The World of Deities Chapter 1036

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The South side of the gray hun.

The five thousand Human army is neatly arranged, and Imposing Manner has high.

A thousand skin white Apperace is beautiful FAIR is unique, wearing a cool leaves, causing Human to steal.

A thousand dirty orc stood with the five hundred devil Everything in Disorder, as you have just drilled out from the mud, and whistle sent a whistle to FAIRY.

Baby teenager Red Dragon gathered together, kneeling on the ground to rest, dismissed the rest of the group.

The coalition General Li Xia gave the ingredient intelligence, the heart is happy, everything is similar to the prediction of the big instructor, so before the final war meeting, according to the guidance of Suye, the tactical part.

fairy is proud, or the orc and demon chaos, and the Red dragon is also proud than Fairy, but it is good to know that he is a GOD service and carefully participates in the conference.

The meeting ends, the army is resting, and the whole night will dispatch.

There is only the red dragon to laten there in the gray hiusure, waiting for the general attack.

After two hours, the distant 骷髅 bird escaped, and they have a hole in the hollow leg bones, and they have a scorpious bone flute.

The Wucong coalition is like it, continues to advance.

When arriving at 50 kilometers away from Undead City, the sun rose.

Under the bright sun, you can’t see any green, but it is a flat tree, dark gray Earth and the dirty river.

The thick stink is tumbling in the air, some people even vomiting.

The Wuciorjun will continue to advance, and finally stop in the ten kilometers of the Undead City, at noon.

Yuanyuan is far away, the five national coalitions are shaken, and they are in order to rest.

Among the undead urban, tens of thousands of undead are tight.

骷髅 Warrior hand, running around, 骷髅 Mage Foul-mouthed, 骷髅 shooters Slowly stroking bones, ghosts look at Sky’s Sky.

The dead and night undead are two kinds of undead.

Wuciorjun is eating rice, an 骷 mage wearing a broken black robe is close, using the undead language: “We are the people of the dark God, why do you attack our country without reason? We don’t have any intentions with you. The dark Oracle order, we are willing to negotiate with your leaders. “

FAIRY frowning 骷髅 Mage, killing, does it still need?

The orc and demon shrugs, the attack also needs?

A human magician uses the undead language Loudly Said: “Undead destroyed nature, disseminate death, transforming fertile land into Danger Land, transforming valuable life into filthy deceased, greatly destroying the peace and peace of the Magic continent! Our Wizheng coalition for peace and future in the Magic continent, Act Together eradicates all undead! “

The mage is panicked, Loudly Said: “The Dark God is willing to negotiate!”

“I refuse to negotiate!”

At this time, a grand sound rang at the high altitude: “Do you want to be dominated by the other party? I am willing to come home.”

“The big instructor Your Majesty refuses the evil undead!”

“arrogant Human! You should die!” The voice of the dark god rang rumored.

“Oh.” Human Magician promised and turned and dinner.

“damn! Damn! Damn …” The dark god is shaking.

Wuciorjun wine is full, do a little rest, after the time of taking a nap, the final preparation is held.


in the afternoon, the bright horn resounded SKY.

The coalition of the coalition, the ear of each coalition, echoing the swaying of the darkness.

human habits often, before the bloody beast god and Berserk king also jealous.

The remaining three people are angry because the dark god is in his own god.

“You will pay a huge price! My main body will definitely Curse you!” The dark god is big.

Suddenly, a strange voice interrupted the sound of the darkness.

The undeads follow the SKY in the south.

The Giant Dragon of Babi is coming from afar.

The darkness of the dark is like a thunder, and the messenger of Danghong Mountain Range, I am willing to surrender, why do you have to be enemies with me! Just because I am just a small false god? “

The army of the whole national army listened, it is just a false god?


The coalition of the coalition, the wooden city wall of the undead city, the robust devil, FAIRY and the orcs, slammed into the CITY WALL, and a rough Brown clay pot.

pa papa …

Full-footed pots, a smoren white light fog inflow, but the blink of an eye, the city Wall is covered with a rich light fog.

“Ah …”

Mournful Scream Sounds A diffuses city wall, all the dead spirits under Black Iron screamed, only fleeted a few steps to kill the fog in the fog of the light Elemental power.

Black Iron undead with a touch of spot, this power that can cure life is like a poisonous in the undead.

Only Bronze and the silver undead are almost unaffected.

boom ~ boom ~ …

Hundreds of Fireball Spell flew out from Fairy and Human’s Magician team, destroying the City Wall, blowing in the light fog.

Just a round of attack, the Undead City Wall crashes.


The coalition is excited to rush in, and the throwing hand in front is specially throwing the voistine pottery to the intensive undead, and the Archer of the rear is killed by the bronze arrow soaked at the Elemental Water.

Warrior guards Magician, and Magician parked by various Protection Magic is divided into three rows, which is specifically released for Fireball Spell.

After the third row of Magician is released, it will immediately run forward, pass through the second row and the first row, becoming the first row of Magician, and then recite incitation again.

Subsequently, the Fireball, the third row, flying out from the air, falling in the big army, now the third row of Magician quickly stepped forward, exceeding the first row, arrived at the forefront, 中文ATION.

three rows Magician alternate forward, turns Casting, so beautiful like dancing.

Not only the enemy’s ghost is stayed, even the orc, the devil, Fairy and Giant Dragon are a bit unbelievable.

Human Magician forms a continuous venting attack Casting, ensuring that MAGIC continues to continue, and the film is flying out and blown.

Fire is splash, roar, broken white bones, and fly.

The 骷髅 骷 骷 成 骷 is emptied.

No 骷髅 can rush to Mage ten meters.

Fairy finally wants to know why Human does not need Fairy Warrior, Fairy’s only role, is suppressed 骷 a archer, other Fairy even counted, the role is also Worth Menting.

Baby Red Dragon sees continuous Fireball Spell, SIGHED, abandoning offensive more desequious Warrior, but in accordance with the command, drape from the side to the archer.

“call …”

eight horrible Dragon Yan is like eight Scarlet Lava waterfalls, from Sky horizontal. Archer position.

The big piece of Archer is like the dust on the desk-Mate, and is gently scaled, disappeared.

These 骷髅 even even the bones DREGS can’t stay, scattered as flying flying.

After the eight-headed red dragon dive, rising the flying, and then swim again.

The sound of the dark god is resounding SKY.

Warrior can’t attack Giant Dragon, and Giant Dragon has strong MAGIC protection capabilities, at this stage, Mage cannot hurt Red Dragon.

As for the bones of the archer, it is nothing to do with the scales on the Red Dragon.

I really threaten the undead of Red Dragon, at least five years can you be born.

Red Dragon is the most deterrent, but the killing is the highest efficiency, it is still taking fireball.

Magician is constantly moving forward, like a wind in the wild, burning a piece of wild grass.



Human will not be excited. If there is no Red Dragon and Fairy shooter, Magician will bear the full pressing of the mage and the archer, but now, the zero-scattered Magic is in the Magician group, and it is easy to block it by protection magic. Unable to curb the detect fireball.

Being forward, all the way.

“Impossible, where are you from so many Mana! Impossible!”

In the closed god’s temple, the darkness is crazy.

His thought that once Magician’s Mana is exhausted, it is the moment of his own counterattack.

After all, MAGICIAN’s Mana is limited, and the total amount of MAGIC Apprentice, a MAGIC Apprentice can also support the release of more than 20 Fireball Spells.

now, more than 100 times of relief, Magic Apprentice still does not have any rest.

“Cheating! I think it is, Mana shares … you … is the people of Su Shen? I surrendered! I surrendered! I am willing to be accompanied by the gods, whether it is my moisture or main body ! I am willing to be accompanied by 附 神 … “

General Li Xia smiled sharply, said: “The big instructor Your Majesty did not short the fake god.”

Unstable flame floods completely defeat the undead army, this moment, no fear of the necroper, understand what is fear.

More than a thousand Magician, 300 rounds of devices will pour more than 300,000 Fireball to the Undead March.

Even if the undead army reaches 30,000, each is also averaged 10 Fireball Spell.

The absolute force is rolled with absolute tactics, and quickly ends BATTLE.

When the end of the undead left, the morale collapsed, even if the undead did not have emotions, and fell into fear, escaped around.

Orc, the devil is chasing with Fairy, while Magician plays Meditation.

The Human army rushes to the undead Country, plundering resources.

High-level generals directly directly god’s Temple, open the door, such as the statue of the wolf to the dark god.

“Don’t! I can surrender, I can surrender …”

Human is heard, follow the command of Suye, push down the statue, and smash the scorpion.

The darkness called, the broken statue suddenly broke the faint blood light, expulsively spread, covering everyone in the victory.

“I feel Magic’s Summon!” A Magician shouted.

“I feel the whisper of the abyss!” The devil roared.

“I feel the doctor’s whisper.” Fairy is ecstatic.

“Dragon’s breath!” Red Dragon is ok.

“Blood taste!” The orc people screamed together.

Many of the ORDINARY HUMAN that falls into Bottleneck suddenly, it is about to be promoted to Magic Apprentice!

“Long live the big instructor!”

“Long live the big instructor!”

human, orcs and devil SIMULTAANEOUSLY shout.

Favy and Red Dragon are a bit confused. Human is so shouted, how is the orc and demon?

hong long long … god’s temple wall cracks.

Everyone hurriedly got out of God’s Temple.

a loud loud, god’s temple collapsed, a WHITE light ball flew from RUINS to the high altitude, crossed a long cloud line, and fell in the Suye God’s Temple of Kongcheng.

Suye statue, Undead Divine Right Ball is suspended in half.

Suye smiles, the same as you expect.