The World of Deities Chapter 383

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In the Flying Snake Legion, more than 2 100 winged flying snakes hovered slowly in the sky, spitting scarlet letters in the mouth continuously.

Obviously it was so far away, but Greek’s ear seemed to echo the cold sound of si si, and it was cold all over.

Occasionally, a flying snake spouted a Fireball like a play, whistled and flew out, exploding in the distance.

Every Fireball is equivalent to Silver Magician’s burst Fireball.

Looking at the flying snake Legion, it seems to see the scene of the big Fireball dropping from the sky hiding the sky and covering the earth.

In Demon Beast Legion, there are 300 Demon Beasts of different shapes and colors constantly roaring, their eyes are red, and they are bound by powerful magic power.

They can’t break free of Knight’s control, so they must vent their anger to the enemies in front of them.

Kill every enemy with magic and minions!

The 100 giant war elephants stood docilely behind the 3rd Army. These war elephants are far taller than ordinary elephant tall. Each head and shoulders are more than 8 meters high, and their length is more than 6 meters. They are simply warships traveling on land.

On the back of each elephant, there is a small wood house filled with Archer and spearman.

In front of the small wood house, the elephant controller used the Magic Rope to appease the elephant.

The eyes of each war elephant were blindfolded thickly.

On the battlefield, they don’t need to think, they just have to follow the instructions of the controller.

The noses of these war elephants are like a python, and their two long tusks are fixed with densely packed black sharp Thorn.

These sharp horns are so sharp that the elephant trunk often touches by mistake, leaving densely packed scars on the elephant trunk.

Among the Giant Legion, a total of 100 Giants with a height of more than 4 meters stand aloft in the distance, and the tallest Giant even exceeds 6 meters.

Each of them wears fine and thick black metal armor. Each armor is one inch thick, like a small mobile fortress.

Each of them held an oversized weapon, a pillar-like iron rod, a giant axe with a large door, and a chain hammer with a large water tank.

And above their armor and weapons, there was a faint blood light.

That is a sign of enchanted weapons.

They didn’t move at all, just stood there, as if it was a mountain at the end of Earth, and it was as high as the sky.

The eyes of the Giants are indifferent and the expression is far more proud than everyone else in Legion.

In the hearts of Giants, they are the only troop in the Persia army. Although the other Legions are also powerful, they are only beasts. Only their own Giant Legion has powerful power and no less than the Wisdom of Human.

Persia’s Giant Legion has maintained its undefeated record so far.

There has been a draw, but it has never failed.

Every Giant knows that in the near future, a larger Giant Legion will come across the sea.

Giant’s bravery will definitely deter all Greece!

Suye’s eyes fell on those Giants, frowning slightly.

Giant Legion is the Legion that scares Greek the most.

After all, every Giant has the strength of Golden Warrior. They have greater power, stronger body, stronger defense, and more deterrent than Human’s Golden Warrior.

Persia’s Cyrus Great Emperor once proudly said that no enemy is a Giant Legion that can’t be crushed. If so, add another Giant Legion.

Suye carefully observed the expression of the soldiers in Greece, a heart sinking deep into the trough.

Their expressions were even more gloomy than in the first game.

Now, the Greece warrior on the battlefield has reached 40000, while Persia is less than 130,000. The proportion of the two sides has been greatly reduced compared with the first battle.

However, the situation is worse.

Because this is an endless battle of attrition.

The 4 Legion, it seems to be the 4 stem Divine Sword that seals the entire marathon plain.

Greece warrior If you defeat the Persia regular army and light infantry, then the four stem Divine Sword will be out of the sheath and sweep the Greece coalition.

If Greece warrior maintains the status quo, it will be deprived by the number of Persia soldiers.

Persia is never short of people.

As Darius the Great once impudently announced, those 2-foot sheep are just tools for him to realize the dream of the king of the world.

Suye only felt his heart was crushed by the boulder.

Soon, Suye’s eyes fell on some red cloak.

In the bright sunshine, the blood-red cloak became shiny.

Not only the Sparta squad of 30 people, other Sparta warriors have also arrived on the battlefield, and there are more than 1000 people.

Suye found his team, but did not stop looking, and continued to search on the battlefield.

Suye suddenly narrowed her eyes.

A familiar silhouette comes into view.

Fiery leather armor, curvaceous curves, beautiful posture, long black hair, exquisite profile, neat Battle Skill, all this, intertwined into a Valiant and heroic in bearing battlefield less Martial Goddess.

Paros of the bronze rank is playing against a silver Undead Army warrior without falling.

In the vicinity of Paros, the familiar silhouette of each and everyone is doing their own thing.

Some are fighting other warriors, some are constantly casting, and some are treating the wounded.

A group of children, in another group of children.

Suye is lightly sighed, and this time among the City-State reinforcements, there are many young people.

Hort replaced the Sharp Thorn iron rod and beat Persia’s Black Iron Warrior back and forth.

He is still not even a warrior apprentice, still just an ordinary person, without any divine power.

Jimmy conforming with the norms of society is to put Fireball Spell and observe all around every time one is released.

Albert hid behind the first-tier warrior, with black pottery puppets guarding him, and he controlled bronze puppets to attack Persia warrior, and he chose ordinary warrior and warrior apprentice, never touching higher-order warriors.

“Fortunately, basically…”

Suye’s eyes drooped slightly, and soon took a deep breath, raised her chest and looked up to the battlefield.

I’m about to summon out the Netherworld unicorn, but remembering that the black demon sheep was so frightened that I decided to call it again in times of crisis, which may have an unexpected effect.

After all, it’s the Golden creature. On the rank and Bloodline level, I am afraid that only the tallest one in the Giant Legion can compare.

The students of Plato Academy are in charge of the left wing, Suye slowly walked over, and finally stopped about 100 meters away from Paros.

This location is where Archer and Golden Magician are located.

The nearby 2 Golden Magician, 3 Golden Warrior and Archer looked at him puzzledly. This kid showed a little limelight at the First Stage battle, but after all it was only bronze Magician, which had little effect on the whole battle, but What’s going on here? Install Golden Magician?

Looking at the General-level bronze dagger in Suye’s hands, they didn’t speak.

Suye looked at the battlefield again and saw that Kastor and Commodores were acting together in a battle without calling them.

This distance is far safer than the first day, and Golden Warrior is also nearby.

Just about to cast, but Yu Guang saw the fiery shadow and suddenly forgot to burst the Fireball Incantation.

Suye took a deep breath again, lifted up the 3 magic staff seized in Redstone Town, and began to recite Incantation.

“Burst Fireball!”

When Suye’s burst Fireball Incantation was halfway through, all nearby Magicians were horrified.

Some turned around and ran.

Some quickly approached.

Some pulled out magic staff and aimed at Suye’s back.

Some even use Magic Tool to align Suye.

There are only a few Magicians froze in place, and they don’t understand why other Magicians do.

The nearby warriors are puzzled. Why are these Magicians suddenly like fried chickens?

The magic distance of Silver Magician is 60 meters, 60 meters away, it is where your own silver mage and some warriors are located. This distance casting, burst fireball’s landing point must be in your own camp!

So, those experienced Magicians, when they heard Suye saying Incantation here, instantly judged that Suye is probably a traitor!

However, Suye’s performance on the first day made these Magician memories fresh, so they didn’t immediately shot.

Some of them were ready to shoot, and they were confused when they saw black Magic Formation floating in front of Suye.

The formation of Dark Attribute magic is black, but why is the fiery-red in the black of Suye’s Magic Formation, and the magic formation of the black flame is jumping?

When the big Fireball with a diameter of 30 cm flew out, even the warriors who didn’t know much about magic were dumbfounded.

The dark color, the burst fireball with a big head, and the surface flames fluttering, like a group of snakes dancing, I have never heard of it!

Is this person really hidden Golden Magician or Saint Domain Magician?

What is this magic creation?

Only extremely few Magician made a judgment in an instant.

“He’s not an enemy, don’t attack!” A Golden Mage hurriedly took back the right hand full of magic rings, then quickly approached Suye and began to watch around with vigilance.

During the Golden Magician’s speech, the big-headed Fireball flew into the air at a speed faster than the ordinary Fireball Spell, and in the blink of an eye, 100-beyond ten meters flew out and landed in the middle of the Persia warrior.


The Netherworld burst Fireball exploded and the dense black flame spread.

In the eyes of everyone, there is a light black spherical space with a radius of about 8 meters, surrounding all Persia warrior in the space.

Within a radius of 8 meters, Fireball has 9 warriors, 3 ordinary warriors, 3 warrior apprentices, one Black Iron Warrior, one Bronze Warrior, and one silver warrior.

At the moment when the sound exploded, everyone was blown away.

Three ordinary warriors and three warrior apprentice were blown apart, and each person was blown into at least 3 3 pieces, each of which was wrapped in a black flame and flew out.

The six of them did not even make any painful cry.

Black Iron Warrior and Bronze Warrior flew upside down in the air, and fell heavily on the ground. The whole body ignited a black flame. Under the black flame, it was fiery-red lava.

The two warriors struggled frantically, emitting mournful scream, but lost their voice after only 2 seconds.

The throat was burnt through, struggling silently, the silhouette twisted, and his face crazy.

After 4 seconds, two people’s bodies were burned into black charcoal, and they fell heavily on the ground, black and gray flying.

The Silver warrior was wrapped in silver divine power, and all the silver divine power exploded immediately, leaving the body of Fire of Netherworld, letting him out of the danger of being burned by flames.

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