The World of Deities Chapter 1039

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At present, it seems that he has ignored a thing, although he can do a lot, but is imprisoned in the statue, there is no real absolute power.

, even the people may betray, let alone your own.

Then, you should build a trustworthy organization to balance any Ambitious.

Although it seems to solve Li Xia or any Ambitious is very easy, but this is just a standard, and he has a strong force. As long as you want to block the control of Wisdom, you will have a new trend, and it is either Destroy, or destroy all hinders.

ourselves are Magician, not a short-sighted Mortal World priest, you must face the desires and needs of your heart, but also to consider the common sense of the world, while you have to follow the truth behind it.

The inner desire and demand determines its current height.

The culture, system, morality, relationship, emotional, experience, etc. determine its actual height.

The principle, logic, knowledge, and philosophy of ultra-off-world, decide its upper limit height.

If you do your own desire, in order to avoid yourself, kill Li Xia, your current height is high, but it will destroy the social environment of the entire Han Dynasty.

Even more how, the principles of yourself, the logic and philosophy on our Rational Rational, are telling yourself, solving Li Xia is not the best way.

The most important thing is that this is not Li Xia’s own choice. It is the choice of the entire Han Chinese, which is the environmental impact of all the generals of all the Chinese people, history, education, society, etc..

As long as you do not introduce some great idea, at this stage, the entire Han people are more suitable for the survival of the unification.

Finally, after thinking, Suye decided, it is still a big instructor, not to control.

Follow the history of history.

Suye quietly observed Li Xia and his hand in his hand.

Leave God’s Temple, Li Xia Mi will lead to the main forces of Han Dynasty, then the lie is to absolutely support yourself and pull everyone.

Next, use a variety of conspiracy pangs, master more power, exclude the absenteeism.

1 Month Later, Li Xia suddenly haunted, imprisoning all hostile forces, and led the rest of everyone, worship Totem and Suye.

from start to finish, suye not say a word.

Li Xia has prepared, send Magician secreting, forming a variety of Natural Phenomenon, so he is successful, the country is still using the Han.

After the emperor, Li Xia resolved the system of the entire Han Dynasty, and the history of Huaxia readed, established Emperor, Cabinet, departments and provincial government.

After developing the country, a part is completely catering to Suye, such as improving the status of the Magician, plus Archmagician research fees, and encourages the growth of the ethnic group.

Suye, Gently Nodded, this Li Xia has had some people, it is very clear that what you need, and it is very clear that the whole Han State needs what.

There is also part of Li Xia exposing too strong control, ordered a variety of harsh laws.

The harsh law of Li Xia has triggered a strong rebound, and Li Xia immediately put a pair of Cabinet, revised the law, and revised the law.

In this way, the entire Han State has developed in a direction that cannot be expected.

Han Guo changed to the emperor, shocked the barbarism and the nation.

After a few months, the barbarban umao is self-defeating as the king, and the Family tribe of the righteousness of the grassland.

and the nation has also changed to the Aristocrat joint under the leadership of Roosevelt, Roosevelt is the first big consulate, and the Aristocrat hospital is also known as Senate.

Under the influence of culture and politics, all aspects of the three countries have begun to change.

Later, after years, the Han Guo Golden Magician Little Thales, Han Dynasty Golden Magician Liu Zhi Tian and the Barbarian Golden Battle Battle Magician Black Spark issued a joint statement, forming Magic Association, not with secular power, master, but transcendence.

To this, the formal formal formation of the three countries.

MAGIC Alliance Other god doubts, often asking Suye to do this, Suye does not answer, smile.

Bloody beast god tried to follow Suye, and the result is a few months almost to play the orcs. I have to give up.

After three country has completely independent awareness, it is inevitable to form various differences, the division of the territory, the conflict of the system, the friction of the culture, the concept of the concept, the different habits, etc., etc. … The contradiction is endless.

However, SUYE is in, Li Xia, Uquia and Roosevelt do not dare to make too much move, especially in these two aspects of population and MAGIC, three countries tried to cater to Suye, and all kinds of policies that encourage fertility have been introduced. And strictly crack down on various behaviors of various hazards, such as people who are sick, the treatment can not be hosted, so they are not respotes until the highest leadership, never soft.

The entire policy is steadily implemented in Handom.

but very quickly, let SuYe’s tongue happened in the nation and barbaries.

The two countries have actually organized some collective Chaos “exchange” to promote fertility.

Suye is originally wants to manage, but I think about it, this is the result of multiple social environment such as low moral adventure open culture. It is inevitable road, which is too lazy.

It can’t be used anyway, this flooding exchange will trigger exchanges of different species, which will introduce the disease of other species into Human, which will inject human restraint, and force Human against new diseases, indirect Promote growth.

If the nation or barbarian is really due to the decline of cultural factors, the whole group will inevitably introduce the power of restraint decisions, which is the instinct of any life group.

Even more how, it is true that the National Barrier is really dying, and there is also the Sea Calming Divine Needle of Han Dynasty, or … 不 不, wretched development, help Human has always been difficult. Quiet, the sea, the country is full of blood, continue to die, Rapid Speed ​​waves.

Sure enough, for a few months, some Magician advocated rationalism in CHAOS communication, choosing Aristotle’s mid-way thinking as guiding principles, encouraging birth, but does not advocate Chaos Fertility.

under these rational Magician opposition, Chaos AC is turned dark, and enters relatively non-malignant state.

SuYe This thought after Chaos exchange, the three Congress will stop, but the Didn’t Expect, the nation’s Aristocrat McCarthy suddenly found that the population and Magician of Han Dynasty, the total amount of MAGICIAN, the time is a huge threat to the nation So McCarti started to lobby Aristocrat, alliance with the barbaries and other country, against Han Dynasty.

The nation has been affected by marine civilization, and the piracy is strong and excited.

The national country is a group of robbers, so he is a shot with the sea, forms a hands-on-hand alliance, symbolizing two big hands to kill the country.

at first, the two countries secretly act, only to limit a small amount of trade in Han Dynasty.

They know that the magic is impressive, which is not only harmful to himself, but also by Magic Association and even the main instructor, but the economic aspect belongs to the internal affairs, and Magic Association can not be found. Interference.

The AT First of the Han Dynasty is a bit, after all, Han Guo is the state of etiquette.

So, the Handom AT First did not respond to any counterattack and continued to treat people.

Han Dynasty is overcrowded by people affected by the mountains and marine civilizations, even helping the two countries to speak, saying that Han State should not resist.

The result is not long, the two countries are more and more Impudent, and there is different voices within the Han Dynasty.

The two countries have never stopped, and the loss of the Han Dynasty is too big, and there is no counterformation.

, an unprecedented Human bucket, broke out in the fifth year.

Suye I really want to kill McCarti and the Others, but finally decided to give up excessive intervention.

This is the same as if you don’t stop Li Xia.

On the surface, this is some minority of Ambitious for a big sin made by the benefits.

But in fact, these people can drive the power of the whole country because most people in the two countries want to do this.

The root causes the problem of internal development of the two countries, both need to vent your emotions, and also need to compete for interest.

small things may sources from accidents, but Major Event involving groups will inevitably have long been brewed, and finally suddenly broke out.

If you trace the whole process from the head until the end, it will find that there is an invisible big hand in the collective, and the movement of the Slowly promotes the situation, every fruit, there is inevitable due to countless causes.

There is no accident, everything is just an inevitable historical trend.

From the short term, competition between this big country will form the negative effect of unimaginable, intense internal consumption, waste of resources, slow development, and the chaos of people, etc., etc. …

However, from a long time, this is precisely Human’s self-purification and self-growth.

In this seemingly chaos, various complicated factors will constantly stimulate the current owners, and everyone will certainly change.

These tiny changes, at first glance, but continue to grow up, constantly brew, constantly fluctuating, and ultimately form a new wave of waves, destroy all old mistakes, rebuild new historical trends .

, the growth fails, in the long-term internal consumption, eventually leading to the whole group.

This process is more like some organs of people, need treatment, treatment failure, more sick, and successful treatment, it is more powerful.

Suye silently, realized that next, the Haruo and the Matrue Congress will temporarily account for the wind.

However, the toughness and unity of Han Dynasty will make itself full.

With the continuous development of Han Dynasty, one day, it will consume energy and strength to confront the seafood of the seafood, and finally behind the Han Dynasty.

If you look forward, the strong Han Dynasty people may have problems, and after the two countries seize the opportunity, rise.

This is the inevitability of life.

Suye does not interfere, but the next red line is drawn, and once the inner fighting of any situation, once the drag is dragged, the death injury is excessive, and the current leader must roll back.

With this red line, the Han Dynasty put his heart, and there was limited defensive counterattack and vigorously developed its own strength.

and the two countries are also put down, began to constantly hypere to test and die, and jump in the red line.

occasionally personal stepp, Suye immediately commands Magic Association to take the imprisonment and never.

Not a few months, the two countries did not look good, and Han Dynasty did not seem to be substantial losses, so they colluded from other ethnic groups.