The World of Deities Chapter 386

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Countless Greece soldiers fell.

Even those Sparta warriors fell one by one.

Commodus’ golden light flashed throughout his body, roaring and waving shields and lances, obstructing all the magic that attacked Suye.

Dense magic stirs up his golden divine power shield.

Castor didn’t know what life-saving power was used, and his whole body was wrapped in a golden-yellow shield and stood beside Commodus.

magic covers the sky, Suye cannot see people in the distance even with dark vision.

After a few seconds, the large-scale magic dissipates.

See the magic door of one after another blue, rushing out one after another Persia Golden Warrior and Golden Mage.

But in the blink of an eye, a total of ten Golden Warrior and six Golden Magician poured out.

Absolutely repressive power.

Suye right hand strokes the Ring of Space in the left hand, ready to take out the sword of glory at any time.

But suddenly, a huge white beam of light is dropping from the sky.

A pure white light column up to 6 meters in diameter and 3 meters in diameter envelopes Suye, with a feather of holy light Condensation floating around.

Those Persia Golden Warrior and mage complexion slightly changed.

Saint Domain level divine spell, glorious shelter.

Who uses such a precious divine spell Magic Tool for a silver Magician?

The shock of hard to describe appeared on the faces of Persia sneak attackers, but they looked at each other and replaced the shock with perseverance.


Golden Warrior’s golden light flickered all over the body, just like the golden flame of the Golden divine power. In their entire body combustion, everyone tried their best to rush to Suye.

The Magicians raised their hands, the Magic Tool flashed continuously throughout the body, and powerful magic spells fell to Suye one after another.

They are Golden Mage, but they can use Saint Domain Magic Tool.

The gray light that dissociated the material flew out, where the light passed, the air evaporated, and the space seemed to be slightly twisted.

As soon as death stared out, sky appeared a skull full of one meter, and in the green eyes of the skull, an invisible force was sprayed on Suye.

A ghost, Banshee, who was full of five meters high, wearing a translucent black and long skirt, appeared behind a mage. The ghost Banshee made a scream, and Banshee wept, causing ripples on the glorious shelter.

A fiery-red cylindrical storm fiercely landed where Suye was, like a flame tornado, the power of Raging Flames Storm swept everything.

One after another, enough magic to kill Silver Magician 100 times appeared one after another.

The Golden Warrior approached Suye.

Commodus has Golden divine power combustion all over his body, and the city of war appears behind him, waving Battle Spear madly and defeating a lot of magic.

Suddenly, a light blue gleam passed by, Suye, Commodus, Kastor, and nearby people were all disappeared.

“We were found, let’s go!”

All Golden Warrior and mage will turn around and return to the two-way Transmission Gate.

A Magician was only one step away from the Transmission Gate. He turned quickly, raised his feet, and rushed forward.

However, the rays of light of the light yellow passed by and enveloped all Transmission Gates.

A flash of horror flashed in Magician’s eyes, and he had to back away, but after all, he was not a warrior, and his body responded a little slower.

His body still entered the Transmission Gate.

All Transmission Gate in this brief moment, ripples appeared on the surface, as if someone had dropped a small stone in the calm lake in the evening.

I saw that Magician’s body was instantly cut into countless small pieces by the force of space shock, and crash-bang fell to the ground.

Part of it falls here, part of it falls on the other side of the magic gate, among the Persia army.

There is also a Magician ring in his hand, and his body could be teleported to a distance in an instant. However, the result is the same as Magician who walked into the Transmission Gate, the space shock appears, cutting his body into countless pieces.

“leave here!”

The Persia Golden Warrior gave up the use of Transmission Gate and prepared to rush back to the big camp.

However, the soldiers killed by magic suddenly broke out, and the glory of Golden divine power and advanced Battle Skill shined.

At the same time, a spear of 4 elemental flew from the distance.

At the moment of seeing the 4 elemental spear, all Persia Golden Warrior and Golden Mage knew that he had made a fortune, and Greek had been ready for a long time.

“Go to hell!”

The Persia mages knew they were going to die, and suddenly inspired all the Magic Tool and the power of the whole body. The dazzling rays of light made them look like a cracking humanoid sun.

The elemental of pure mana and chaos resembles seven-color fireworks, which bloom in the daytime and Rapid Speed ​​expands.

People in the distance only see the brilliant light, but those who are near them see the world dim.

Judgement Day is coming.

Hong long long ……

Suye stood beside the commander of the Chinese army and Euclid, looking at the ground where he was.

The dead bodies of Magician and ordinary were evaporated by the magical power of berserk, and a large pit deep in several meters was blown out of the ground. The pit was dark. Many places were crystallizing due to high temperature, and they were emitting light black smoke.

Persia Golden Warrior, all fell.

The Greek Golden Warriors were dark all over, struggling to go out.

Everyone not far away saw that the sneak attack was a victory against the sneak attack.

Suye hurriedly looked towards the direction of Plato Academy, relaxed.

It turned out that the power of Persia Magician’s last perish together was compressed within a radius of 30 meters by the already prepared Protection Magic, and the number of casualties was controlled within a very low range.

Even so, more than 100 people died.

However, the Persia side lost a total of 7 Golden Warrior and 6 Golden Magician.

Disintegrate half of the high rank battle strength of the Persia Chinese army.

“The Persia high-level battle strength that came to the sneak attack has been wiped out, and Greece has won!”

“Greece wins!”

The Greek warriors roared loudly to let themselves know what an amazing record to accomplish.

The morale of the Greek warrior was strong, but the morale of Persia was low.

The warriors of the Chinese army panicked, and the rear security was gone.




Greece warriors who have been passive are roaring loudly and attacking actively.

Persia frontline collapsed on the first encounter.

The generals of the Persia camp at the seaside saw this scene and scolded with rage.

The faces of some Magician who didn’t even care about victory or defeat also became pale.

Six Golden Mages were killed in battle, which is very rare.

Persia commander Mardonius looked somber, with a huge aquiline nose hanging like a sickle on his face.

“Move out!” Mardonius finally gave the order.





4 Long and heavy horns sounded.

The Persia warrior, which was still in defeat, heard this voice, and it turned out to be like Berserker’s maddening spirit.

On the other hand, on the coalition side of Greece, many warriors and Magicians looked at the place where Persia 4 ace Legion was located with amazement when they attacked.

Suye also looked forward.

Persia 4 Legion is out.

“ao ……”

The frost wolf, the flaming demon bear, the swift lion, the rock giant lizard, and the 4-arm giant ape… Many Demon Beasts charged with bloodthirsty roars, and even crashed the Persia in front of them to 7 8 scattered.

Suddenly, coldly snorted sounds came from the direction of Giant Legion.

The bloody Demon Beast suddenly stopped, igniting dust filling the sky, obediently and honestly standing on the spot, secretly looking at Giant Legion.

The flying snakes of the flying snake Legion made the sound of si si, and they immediately changed direction and circled in place.

Colossus Legion is always motionless.

Under the watchful eyes of both the enemy and the enemy, the 6-meter-high Giant Legion roared upward in the sky, with arms spread like 2 wings on the side.



All Giants shouted.

A giant with 100 heads covered in thick armor, like 100 small fortresses, slowly moved forward, faster and faster, and began to trot.

Earth turns, dusty.


“Giant Legion!”

“Giant Legion!”

“Giant Legion!”

Those Persia warriors who were about to rush to the front line all stopped, screaming Giant Giant’s name simultaneously.

Even the Golden Warrior roared wildly.

Undefeated Legion, Invincible Master.

Giant Legion is the real soul and will of the Persia army.

Seeing Giant Legion charge ahead, Persia generals in the seaside camp showed a long-lost smile.

Even the Magicians who look down on the warrior have a kind smile at the moment.

The Persia patients who were wounded in the camp were struggling to stand up, looking into the distance and towards the direction of victory.

Giant Legion came out like an avalanche.

“Shrinking formation!”

The general of Greece 3 reluctantly gave up the chase and began to shrink.

3 The army contracted completely.

After the Giant Legion, the Demon Beasts recovered crazy and yelled to charge.

The giant elephant Legion began to move slowly, and the masked war elephants ran gently under the control of the elephant controller.

Earth’s vibrations are more intense.

Si si ……

The flying snakes screamed joyfully and moved forward among the elephant herds, and some flying shots were insidiously attached to the cabin behind the giant statue, ready to sneak attack at any time.



The frontline soldiers of Persia soldiers saw the Greek army shrinking and stopped the battle, shouting for Giant Legion together.

The early morning sun flooded the marathon plain.

The most dazzling thing at the moment is not the sun, but the 100 giants.

4 big Legion, simultaneously attacked.

The mage on the Greek side sighed helplessly, chanting servant Summoning Spell one after another.

Magic servants of different ranks walked out of Magic Formation and rushed towards the Chinese army together.

These servants, like moth flies into the flame, greet Giant Legion.

All Black Iron and bronze Magician evacuated.

Their magic can’t even hurt Giant’s hair, but Giant can punch their body into 2 segments with one punch.

The Silver Magicians cast a lot of Trap Spell in full swing.

Golden Mage chant 4 elemental spears.

This is the only thing that can hurt Giant’s magic. Like those large-scale magic creations, landing on Giant is just a mosquito on humans. The trouble is trouble, but it can’t cause effective damage.

Each Giant has powerful anti-Magic Ability.

Watching Giant get closer and closer, more and more Greece warrior not only reduced their fear, but also showed a faint smile.

When I saw the 4 ace Legion in the morning, I was ready to die. Now that the last moment is coming, why should I be afraid?

Giant is just powerful, not Undead immortal.

“Greek will never be afraid!”




Greece warrior took a big breath and yelled.

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