The World of Deities Chapter 387

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Seen from high altitude, the Persia army still retains the original loose formation of the 3rd army.

It’s just that, under the leadership of Giant Legion, the 4 big troop soldiers cut open the Chinese army and moved straight ahead, leaving behind the billowing dust.

On the other hand, the opposite army of Greece still maintains a loose formation. There is still a large distance between the soldiers, but the 3rd army continues to retreat and shrink, gradually integrating into one army.

Proficiency tactical generals are full of helplessness.

The formation is too loose, so the 4 Legion led by Giant Legion will be in a state of no one, and the Coalition forces cannot provide effective defense or counterattack.

The formation is too dense, it is possible to kill Giant Legion to a certain extent, but our own army also faces the probability of rapid collapse.

However, the Greek coalition can only choose to shrink

Greek and Persian are different.

It is better to defeat than to let Giant Legion wreak havoc.

Counting 100 magic servants rushed out of the Greek coalition to meet the front of the Giant Legion.

Those tall Giants are not only unguarded, but instead look at the magic servant rushing up like they are watching ants.

Giants are smiling and wielding huge weapons.

Bang … Bang …

Whether it is a hammer or a giant axe, whether it is a giant sword or a giant spear, they are smashed out by Giants as sticks.

They don’t need any skills, just the simplest hit.

One after another, the magic servant was either crushed, crushed into 2 segments, or smashed all over.

Some Giants don’t use weapons at all and sprint straight forward.

Demon Beast was hit and flew to the ground, then stepped on by Giant behind.

Like a mudslide.

Counting 100 magic servants, it’s like a summer breeze passing Giant.

The only mark they left was the pool of blood on the ground.

The Giants continued to charge, flying in the dust.

The bodies of the Greek warrior tremble slightly, trembling with Earth stepped on by Giant.

Giants are too strong, Giants are too close.

That’s not Giant, it’s Demon God.

Extremely few young Greece warrior threw down his weapon, turned and ran.

Other people’s eyes glanced at the warrior running away. There was no slight contempt and anger in their eyes, only a touch of sorrow.

The students of Plato Academy have been arranged to the rear, they will not meet Giant Legion, but each of them has cold hands and legs.


Each and everyone Zhan blue’s Transmission Gate appears near Giant Legion.

The spears of 4 elemental with changing colors pierced the sky and flew out of the Transmission Gate to the Giant Legion.

Euclid is linked to all Golden Magician hearts, and each 4 elemental spear flies to the best landing point, even if Legendary Grandmaster personally commands it, only this effect.

However, a desperate scene appeared.

One after another magic rays of light lights up on Giant, and Persia’s Golden Magician shot.

4 Elemental spear easily tears all Protection Magic, but elemental is lost, speed is greatly reduced, and part of it is deflected.

Only a dozen 4 elemental spears hit Giant and landed on Giant’s enchanted super heavy metal armor.

4 The elemental spear pierced into the metal armor and pierced firmly, but could not penetrate.

At the same time, densely packed groups of broken magic arrows flew like giant locusts and landed on Giant Legion.

Dang dang dang ……

The arrow struck Giant’s armor, as if the knuckles landed on the city gate.

Giants stretched out their hands to cover their faces, narrowed their eyes slightly, and listened to the sweet voice.

Occasionally, a lucky arrow fell on Giant’s skin, also like a wooden thorn stuck into the hand of a person.

Pull gently to bring out a little blood.

That’s it.

The Allied forces of Greece attacked with all their strength and did not cause a bit of trouble to Giant Legion.

Earth is still shaking, Persia coalition forces are still charging.

Greece Golden Mage and Golden Warrior looked at each other, simultaneously nodded.

At this time, those who are in the lower and middle ranks cannot be allowed to take action, their role is too small.

Only the Golden rank can fight Giant.

As for life and death, they no longer think about it before they reach the Marathon Fortress.

I just want to win this war.

The Giant Legion is getting closer, the 4 ace Legion is getting closer, and the reorganized Persia army is getting closer.

This moment is the most confident moment for the Persia army.

Even the light infantry who could not even hold their spears were confident.

Suye is lightly sighed.

“Bronze servant Summoning Spell.”

Magic Formation emerged, and Tall’s Netherworld unicorn was born from blue rays of light.

The surging Fire of Netherworld surrounds its whole body, and its dark fur shines like a black diamond in the sun.

The thread sharp horn surrounded by the Fire of Netherworld seems to be a divine spear that pierces the sky.

The perfect body is like a sculpting god who personally sculpted it, and every muscle seems to be carefully polished.

Everyone who saw the Netherworld unicorn was stunned.

How can there be a black unicorn?

Moreover, how could this black unicorn… can only be described as handsome, obviously Demon Beast, but heroic, standing there like a handsome young man.

Some female warrior and female mage even showed fascination.

Euclid and Faust looked at each other, and they looked like hell.

What about the pure white unicorn? How to become a Netherworld unicorn.

Not only was Greek surprised, but Persian was stunned to see the Netherworld unicorn.

Especially the Magicians who think they are proficiency magic are most surprised.

The Netherworld unicorn played handsome for a second and then licked out Suye’s face with his big tongue.

Suye tilted her head to avoid, pointing at Giant Legion, and said, “Show Giant Legion your strongest strength, and win and let you lick.”

The Netherworld unicorn turned around violently, looking at the Giant Legion rushing over, with a disgusted look on his face.


It whispered like a horse, turned its body, its hard hooves lightly stepped on the ground, elegantly walked in a dressage, slowly forward, slowly acceleration.

The eyes of everyone on both sides of the enemy are attracted to it.

Because, its body began to change.

The first is inflation, circle after circle of inflation, and finally the shoulder height is more than 3m5, which is more than one meter high.

His head is taller than most Giant.

As the body swells, the muscles of the whole body become more and more obvious, like lumps of sarcoma squeezed out. Its shape is still fit, but there is a kind of evil and tyranny.

In the process of swelling, its black fur split open, one after another fiery crack on his body Spread, and a thick red lava flowing in the crack.

Soon, cracks and lava covered its whole body.

The Netherworld unicorn is still beautiful, but from the original appearance, it has been transformed into a violent and brutal beauty.

It seems to be Evil God.

The sun is still there, Giant Legion is still shining, but the marathon plain seems to be dark.

The lava Netherworld unicorn seems to spread darkness and fear.

Its changes did not stop.

The innate skill belonging to Suye continues to spread on it.

In the end, Giant Bloodline’s Battle Armor innate skill appeared on the Netherworld unicorn.

The Mountain Battle Armor on Suye and the others is just like a pattern carved on the surface of the body, but the Mountain Battle Armor on the Netherworld unicorn is completely constructed by lava and Fire of Netherworld.

On the tall mountains, there are Giants drinking, Giants roaring, Giants waving axe, Giants opening mountains, and even Giant reaching for the stars.

Then, a scene that shocked everyone appeared.

The Giant figures attached to the Netherworld unicorn suddenly separated.

I saw small lava mountains surrounding the Netherworld unicorn. Above the lava mountains, all the lava giants were alive. Some were drinking, some were roaring, and some were axe…

The Giant Legion simultaneously opposite stopped and looked at the Netherworld unicorn in horror.

The Giants stopped so quickly that the Demon Beast in the back bumped into the Giant’s back. The elephant elephant Legion hurriedly stopped, and even the flying snake Legion slowed down.

Even the leader of Giant Legion, the Giant General with a 6-meter-high hand tearing Saint Domain warrior, horror appeared in his eyes.

Those young Giants are even worse, even in shiver coldly.

Persian lose one’s head out of fear, which was originally full of fighting spirit, blinked and rubbed his eyes desperately, unable to believe this scene.

Not to mention the black unicorn, even if the golden white unicorn appears, it is impossible to scare Giant like this.

Even if Giant Dragon appears, Giants are only cautious and vigilant, impossible and fearful.

Persia’s Giant Legion, once slaughtered a dragon!

Greek was confused, how could a black unicorn scare dignified Giant Legion like this.

The Netherworld unicorn separated the Greece team, leaving behind a 2-foot-wide lava river, with flying dust, rushing out of the Greece formation and leaping towards Giant Legion.

The strong heroic posture stretches in the sky, gliding like a flaming pegasus.

The dark silhouette seemed to cover the sun.

In the midair of Giant Legion 2 beyond ten meters, the Netherworld unicorn suddenly burst into a more intense crimson lava and black Fire of Netherworld, and then a black Netherworld fire pillar rose into the sky and passed through the sky dome.

Among the pillars of fire, the Netherworld unicorn fell heavily and stepped on the ground with 4 hooves.


Taking the Netherworld unicorn as the center, the Earth within a radius of 100 meters suddenly cracked and scattered all over the sky with 4 fragments.

Afterwards, the red lava and the Black Fire of Netherworld intertwined with each other, rising like a fountain.

Hellfire lava fountain with a radius of 100 meters.

Go straight up to 100 meters.

The horror is that it is obviously blocked by the lava of the hellfire, but everyone sees the Netherworld unicorn as if it is in the center of Netherworld, hissing in the sky, mane moving, and long tail churning.

As if the Demon Lord descended from the sky.

The entire Giant Legion and Demon Beast Legion were flooded by the lava of the prison fire.

The flying snake in the sky fluttered in horror, kept flapping its wings, and slowly retreated.

A giant elephant was blindfolded, but it seemed as if he had seen something terrifying. No matter what means the elephant-controller used, he kept retreating.

After a few seconds, hellfire lava fountain dropping from the sky, like a lake falling.

Everyone saw that Giant Legion and Demon Beast Legion were all wrapped in hellfire lava.

Even more unexpected for everyone is that all Giant turns around and runs away.

Each Giant seems to see the Lord of Netherworld, throws down his weapon, and fleees desperately on Earth in Lava and Hellfire.

Most Giants ran away in a straight line, but some Giants ran wild and painful, and some even dropped their weapons, covering their ears, and fear.

Dark Attribute innate skill shows off.

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