The World of Deities Chapter 377

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After a fierce battle, Golden Mage and Golden Warrior of both sides slowly reduced their shots.

Soon, the Golden Mage on both sides stopped in a tacit understanding and retreated to the back meditation, recovery mana.

The Golden Mage behind the Greek Chinese Army occasionally looked towards “Urak” from Sparta.

“That Little Brat is very interesting.”

“I don’t know if it was carefully cultivated by Sparta or other City-State genius.”

“Unfortunately, the 20-year-old bronze mage has limited achievements and it is difficult to mention on equal terms with Plato Four Heroes. Soon, it will be surpassed by a new generation of geniuses.”

“Euclid, I heard you came back from Sparta. How about this Urak?”

“Okay, he will be promoted to silver immediately.” Euclid said.

“Don’t talk about him for the first time, the people who are 2 times are about to be dispatched, we also need to be prepared to avoid the counterattack.”

“Get ready, the Magician on the opposite side will have a chance to run away if he responds quickly. It’s a pity that I have seen a half of the Magician on the opposite side…”

“Euclid, the next battle is up to you.”

“no problem.”

The battle continues.

After Suye casting, observe Magician on both sides.

Golden Mage rarely shoots in person.

The Chinese troops on both sides do not have Black Iron mage, and Black Iron mage is arranged on the flank.

Hundreds of Black Iron mages from both sides took turns in battle, and the offensive methods were surprisingly consistent, constantly casting Fireball Spell forward.

Fireball Spell is a nightmare for ordinary light infantry. Once hit, it will completely lose the battle force, but it will only cause minor injuries if it falls on the warrior wearing armor.

Because the effect of Fireball Spell is too small, Suye suspects that both sides are to sharpen their Magician, but soon discovered that the main role of these Black Iron Magician is not to kill people with Fireball Spell, but to fight the morale of the other party.

In the eyes of ordinary people, Black Iron Magician is more than Black Iron Warrior terrifying.

Everyone can understand the attack of Black Iron Warrior, but can’t understand magic. Looking at the Fireball that each and everyone flies over, the warriors will be affected more or less in their hearts.

Suye looked towards bronze Magician again.

The number of Magicians at this level is much smaller, there are more than 100 people on each side, and unlike Black Iron Magician, they have a very good grasp of magic.

When it’s time to use offensive magic, they will use Fireball Spell, Acid Liquid Ball, Frost Flying Liquid or Rock Puncturing Thorn. Most of the time, they will use restrictive magic, such as Shifting Sand Spell, Swamp Spell, Stone Wall Spell, Trap Spell and so on create opportunities for friendly warriors.

Without a powerful innate skill, this level of magical damage is limited.

Therefore, bronze Magician is not the main force of the battlefield.

Currently, Silver Magician is the main caster of both parties.

One Flame Demon Serpent, like a partner, stood upright and stood beside a warrior.

Those Flame Demon Serpent all have wrist thickness, nearly 2 meters high, huge snake mouth spit out a Fireball every ten seconds, the formidable power is even larger than ordinary Black Iron Magician.

Occasionally, densely packed Frost Arrow rain fell from the sky, causing a fatal blow to the dense warrior.

Each and everyone burst out the big fireballs with big heads. These fireballs are a little slower than Fireball Spell, but once exploded, the fire and impact waves sweep all enemies within a radius of 3 meters. Once the warrior under Black Iron is surrounded by this, it will definitely die. Even Black Iron Warrior with Black Iron divine power shields will be hit hard.

Around each silver mage, a metal sword with a length of no more than 20 centimeters is suspended, which is a floating blade, which can actively attack all enemies in the five meters around the body, formidable power equivalent to a Black Iron Warrior.

Once the frontline is in crisis, the Silver Magicians will use the Fire Attribute silver magic “Crazy Blood” from Northern Europe, so that many warriors have the power and speed to surpass themselves, but up to ten minutes, these warriors have to retreat. Fall into weakness for a long time.

Temporary weakness is better than being killed.

The casting distance of silver mage reaches 6 ten meters, they have a very safe casting distance, and countless enemy warriors die in their hands.

Suye understands why City-State and other countries have not vigorously developed Magician, and the investment cost is extremely high, but at least they must reach the silver level to play a real role in the battlefield.

Most of the time, apprentice mage and Black Iron mage are often cumbersome.

Suye looked at the Golden Mage on both sides, and the doubts in her heart were like the white mist rising after hot water soaked the tea leaves.

Just before, the Golden Magicians showed great power. Within 100 meters, various large-scale magic swept each other. Once the warrior under the silver was in the Golden magic, it would definitely die.

The warrior on both sides suffered heavy losses.

However, both sides use the standard magic, just the most streamlined basic magic in each department of magic, not at all use their own best in creating magic.

“It seems that when the final battle is over, you will see a variety of different creation magic.”

Suye thought for a while and said to the nearby Sparta warrior: “You watch carefully. Once the Golden Magician on both sides attack, we will retreat immediately!”

“You don’t worry, I’m not stupid. Once they use the creation magic, how far can I run.” Kasto whispered.

“Well, everyone be careful. Many magic creations are very weird, control spirit, invisible and invisible, and even break through the limit of 100 meters.” Commodus said.

Suye continued to see the process of meeting Faust General yesterday and suddenly found something particularly important.

Neither Faust nor Euclid even talked about the most important thing.

How do Golden Mage and Golden Warrior get started?

Yesterday we discussed the military formation and discussed the strategy and tactics, but both of them seemed to ignore the role of Golden Mage and Golden Warrior.

Even when Suye said he dragged down the enemy Golden Mage, the two did not say anything.

“Greece’s Magician number is not the first in 4 countries, but the highest level has always been the first in 4 countries. I don’t believe that these guys are not prepared for this battle. You can’t use Legendary magic during battle. It doesn’t mean you can’t ask Legendary Grandmaster to use the big one before battle. Transmission Gate or transmission form. Miltiades, as Legendary warrior, is also a strategically uncommon General. If you anticipate the Battle of Marathon half a year earlier, you will definitely be asked Legendary Grandmaster to help in advance…”

Suye realized that she found part of the truth.

“Let’s go back another 30 meters.” Suye walked away and put away the magic tent.

“Why? At this distance, you can only use the power of Magic Evolution. One or two times can evade the Magician, but if there is more, you will be doubted to be you. After all, Legendary and Saint Domain have Magic Evolution. But there are too few Magic Evolution in the bronze rank.” Casto said.

Commodus glanced at Suye, and he was confident: “He is afraid of death.”

Suye glanced at the old gladiator battle king and said, “This is a command.”

In a fierce battle, a small team of unremarkable warriors moved further and further away from the front line, and then stopped.

“What are you doing down here?” Casto whispered.

“Let’s watch it change.” Suye turned his head to look at the Golden Magician around Euclid whispering, and looked towards Persia’s Magician.

Suye suddenly asked: “Kastor, as a Demi-God family, have you been paying attention to important wars?”

“of course.”

“Last year, the Persia army first occupied the northern island of Euboea. Did you know the whole battle?” Suye asked.

“I dare not say it well, but I have read the battle in detail three times, and it is the battle report from Persia.” Kastoear smiled.

“So, what were the effects of Persia Golden Magician in the battles on Ubeya Island, and what powerful magic creation was used?” Suye asked.

Castor froze for a moment, wrinkled frowned, thought for a while, and then said: “I think about how to answer… No, I did not use powerful magic to create, Golden Magicians did not at all too many shots, basically based on warrior .”

Suye said: “That’s right. Persia is a huge empire. Even though magic has developed rapidly in the past 100 years, because the overwhelming majority of Persia’s royal family is warrior, so in Persia, the warrior still leads Magician. Magician only It is regarded as a warrior of large-scale attacks. In the Persia Empire, not at all built Magician Legion with Magician as the core, and did not develop the corresponding Magician tactics. In other words, some Magician is developing, but it is not accepted by the Persia Empire. Because the Persia Empire thinks that it has a stronger or more powerful force at this stage, such as Giant Legion, such as Demon Beast Legion, such as Flying Snake Legion, such as Destiny Warlock, etc., right?”

“Your statement seems to be better than mine. Yes, you are talking about Persia’s status quo.” Kastor was ashamed.

“That’s a pity. I also ignored an important issue before,” Suye said.

“What is the important question?” Castor and the other Sparta warriors looked at Suye curiously.

“Actually, the last large-scale war between Greece and the other three countries was already 3 years ago. Although frictions between countries have continued over the past 20 years, small-scale and low-intensity battles have never been interrupted, almost every year, but This kind of war in which a country directly dispatches more than 20 troops is the first time in 500,000 years. But the combat situation on Ubeya said that in these 20 years, the tactics and means of war of the Persia Empire have not changed, right?” Suye asked.

Castor was pensive for a long while, gently nodded.

“Yes, I recalled the war situation on the Ubeya Peninsula, and I also recalled the Persia Empire’s foreign wars over the years. There was no huge change, only a small improvement in equipment, but the number of Magician increased slightly.”

“So, what about Greece?” Suye asked.

Everyone has a glimpse.

Most of the 30 Sparta warrior faces appeared ashamed.

Some people are ashamed of ignoring Magician. Some people are ashamed of Magician’s increasing role on the battlefield.

“Greece is different!” Kastor suddenly said.

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