The World of Deities Chapter 380

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“After making his second judgment, he controlled all 2 elemental spears to fly into the Transmission Gate.”

“When only half of the 4 elemental spear enters the Transmission Gate, Euclid can use all Magician’s power to influence the angle of the 4 elemental spear. That is, at this moment, Euclid makes a third judgment on the next action of Golden Warrior. .”

“Three consecutive judgments will greatly reduce the error. Even, I suspect that Euclid has memorized the information of each Persia Golden Warrior before the war, including their personality, preferences, battle methods, choices in critical times, and on-site reactions. Wait, everything is calculated. Based on countless information, Euclid determines the point and angle of the final 3 elemental spear.”

“Moreover, the 4 elemental spear must absolutely meet one condition, that is, appear behind each Golden Warrior. However, in order to avoid the Golden Warrior turning around accidentally at this time, in what way must they attract their attention. Yes This is the second condition that the 4 elemental spear must meet, which is to ensure that each Golden Warrior has other 2 elemental spears in sight, making them feel that at least one 4 elemental spear is directed at themselves Here.”

“Only in this case will Golden Warrior focus his attention immediately on the 4 elemental spears in sight and ignore the 4 elemental spears on the rear. That’s why we found that those powerful Golden Warrior are like fools , It seems that no one can guess the 4 elemental spears behind.”

“Speaking of which, I can say another speculation, that is, before the Magicians used the Transmission Gate, didn’t they release a lot of large-scale magic? Those magics actually acted as a shield to the view, so that those Golden Warrior could not see To the 4 elemental spear.”

“As a result, you have also seen that there are very few Golden Warrior who are either aware of the crisis or found that the 4 elemental spear in sight is not really directed at themselves, and then quickly turned to resist the 4 elemental spear behind. This cannot be said to be Euclid doesn’t work, it’s Euclid’s choice.”

“The first choice of Euclid, choose to kill most of the Golden Warrior, and give up a few Golden Warrior.”

“The second choice of Euclid is for the next layout. Those Gate of Transmission landings are not only related to the 2 elemental spear, but also to the next large-scale magic. In order to make the next large-scale magic kill more Many King’s Army and Undead Army, he allows very few Golden Warrior to escape.”

“Next, we saw that the first large-scale Golden magic flew out of the Transmission Gate, killing a large number of Persia soldiers. Now when we look back, we will realize that the path, direction and scope of each magic are elaborate Calculated. And the purpose of the calculation is only one, so that more kings and Undead Army can gather together!”

“In order to avoid large-scale magic attacks, even the clever Persia soldiers will only instinctively choose the safest road nearby, which means that many Persia warrior will choose a similar escape route to gather together. Yes, gather together They may die, but if they don’t choose that path, they will feel like they will die right away.”

“Euclid is clear that in that situation, Persia soldiers will only rely on Human instincts, such as to avoid the disasters in front of them and forget the disasters that follow, for example, if everyone goes there to explain that there is safety. Obviously, Human instincts are in In the past, you could save yourself, but in the new era, it is a sword that pierces you.”

“What I admire the most is that Euclid not only calculated the response of Golden Warrior, not only affected the movement of the first batch of Persia soldiers, but also used the second round magic to fight the movement of the Persia soldiers after the impact, and let the third round magic Continue to maintain high-efficiency killing. After that, Euclid is no longer needed, and the Golden Magicians teleport to the rear to cut off the escape route of the Persia Chinese Army. They only need to use a large range of magic in front of them, without brain advance.”

30 Sparta warrior You look at me, I look at you, with a look of brutality.

Their emotions tell themselves that this one called Suye is bullshit, how could Human be able to achieve such a limit, the degree of calculation will make the brain blow up directly!

However, recalling what happened before, the more I think, the more I think Suye is very likely.

Because if the Persia army is really so stupid as it seems, it will not sweep around Persia, nor will it easily take off Ubeya Island.

“Are all Magicians monsters?” Commodus whispered as he watched Suye.

“Times have changed…” Kastor clenched his fists hard.

The other Sparta warrior is still ill.

Suye said with a slight smile: “Let’s go, let’s go back, this battle is enough for the Persia army to dare to act blindly without thinking for 3 days. Only when their trump card fighters such as Giant Legion and Demon Beast Legion arrive, will they dare to do it again? Attack us.”

“Go! I may be promoted to long soldier today.” Commodus grinned happily.

“I feel like I can be Captain!” Kastor is more optimistic.

The rest of the Sparta warrior twitched his lips, they are at least Captain, and even the head of the regiment.

Suye took the bronze dagger and led everyone to the place where he was responsible for recording military merits. He let 30 of them enter the lie detector Magic Formation for preliminary military merits reporting.

Later, Suye went to Faust General and reported his military merits.

Because Faust General is too busy, Suye did not delay his time.

After reporting the military achievements, he was originally prepared to visit Euclid. As a result, there were too many people visiting, and Suye had to leave in silence.

Soon, everyone received news from the herald that today only City-State is allowed to hold small-scale celebrations, drinking is prohibited, noise is prohibited, and enemy attacks are to be prevented.

Sparta City-State is scheduled to be responsible for a night of the city wall tonight. Since only the Sparta team led by Suye is currently arriving, this task falls on their shoulders.

In the afternoon, the whole team goes to sleep to feed the spirit for the night.

Except Suye.

Suye does homework.

After finishing his homework, Suye only slept for half an hour, then got up and continued to learn to describe Magic Formation Chart.

Silver Magic Formation Chart is far more complicated than bronze Magic Formation Chart. It takes 2 hours to learn a Magic Formation Chart for Silver Magician with Small Accomplishment.

Even a very skilled Saint Domain mage, it takes an hour to portray a silver Magic Formation Chart.

This leads to a very high time cost for learning Silver Magic Formation Chart.

From entering Sparta, Suye everyday all spent an additional hour to learn the Silver Magic Formation Chart. Later, it was found to be too slow and had to reduce the sleep time by one hour. He spent 2 hours a day learning to describe the Magic Formation Chart.

Generally speaking, it takes 2 years for silver mage to master all the silver basic magic.

Suye knew she was in a hurry, so she chose only some of the most practical silver Magic Formation Charts to learn.

Including Spirit Impact, Summon Bronze Servant, Lethargy Spell, Floating, Abdomen, Climbing, Blocking Spell, Collapse, Fossil to Mud, Mud to Stone, Burst Fireball, Flame Demon Serpent, Flame Wave, Offset Wind, hazy desalination, gliding, frost bloom, and Frost Arrow rain.

And the new magic branch that can only be used at the silver level.

Thunderbolt’s fingertip flying power and metal-based flying blade.

When choosing a fingertip flying power, Suye is very tangled, because the lightning system magic and light attribute magic have the same characteristics, that is, before the separate elemental tree roots are not born, the formidable power is so weak.

According to the Magic Book, before the thunderbolt elemental tree roots, the formidable power of the fingertips is probably equivalent to being hit by an electrostatic charge, which will only make the skin feel a slight bitterness, and can also be used to kill mosquito flies, even No dog can kill.

Therefore, the shame of the fingertips called the silver magic is not as good as the dog.

However, everything in the magic world is possible.

If there is a silver Magician who is willing to major in the thunder and lightning system, use fingertips to fly madly every day, use meditation after recovery, and continue to use after recovery mana. If you persist for 3 years, you will naturally produce a thin root of elemental thunder.

From then on, the formidable power of the fingertips has finally made a qualitative leap, formidable power equivalent to bronze magic spell.

However, in order to continue to grow the elemental root of Lei, we must continue to practice for another 2 or 3 years before the formidable power of fingertips can reach the level of silver magic.

Since then, the learned thunder attribute magic can have normal formidable power and become a real thunder attribute magician.

However, very few Silver Magician are willing to spend 5-6 years all the time to practice fingertip flying.

Therefore, every thunder attribute Magician has been given a nickname and used love to generate electricity.

Thunder attribute magic is difficult to practice, but once it is practiced, it will exert unexpected power at special times. The most important thing is that thunder attribute magic is the same as light attribute magic, which can be reached in an instant. Once the correct magic is created, formidable power destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

Fingertip lightning is an instant no Magic Formation magic, a finger pointed, lightning flash.

Suye knew that she didn’t have that many time to generate electricity with love. The reason why she learned to fly at her fingertips was to put her hope on the altar.

As long as you can take out the thunder elemental bloodline, it will directly generate the thunder elemental root, and your own lightning system magic directly reaches a higher-level.

This trifling 20 silver magic looks simple, but Suye has learned more than a month, and only Initial Mastery has learned ten.

Magician is so hard…

So, on the first day of the night, Suye gave the magic mask to Di Aotian for use, hiding himself in a magic tent and drawing a page of Magic Formation Chart.

When I walked out of the magic tent in the morning, Suye felt like his eyes were blind. The entire world seemed to be composed of countless lines.

In the next few days, reinforcements from various City-States of Greece arrived one after another. The entire marathon fortress operated like a huge war puppet, and its strength continued to increase.

On the other hand, the Persia camp has always been very quiet, like the old obscene stuff that is holding back evil tricks.

The Greek side received information and the ending of the First Stage Battle of Marathon shook all Persia.

The formation of the King’s Army and the Undead Army was eliminated, not in 100 years.

Darius the Great was furious. He even sent Giant Legion, Demon Beast Legion and Flying Snake Legion again, and even sent a Saint Domain fate warlock to avoid Greece sending high-end battle strength to the Persia army.

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