The World of Deities Chapter 385

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The Magicians stopped, and the warriors of other fronts occasionally looked to the places where Flame Demon Serpent was.

It’s so desperate there.

After the Fireball Spell spit, no matter whether it hits a person or not, it will spread on the ground Spread, forming a flame zone with a radius of more than ten meters, combustion for more than 20 seconds.

But the Netherworld Devil only needs 5 seconds to breathe out a Fireball.

Twenty-five Netherworld magic snakes, the large Netherworld flame zone, made the front of the 25 7 meters seem to be reduced to Netherworld.

In addition to the experienced and skillful King’s Army and the Undead Army, it was barely a battle. Those ordinary light infantrymen, like ordinary people who strayed into Netherworld, moved forward with lance trembling with fear.

If you are unlucky, you will be directly killed by Netherworld’s Fireball Spell.

With a little better luck, he will be shot through by arrows from unknown places.

With the best luck, he could walk safely to the other Greece warrior, and he was so frightened by the Netherworld magic snake that his hands and feet were sore and he was quickly killed.

The generals of both sides made a judgment helplessly. On the front of more then 700 meters, Suye’s credit was only half.

Occasionally a warrior is unbelievable, rushes to the Netherworld Demon Snake and stabs with lance.

lance pierced the Netherworld magic snake composed of flames. The Netherworld magic snake was not hurt in the slightest, but the lance of Persia warrior burned up.

Persia warrior turned and fled, but the body of the Netherworld Demon Snake suddenly prolonged and rushed up, biting on the man’s head.


The head of Netherworld Demon Snake and the Fireball in his mouth burst together with the man’s head.

The body of the Netherworld demon snake shook, and the image of the recovery devil horn snake head continued to spit Fireball.

Persia generals frowned at this scene.

If the Netherworld Devil Snake is left there, it is not the Greek that is consumed, but the Persia army.

Although the Fireball of the Netherworld Magic Snake is strong, the attack method is too simple. Both the experienced King’s Army and the Undead Army can avoid it in advance, but the morale of Persia is too great to hit. At least it can affect the entire Persia’s right-wing army.

Persia generals were lucky at first, but found that there are more and more Persian corpses in the attack range of Netherworld Demon Snake. Although many Persia warriors are still battled, most of them devoted their full defense and energy to guard against Netherworld Devil Snake.

This resulted in them not having the energy to fight against other Greece warriors.

“Can’t go on like this, Golden Warrior shot and used Battle Skill to throw a spear and destroy the Netherworld Demon Snake!”

The Golden Warrior held the lance, and the golden divine power of Golden wrapped the spear and threw it at the Netherworld demon snake in front.

Some Golden Battle Spears are aimed at the head of Netherworld Demon Snake, and some are aimed at the tail section of Netherworld Devil Snake and Earth.

However, the eyes of Persia Magician are strange.

Bang … Bang … Bang …

With a loud noise, one Netherworld magic snake was hit by the golden light flashing lance, the snake body collapsed, and the flame 4 splashed.

However, just 2 seconds later, Fire Elemental Condensation, the new Netherworld magic snake reshaped.

A Persia Golden Mage sighed, said: “If it is Flame Demon Serpent of ordinary, Golden Warrior’s full-powered spear can destroy it. But this is the Netherworld Devil Serpent. If you want to destroy it, Golden Warrior must come close. Envelop all the snakes 3 meters high with a powerful Battle Skill. However, this is what Greek wants us to do.”

The Golden Warrior are silent. If they really go over and attack the Netherworld Devil Snake, then what is waiting for them will be the spear of Greece warrior and the spear of 4 elemental.

“Do you Magician have any solution to the Netherworld magic snake? Isn’t Ice Attribute or Water Attribute magic able to extinguish the fire?” General Persia asked.

“For ordinary Fire Attribute magic, Ice Attribute or Fire Attribute magic can be solved, but this is Fire of Netherworld, our Ice Attribute or Water Attribute magic can not be solved.” Golden Magician said.

“What about magic?”

“If you let us use magic digestion to solve the Netherworld magic snake, it means that we may not have enough mana to fight next.” Golden Magician said.

“Anyway, when you are at the First Stage Battle of Marathon, you keep the mana and just run away. Try it, use magic to dissolve!” General Persia ordered.

The Golden Magicians looked at each other helplessly.

“Let’s focus on the magic digestion of a Netherworld magic snake to see how many magic digestions are needed to succeed, and calculate the proportion of mana consumption.”

The Magicians are nodded and take turns to release the magic digestion.

One, two, three …

Twelfth blue rays of light dissipated by magic fell, and the first Netherworld magic snake dissipated without a trace.

It was a great success, but everyone on Persia was darker than Fire of Netherworld.

“The consumption of ordinary Golden magic is 3 times that of ordinary silver magic, and the mana consumed by magical digestion is about ten times that of Flame Demon Serpent. Now it requires ten or two magical digestions. If it is less, if you can succeed on average ten times, then Our mana consumption is 2 times that of the other side…”

The Golden Magicians didn’t say a word, this cost was too terrifying, which means that Persia Golden Magician on the battlefield not only couldn’t contain Suye, but also needed to dispatch more Golden Magician from the camp.

“Maybe at first compare bad luck, use magic digestion to disperse the second try.”

Soon, the second Netherworld magic snake dissipated.

It took ten or seven magic digestions.

“Try next.”

Ten times.

“Next one.”

Ten times.

Everyone knew that the first time was the one with the best luck.

It takes an average of ten or five magic digestions to solve a Netherworld magic snake.

The actual mana consumption of both sides is more than 1 to 150.

The Magicians know the power of Magic Evolution and have been mentally prepared for a long time, but the Persia generals are about to collapse.

“The empire feeds you, but your gang of waste arrives on the battlefield. What else can you do besides escaping? The same is Magician. Why does the Magician of Greece can wipe out 2 10000 King’s Army, and you TM can’t even handle a silver Magician? Why? ?” A Persia general scolded.

“Of course because the empire believes that warrior is more noble than Magician, and spends all your money on it. The time is right for the empire to need you, Golden Warrior, rush over and defeat the Netherworld dragon!” A Golden Magician ironically ironically .

“Everyone say less! Our goal now is to win, not to be infighted!” Persia right-wing supreme command coldly said.

“Can’t solve the problem, just solve the man who made the problem. Let’s find a way to sneak attack that Silver Magician and kill him! You Magician, I know you are afraid of killing the Greek genius by mistake and offending the Masters of Greece, but if you don’t kill One Liwei, you will offend His Highness Mardonius!” said a Golden Warrior.

“I think so.” said a Golden Magician.

“The protective power around him is not strong, about 4 5 Golden Warriors, 3 Golden Mages. As long as we use a two-way Transmission Gate, first use a wide range of magic strikes, and then let some warriors and Magician get there through the Transmission Gate to attack After killing him, Magician who arrived there used a two-way Transmission Gate to return. This process only takes a short time, and the other party must not be able to react.”

“Yes, the sooner the better! Once they realize that this Urak is powerful, it is likely to be protected by the Miltiades General. His role is greater than that of Golden Magician.” said a Golden Warrior.

The Golden Magicians were unhappy, but they couldn’t refute it.

Magic Evolution is indeed too strong.

“Then we have a plan for assassination! However, before the assassination, we have to communicate with the other 2 armies, let them exert pressure, and at the same time let the 4 ace Legion move to attract their attention.”

“it is good!”

General Persia and Magician began to discuss the perfect plan.

Among the army of Greece, several Magicians showed strange colors, and then, magic letters passed through the army of Greece.

Suye made up the Netherworld monsters dispelled by Persia mage and returned to the team of Golden Mage and Golden Warrior, keeping a safe distance of more than 100 meters from the front line.

Commodus suddenly sighed long.

“What’s wrong?” Castor looked up towards Commodus, his head was not as high as Commodus’ shoulder.

“I was thinking, if this kid was silver Magician when he was in the Arena, in the final of the gladiator battle king, the Netherworld magic snake was put on the ground, and then took out the chair to do the homework, would I become the best in history Humiliation Gladiator battle king defeater?”

“Yes.” Castor thought without thinking.

Commodus gave him a blank look, and the Sparta warrior simultaneously laughed.

“What are you going to do next?” Castor looked towards Suye.

Suye complexion slightly changed, sighed, and took out the magic tent.

“What else can I do? Do homework.”

After talking, enter the magic tent.

Sparta warrior didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, it’s really pitiful to be a student.

On the battlefield fierce like a tiger, before the job like a rat.

They didn’t see that in the magic tent, Suye opened the Magic Book with a smile and happily doing magic homework.

The happier you get.

However, after doing magic homework and starting a foreign language business, the smile on Suye’s face disappeared without a trace.

Suye reluctantly opened her Persia homework and slowly did it.

His face was dull.

Suddenly, a shrill cry rang out.


Subsequently, a dramatic rumbling sound sounded.

Suye’s hairs exploded all over.

“Damn Persian!”

The densely packed Protection Magic device lights up, and layers of protection power stack one after another.

“Protect Urak!” a Magician shouted.

“Fuck!” Commodus roared.

Suye immediately put away the magic tent, and then found that a hemispherical shield with a diameter of 4 meters enveloped herself.

Outside the shield, dozens of large-scale Golden magic raged.

sky A huge ice hockey erupts icicles frantically, giving out a rustling sound.

A flaming earth dragon lay outside the five meters, spitting out the raging Fire River, drowning the hemispherical shield, and the sound of flame bursting endlessly.

A tornado of 7-8 meters is 2 meters away from the shield. The densely packed wind blades flew towards the 4 sides, and the harsh sky-splitting sound continued.

Densely packed Poisonous Bee Swarm, vomiting Dead Spirit thick cloud, constantly bursting ground…

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