The World of Deities Chapter 376

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Now, the Golden Magician on the obviously disadvantaged side of Greece does not use the powerful Golden magic spell. If a bronze mage is forced to take the first shot, what about the dignity of Faye?

Persia’s Golden Magician are a little embarrassed.

Golden Mage in Greece silently read jokes.

2 The wing called Killing Formation, the warrior and Magician of the two sides came and went, the arrows flew, the spears were thrown into the sky, but some fronts of the Chinese army seemed to be negotiating.

Fortunately, there are many ways for mage, Golden Mage reluctantly uses the second way to deal with Shifting Sand Spell, Stone Wall Spell.

I saw rows of Stone Wall Spell running across the sand, a little higher than the ground, completely preventing the rotation of the sand. There is a stone wall every one meter or so. Persia warrior stepped on the stone wall and passed through the sand.

After casting, Persia’s Golden Mages retreat simultaneously, as if to say that they have done their best and don’t call them until the final charge or dangerous moment.

Faye needs rest.

The Persia warrior sneered in their hearts, but since the Shifting Sand Spell is resolved, it will not be bothered.


The Kingdom Army and Undead Army of the complete equipment ran forward, stepped on the earth wall above the quicksand, and easily passed through the quicksand…

Although it feels a bit wrong, it seems nothing.

Rapid Speed ​​forward!


A fascinated warrior stretched his hands and rubbed his eyes, stepped empty, and fell into the sand that had not moved.

The absorption power of quicksand itself has not disappeared, and the power of sinking innate skill is still there.

The warrior shouted only a few times before being swallowed by quicksand.

“Fool! Don’t fall!” The generals behind Golden Warrior scolded in anger.

However, some people squinted because of the Scattering Dust innate skill and fell into the quicksand.

The generals of Persia thought they were careless or were hit by arrows, but they were helpless except to swear.

Most Persia warrior are lucky and not blinded by Scattering Dust. However, as long as they are above Shifting Sand Spell, even if they step on the wall, they are still subject to the effect of slowness and pressure, whether it is running speed or shot, they are slow A big cut.

Greece warrior waiting at the edge of the quicksand shots.

The two sides are fighting on the edge of quicksand.

Black Iron, bronze, and Silver Magician successively shot, but unlike the warrior’s battle method, Magician generally use several magic, they will quickly retreat, in order to avoid being warned by the spear and arrow of the warrior.

The time slowly passed, and the Magicians could not cast endlessly. Many Magicians would retreat to the back of the team when the mana had only one third left, meditation recovery mana.

The protagonist of the battlefield is still warrior.

Because the dense battle array Impact cannot be used, both sides are relatively loose, Persia’s number advantage plays a great role, and the 2 wing advances very slowly.

The battle is in a temporary stalemate.

Suye does nothing now, only uses Shifting Sand Spell, and runs the rear meditation after use, and continues to add Shifting Sand Spell after meditation.

At first, neither side realized the role of Shifting Sand Spell.

However, the warriors on the front line of Greece quickly discovered that those Persia warriors would be vigorous and lively once they left the range of Shifting Sand Spell. However, if they were in the range of Shifting Sand Spell, they would move much slower even if they stepped on a stone wall.

As a result, the front soldiers and Captain began to issue orders to stick to the quicksand, and try to avoid Persia soldiers leaving the Shifting Sand Spell range.

It didn’t take long for the generals of Persia’s generals to find strange places.

The battle losses on both sides are a little disproportionate. After a long battle, many Greece warriors are still old faces, but the backs of Persia soldiers have changed from wave to wave.

But what if the Persia soldiers’ battle damage is so great? Why are there so few dead bodies?

Shifting Sand Spell.

“Count the soldiers!” a Persia General shouted suddenly.

The Persia army began to count the soldiers from bottom to top, and a shocking news spread throughout the Chinese army.

2 10000 Kingdom Army, 5000 killed in battle.

3000 Undead Army, 1000 killed in battle.

In non-siege warfare, this is already a terrible battle loss ratio. Under normal circumstances, it is enough to cause one side to flee across the board.

But why didn’t both parties find out?

“Damn Shifting Sand Spell! All Magician orders, to disperse Shifting Sand Spell, I want to see how many corpses are buried underneath!” Persia Chinese commander shouted.

The Golden Magicians also felt that things were wrong, never hidden, and continued to use the golden magic spell “magic digestion” which was extremely mana-consuming.

Many Magicians are helpless. The mana consumed by magic digestion is three times that of ordinary Golden magic, while the mana consumption of ordinary Golden magic is ten times that of bronze magic. It takes 3 times the mana to offset the magic of cloud dog car bronze Magician. They are very sad.

It stands to reason that the magic digest of the golden level can solve the magic spell of the bronze level 100%.

However, many Golden Mage are a bit ignorant.

Because their magic digestion often fails, the success rate is less than 60%.

On the contrary, the Stone Wall Spell on the Persia side is often eliminated, causing Persian who is fighting to fall into the quicksand.

However, in the face of the commander-in-chief, they had no choice but to use brace oneself constantly.

As the blue rays of light dissipated by magic continue to fall on Shifting Sand Spell after another, Shifting Sand Spell gradually fails.

The body of Persia warrior engulfed by Shifting Sand Spell appeared out of thin air on the ground, piled up into hills, piled up and piled up.

Not only did Persian startle, even the Greek warrior didn’t expect.

“Persian is over!”

“The Kingdom Army is about to die!”

“Undead Army corpses pile into mountains!”

Some Greece generals suddenly spoke Persia with their magic beards, and their voices spread throughout the audience.

Many Persian did not believe it, but when they saw the piles of corpses hills in the position of the Chinese army, they panicked.

The light infantry were stiff, even if their rational told themselves that the corpses were only a small part, but their bodies and emotions were not controlled.

Suddenly, the sound of the attacking horn sounded on Greece’s 2 wings.

The Golden Wings of Greece 2 Wings were outrageously dispatched.

Rows of walls of fire cut off the retreat of Persia soldiers.

one after another tornado spins frantically, and his limbs are broken.

A fluffy white flower Icicle dropping from the sky, covering a radius of thirty-forty meters, splitting his head and covering his face on the soldier, one Icicle and one blood hole.

A group of poisonous bees with thumbs as big as a cloud flew all over the sky, like dark clouds flying across. A large number of soldiers were covered with blood spots and their skin was blue and slowly died.

In the face of the sudden emergence of a large-scale magic, the 2-wing Persia light infantry collapsed across the board and tried to escape.

The gendarmerie, armed with barbed whips, ran faster.

Greece’s 2nd Army was on the wings.

However, the Chinese troops on both sides did not move.

The warrior be eager to have a try of the Chinese army in Greece, but there is no order to dare to do it.

But the warriors of the Persia Chinese Army panic, because in their sight, the front is the corpse hills of the Kingdom Army and the Undead Army, and on the two sides are the successive Golden Magic and the fleeing self.

Mid-to-high-level warriors and Magician complexion slightly changed. They know the virtue of the Persia light infantry best. Once they flee, it will be a long time later. Then the Chinese army will face three attacks and be attacked. Divide the surrounding risks.

Currently, Persia Chinese Army has only 2 options.

Either go back and keep up with the 2 wings.

Either break through the Chinese Army, and surround the left or right of Greece all the way.

“Go forward! Go through the Chinese Army!” Persia Chinese Army Commander ordered the charge.

Persia’s Golden Magician scolded in their hearts and had to return to the front line to recite large-scale Golden magic.

However, China’s military has long been ready.

See the densely packed broken arrows and broken spears flying towards the Golden Magician.

The Golden Warrior near the Golden Magician had to block, and some of the Golden Magicians insisted on casting, while others stopped casting and quickly stepped back.



The most worrying thing about the Persia Chinese Army happened, and the Greece 2 Wings had already killed them.

3 side attack, Persia Chinese army immediately chaos.

In addition to the Undead Army’s firm execution of orders and constant advancement, the Kingdom Army has begun to run away.

A few people fled immediately and formed a complete collapse.

“Army attack!”

Miltiades General’s voice exploded in the sky.

“The retreat, die!” There was a sharp voice from Persia’s direction.

Persia’s gendarmes were armed with weapons, and they slashed the soldiers who fled, and the Magicians used fire wall technology to stop them.

The Persia soldiers had to stop running and turned to respond to the Greek soldiers.

The blocking of Undead Army fierce and unafraid of death interrupted the Greek coalition charge, giving Persia soldiers a chance to regroup.

Suye sighed, Undead Army’s role in the war was too strong.

However, one party’s imposing manner was like a rainbow, and one party was unwilling to fight, and the balance of the battle began to lean towards the Greek coalition forces.

There are too many troops in Persia, and Undead Army is not afraid of death at all, and has stabilized his position for a while.

All this was expected by the coalition of Greece.

Greece’s coalition formations have undergone subtle changes.

The number of 2 Wings began to decrease and was mainly defensive, but the Chinese Army began to attack.

Suye quickly realized.

The 2-wing Persia light infantry has no fighting spirit and is unable to attack at all, and those light infantry are not the objective of the Greek army. It is not too late to kill them at any time.

However, there are few opportunities to eat the Kingdom Army and Undead Army.

It seems that the high level of the coalition of Greece made up their minds and would rather fight both sides suffer and win the 2 10000 Kingdom Army and 3000 Undead Army in Persia in one fell swoop.

The magic and arrows that fell in the Persia Chinese army suddenly increased, and more Golden Warrior and Golden Magician on the Greek side began to move closer to the Chinese army.

Regarding the total number of people, Greece is far inferior to Persia.

However, when it comes to the number of people in the Golden rank, the Greek coalition forces are not inferior.

The Chinese fronts on both sides seem to be meat grinder.

Suye once again continued to use vine whip to the place where the enemy is dense, the main reason is that Wood Attribute magic has a certain spiritual wisdom, can recognize the enemy, otherwise a Shifting Sand Spell in the past, the enemy escapes, and the Greek warrior dare not chase.

In this kind of chaos battle, the Golden Magician of both sides has become the objective of the other’s attack, and no one has taken care of this bronze Magician.

trifling bronze magic spell The vine whip cannot affect the battle.

However, Suye’s vine whip can.

Especially the Persia soldiers who are constantly being smashed around their ankles have a terrifying visual Impact, and even the morale of Greece’s own people is affected, even more how Persian.

In the sight of Persia warrior, the fear in their hearts doubled for each additional comrade who was hit by a vine whip.

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