The World of Deities Chapter 382

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Suye stared at the formation chart of the bronze servant Summoning Spell on the leaf of Mana Tree and slightly hooked the head.

There is no blue mark at the bottom of Magic Formation, which means that its Magic Formation Chart is not perfect enough, far from Saint Domain level. Next, the Magic Formation Chart can only be improved by continuously practicing this magic.

Completion is better than perfection.

The higher the rank, the harder it is to master the perfect Magic Formation Chart at first.

Like Legendary Magic Formation Chart, the first characterization basically takes a month to characterize slowly.

Leave Magic Formation, take out the unicorn remains, let the Magic Formation Chart absorb, and then start summon.

“Bronze servant Summoning Spell!”

With the casting completed, Suye froze.

A tall creature with a black flame all over the body appeared in the room.

This is a pure black creature similar in appearance to a horse but taller and more robust. It has a body length of more than 4 meters, a shoulder height of nearly 2 meters, and a head height of more than 5 meters. In the house, it is necessary to lower his head.

If it doesn’t bow its head, the black thread single angle wrapped around by the black flame can pierce the roof.

If you don’t look at the color and the Fire of Netherworld, its shape and the unicorn are exactly the same. They are all like horses, all have Peak horns, all are tall and powerful, and their eyes are very clear.

However, the horse is completely dark.

The whole Fire of Netherworld is black, the fur is black, the 4 hooves are black, and the unicorns are also black.

The whole body is black and shiny, more heroic than any War-Horse in the whole world. Even the legendary Legendary and Hero mounts are not as powerful and powerful as this black unicorn.

It seems to be carved from pure black diamonds, each hair is black crystal clear and near-transparent, like God’s masterpiece.

But why did the pure white unicorn, which symbolizes sacredness and purity, become a pure black unicorn?

The black unicorn lowered its head and gently rubbed Suye’s shoulder with his head, which was extremely intimate, as if the child was spoiling with his parents.

However, Suye did not have the slightest joy.

Are you holding the wrong child?

Could it be that my Magic Formation got it wrong?

Could it be that my Incantation is wrong?

Could it be that the Unreal Eye broke my eye?

Suye looked towards Di Aotian and Wang Dachui.

2 people stand under the horse’s belly and look up at the black unicorn like a hill.

2 little Flame Goblin shiver coldly, the black demon sheep kneeled directly on the ground.

“This is…Netherworld unicorn, your majesty, how dark is your heart to turn the pure white unicorn summon into a Netherworld unicorn… Am I the wrong person…” Wang Dachui murmured to himself , When it comes to closing the mouth suddenly.

“Netherworld unicorn?” Suye looked at the unicorn that burst into flames and burst into flames.

It is very handsome, even more handsome than a normal white unicorn.

But the color is still not right.

Wang Dachui hurriedly said: “Yes, the legendary rare unicorn. It seems that your unicorn remains should have Netherworld Bloodline, so that the remains become miracles instead of miracles. But you Use Miracle Stone to forcibly increase its strength, so that he has a complete Bloodlines Strength. I suspect that the Miracle Stone you get may also be a force that is biased towards Netherworld. beast.”

“How is the strength of the Netherworld unicorn?”

Suye sighed, reaching for the Netherworld unicorn’s neck.

What else can it do? After all, I came out of my own summon, can’t I throw it away?

Keep it first, and wait for the wind to find the remains and not summon it.

Wang Dachui embarrassed, said: “Netherworld unicorns are too few, and I don’t know their specific strength, but they have a name called Demon God’s mount. Not God in Netherworld, not qualified to ride them As for strength… I’m afraid of being biased again and again, this guy can only be used as a mount, and the battle ability is not enough. Of course, I can’t make a conclusion now, I have to go to the battlefield to test it. However, even if it is biased, it can kick and fly I, after all, it broke through the limits of birth and was promoted to silver.”

“What is the difference between it and the unicorn?” Suye found that the Fire of Netherworld was controlled very well, as if there was no temperature, and the fur on this horse was extremely delicate, smooth and watery, and it felt comfortable, unable to bear Touch a few more times.


Netherworld unicorns sprayed 2 small firelights in their nostrils, squinting and enjoying comfortably.

“Netherworld unicorns definitely have unicorn capabilities, such as immunity to spirit control. However, it seems that there is no way to use light attribute magic, and it is estimated that there is no way to use lightning magic, only Fire Attribute magic. But It can use Fire of Netherworld, and it should be more lethal than the unicorn unicorn. Just like I can be promoted to King of Hill, Di Aotian can explode, this guy should also have a powerful ability. But…it should Can’t talk,” Wang Dachui said.

“Come, say two thoughts.” Suye looked at the Netherworld unicorn road.

“Boom?” Netherworld’s big black eyes were full of doubts.

Suye said to Wang Dachui: “It’s really impossible to talk. Forget it, don’t think about it, keep it on the battlefield tomorrow to see its strength. This guy is too big, he will not use it for vigil. See you later.”

Suye said with a wave of hand, the Netherworld unicorn was dispelled.

“Besides, there will be less weirdness in the future, what is the wrong person?” Suye kicked Wang Dachui’s ass.

“Your Majesty’s lesson is.” Wang Dachui smiled hehe.

Suye ignored Wang Dachui and began to study silver magic.

“While depicting the Magic Formation Chart for the first time does not affect the final effect, the better the depiction, the greater the Early-Stage magic formidable power. I will fight for a period of time in the future. I cannot rush to depict the Magic Formation at least above the average level. That’s fine. bite off more than one can chew, and tonight I will portray 2 magic to sleep. Which one to portray first?”

“Obviously, Fire Attribute magic forms Magic Evolution and learning Fire Attribute magic in silver rank is the most profitable. Moreover, with Fire Attribute magic, I can successfully hide my identity without other magic. Even if my classmates see I also don’t think I can have 2 elemental Magic Evolutions in a short time. Counting time, they should have arrived…”

“However, which two Fire Attribute magic do I have to learn?”

“Bursting Fireball has a higher priority, a long flight distance, a wide range, and a bursting formidable power. In addition to the slower speed, there is no disadvantage, but I have various innate skills, which are definitely faster than the Fireball Spell of ordinary mage, and this is The chaos battlefield, slower is not a problem.”

“Flame Demon Serpent also has high priority. The ordinary Silver Magician can only summon 3 Flame Demon Serpent, but the rank increase, innate skill increase, Fire Elemental Bloodline, Devil Bloodline, etc. will increase the number of Flame Demon Serpent. I am afraid I can now summon dozens of Flame Demon Serpent. Well, it seems that this is a must for magic.”

“The flame wave is very strong, and the flames are combing forward in layers. In a large-scale battle, it is simply a weapon. The disadvantage of the ordinary flame wave is that it is relatively short. The Black Iron Warrior can skip it, and it takes too much mana. My flame wave It is estimated to be stronger, but mana consumption is a big problem.”

“Flame cloak belongs to Protection Magic. The key protection power is average. It can burn enemies within 2 meters. For mage, it is very small, and for warrior, it is Divine Item. But this flame cloak can only be used by yourself, only in special Can only be used in an environment.”

“The blood of madness, using the power of flame to stimulate the warrior, to increase the strength for a short time, is not suitable for myself. When I learn it later, I can use it for Di Aotian and Wang Dachui. summon, forming an infinite frenzy.”

“Light flames, shining flames falling from the sky, have a blinding effect, fast speed, long distance, that is a little formidable power. If you have a light elemental Bloodline, my flame is promoted to the fire of Heaven Realm, the formidable power of this light flame It’s greatly enhanced. Unfortunately, the Fire of Netherworld is black. The blinding effect is average. The only effect of the light flame is fast speed, and the sequence is backward.”

“In this way, my two magics today should choose to burst Fireball and Flame Demon Serpent. To learn the blood of madness tomorrow, when the Netherworld unicorn comes on stage, give it a blood of madness, perfect.”

Thinking of being promoted to Silver Magician, Suye was relaxed.

Since then, he is considered a mid-level Magician and has sufficient self-protection capabilities.

As long as you go up one step and advance to Golden, you can impudent a little more, without worrying about various plot against.

Not only does the Magician force protect life, but it also has a strong enough self-protection ability.

“Save money. Di Aotian has been promoted to bronze, which means he can use the Silver Magic Tool. The multiple Ring of Fireball Spell has not been activated and is outdated. Next, he should take the multiple burst Fireball Spell or multiple Flame Demon Serpent. route.”

“When I get promoted to Golden, I must have at least ten Saint Domain Magic Tools, an average of thousand thousand golden eagle, and at least 1000000 golden eagle…”

Suye sighed, study the Magic Formation Chart of Fireball and Flame Demon Serpent.

At dawn, Suye portrayed two Magic Formations on the leaves of Mana Tree and fell asleep.

The horn sounded.

Suye woke up suddenly and sat up from the bed.

Wang Dachui very carefully said: “Your Majesty, someone knocked on the door before, we whispered that you were sleeping, they said they would go to the battlefield first.”

Suye frowned slightly, but after seeing the caution in Wang Dachui’s eyes, he pressed down to say why he didn’t wake me up. After all, whether they were Commodus or Wang Dachui, they were all for their own good.

Suye took a deep breath, calmed his emotions, and gently nodded, saying, “I’m going out now.”

After talking about dispersing Wang Dachui and Di Aotian, quickly walked out of the house.

The bright sun shone on the fortress, and the faint smell and rotten breath lingered in the nose.

Suye scanned the audience and found many soldiers to-and-fro, all with heavy faces.

Suye held the bronze dagger, quickly passed the inspection, and walked out of the north gate.

Seeing the marathon plain ahead, the two sides have started the second war.

The magic flew, the arrows flew into the sky, shouting Killing Formation, and the weapons were shining.

Looking around, in the Persia army, the light infantry and the regular army are mixed together. The 3rd army looks the same, which is completely different from the formation on the first day.

After the Persia 3rd army, there are 4 Legion that let each Greek tremble with fear.

A Giant Legion, a Flying Snake Legion, a Demon Beast Legion, a War Elephant Legion.

The number of 4 Legion is not much, but like 4 big mountains, it makes many Greeks breathless.

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