The World of Deities Chapter 379

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Suye originally wanted to follow the big army, but suddenly stopped.

Not only Suye, all the Chinese soldiers in the army gave up the charge and stood motionless.

It is not just the command of the Chinese army that issued the Chinese army’s stand-by command.

Even more, this World seems to have suddenly changed.

Everyone’s eyes seemed to turn into the night sky, and then, countless beautiful but cruel fireworks burst into the night sky.

One after another powerful magic flew into the Transmission Gate.

magic creation-wind blade tornado is like a black Giant Dragon erected on the battlefield, the wind blade tornado has more than a dozen people hugging, ten floors high, this magic moves even faster than Silver warrior’s full strength run, like a berserk Beast is flying.

All people located within 3 meters of the wind blade tornado are sucked into this magic, and endure endless wind blade cutting.

Even the Silver warrior persisted for less than 3 seconds.

After a while, tornado turned into dark red and spouted out meat sauce continuously, just like a moving meat grinder, which scared Persia warrior to cry and cry.

magic creation-flaming eagle group is a team of 30 flame magic eagles. The flaming eagle group dives from the sky while spitting flames downward simultaneously, burning all the people below.

After the flaming eagle swept across, the ground left each and everyone humanoid black charcoal.

Magic created -Earth blasting, when the ground with a diameter of 100 meters suddenly collapsed, everyone in the range fell into a deep pit of 4 five meters, and then the entire huge deep pit burst into burst.

The sky was full of rocks, and the flying head of Persia soldiers was the head, torso, and limbs of the Persia soldiers, with some eyeballs, teeth, or fingers.

Suye suddenly looked up and looked towards one direction.

I saw a red fire cloud there, probably covering the range of 8 ten meters in diameter, and the small and small flames fell like raindrops from the sky.

Those flames are pitifully small, and the Kingdom Army and Undead Army as small as the fire cloud don’t care.

However, when the flames fell on them, Suye saw a familiar scene.

The flame suddenly spread, sticking to the constant combustion of everyone.

After the flames landed, the ground instantly turned into fire sea.

After only 2 seconds, the magic disappeared, but all Persia warriors in the flame range were burned to death.

These flames have at least 3 innate skills: Spread, Adhesion, and combustion.

“Sure enough, I can’t underestimate the Magician in the world.” Suye thought.

Suddenly, a moving green cloud flew over the Transmission Gate.

magic creation-Swarm of bees violently, this place where the swarm rushes directly to the largest number of people, never stays, and leaves when anyone encounters a stinger.

Even if the Silver warrior has divine power equipment and silver divine power shields, they are irresistible. Once struck by a stinger, the battle power will be lost instantly, and then live to poison to death within a few seconds.

magic creation-vine python group, I saw a thick thigh vine lined up in a densely packed row, just like the ancient python group of ink green flying on the ground, no matter how many people encountered, entangled, let Persia No matter how good the soldier’s Battle Skill is, how powerful it is, and how quick the reaction is, it’s hard to escape.

Where the vines and pythons passed, there were corpses everywhere.

A variety of large-scale magic creations came to the battlefield like a natural disaster, and lost the countermeasures of Magician and powerful warrior. Those Persia soldiers seemed to have entered Netherworld, and Netherworld in Judgement Day.

After the first round of magic creation was released, all Magicians stepped into the Transmission Gate.

At this time, the new location they had reached was swept by magic, without any enemies.

Golden Magician recites Incantation again.

Suye was surprised, because part of the Persia soldiers seemed to be like fools, not only did they escape, but gathered together.

Suye remembered the seemingly stupid reactions of the Golden Warrior before.

There seems to be an invisible big hand controlling the battlefield.

And those Golden Magicians seem to have expected it as early as possible, the second round of large-scale magic created magic, falling among the densest Persia warrior.

What makes Suye’s whole body cold is that in the second round, there are 34 large-scale golden magics, and there are exactly 34 Persia warrior nearby.

From a distance, the Persia warriors are as if they are waiting for the Golden magic.

A terrifying idea came out of Suye’s heart, turning his head to look at Euclid, who still had his eyes closed, and looked again at the battlefield.

A more bizarre scene happened. The first Persia soldiers were killed because they were too concentrated, but the remaining Persia warrior gathered together to escape.

The ruthless Golden magic fell on them again.

“Is Persia warrior so stupid?” Sparta warrior are stupid.

“It’s just a fish school without a brain!”

Just a few seconds ago, Suye thought the same way.

However, Suye can be sure that those large-scale magic landings are too subtle.

The ring in the hands of the Golden Magicians flashed again, and the Transmission Gate appeared again in front and in the distance.

The Transmission Gate in the distance appears on the escape route of the Persia Chinese Army.

The Transmission Gate at this time is not distributed everywhere, but it is lined every 100 meters or so and connected in an arc on the battlefield. Obstruct Persia’s retreat route.

Golden Mage once again aimed at the Transmission Gate casting.

One after another horrible large-scale magic simultaneously flew out of the Transmission Gate.

An arc of death magic area appeared on the battlefield, and the army soldier ran into the front of Persia.

The Golden Magicians glanced at the secure Transmission Gate and stepped in.

More than 30 Golden Magician stepped forward, using a wide range of magic in a progressive manner, constantly moving forward, and constantly casting.

These more than 30 people surrounded the entire Persia Chinese army.

Previously, the Persia Chinese Army collapsed only in formation, but now, all soldiers of the Persia Chinese Army collapse.

They fluttered like headless flies, but it was Miltiades General’s order that awaited them.


More than 30 Golden Mage are in the south, and the coalition forces are in the north, like two giant hands together.

The Golden Warrior of Greece shot all out. In front of them, each Persia warrior is just a calculation method.

One hit or two hits.

Commodus looked hot.

Castor kept watching Suye.

“Let’s go too.”

“As you bid!”

All Sparta warriors are like a group of bloodthirsty Demon Beast, rushing to the past.

Suye looked quietly at the battlefield.

2 10000 King’s Army and 3000 Undead Army will soon be wiped out.

In the distance, the escaped Persia Golden Magician and the sporadic Golden Warrior kept looking back, and each time they looked at it, their grief in the heart increased by one point.

The two-winged light infantry who fled also looked back from time to time. With every look, the terror in their hearts increased by one point.

In the Persia camp, those soldiers who were ready to rescue would just run out of the gate of the camp and then stopped, looking at the siege robe with grief.

It’s too late.

Persian in the big camp watched this scene silently.

A middle-aged Persian with short brown hair deep in his eye sockets clenched the wine glass in his hand. The gold wine glass has been twisted into scrap copper by him.

The high-level Persia army around him is as dark as a pan.

The expression of Persia Magician is different from them. They have no anger, no sadness, only surprise.

Has Greece Magician’s tactics been so subtle?

When the last Persia warrior fell, the battlefield simultaneously cheered.

Greece Allied forces roared wildly, many people ran like crazy, rolled, bouncing, venting their emotions by all means.

The battle that was supposed to be undoubtedly defeated, the battle that was supposed to have been put to death, thought that it would be trampled by Persian.

However, Greece won!

Many people shouted and shed tears in silence.

Others began to clean the battlefield and carried back the body of fellow Greece.

30 Sparta warriors came back.

They discussed while walking.

“Persia’s lightly recruited light infantry are understandably stupid, but the king’s army is not so stupid. They lose one’s head out of fear and impossible to gather together to let Magician catch everything in one net when they escape.”

“I’m also surprised, do we Magicians use a large range of Illusion Spell or magic spells that control spirit?”

“Impossible, if you have that kind of ability, is it still so troublesome?”

“Sue… Urak, you are Magician, do you know the reason?” Kastor asked.

The Sparta warrior looked at Suye curiously.

Suye turned around and looked at the place where the Golden Magician was, and saw Euclid’s face was pale. The magic robe in his whole body was wet with sweat and was held by another Magician.

All nearby warriors and Magicians looked towards Euclid with respect.

Euclid slightly smiled, glanced at Suye, nodded, then sat on the carriage, and returned to the fortress under the protection of a large number of warriors.

“Because Euclid.” Suye answered back to Sparta warrior.

“What?” Kastor suspected he had heard it wrong.

“You didn’t see it, but I found out that someone used the power created by magic to transform the spiritual connection into multiple spiritual connections. All the Golden Magicians you saw before were connected by the power of the spiritual connection. This multiple mind There are 2 cores connected, the first core is naturally the Magician who releases this magic, and the second core is Euclid, he decides the timing and destination of each magic.” Suye said.

“Impossible…” Castor stunned.

Commodus stared blankly at the carriage that was going away.

“Don’t you think the 4 elemental spear is strange? It’s normal for the 4 elemental spear to kill the Golden Warrior, but it’s strange that the Golden Warrior can’t escape the 4 elemental spear, and most of the 4 elemental spears are killed from behind. Dead Golden Warrior, this is even more strange. If you recall, you will realize that it is an extremely terrifying process.”

“I can only guess right now that before the first batch of Transmission Gates appeared, Euclid played in his mind the possible reactions of each Golden Warrior in the next few seconds. Remember, it is the reaction of every Golden Warrior of the Chinese Army.”

“Afterwards, he controlled the placement of all Transmission Gates. After the appearance of the Transmission Gate, the actions of those Golden Warrior will naturally change, and at this time, Euclid once again judges all the next moves of the Warrior.”

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