!

When Kaido-sama was out, the king felt an unprecedented sense of crisis.

The corridor suddenly became very quiet.

A few seconds later, Maude spoke again.

“Well, the chat time is over, let’s start the topic.”

Maude no longer cares about mice wearing the curse of eyes, but looked towards Jin Jin.

“Kaido is not in the island of ghosts, so there is no target worthy of my action on this island, strictly speaking… Even if I don’t make a move, my companions will be able to deal with you, but you just said you want to deal with me? “

Having said that, Maude used his thumb to lift the handle of the limpid autumn water.

The crisp sound of the blade rubbing against the scabbard in this brief moment became the loudest sound in the corridor.

Follow closely from behind is Maude’s calm water-like voice.

“Jin, right? I give you this opportunity.”

Maude’s tone barely fell, and several silhouettes were revealed beside Maude.

Amazingly, the main players of Maude Pirates——

Precognition, Shiliew, Laffitte and Luo.

“Hoho, but Beasts Pirates’ ‘a cadre’ that’s all, I don’t have to bother the captain to take action.”

Laffitte turned his cane quickly, looking towards Jhin’s gaze, filled with undisguised fighting intents.

The ghost cry in Luo’s arms has been out of the sheath more than half, and he squinted at Laffitte, indifferently said:

“Laffitte, this guy is the second in command of Beasts Pirates anyway. With your Busoshoku Rank, I am afraid that even cutting off his clothes is very difficult, right?”

“But cutting your body is more than enough.”

Faced with Ronaldo’s obvious derogatory remarks, Laffitte retorted.

Shiliew ignored Laffitte and Luo who were arguing, staring at Maude with piercing eyes, saying solemnly: “Captain, I have some ties with him, so…can you leave him to me to deal with?”


Maude looked towards Shiliew, browse slightly raise.

Only then did he notice that the clothes Jhin was wearing were very similar to Shiliew’s Impel Down uniform.

“Ah la la, first of all… I don’t mean to “sniff” you.”

The lazy voice of precognition not only interrupted the quarrel between Laffitte and Luo, but also attracted the attention of Maude and Shiliew.

In response to everyone’s gaze, precognition raised his hand and scratched the messy hair that looked like he had just woke up, and said seriously: “But you should not be able to beat him.”


Hearing such heart-piercing words, Laffitte, Luo, and Shiliew looked at the eyes like needles on the precognition’s face.

The precognition is calm and composed.

The strength of Laffitte, Luo and Shiliew is one of the very best, but obviously they have not reached the level of second-in-command Yonko Pirates.

Therefore, apart from Maude, in the entire Maude Pirates, there are only two people who can beat the first embers of the Three Plagues.

One is his precognition, and the other is Tezolo who just joined.

“You are all here, is it okay to fight outside?”

Maude looked at them helplessly.

Laffitte retracted his gaze, looked towards Maude, and said calmly: “The captain don’t worry, because the guy who just joined is very active.”

There are three people who have just joined Pirates recently, namely Tezolo, Jinbe and Hachi.

But there is only Tezolo who will be called “that guy” by Laffitte.

Maude glanced at Laffitte, shook his head and laughed.

Maybe Laffitte has not accepted Tezolo yet, but there is no doubt that he recognizes Tezolo’s strength.

In addition, there is Jinbe. There should be no problem with the outside battle.

But letting them stay here is purely wasting battle strength.

“Everyone, I just said that I would give him a chance to deal with me. If I say something, I can’t get it back.”

Maude looked around his companions.

Hearing Maude’s words, precognition didn’t have much reaction, but Laffitte and the others were disappointed.

It is rare to have an opponent who is worth all the effort to challenge…

But their captain said so, even if they were not reconciled, they had to give up.

Jhin looked at Maude who were discussing who would deal with him, his face was ugly, and his heart sank to the bottom.

Say nothing else——

Maude and precognition standing side by side were enough to prevent him from seeing any opportunities!

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