The World of Deities Chapter 384

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Everyone was surprised to see that Silver warrior’s skin was crimson and even translucent blisters formed slowly.

What kind of flame is this? Can the silver warrior be burned like this through the power of silver body protection?

Even if Silver warrior does not need divine power body protection, boiled water splashed on his body, will not be so red.

“Golden Mage sneak attack! to have no shame! It hurts me, it hurts me…XXX…” The Silver warrior endured the pain and left a series of Persia swear words and fled back to the camp.

Many people are puzzled. Silver warrior Willpower is very strong. Even if it is burned, it will not be so painful on the battlefield. This is too strange.

Suye thought that this Silver warrior was quite lucky. There are 9 of his black Dark Attribute innate skills, only the painful innate skill must be included, and other innate skills are not necessarily inspiring. This Silver warrior perfectly avoided the other 8 innate skills. skill.

As for other warriors, the Black Dark Attribute innate skill is far less harmful to them than the Fire of Netherworld.

At this time, many Greece mage looked back to see which Golden Mage shot.

However, they saw that all the mage looked at a youngster in his 20s.

“Protect this mage of Sparta! Send 2 Golden Warriors!” Magician shouted before shouting again.

The three Golden Warriors on the side hurried to Suye’s side, no expression of grievance on his face, but his eyes were full of doubts.

What rank is this guy?

In the eyes of many people, Suye used the bursting fireball again.

A black fireball with a large head roared past the heads of the people in front and fell among the Persia soldiers.

The Black Fireball exploded, and the low-level Persia soldiers were directly killed. The rest of the soldiers were wrapped in black flames.

Under silver, there is no doubt that he will die.

Nearby Persia soldiers startled and shouted to each other.

“Be careful of the magic of Golden Magician! They may be charging!”

“Be careful of Golden Magician…”

The nearby Persia warrior kept shouting, and soon, all the Persia warriors in the nearby hundred meters were alert.

Two consecutive bursts of fireballs that are dark in color, huge formidable power, large in range, and far in distance explode, immediately attracting the attention of General Persia and high-level mage high-level warrior.

Even the slight commotion appeared in the team of 4 Legion in the rear.

It’s weird that the Giant Legion commotion, which has always despised all enemies, is the most obvious.

Suye no matter how other people reacted, once again aiming at a place to release burst Fireball.

“Dodge!” a sharp-eyed Persia warrior yelled.

The bursting Fireball was near the landing point, so the warrior immediately ran a few steps, and then rolled in place, holding his head and shielding his body.


Black fire spread, dust 4 splashed, Earth vibrated, and all soldiers in the area were either torn apart or screamed with flames.

The ears of the nearby Persia warrior buzzed and their hearing was temporarily destroyed by roaring innate skill.

“He really is Golden Magician!”

In the Persia camp, a Golden Magician flustered and exasperated who had escaped the first day scolded.

“No, he is not Golden Magician, he is just Silver Magician.”

“impossible !”

“His Fire of Netherworld is a Magic Evolution formed by the middle-level Fire Elemental Bloodline and Devil Bloodline, not a magic creation. If you look closely and think about it, you will understand.”

Persia’s Magician, staring blankly at the black flame still on the ground combustion.

The mage of both the enemy and us in the nearby area stopped, all looked towards Suye.

The Persia warriors are also trembling in fear, watching Suye 2 from time to time, ready to avoid black Fireball.

The warrior students of Plato Academy just glanced at Suye and went on to battle.

Paros Yu Guang swept over Suye and continued to play Silver warrior.

However, the Magicians stared at Suye, shining their eyes.

They have never seen a black burst Fireball.

“Are you… your name is Urak? Are you Fire Attribute Magic Evolution?” asked Golden Mage behind him.

“Yes. Fireball burst!” Suye cast again.

This time using the extreme distance, the bursting Fireball flew 120 meters, and then burst suddenly.

Then Golden Mage immediately told a Black Iron Magician: “Quickly report to General, saying that we have a silver mage of Fire Attribute Magic Evolution, and hope to send someone to protect it. By the way, don’t forget to notify other Golden Magician.”

The entire battlefield is too big, Suye only attracted the attention of the soldiers on the two sides nearby, and the people in the distance were not affected.

Suye was about to cast again, and found that the Persia warrior in front was missing, and he either moved forward or traversed to other places.

Suye thinks about it, nowhere to move, cast again.

“Flame Demon Serpent.”

Suye reached out his finger and a black giant snake with a 3 meter high waist stood upright on the ground, startling all the nearby Greek warrior and Persia warrior, and all the warriors on both sides within a dozen meters backed back and watched with caution This dark flame snake.

This flaming snake stands upright like a column. The black snake scales jump like fire. A pair of Devil sharp horns stand on the huge snake head. The eyes are fiery red. It has a wide mouth. There is no snake letter in it, only one. Black’s little Fireball is absorbing the nearby Fire Elemental and quickly becomes larger.

After the Fireball expanded to a diameter of about 5 cm, Flame Demon Serpent spit out at the Persia soldiers a dozen meters away.


In this Fireball Spell, all of Suye’s innate skills are added, and the speed is far surpasses the imagination.

The Persia soldier hadn’t even reacted yet and was hit by a dark Fireball on his face.


The head of the Persia soldier exploded, white, yellow and red 4 splashed.

Fireball’s burst enveloped two other soldiers with a radius of 3 meters. The two Persia soldiers were not blown away, but stumbled backwards, and then the body of the combustion of Fire of Netherworld.

The screams sounded.

Seeing this scene, the warriors of both sides showed awe of awe, but the eyes of Greece warrior were more awe, and the eyes of Persia warrior were more awe.

The King’s Army and the Undead Army were better, and those light infantry recruited temporarily fled instinctively to the 2nd side.

The soldiers near Flame Demon Serpent are decreasing at a very fast rate.

After Flame Demon Serpent spit out a Fireball, he opened his mouth again, Fire Elemental gathered in his mouth again, Fireball kept expanding.

Five seconds after the first Fireball Spell was fired, Flame Demon Serpent fired the second Fireball.

Everyone who knows the magic of Flame Demon Serpent is shaking.

Flame Demon Serpent takes a dozen seconds to spit out a Fireball, even if it is from the hands of Saint Domain Master, the interval time is impossible less than 10 seconds.

Now, this Flame Demon Serpent only takes 5 seconds.

Suye suddenly asked Golden Mage next to him and said, “Hello, Flame Demon Serpent’s Fireball Spell distance, is Magician’s own Fireball Spell’s casting distance halved?”

“Yes. I’m Golden Mage, Fireball Spell casting distance is 100 meters, then my Flame Demon Serpent can only attack enemies within 50 meters. You are Magic Evolution, your Flame Demon Serpent attack distance is 60 meters. No, you This is not Flame Demon Serpent, it is the Netherworld magic snake.” Golden Magician was envious.

Suye nodded, left several dozen meters to the left of the Plato Academy students on the left, and released the second Netherworld magic snake 30 meters away from the first Flame Demon Serpent.

Then Suye went all the way, releasing a Netherworld demon every 30 meters.

When Suye released a few, everyone was just envious.

But starting from the tenth Netherworld Demon Snake, the wide range of Magician stopped and stared blankly at the Netherworld Devil Snake like python, looking at the Sparta mage Urak that released a Netherworld Devil Snake every few dozen meters away.

“Don’t you say that Silver Magician can only release 3 Flame Demon Serpent?” a Black Iron Magician murmured.

“Don’t forget, every time you raise a level or more Fire Attribute innate skill, you can release one more Flame Demon Serpent.”

“However, his current Flame Demon Serpent is ten or two, no, it is ten or three, and he has more than ten Fire Attribute innate skills?”

“Fire Elemental Bloodline, Devil Bloodline, Giant Dragon Bloodline, and Giant Monster Bloodline can all double Flame Demon Serpent.”

When the 20th Netherworld Demon Snake appeared, and when the six hundred meters front line was erected with the thick Netherworld Devil Snake, all the mage of the 2nd Army stopped casting, staring blankly at the other end and spitting Fireball Spell Netherworld magic snake.

Suye releases the 21st Netherworld Demon Snake, and moves forward while counting.

“I have 8 Fire Attribute innate skills, plus the silver rank, and I have the basic number of 11 Flame Demon Serpent castings. Fire Elemental Bloodline and Devil Bloodline are each doubled, which is 33 Flame Demon Serpent. Um… If it is fully exhibited and my Fire Attribute magic total is exposed, then 25 will be released to avoid being guessed by others.”

Finally, on the front of more then 700 meters, 25 Netherworld magic snakes were erected.

These Netherworld snakes spit out a Fireball Spell every 5 seconds, the fireball Spell’s formidable power, equivalent to silver magic spell, bursts the Fireball.

This means that the Coalition of Greece has added a total of 25 Silver Magicians, and is the frontline Magician who continues to use Fireball Spell. It also releases the Netherworld Fireball, which has an actual lethality comparable to 40-50 Silver Magicians.

In this battle, the Silver Magician of the battle at the same time, the total of both sides is less than 100!

Euclid looked at Suye and swallowed.

What is this Devil student?

The second grade Silver Magician can understand, but the second grade Double Magic Evolution Magician can be understood by the human brain?

Aristotle was known as the head of Plato Four Heroes, and he was not so rampant in the second grade.

Not so rampant as to put a long snake array in front of the Persia army!

At this time, the 30-member Sparta Squad had returned and continued to guard Suye.

“Sparta!” A Sparta warrior shouted when he saw everyone watching here, unable to bear.



Commodus and Kastor were also very excited, and both people were stunned by the Netherworld magic snakes.

Suye was still worried about how to cover up her identity a few days ago. Why did she suddenly incarnation Devil today?

The Magicians of each City-State only feel that their mouths are stuffed with pork fat and dipped in vinegar sauce, which is greasy and sour!

Among the barbarians of Sparta, there is a genius Magician?

a little sad……

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