The World of Deities Chapter 1167


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The total number of new gods of the Old Sea Pantheon has not only surpassed the old time, but also has completely surpassed the subordinate gods of the sea god Poseidon.

The number of new gods of Pantheon of the night expelled by Zeus has also increased sharply in several decades, even more than Zeus Pantheon in terms of number.

Some medium Pantheon suddenly discovered that the total number of new gods of their Pantheon also surpassed Zeus Pantheon.

Although the overall strength of these Pantheon is far inferior to Zeus Pantheon, the large number means that over time, the strength of these Pantheon will snowball, but the development of Zeus Pantheon will only proceed step by step.

Not only Zeus Pantheon, but the God of Abyss Pantheon also panicked. The Main Gods of the Abyss gathered together to discuss the prospects of the Abyss from time to time.

Because the growth of Netherworld’s new Demon Gods can be called a burst, according to this trend, before the eighth plane gift, the number of Netherworld’s new gods will exceed 10 million!

Soon, Netherworld will completely crush the abyss.

What frightened the Abyss Gods the most was that the power of Netherworld was increasing, the area of ​​Netherworld was expanding, and it was expanding by swallowing the abyss.

The Pantheon power of the infinite plane is so unbalanced for the first time.

Six months after the seventh gift, Gods’ focus quietly changed.

Because the land of creation has changed.

Since the death of Zeus’s distraction, only dozens or even a few Gods have died in the Land of Creation every ten years, but in the past six months, thousands of distractions have fallen from the Land of Creation.

Gods finally woke up, the creation land is by no means a stable place, which means that very few Gods will survive the eighth plane gift.

Many Gods are ready to fall into distraction.

At first, Gods thought that the infinite plane would change drastically because of the increase in new gods.

But in fact, except for the Twilight Battle, all Gods stopped taking action.

Especially the gods of Pantheon, it is strictly forbidden to initiate wars from gods, and all gods must step up their efforts.

Soon, Gods understood everything.

The Pantheon who added less to the new god, dare not cause trouble.

Pantheon, which has been added to the new god, is promoting the new god cultivation and promoted to Low God quickly.

Once these new gods grow up and start mass promotion to Middle God and even High God, the pattern of infinite plane will be completely changed.

Thousands of High Gods are impossible to withstand a single blow in front of Godking, but what about ten thousand High Gods or even one hundred thousand High Gods?

The Pantheon, which was added by many new gods, began to keep a low profile.

Abyss Pantheon and Zeus Pantheon, Spread panic.

All fools know that the relative strength of Abyss Pantheon and Zeus Pantheon will become weaker and weaker as time goes by.

According to this trend, the probability of the death of the two Pantheon is great.

However, if you do it now, there is also no chance of winning.

The God of Zeus Pantheon suggested Zeus or asked Zeus’ intentions, but did not get a reply.

Year after year passed.

On the magic planet, Ocean Goddess Tethys and mana Goddess Hecate’s doppelgänger sat left and right at Suye’s feet.

Tethys said with a slight smile: “Your Majesty, I have some new news from Zeus Pantheon.”

“What happened?”

“With God’s judgment, the collapse of distraction, the fall of Hermes, and the explosion of the new Pantheon gods, they completely disrupted Zeus’s plan. Zeus is now looking for new countermeasures.”

“What is Zeus’s new strategy?” Suye asked.

Tethys shook her head and said: “I can’t be sure. However, I can report to you all the recent events of Zeus Pantheon.”

After finishing talking, Tetis’ fingertips flew out of the memory ball.

Suye saw the memory ball and said: “Every month, you will collect Zeus Pantheon information for me. Have you found anything special recently?”

“Everything is normal, what did you find?” Tethys asked.

“Zeus paid too much attention to the Battle of Twilight.” Suye said.

Tethys looked puzzled and said: “This is normal. All God pays too much attention to the Battle of Twilight.”

Suye raised his hand, a black magic light curtain appeared in the great hall of Divine Palace, and a horizontal and vertical appeared on the back light curtain, cutting out a plane coordinate system.

Suye said: “The horizontal axis is time, and the vertical axis is the attention value of the Twilight Battle. This attention is mainly determined by God’s initiative to discuss, mention or collect information about the Northern Europe Twilight Battle. The higher the focus , Which means that God is more interested in the information about the Twilight Battle in Northern Europe, so that we can collect more information.”

“On this screen, there will be three lines that represent the attention of the three kinds of Gods to the Battle of Twilight. The white line represents the average attention of all Gods of Infinite Plane, and the yellow line represents the average attention of all Gods of Zeus Pantheon. The red line represents Zeus’s personal attention.”

The three lines extend and rise slowly from left to right.

Suye said: “At first in the Twilight Battle, the yellow line is slightly higher than the white line. This means that Zeus Pantheon Gods pays more attention to the Northern Europe Twilight Battle than most Gods on the infinite plane, because the Pantheon on both sides are adjacent. , The relationship is hostile, this phenomenon is normal. The attention on behalf of Zeus’s red line has been lower than the first two. Because he is Godking, rarely takes the initiative to communicate, and rarely expresses his own attitude. We collect very little intelligence from him, so His attention is lower than the average attention.”

Tethys and Hecate are gently nodded.

“Look, the three lines continue to grow. Although there will be slight changes, the three lines generally maintain a similar slope. They increase when they increase, and decrease when they decrease. Zeus’s red line attention has always been the lowest , The average attention of the white line of Infinite plane Gods has always been in the middle, and the average attention of the yellow line of Zeus Pantheon has always been the highest.”

With the passage of time, the seventy-first year after the opening of the three lines across the Land of Creation, the slope suddenly changed.

“Huh?” Tethys and Hecate were surprised simultaneously.

Since that year, because of the increase in the number of distracting deaths in the land of creation, the number of new gods has increased, and the Battle of Twilight has not changed much, Gods gradually reduced their attention to the Battle of Twilight.

Whether it is the white line representing the attention of Gods or the yellow line representing the attention of Zeus Pantheon, there is a significant decrease and a peak.

But the weird thing is that the curve representing Zeus’s personal attention not only has not decreased, but has increased continuously over the past few years, even surpassing the white and yellow lines!

Tethys suddenly realized: “My lord’s wisdom is unimaginable! Just looking at the previous intelligence and information, I will only find that Zeus’s attention to the Twilight Battle has increased a little bit of insignificant, which seems normal. However, if you use what you said… yes, big data and visual presentation methods, things are completely different! This proves that Zeus is now paying attention to the Battle of Twilight, extraordinary!” [19459002 ]

Hecate sighed: “This is the real use of magic. You don’t need to hurt anyone, you don’t need to attack anyone, just with this seemingly simple method, you can tap the other party’s weakness!”

Suye nodded, said: “Through these data and icons, it is found that in this period, everyone will pay less attention to the twilight battle in Northern Europe, including us. But why did Zeus open the first place in the land of creation? Seventy-one years later, instead of asking and discussing more and more information about the Battle of Twilight?”

The two Goddess smiled.

“Of course you know the answer.” Tetis said.

“We all know that when other Pantheon is greatly enhanced, he will strengthen himself and Pantheon. This is his current major event. However, we found out his actions through intelligence and information analysis…” [ 19459002]

Suye waved his hand, and densely packed charts and data appeared in Divine Palace, involving all aspects of Zeus, thousands of them.

Tethys and Hecate scanned the charts in amazement, getting more and more frightened as they looked at them.

Tethys whispered: “Your Majesty, how do I feel that even Devil is inferior to you?”

“Yes, even if I am not good at the big data you mentioned, but after reading these data and graphs, I actually feel like peeping at Zeus, and I can even predict some of his next actions.” [19459002 ]

“This is too terrifying. You have not directly contacted Zeus. The large amount of intelligence and information you get is indirect or even public. Even a lot of intelligence and information seems useless, but when put together, it seems like a magical A large sum of money, outlines all the trajectories of Zeus, and even… can figure out the psychology of Zeus…”

Tethys and Hecate looked at each other, they both saw the shock that could not be concealed in each other’s eyes, very carefully shut their mouths.

“I know what you are thinking.” Suye said.

The two Goddess lowered their heads, not say a word.

“You are right. I call this magic ability God portrait. Under the comprehensive power of big data, logic, SmartBrain, my ability, etc., with a large amount of open and open information and intelligence, Using the correct method, you can analyze a God’s personality, preferences, behaviors, habits, etc., and then, based on this information, deduce what he is doing now, and even with a high probability what he will do in the future.” [19459002 ]

The two Goddess were so shocked that they could not speak.

Suye’s ability surpasses any Demon God who controls the mind.

“The result of my deduction is that Zeus has been thinking of ways to increase the power of himself and the entire Pantheon, especially after the surge of other Pantheon, his related measures are obvious. For example, to ease the relationship with the hostile Pantheon, such as increasing conferred as God In the seventy-first year of the opening of the land of creation, he actually reduced some of his routine actions. Look at it…”

Suye waved his hand again, and some charts were picked out. Those lines recording Zeus’s behavior, in the seventy-first year since the creation of the land, either no longer grew and the recovery was flat, or they started to decline.

However, during the same period, Zeus’s attention to the Battle of Twilight grew extraordinary.

Suye said with a slight smile: “He wants to strengthen himself and Pantheon, and reduce other behaviors, but instead pays attention to the Twilight War. Can we infer that he thinks he can get the best Big gains? This means that he is likely to do something secretly to find a breakthrough in the Battle of Twilight.”

“This probability is not big, but inevitable! Your graphs and data are too convincing.” Tetis said.

Suye said: “This means that we not only have to analyze how he benefited from it, but also find ways to cut off these channels! With this chart, I can safely join the Twilight Battle and find Odin.” [ 19459002]