The World of Deities Chapter 1038

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gods speechless, who can think of this tyrannical crazy red dragon is a hidden big saying.

and other smart music, Suye is very patient and authentic: “It seems that you are the only hope of the creation of the creation of main god?”

“, this is my biggest hope! Now the gods are talking about what Zeus wants to die, saying that there is no fortune, not main god, must die! Genesis is my only hope!” Red Mountain Range.

“This, it seems, as long as we work with a common purpose, every 100 years in the creation of the world, you will be promoted to the main god probability, it is a big one.” Suye.

“Yes, this is also the reason why I am in harmony with you. Although you are very weak, you are very smart! Like I have a loud dragon god, not much.” Danghong Mountain Range.

Suye Said with a slight smile: “I believe in your eyes, but you think, what can you give up to the promotion of main god?”

Danghong Mountain Range is vigilant to look at Suye: “No! I am not waiting! One grain is not!”

The other three god shook his head, but it was Dragon Race.

“Really not?” SuYe asked.

“Really!” Danghong Mountain Ran, squinted, binding dangerous Rays of Light.

“If you are reluctant, you can only let your lettermen will give you something, come to transfer you to MAIN GOD.” SuYe.

“This is the line?” Heavy Mountain Range glanced and widened.

“as long as you are willing to let the coalition will lead your red dragon under your hand, they may suffer a bit more tired, but it will definitely let you stay in creation for a long time.”

“Don’t say it! I agree! You can rest assured, I will give the coallers to command an Oracle, which dragon wants to be ignorant, directly squatting fading, throwing MAGIC TOOL! Trifling Letter, how to hinder me The road of main God! “The smart Mountain Range is a pair of generous appearance.

“In this case, then I will replace the army thank you, respected the Drang Mountain Range. There is a red dragon to help, we will quickly solve the dangers, will be quickly solved, Giant Dragon’s battle, record You are on your body. “Suye.

happy nodded.

Suye looks to the god of oak: “Now we all agree Act together.”

“In this case, we can formulate a plan, play its strengths, cooperate with each other. Since we have the last experience, this Time, you can take the Demon Beast GOD, but this time is inconvenient to kill, It is more suitable for the League. With Demon Beast GOD, we can make a lot of livestock, you can also give high-level Magician with a strong Demon Beast mount, which is critical to the future. “

“Well, we will fix it, on the full military pressure, if he surrendered, everything is good, if you don’t surrender, just practice!” Suye.

Subsequently, five god negotiated details of cooperation.

After ten days, the Demon Beast forest, the five national army men under the city.

has not waited for the war, and the Wucian coalition launched a deterrent attack.

Longfang of the Babi Red Dragon is like a Heavenly Fire waterfall, thousands of Fireball roars, Densly Packed Fairy arrows like rain drops.

Demon Beast Shiver Coldly in the forest.

subsequently communicated with Druid.

ultimately, the owner of the Demon Beast forest, the magic bear god Kurum is willing to surrender and join the coalition. The resources in his hands were exhausted, and a split statue was created and sent to Kongcheng.

Since then, the six god builds a firm alliance, and its own expertise.

Beastman Race cultivates a large number of hard work, responsible for the coolest and most tired.

Fairy and Druid are responsible for livestock farming and agriculture.

Demon Beast forest produces a large amount of docile and Strong as an ox’s Black Iron, which is acting as an animal.

Dragon Race’s Red Dragon Unfathomable mystery became higher-order Magician partners, and the actual identity is mount and hand.

All Human has become a student, and every day, in addition to learning MAGIC is learning knowledge.

MAGIC resources at all parts of MAGIC resource from Human Race, Demon Beast, Dragon Race, and evils, voluntarily donation, contribute to MAGIC drugs and Magic Equipment.

Thanks to Suye Memory Magic Magic, Magic craftsmen make Primary Level Magic Tool very smooth.

Resource concentration, industrial concentration, collaborative concentration, MAGIC Alliance and Magician growth Rapid Speed ​​growth.

After a year, all Magician at least six blocks of Black Iron Magic Tool, Equipment to the teeth.

The change in the whole area is too large, so that the god of the Earth Elemental God gray soil that explores the intelligence, it can’t help but dispatched Earth Elemental to Confucius, formally alliance.

has the joining of Earth Elemental, and the alliance mining efficiency has increased.

Since then, in addition to the ocean of the East, Suye North, Western and Western are surrounded by allies.

The most difficult Early Stage, the Magic Alliance is officially established.

founth year, small THALES finally promoted the Golden level.

In this year, other ethnic groups have also appeared in the Golden level. From now on, the GODs of strong ethnicity have been cultivated, and their hands under their hands will enter the speed growth period, quickly arrive in Saint Domain or even Legendary.

Human will fall into a long growth period, less than ten years, more than 20 years.

Good news is that the total number of Human’s Magic Apprentice exceeds four thousand, and national Magician is no longer a dream.

human starts to create MAGIC TOOL for other families, and the strength of the entire MAGIC Alliance is further expanded.

Magic Alliance Shouyuan Several Thousand THOARTHS LI’s Earth resources, let Black Iron level Magic Tool began to spread between the various races SLOWLY.

Refining Magic Tool This takes a long time technology accumulation, but personally guided by Suye, strong theory, rich experience, maturity, everything has, let this low-order MAGIC TOOL for semi-pipeline, production speed fast.

As SuYe continues to study, a new MAGIC TOOL is finally created, named MAGIC waist ring.

The wearing of the Human Magic ring is sufficient, and each MAGIC ring is limited, it is very inconvenient to use the conversion.

Magic waist ring is a Magic Tool that is specifically used to hang the Magic ring, and can quickly replace the MAGIC ring that has been released in your hand, and the speed is faster than Ring Of Space and the cost is lower.

Some people gave this Magic waist ring, called waist wandering.

However, the MAGIC waist ring is simple, but the That MAGIC ring can be used, and only a few mini talents can use the Magic waist ring, and the 100 MAGIC rings.

In order to keep these Human genius, for these future Legendary, Suye can be described as exhaustive.

Fourth is flat year, there is only three small things that happen to three years.

One is the territory of the two god dispatched coalitions to the god of oak, etc. After they are close to the oak city, they found the red dragon, Magician, orc, Earth Elemental and the Demon Beast Densely Packed array waiting, turn and run .

The coalition has not pursued, as the existing technical level is not enough to let them rule more territory, and there will be a variety of accidents in the front of thousands of kilometers.

Now the god is in a strong support Suye, which is to promote Saint Domain in advance, build a transmission array.

The gods have technologies to build a transmission array, but the technical level is too high, at least Demi-god can be completed.

As long as the transfer array technology is completed, the coalition can be acceleration.

The second is that the red dragon is not a higher Dragon Race. The birth of the two Saint Domain red dragons at the end of FOURTH, and the Supreme is spreading thousands of kilometers near World, so that the outside people call the Magic Union as Red Dragon Union, do not dare to be close .

Three is the number of soul movies, and there are multiple Golden mind, which means that Suye has an ultra-long distance command to fight, although there will be some delays, may be disturbed, but already extremely Efficient.


Four, a dark night, a dark night, before the god’s temple, kneel on the ground, three 叩 nine worship.

In the statue, Suye quietly looked at the most outstanding military leader in Human, Li Xia.

Everything that happens in the Three Kingdoms, Suye is on the eye.

I deliberately grasp MAGIC, education and war, and the rest is handled by countries.

In the past five years, some places are unexpected, some are exceeded.

For example, this Li Xia, a Ambitious.

“MORTAL Li Xia, for the big instructor to do his best, for the national diligence, for the people Striving to the utmost, for your own confused. Today, INTERNAL TROUBLE AND OUTSIDE AGGIRESSION, Sino-Division Stand in Great Numbers Long, in the past, in the big instructor is unfavorable, in the country is unfavorable, the people are unfavorable. Therefore, Li Xia is inviting the instructor to support the emperor, afterwards, afterwards, the life of the world is a day, but self-proclaimed Son of Heaven, never change “

Suye quietly meditated.

In Li Xia, this may be a Major Event that is destiny, but in Suye’s view, INSIGNIFICANT.

The problem is how you should handle this thing.

In the previous development and war period, the Three Kingdoms Work with a common purpose, but in the current relatively stable period, people think.

This is the normal of life.

In an open SYSTEM of a multi-factor, absolute balance state is rare or even possible.

The close-up state or away from the balance is the normal.

is that personal growth is still the same.

Throughout the history, any country that is absolutely balanced, will inevitably stagnate, lose vitality, and then subvert them outside or by internal enemies.

If you look from a macro Human History, the entire HUMAN is always in an unbalanced but stable progress.

Suye Pensive for a long time, said: “I will not support you, you will not be against you, but you can’t kill any magician, if the must murder, can only kill Magician, and can only kill one. You only have a month, if the situation is stable for a month, you can’t set it out. If you want to study Magic, you will never interrupted the Han Dynasty military affairs. As for me, there is no need, the sky is the ultimate principle of all things, everywhere Heli, but floating clouds. “

Li Xia Qiang is so happy, busy: “Xie big instructor Your Majesty! Chen has already prepared for Wanquan, as long as the action will solve everything with Thunder Wanli, Recovery is stable as soon as possible. We will take MAGIC country, Make Magician. “

Suye Coldly Snorted, quiet thinking, no longer taking Li Xia.