The World of Deities Chapter 1037

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However, the place of creation is a bit, Divine Right light balls cannot be used, can only be converted into resource light balls.

Suye blinks, Divine Right Ball Slowly is transformed into resource light balls.

“Only one? It seems that the staple of the darkness is very low. However, for Early-Stage, a complete resource bullet is huge.”

“people send this light ball to the city of Berserk.”

After a few days, the expeditionary army returned.

Through the resources of the light ball, the bloody beast god and the Berserk king make split IDOL, located on both sides of Suye’s god’s temple, one left and right served the gods.

The remaining resource light ball is all used to enhance the strength of the abyss worm.

Berserk’s five-headed abyss worms, four heads into the soul worm, can directly bother the soul movie, directly promoted Golden.

At present, each heart of the soul worm can produce a soul movie every ten days.

Suye starts based on memory and knowledge, to study how to use the mind of the Magical Magic, to ensure that you will even see everything happen in God’s Temple, and can quickly pass and receive information quickly.

The soul of mind is a very strange life.

Although they look like a black fog, but it is a hidden eyes, their main body is a pure Spirit energy, can’t be touched, can only be strong energy perception or destroy.

is like a wind.

The characteristics of this group is that all the soul of the soul can sharing the vision and perception of the same respect, and the closest mind will even share memory and everything.

In some particular places in infinite Plane, because of the unable to pass information, the soul movie magic becomes the dominance, establish a huge information exchange network.

The place of creation does not want God to all, then god can only solve it with your own way.

The Minds of the Mind DEVIL BODY will become the first choice for all gods.

However, for Suye, the soul movie is just an item of Early-Stage. Once a large number of Legendary appears, it constructs Magic Tower and Magic Book system, and the role of the soul movie will be inert.

Berserk king is just right, Suye is Magic Tool, a Magic Tool, a transition, Magic Tool, a transition.

However, Legendary Grandmaster cannot be so good.

Even more how, you can’t cultivate Legendary Grandmaster and Spoiling Things Through Excessive Enthusiasm, resulting in some genius successively.

unexpectedly, Human does not appear Legendary Grandmaster in thirty years.

is not because little THALES is not smart enough, nor is it a bad taught, but is not enough for resources and innate factors.

This genius is placed in the mole city. Fifteen years will become Legendary, but it is not here, he will always take the entire country and spend additional time.

However, this is a waste of time for himself, and the short term is wasteful, but long-term perspectives are still in many ways.

“but …”

Suye thinks that MAGICIAN changes.

After smashing the statue of the knife, all the participants at the time got a strange ability.

This caused the battle after ten days, the number of Magic Apprentice has increased by more than 1,000 people to more than 1,500 people, find this trend, this year’s Magic Apprentice total Can exceed 2,000.

If you don’t have a new child, Human is less than 10,000.

“In other words, each kill a god points, the participants will be rewarded. This seems to be a reward of the creation of the creation, but in fact, it should be the power to remain after death. I seem to find it. What … “

“In AT First, the place of GODS is given to GODS fixed power.”

“But all light balls are essentially part of the foundation. Once end, all power will return to the place of creation.”

“Every minute, part of the power is given to the winner, and the other is given to the place of creation. And the foundation of the creation is ten years, and also part of the power of gods main body.”

“This is a bit like unlimited Plane will raise money, the winner is in the same way, and the donation of the losers after the loser?”

“So, in the end, it is much more power to get the god, or the benefits of gathering GOD is better?”

Suye suddenly realized that the situation of the creation of the creation seems to be increasingly close to the actual situation of unlimited PLANE.

Suye Lifts The Head, looking forward.

Berserk king and bloody beast gods are in Great Hall, while the sputum statue of the oak tree and the smart statue of the smart Mountain Range is outside GOD’s Temple, as all the allies, which is convenient for communication.

Four statues surface gray mess.

Suddenly, the binocity of the oak god statue exudes light.

Suye Gently Nodded, the devotion of the oak god appears in the statue.

“Dear Su Shen, this time, it is for discussing the upcoming disaster.” The appearance of the oak tree is a White Light tree.

The surface of the other three statues shines, very fast, the eyes of the three statues lit, and the three god appeared there.

“I have seen your Majesty!” Berserk king and bloody beast gods. SIMULTAANEOUSLY.

“Su Nu.” The upper dragon god smart greetings, and the private market is in the statue, close his eyes.

Berserk king and bloody beast god Very Carefully looked at the smart Mountain Range, and the tyrannical abuse of this dragon god and the strong people.

“The god of the oak, everyone, there is something to discuss, the oak god, please say.” Suye.

The god of the oak is lightly shaking the crown. “After the opening of the second creation, Outside World will have a lot of distraction every ten years, so, so we guess every time we guess After a while, there will be a test. However, very few people noticed that Outside world time will have a small amount of god false every five or months, and they will pay attention to this matter. ”

“indeed.” SuYe.

“According to my estimation, it is probably in the fifth year to the sixth year of the foundation of the creation. We may face the test of a creation of a creation.” The god of oak.

“probability is very large.” Azure Dragon Mountain Range.

Berserk king and bloody beast gods dignified, they two first heard of this matter.

Suye: “Unlimited Plane will will not make us grow easily. The god of oak is meaning, next, we want to prepare for unknown tests?”

“Yes, I think we must further work closely, establish a comprehensive cooperation between commerce, life, technology, and military, integrating resources, forming a force in the future to fight against any test or disaster.” The god of oak.

“I listened to Su Shen.” Berserk king hurriedly.

“I am also.” Bloody and beasts were very busy.

The two gods look at each other and look to Suye.

The god of oak is smiling and explained: “Su Ning does not have to worry, I will definitely not win the power of Su Shen, I will come to be good, if we want to build a joint army, naturally by human and you led. Real On, we all know, whether it is a devil, orc, FAIRY or Giant Dragon, is not as good as Human in the command. “

Canghong Mountain Range is unsatisfactory, but only Coldly Snorted, Dragon Race singles without fear of any equivalent ethnic group, but said leading army, the best way is Obediently and honestly listen command.

“What advice do you have?” SuYe asked.

“We have established a coalition, not only for it, but also for the next time, after all, Outside World for ten years, this place is a hundred years, we will encounter a dozen small disasters and a hundred years of catastrophe So, I think that we have played a specialty in Early-Stage, integrating parties, etc., which grow up in the later period, can develop their respective ethnic groups. “

Suye Gently Nodded: “I agree.”

“It seems that it is more good.” Tao Hong Mountain Range.

“However, this may be wronged some god.” The god of the oak is finally hindered.

Berserk king said: “Not grievances! I will give up the training of six-arm snake devil, give up everything my preferences, specialize in cultivating the soul movie, what is it? What is the establishment of Su Shen’s destiny, let everyone together Thousands of years of the creation of the creation, let our main body get the benefits! Not grievances! Do you say that, is it, bloody beast god? “

Bloody beasts cry, Nodded and said: “I understand. I will cooperate with Su Shen to develop, some orcs are specializing in physical activity, and some orc acts as a close Warrior protect Magician, and the last part of the orc full-time shaman, research increase Class Witchcraft and treatment class Witchcraft. “

“Very Good.” SuYe.

Oak Tree: “My country, can cultivate the best Archer. Druid although it is a good casting person, Battle is far from Magician, it is better to translate into agricultural Druid, mainly responsible Production of crops and livestock. Of course, the war is the best defensive force, and should also be allocated to all localities. “

gods gently nodded, the god of oak is not small, Druid is not the ethnic group of ORDINARY, and the high-end Druid is not weaker than Giant Dragon.

Suye said: “Thank you for sharing the pressure of heavy body, agriculture, archer, and the melee. We only need to cultivate magician, but in fact, our Human needs to learn in the moon for a long time, in order to produce the ultimate Achievements. The people of the four ethnic groups are afraid that they have no patience. “

The remaining god helpless Nodded is not the ethnic group, do not understand, is Human’s learning ability. Too Terrifying.

“Our orc Ning can dig the mine and vomiting blood, and you are not willing to sit there every day.” Bloody beast God helplessly said.

four god, Simultaneously looks to the smart Mountain Range.

Lao Red Dragon, Didn’t Know Whather to Cry or Laugh, dare to show yourself to you.

“What do you want me?” Danghong Mountain Range.

“This is to ask Su Shen.” The oak god.

Berserk king and bloody beast shrinks neck, you can’t dare to accounted for the cheap of HIGH GOD.

Suye Said With a slight smile: “Dear Danghong Mountain Range, as I know, your main body is possible to promote main god.”

Listening of the Danghong Mountain Ran, a big splendor: “You can make good! Our Dragon Pantheon is particularly complex, completely the dragon god of the Pantheon Everything in Disorder. Red Dragon is home to the Persia’s Dragon Tiamat, but I was born in Egypt, Tiamat didn’t trust me, and Egypt’s Dragon Godking Dragon of Ruin Apophis couldn’t look at me. Golden Dragon Country’s White Golden Dragon Godking Baham didn’t worry, I am evil. Honglong, Northern Europe, the dragon god is about to pick up Pantheon, even if I wrap me, I can’t fall to death. I don’t want to invest in NetherWorld or abyss. As a result, for so many years, I am willing to support my godking, one No. No godking support, where do I find promotion resources? I am too bitter, too much … “