The World of Deities Chapter 381

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After the first marathon, everyone doubted that the Persia army would make a counter-attack of make an all-out effort within 3 days.

What everyone didn’t think of was that the Persia army was quiet.

It’s just that it continuously transports the main force from Euboea to the Marathon Persia camp.

The Persia battalion remained immobile, and the Coalition forces did not mean to attack at all.

Behind the Marathon Fortress is Greece, and the most important thing is grain.

Persia is different. The daily food and grass consumption of the Persia army is an astronomical figure. The longer it is dragged, the more beneficial it will be to the coalition of Greece.

During these five days, batches of reinforcements and supplies arrived continuously at the fortress, and the entire fortress was growing, soon exceeding 5.

According to this trend, the number of Greek reinforcements who will eventually arrive here will exceed the thousand thousand.

This number is nothing for Persia, but for a City-State equivalent to a country’s Greece, the thousand thousand coalition forces are already a huge number. In the history of Greece, the number of coalition forces exceeded the thousand thousand war, and there was no total. More than 5 times.

Taking advantage of these 5 days, Suye not only spends one morning studying and doing homework every day, but also spends the afternoon and evening learning to characterize the Silver Magic Formation Chart.

Since depicting the Magic Formation Chart is also equivalent to learning magic, Suye’s mana is growing fast.

On the evening of the fifth day, Euclid sent a delicate wooden box.

Suye opened it, bronze Miracle Stone.

Suye returned to her house, used a cage that was blocked, summoned Di Aotian and Wang Dachui, took a deep breath, and entered Ruins Space.

“Light elemental Bloodline! Light elemental Bloodline! Light elemental Bloodline…”

Suye was nagging in his heart, and he integrated Miracle Stone into the remains of a hybrid unicorn. Finally, he put the remains on the altar.

One ring, 2 rings, 3 rings, 4 rings.

White light soared into the sky, and a Bloodlines Crown appeared in the air.

Suye was blinded.

The light elemental Bloodlines Crown, it stands to reason, is either milk-white like milk, or it should be a sacred white full of glory, but why is this Bloodlines Crown scarlet?

Eye problems?

Blink, yes, exactly the same as I saw before.

Rubbed his eyes again.

Still the same as before!

Scarlet Bloodlines Crown, the bright bloody gem in the center of the crown exudes a strange breath.

Suye took a deep breath, staring at the crown carefully.

The whole person almost collapsed.

Devil General Bloodlines Crown.

“Who stole my light elemental Bloodlines Crown!”

“I sacrificed with a pure and sacred unicorn and made me a Devil Bloodline?”

Suye growled loudly in her heart.

At this time, Suye wanted to kick the altar and give the altar a light elemental Bloodline.

Light elemental Bloodline is not only rare, but the key is its strong strength. Once possessed, its own life-saving ability will be greatly enhanced.

Poisoned? Just clean it up.

Injured? Just cure it?

about to die? Try the glorious redemption.

The warrior of elemental Bloodline is a nightmare for all enemies, simply kill Undead.

Light elemental mage, basically equivalent to both mage and Priest 2 systems, is also one of the most difficult opponents.

In the hands of mage, light elemental cooperates with other elemental to create magic, which can form a powerful magic.

Aristotle is the best example. Only a trifling magic is used. Killing the same rank Saint Domain mage is as easy as chopping melons and vegetables.

Devil Bloodline is also good, but it is a little worse than light elemental Bloodline.

The only advantage of Devil Bloodline is that it can form the power of Magic Evolution with Fire Elemental, making all Fire Attribute Magic Evolution into Fire of Netherworld.

Fire of Netherworld can add additional Dark Attribute innate skill to form a double innate skill superposition, pure destructive power is above the fire of Heaven Realm, but the speed of Heaven Realm fire is fast, the key is to look good.

The black Fire of Netherworld at first glance is the signature power of the evil mage. As a just future Legendary mage, how can you master such evil things?

One mage ignited a black flame all over the body, and the other mage was surrounded by the holy and pure Heaven Realm fire. Without thinking about it, almost everyone would find the latter one more reliable.

What is Devil?

One of the world’s most cunning and savage creatures, their proficiency Illusion Spell, fraud and dark magic, they play with souls and hearts, and even God has a headache.

Where is Netherworld? That’s where the sin and old gods were exiled.

“If Suye is dead, I can’t be with Devil! My heart is bright!”

Suye extend the hand, touching the Devil Bloodlines Crown on the altar.

Come all come, can not be wasted.

Suye left Ruins Space, deep meditation, and absorbed the power of Devil Bloodline.

Di Aotian and Wang Dachui have big eyes staring at small eyes, and then keep looking down at their bodies.

The breath of the 2 guys is rising.

In the end, Di Aotian broke through the Black Iron rank and advanced to bronze.

Wang Dachui’s eyes widened and said: “I have a feeling that as long as your majesty is promoted to silver, I will be able to be promoted to silver immediately. I am still a bronzer, but was delayed by his majesty! … Huh? Your majesty is promoted to silver.”

2 people looked towards Suye, Suye’s breath skyrocketed and has been promoted to Silver Magician.

Di Aotian turned to stare at Wang Dachui.

Wang Dachui blinked.

Wang Dachui was still bronze and did not advance to silver.

The scene is very embarrassing.

“Cough cough…I mean, after your majesty has stabilized in the silver rank, I can be promoted to silver. I can’t grab the majesty of your majesty. However, I also have Devil Bloodline. This Bloodline is my Giant within the body Bloodline suppressed a little, but it didn’t do much to me, but it did a little to you. You should master Fire of Netherworld now?” Wang Dachui immediately digressed.

Di Aotian froze for a moment. As soon as he raised his hand, he saw a thin black flame on the fingertip of the right hand.

Di Aotian slowly opened his mouth, which is the power he could not have while he was alive.

Fire of Netherworld, that’s the advanced Flame Power that coexists with the fire of Heaven Realm. That’s the power that only advanced creatures have. Trifling Flame Goblin, is it even considered an advanced creature?

Even Devil, in addition to having Demi-God Bloodline, can only freely control Fire of Netherworld in the Golden rank.

Whether it is the Owner of Fire of Netherworld or Heaven Realm, in ancient times, there was a name called Golden Creature, Dragon Race is the Golden Creature.

Di Aotian knelt down at Suye, dong dong dong kowtowed 3 times, and smashed the hard ground into a pit.

“It’s honest, replace it with me, at least wait for your majesty to wake up and kowtow, silly.” Wang Dachui shook his head.

Suye absorbed the power of Devil Bloodline and came to Magic Tower.

The earth, fire, wind and water 4 series crowns are still connected together and become the four vertices of the square.

The Earth Elemental General crown is still connected to the Giant General crown, and now, beside the Fire Elemental General crown, there is an additional Devil General crown, and there is a thin light connection between the two crowns.

“It seems that the Fire Attribute Magic Evolution was formed. Since then, the casting distance of my Fire Attribute magic has doubled, and the flame has been completely transformed into the Fire of Netherworld. Unfortunately, it is not convenient to test now. Wait for the battlefield tomorrow, take the Persia army test Try it.”

Suye stared at Devil Bloodlines Crown in a daze.

“Ai, I still like the fire of Heaven Realm. This altar is what the hell is happening. It represents a sacred and pure unicorn. How could it give me Devil Bloodline? Even if I don’t give light to elemental Bloodline, I should give me elemental bloodline. Ah, the unicorn’s lightning magic is also famous.”

Suye is puzzled, but the matter is here, what else can I do? Accept it reluctantly, true incense is impossible.

Focusing on Devil Bloodline, I can clearly see the power that Devil General Bloodline brings to myself.

“Devil Bloodline has something…”

The most basic Bloodline ability is Devil Affinity, but unfortunately this has existed before. If double affinity, the power will be stronger. At most, it is to enhance the formidable power of some Illusion Spell and fraud magic, but it is still a waste.

What really makes Suye feel something is the additional innate skill of Devil General Bloodline.

Unreal Eye.

Whether for mage or warrior, this is the innate skill of yearn for something even in dreams.

If you now encounter the Magic Formation formed by the Pillar of Babylon, Suye can see the location of the Pillar of Pillar at a glance, and Euclid can’t be used for half a day at all.

The reason for the “Broken” eye of the Illusionary Eye means that it can not only see through Illusion Spell, but also be immune to the influence of Illusion Spell on itself.

Illusion Spell is just a medium to carry a variety of powerful forces that can kill people easily.

But being immune to Illusion Spell means that the load of other forces does not exist and you cannot hurt yourself.

However, the Eye of Breaking Illusion is also affected by the rank. Now it can see through the Saint Domain-level Illusion Spell, and even see through some of the Legendary Illusion Spell of the ordinary. When encountering the truly powerful Legendary Illusion Spell, such as the Legendary Devil’s Illusion Spell, it still cannot. see through.

But ordinary ordinary legendary’s ordinary Illusion Spell can’t hide the illusionary eye.


Suye still didn’t feel fragrant.

Suye stared at the Devil crown for a while. Although he told himself that he had this Bloodline, it was actually good, but it was a bit too skewed. How about a 180 degree deflection, why not a 360 degree?

Not reconciled.

“No, I have a bad hunch, is there a problem with unicorns? Wouldn’t it be a nightmare horse for Netherworld? Nightmare horses are good, but they are a little bit far from unicorns! No, avoid night dreams, I You must hurry up and try it out.”

Suye’s eyes fell on Mana Tree.

The original Mana Tree, which is more than 3 meters, has grown to 4 meters.

Mana Tree’s branches also reach 5, and the mature Mana Tree leaves reach 143, which can engrave 143 magic, which is far more than the magic number that Suye can master now.

This amount is a lot for Silver Magician, but it is too little for Golden Magician and Masters, it is not enough.

The Magic Tower has also been expanded to 4-Layer, the mana in the whole Magic Tower is more intense and the texture is stronger.

“I will sculpt a bronze servant Summoning Spell first!”

Suye thought about it, and practiced the Magic Formation Chart of the bronze servant Summoning Spell for 2 hours, then entered the Magic Tower and carved on the magic leaves.

The whole process took a full 50 minutes, which was the slowest of the Magic Formation Charts.

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