The World of Deities Chapter 378

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“Especially Athens, the power of Magician has been able to control the situation in the whole City-State, even Athens Areopagus is not willing to confront the Plato Academy. Everything comes from Socrates Master’s demise. That is from that day, Greece Each City-State has begun to cultivate Magician consciously. Although it is not as powerful as Athens, it has formed a scale. Since then, the large and small magic academies in various places have been the best examples. With the exception of our Sparta, Sparta has been rejecting Magician, just like …Like the Persia empire on the smaller one. If Greece Magician can shine in this war, when I go back, I will remind the Sparta royal family.” Casto said.

Suye sighed, said: “Look, like Persian King or Sparta, you can only change little by little when you see the surface changes and effects, like a stubborn donkey sucked by a whip. In fact, when you see the appearance At that time, the world has been changing. When you fully understand the appearance, this change is already irreversible. When you want to master this power, you find that the person or force that has the earliest power has become a huge that you can’t compete with. monster. Don’t talk about this issue. My conclusion is that this battle will decide Greece and Persia’s future.”

“Magician’s tactics?” Commodus sharply discovered the key to the problem.

“Progress, or advanced. This war will verify which of Greece and Persia has more advanced and advanced power. I ignored this before, but fortunately I woke up in advance. If I stand on the opposite side, now Start running away.” Suye said.

Suye finished speaking and looked at the front quietly.

Behind Suye, a few lines of sight swept his back.

Castor kept meditating.

Commods sighed: “Although I still don’t understand, I have a feeling that everything will be said by you. In fact, if you find this problem on the opposite side is normal, but you can advance on our side. I found that this ability is really too strong. You say this, I began to recall the signs of these 2 days, it seems that they are indeed different.”

“I hope the Magicians of Greece will not let me down. It is painful and lucky to be able to live in this era and witness the progress of this World.”

Suye looked quietly at the front, with flowers appearing at the corners of her mouth.

Euclid lifts the head, looking at Suye 20 meters ago, then lowered his head and wrote on the Magic Book.

His Magic Book is the outline of the entire battlefield.

And in the huge battlefield outline, densely packed dots and lines are covered, so much as to be splashed with ink, full of pages, and black.

Slowly, the 2-wing Greece warrior moves forward again, while Persia’s light infantry keeps retreating.

The Persia Chinese Army had suffered the previous losses and no longer took the lead. They coordinated with the 2 wings to slowly retreat, but at the same time tried to avoid affecting morale.

After the formation stabilized, the Persia 3 army tried to charge, and the Greece side retreated slightly later.

The two sides formed a tug of war.

It didn’t take long for the Greece 2 wing warrior to suddenly charge again.

This seems to be the starting point of another tug of war.

The generals of Persia are ready to keep back with calmness.

However, the 200 million Greece warrior suddenly made a full attack, and the dense large-scale Golden magic exploded in the formation of Persia light infantry.

This is almost exactly the same as Persia’s first retreat scene.

The generals of Persia met coldly and began to conduct targeted command.

Under the full command and pressure of General Persia, the Persia soldiers retreated in an orderly manner.

The various large-scale magics released by Golden Magician may have flames, water vapor, or bee colonies. They seem to cover the sky, but the lethality is not strong.

Suye felt a little weird, constantly glancing at the two-wing Greece army.

“Why would there be some Magician dressed as warrior rush forward with the team?” whispered.

“What?” Commodus and Castor hurriedly looked to the 2 side, but their faces were blank.

“You look closely at the running postures of some people. The running postures of warriors are like lions and tigers. Even if the action is guarded, there is a posture of impulse, their body will lean forward, because their enemy is in front, How reluctant the heart is, you need to maintain a similar posture. This is the battle instinct that has been cultivated for many years. This is the life-saving method they think is correct. However, some of them are different. They seem to lean forward, but in fact They are shrinking their necks, they are afraid of fighting directly, and there are some people who have their upper bodies straight and even leaning backwards. They are not observing the enemy in front, they are observing the entire battlefield, which is a typical Magician vision. And You can also look at the walking style of those people, which is different from the solid pace of warrior. Their footsteps are relatively vain, and sometimes they are deeper and shallower, obviously not running long, especially not good at running in this chaos field, but The slightly trained warrior will not be so clumsy…”

Suye enumerates a lot in one breath, but all use very low voice to avoid being heard by the opponent’s Magician, even if the battlefield is very chaos.

“You say that, really, I also feel that there are a few warriors that are not like warriors, and they are a bit older.” Casto whispered.

Komodes nodded and said: “I also just found a few people, they are dressed with magic masks, they look like 20-30 years old faces, but their exposed hands have sagging skin and even age spots, and they are moving forward The pace is indeed too slow. They also have a lot of rings.”

3 people, one word for me, keep whispering about the Magician hidden in the 2 wings.

The other Sparta warrior had a veiled face. Do these people have eagle eyes? Why do I only see a group of charge in everything in disorder?

Suddenly three people closed their mouths at the same time and kept looking at the two sides.

I saw some fake warriors that they were concerned about before, and suddenly stopped, and beside each fake warrior, there were 2 to 3 warriors standing, glanced all around alertly, guarding the fake warrior.

Suye suddenly turned back and looked at the Greece Golden Magicians in the rear, and saw Euclid suddenly close her eyes.

In his dark vision, an old mage around Euclid suddenly showed a lot of silk-like power, which instantly connected to every Golden Mage around him, and then continued to extend from these Golden Mages, connecting one Golden Magician after another.

At least 50 people are directly or indirectly connected by the old mage’s invisible wire.

Suye immediately remembered a Golden magic spell.

Mind connection.

But the spiritual connection can only connect one person, but what is the hell?

It should be created by magic.

Suye’s heart jumped sharply. He took a deep look at Euclid and turned to look at the Chinese army ahead.

Don’t even go and watch the hidden Magician of the 2 wing.

The expressions of the Golden Warrior and Golden Mage of the Chinese army have subtle changes. Suye knows that the other person has seen some weird details, but their minds are not enough to quickly sort out all kinds of information and draw clear results. Make the most basic judgments so that they are alert and feel bad, but they don’t know where the danger comes from.

Suddenly, the Greek Golden Mage who were connected by their hearts began to recite Incantation.

Then, in front of a large number of Greece Magician, Magic Formation of different colors appeared, the elemental power of the entire battlefield surged.


“Run away!”


Immediately found elemental surging Persia Golden Magician who were all scared, and they saw densely packed rays of light all over their body.

Tens of Magic Tool simultaneously tremble throughout the body.

Layers of protective power such as layers of petals bloom, floating on Persia Magician’s body, some people disappeared, some flew into the sky, some people moved to 100 meters behind, and some people directly entered the Transmission Gate.

But in a blink of an eye, Persia’s Golden Magician escaped cleanly.

Persia Golden Warrior’s insults spread across the battlefield.

“This group of timid mice!”

“Be careful! Damn Magician!”

“Go back and kill them!”

The Golden Warrior began to run away, but several generals were pale.

I cannot escape myself, at least not now.

Suddenly, the rings in Greece Golden Mage’s hands flickered in succession, and in front of them and near the Persia generals, there were transmission gates of deep blue one after another.

At the moment when he saw the Transmission Gate, Suye remembered the scene where Aristotle used the Transmission Gate to extend the magic distance to kill Saint Domain Magician.

At the same time, a handful of 2-meter-long 4-color lance appeared in front of many Greece Golden Mages.

The lance of 4 colors mana intertwined with khaki, fiery red, wind blue and aqua blue.

Even when Suye saw this magic for the first time, her eyes widened suddenly. This magic is so famous.

4 Elemental Spear.

The golden magic created with the magic of earth, fire, wind and water 4 is the strongest single element attack golden magic. The only disadvantage is that it consumes ten to six times the mana of ordinary golden magic.

All 4 elemental spears fly into the Transmission Gate.

In the Transmission Gate near General Persia, a spear of 4 elemental flew out.

Every Persia general and Persia Golden Warrior’s complexion changed dramatically, and they immediately tried their best to defend their 4 elemental spears in the field of vision.

However, in the next moment, only three Golden Warrior expressions changed again. Instead of using the Battle Skill to attack the 3 elemental spear they could see, they suddenly turned around and used the Battle Skill to protect their rear.

Suye’s eyes widened.

Except for those 3 people, the rest of the Persia Golden Warrior are like idiots, blocking the 4 elemental spears that are not flying to them, but not guarding against the 4 elemental spears flying from behind.

puff puff puff …

One after another, the Golden Warrior was penetrated or hit by a 4 elemental spear.

They did not wait for the reaction, and the 4 elemental spear burst.

boom ~ boom ~ ……

Except for the very few Golden Warrior with strong protection ability, the back just blasted a large bowl of meat pits, and all the other Golden Warrior hit by 4 elemental spears, the body was all blown apart by the force of berserk.

120,000 high-level battle strength, 90% killed.

The banner of the Chinese army fell.


The living Golden Warrior shouted wildly and fled into the wild.

Some of their footsteps were staggering, some were vain, and it took only a dozen steps to stabilize.

Golden Warrior’s voice spread throughout the audience.

Persia 3 army, completely collapsed.

The Greek Golden Magicians casted expressionless again.

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