The World of Deities Chapter 1091


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When the number of Magician and Mage Tower exceeds a certain level, Human’s appearance does not seem to have jumped, but the operating efficiency of the entire society has suddenly increased.

Now, the development of all God’s believers can’t keep up with Suye’s Human believers. Even some Magician believers have been chasing after many years ago, and they’re still chasing now, learning the knowledge of the Three Kingdoms. Occupy most of their time, they are simply unable to create and surpass.

The Scarlet Pope looked at the core city suspiciously, and asked: “Su Shen, really you are not in command?”

“Really not.”

“However, why do these Magician conductors have a hard to describe beauty and fluency? In terms of efficiency, they are definitely not as good as yours, but in terms of the fluency of hard to describe, they are still above you. You command At the time, it was like an invisible big hand pushing them quickly, very strong, but now, it seems that every Magician is doing its best but running naturally.”

“As expected of Magician God, I also felt weird before, but not as detailed as you.”

“Speaking of which is really, Su Shen, how do these Magicians do it? There are not many Hero Magicians in all. It stands to reason that at least Demi-God Magician can be used to achieve this level.” [19459002 ]

Gods looked at Suye one after another.

Suye said with a slight smile: “All of these are forces that emerge naturally after the Magician has developed to a certain level. As long as the Magician follows the correct laws and uses the correct methods, all of these are where water flows, a canal is formed. It’s like fine water eventually converges into a river and flows into the sea. A Magician doesn’t actually know how to face such a huge group of enemies, but when enough Magicians gather, the lifeform of the Magician group will naturally make the most correct lifeform. The choice. Any individual who tries to block the right choice will be eliminated by this group’s lifeform.”

The Crimson Pope said: “It’s a miraculous phenomenon. In fact, our believers are the same. They can always create things that we can’t expect, and do things that even God can’t do. Only. However, it is far worse than the believers of God Su.”

“Where is the difference?” mana Goddess asked.

“Let go of the hand holding their throat.” Suye said.

Gods is silent.

“The Demi-God ancient demon is dispatched.”

Gods simultaneously looked at the core city in the magic image, a full thousand Demi-God ancient demons, rushing into the army, surrounded by black smoke, like a black snake, the fierce and strange aura shocked all the surrounding ancient demons .

The Demi-God Bone Golem is five hundred meters long and is like a giant hedgehog that swells into a mountain. The Sharp Thorn is filled with wailing tower beasts.

Demi-God Multi-Eyes Devil Wherever the dragon went, his eyes were swept away, all the tower beasts were paralyzed, and then they were trampled to death.

The Demi-God multi-winged magic eagle flies at low altitude, flapping its wings, continuously creating a shallow green drama Poison Dragon wind, twelve rows in a row, sweeping all enemies one kilometer in front.

Demi-God multi-legged demon cow didn’t need to do anything, just kept running, the Earth Rapid Speed ​​oscillated up and down within a kilometer of its body, endless black mana tossed and torn, and pieces of tower beasts were stepped into mud by invisible pressure.


This time, there are not only “more” ancient demons, but also “less” ancient demons.

The faceless ancient demon Giant has no organs on his face, like a large black wall. At first glance, his face looks like a huge black abalone. I don’t see what he is doing. He just walks forward. The black oil flows on the ground, covering a thousand square meters. Meter.

As long as all tower beasts enter the black oil range, they will be drawn into the black oil by the wave of black oil and disappeared.

In the very center of all the ancient demons, there is an unintentional ancient demons.

At first glance, he looks like a 20-meter-high Giant with white skin and long arms. The entire chest and abdomen are hollow, with only a thin layer on the edge, which seems to have been opened with a big hole.

He obviously has no intentions, but when the turbulent airflow enters the big hole in the chest and abdomen, it will make a loud heartbeat-like noise, and then it will turn into countless strange black fog, which merges into the bodies of all the ancient demons within a radius of tens of kilometers.

The other part of the black mist is like a group of black dragons circling over the Demi-God ancient magic battallion, continuously weakening and even disintegrating the Legendary magic.

This unintentional ancient demon by the strength of oneself greatly increased the strength of the nearby ancient demon, and the strength of the low-level ancient demon even increased several orders.

The unintentional ancient demon is followed by a giant belly ancient demon.

The giant belly ancient demon has no organs except two legs and a huge belly, like two toothpicks supporting the shelled boiled egg.

All attacks close to them will be distorted, either being bombed high in the sky, or attracted to the white belly of the tortoiseshell pattern.

Behind the giant belly, all power is divided into multiple forms.

One part was shot again.

Part of the unfathomable mystery turned into armor covering the body.

One part is reduced to the purest elemental dissipation.

A part of it returned far away, and it was mixed with ancient demon poison fog.

Only less than one-fifth of the power forms real damage, but it is basically offset by the newly formed armor.

A large number of magic fell on the only way of the Demi-God ancient magic, but they could not cause any damage to them, and could only effectively slow down their travel speed.

They are like Giant Dragon in fireworks, and like a group of elephants tearing apart the spring scene, they come straight to the core city.

The dense tower beasts rushed up. Even the giant bone bull that was promoted to Legendary was easily repelled or thrown away by the powerful Demi-God, and could not be effectively stopped.

“This level of attack can’t stand it.” Canghong mountain range frowned.

“Yes, either use the crystal tower eyes or let the Main God guards attack.”

“What are those Magicians doing? Demi-God is about to rush to the city wall.”

“Among these Demi-God ancient demons, there are many ancient demons that have not been seen before, and…their wisdom far surpasses the imagination, and their ability to cooperate is extremely strong.”

“Once those magic attacked the unintentional ancient demon, the other Demi-God ancient demon immediately helped, the key to the four giant belly ancient demon, which has never been seen before, this protective ability is too terrifying. Without the Demi-God device, There is no way to take four of them.”

“This is only the second wave. We will encounter nine times in total.”

Just when the Demi-God ancient magic arrived two kilometers away from the city wall, all the legendary magic cannons sounded rhythmically like a symphony.

Legendary Grandmasters, finally shot.

Stronger than the Demi-God ancient magic, it also suddenly slowed down under the attack of super dense Legendary and even Hero magic.

Switching to Human Demi-God will inevitably retreat, but these evil Demi-God surrounded by black mist and covered in black oil, resist hundreds of Legendary magic attacks every second, and can still move forward.

Encouraged by the Demi-God ancient demons, all the ancient demons screamed and their morale was greatly boosted.

On the other hand, the soldiers of all races on the side of the Magic Alliance are frowned.

Demi-God battallion’s Impact is unprecedented.

Although the Legendary and Hero level magic spells are strong, they are unable to severely damage the Demi-God ancient magic.

“Main God Guards Regiment, strike out!”

A group of ten thousand Main God guards roared and simultaneously threw golden light spears, like a golden rainstorm, surging down, and landed in the Demi-God ancient magic team.

The rays of light and dust were scattered, and the Demi-God ancient demons with varying degrees of injury continued on their way.

The hair of the two hairy ancient demons suddenly swelled and lengthened, turned into thousands of braids, and fell on the other Demi-God ancient demons. Then, the severely injured Demi-God ancient demons instantly transformed their recovery into light injuries, and The minor injury of the ancient demon’s injury slightly worsened.

Then, a polynosed golem suddenly protruded out of 77 big noses, and turbulent black magic water spurted out and sprinkled all over the Demi-God ancient demon.

Demi-God’s injury to the ancient demon can be recovered completely in one second.

“Main God Guards, take turns attacking!”

A full 200,000 Main God Guards Regiment, with 10,000 as the unit, began to strike in turn.

The Demi-God ancient demon staggered like a tortoise sinking deep into the mud.

However, they are still moving forward.

Gods sighed.

“This kind of Demi-God ancient demon is comparable to my ten Demi-God believers.”

“At least thirty.”

“Their army of eternal demons can almost defeat a Demi-God guard regiment.”

“Fortunately, the Magicians have so many methods, otherwise even if the Legendary Guards continuously strikes, they won’t be able to stop them.”

“We still underestimated Divine-Level and other ancient demons.”

“Thanks to God Su to welcome the Ancient Demon War for us, otherwise we are likely to suffer a big loss at first.”

“But, what are the Magicians doing and why let them get close? Isn’t it safer to strike at a distance?”

Gods looked at Suye, and Suye watched the battle indifferently, without saying a word.

The Scarlet Pope shook his head helplessly and said: “These Magicians are so brave, they deserve to be Suye’s people.”

Gods is puzzled.

Seeing that the Demi-God ancient demon was about to rush one kilometer away, the long-lost buzzing sound rang.

one after another A beam of scarlet light erupted from the eyes of the crystal tower.

Gods thought that everything would be the same as before, everything evaporates where the tower eye ray passes.

Afterwards, Gods stared at the unprecedented scene in amazement.

Tzzzzzzz ……

Tens of thousands of tower eye rays fell on the Demi-God ancient demon, and they just kept impacting them back, but they kept burning their bodies, and failed to form a strike certain kill at all.

But the tower eye ray was too strong after all, ten seconds later, part of the Demi-God ancient Devil Body watch melted.

One minute later, the first Demi-God monsters with the weakest defensive power died in battle.

After 3 minutes, all Demi-God ancient devils died in battle except for the giant belly ancient devils and the unintentional ancient devils in the middle.

The last remaining five Demi-God ancient demons turned around and ran without nostalgia.

However, the Legendary Grandmasters suddenly shot, one after another imprisoning the magic obstruct four seriously injured Demi-God ancient demons, and the two hundred thousand Demi-God guards simultaneously shot.

boom~ boom~ ……

golden spear, golden bone sword, golden giant claw, golden dragon’s breath…

Twenty layers of forces merged into one, like a golden waterfall descending from the sky, smashing the last five Demi-God ancient demons.

Before the Demi-God Ancient Demon could study it, one after another Magic Formation of various colors fell on the place where the Demi-God Ancient Magic Formation died, instantly teleporting away all the Demi-God ancient devil corpse.

There is not a single drop of blood left.

Gods suddenly realized, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

No wonder Magician wanted to bring these ancient demons closer, because it turned out to be easy to take away the remains.

These ancient demons died far away, and the living Demi-God ancient demons will definitely stop them.

Seeing Suye’s victory, Gods was relaxed, which at least shows that the Alliance still has the power to fight against the large-scale Demi-God ancient demons. It’s just…

Gods looked at the Main God guards, most of Legendary or Hero collapsed on the ground, hu hu fell asleep on the spot.

Most of the crystal tower eyes retracted into the tower, and the Legendary magic spell on the battlefield was greatly reduced.