The World of Deities Chapter 388

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Giant Legion ran into Demon Beast Legion, overturned Demon Beast, stepped on Demon Beast and continued to escape.

Hellfire lava is very strong, but the Netherworld unicorn is only silver after all, and it can’t burn Giant. It can only hit those ordinary Demon Beasts at most.

However, Demon Beast, which was trodden by Hellfire lava and trampled by Giant at the same time, is not just as simple as a heavy hit.

One after another, Demon Beast was trampled by Giant, and the lava of no opportunity lava poured into their within the body along the wound Spread.

Demon Beast wailed painfully and rolled across the ground, no matter what means they used, they couldn’t dispel the terrible flame.

Looking at the whole body of the Giant with the fire of the lava, the Giant back kicked back, and the flying snake Legion turned and ran.

The colossus at first is just frightened, but when Giant and the lava of Hellfire are close, they are completely berserk.

I saw every giant statue twisting his head and body frantically, flicking the non-controlling figure, flicking the hut behind him and turning to escape.

Their eyes are blindfolded.

From a distance, more than 100 giant elephants turned around and fanned out to the Persia army, leaving a large area of ​​flying Scattering Dust.

Behind the fan image group, there is Giant Legion with a full body combustion on Hellfire lava, and a few scared Demon Beast.

The Persia army collapsed instantly.

The magicians fly, the teleport, and the first to leave.


The horn of Greece’s main attack sounded.

The Greek soldiers froze for a moment before reacting.



“Persian is over!”

“Kill the enemy!”

Greece turned the men into lions and rushed past like crazy.

A few Persia soldiers originally wanted to avoid war elephants but didn’t want to run away, but they turned around and ran away as soon as the Greek army charged.

Many light infantrymen even threw out their weapons directly.

Escape, they have more experience than the King’s Army and Undead Army.

The Persia army is defeated across the board!

This time is worse than last time.

The number of Greek coalition forces today is twice that of the previous one.

Moreover, Giant, Demon Beast and Colossus are trampling the whole army.

A large number of Persia soldiers were chased and run by the 3 ace Legion.

The blindfolded colossus ran to Great Swamp, some to Persia camp, and some to the bay.

Most of the Persia soldiers on the elephant’s back were flung away. Only a few people hugged the tied belt, rolled their eyes, were thrown around, and occasionally vomited.

Suddenly, some Transmission Gate appeared on the route of Persia soldiers fleeing.

Then, a wide range of magic flew out.

Instead of landing, it flew to the sky, to the only flying snake Legion in the 4 Ace Legion that was not damaged.

The densely packed large-scale magic falls in the group of flying snakes.

A large number of flying snakes are caught off guard, even if they have strong magic resistance, but they also lose the opportunity to encounter targeted magic.

They fled desperately, but the Greek mages were well prepared.

The 2 100 flying snakes protected by Magician and warrior were completely destroyed.

As for the other three ace Legion…

Suye stood on the spot, silently watching the Greek soldiers in front of him madly chasing and killing, and silently watching the Persia soldiers in front of him running away.

The Greek soldiers were obviously less than half of Persian, but they drove the sheep like a shepherd.

Except for the extremely few Undead Army, which can resist when attacked, all other Persia soldiers will only run, often chased by the powerful warrior from behind, and pierce a cold.

After annihilating the flying snake Legion, the Transmission Gate appeared in crowded places one after another, and the Golden Mages began to bombard wildly.

This time, the Magicians are more at ease than when they were in the First Stage Battle of Marathon.

Last time they also worried about the counterattack of the Persia army, but this time, the Persia army has been unable to counterattack.

Greek kept chasing and killing, and Persian kept running away.

No matter how hard people in the Persia camp are, they can’t stop panicking Spread.

Because a huge hellfire lava unicorn is still chasing Persia soldiers, and is specifically targeting those high-ranking silver or Golden Warrior.

As long as the Netherworld unicorn catches up with the human, the 4 hooves step towards Earth, and the sky is full of lava.

Although the range is far less than the first time, the radius is only 50 meters, but the killing range is not inferior to the Golden Magician.

Golden Warrior has escaped. If Silver warrior cannot escape the range of Hellfire lava within 3 seconds, the Divine power shield will be burned directly.

In fact, most Silver warrior can escape this range within 3 seconds.

The premise is that the Dark Attribute innate skill is invalid.

Therefore, no Silver warrior can escape the range of the prison fire lava.

Innate skills such as lethargy, chaos, numbness, confusion, pain, distraction, illusion, tremors, and pain are always encountered.

Not everyone is so lucky, nor everyone is as powerful as Giant.

The Netherworld unicorn is like stepping on a spring, bouncing around in the Persia army. Once it falls, it is a lava fountain with a radius of 50 meters, which scares all Persia warrior.

Soon, all the scenes of Greek didn’t expect appeared.

See the densely packed defeated Persia soldiers rushing outside the Persia camp.

The low wall of the Persia camp was built by Magician. They are not afraid of Greek sneak attack, so the low wall only plays a basic role of shielding, only 2 meters high, only to the stomachs of Giants.

The door of the Persia camp was tightly closed, and the Persia generals on the city wall continued to use magic beards to yell, intimidating the Persia soldiers from prohibiting flight, and ordering them to turn back and fight back.

Giant has long escaped from the range of prison fire lava, but their skin is rough, flesh is thick, the most serious is only severe burns, and it is difficult to die.

However, the Netherworld unicorns are still chasing behind them, they are still terrified.

The Giants didn’t care about the Persia generals. They rushed to the low wall, kicked the low wall, and rushed into the big camp.

The Persia soldiers behind rushed in.

The tidal Persia soldiers stormed into the camp.

Seeing a chaos in the Persia camp, cattle and horses and Demon Beast began to run around, even igniting flames everywhere, and a jump of chickens and dogs.

The Greek soldiers were about to continue to charge, but a large number of Persia Golden Mage and Golden Warrior rushed out of the city against the chaos flow.

Two Magicians wearing golden long gown and a holy white crown above their heads flew into the air. The eyes of two people were very white, and the pupils were as big as green beans. At first glance, they could shock people with cold sweat.

In front of 2 people, an illusory shadow of a mud tablet emerged.

The strange thing is that Yu Guang saw that it was a mud tablet, but once he looked at the mud tablet, he would see two hands empty in front of two people and nothing.

At the same time, on the Persia warship not far from the sea, a magic giant crossbow is adjusting its angle.

“Retreat!” The voices of the Generals of Greece sounded on the battlefield one after another. The Greek soldiers stopped slowly and began to pick up the spills of war on the battlefield to rescue the injured Greek and prepare to evacuate.


The Netherworld unicorn suddenly turned to look at Suye.

Suye gently lifted her chin to the two Fate Warlocks.

The Netherworld unicorn rushed straight towards the 2 Fate Warlocks.

A contemptuous smile appeared on Persia’s Golden Magician’s face. Before the chaotic army fled, they naturally could only follow it, and could not target the Netherworld unicorn.

However, if it is a normal Magician game, there are too many Magic in the Golden level to solve the summon servant.

“Exile!” A Golden Magician recites Incantation, a Netherworld unicorn.

A blue rays of light enveloped the Netherworld unicorn out of thin air.

Under the blue light, the Netherworld unicorn continued to advance.

In a blink of an eye, the blue light disappeared.

Exile failed.

Release Magic’s Golden Magician dumbstruck.

Exile is very peculiar, no matter how high the magic resistance is, if it can resist exile, unless there is any special ability.

The rest of the Golden Magician simultaneously casting, one after another, landed on the Netherworld unicorn.

Until the Netherworld unicorn had rushed in front of them, the exile did not work.

Golden Magician looked at the whole body of the terrorist monster of Fire of Netherworld approaching, full of fear in his heart, but, motionless, looked towards the sky, the two fate warlocks.

Two fate warlocks face revealed a look of ridicule, among which the young man pointed a finger at chasing the Netherworld unicorn.

A strange red ray flew out of the fate tablet and landed on the Netherworld unicorn.

Seeing the red light, the high-rank warrior and mage complexion stiffened on the Greek coalition side, and his body was cold.

Almost all of them have seen the result of the fate warlock’s shot. Many powerful Golden and even Saint Domain are so simple and single-finger, instant scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

They seemed to see that the red ray penetrated the fur of the Netherworld unicorn, penetrated its flesh, penetrated its soul, and even penetrated its fate.

Destiny Warlock’s signature ability, fate collapsed.

This is not a magic spell ability, but a divine spell ability. It is the power given to them by the paramount Divine Item fate tablet, which is equal to borrowing power directly from God.

In this power, there is a real divine might, and a very high divine might.

Under Legendary, you must die.

Even if the Legendary Archmagician does not use the powerful Legendary protection in advance, it will be killed by the Golden Destiny Warlock.

This is the force that directly destroys fate.

The divine spell in any magic servant will completely die out and can no longer summon out.

Greek, who knew this, turned his head towards Suye, and his eyes were full of regret.

Euclid hate iron for not becoming steel whispered: “The servant worth 2010000 golden eagle, that’s all over, what’s wrong…huh?”

The rays of light whose fate collapsed fell on the Netherworld unicorn, as if the match had just ignited, a tornado suddenly passed by, then, there was no more…

The Netherworld unicorn suddenly grinned, exposing big white teeth.

Its 4 hooves fell heavily on the ground.

And the first time the exactly the same prison fire lava skyrocketed.

A huge hellfire lava fountain with a radius of 100 meters and a height of 100 meters erupted at the door of the Persia camp.

Golden Warrior luckily said that those Magicians with powerful Magic Tools were also surrounded by Protection Magic at the moment of the crisis.

The middle-aged fate warlock also used the Protection Magic device to protect himself, even if he knew that the projection of the fate tablet project would help himself to resist all disasters.

The Young Destiny Warlock thought the same way, but he didn’t use Magic Tool to protect himself.

He believes that the power of Destiny Tablet will protect itself as before, just like every battle.

Destiny tablet has invincible power.

The eyes of the young fate warlock are full of indifference, and the corners of his mouth still have a sarcastic smile.

Hellfire lava is like a fountain rising up, Impact owns Golden Magician, Golden Warrior and 2 Destiny Warlocks.

The moment the prison fire lava appeared, the smile on the face of the young fate warlock solidified.

In Yu Guangzhong, the fate tablet didn’t respond.


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