The World of Deities Chapter 389

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The young fate warlock wanted to use the Magic Tool, but suddenly closed his eyes.

Dark Attribute innate skill, lethargic.

The dark prison fire lava wrapped his whole body.

More than this young Destiny Warlock, except for the middle-aged Destiny Warlock, most of the Golden Warrior and Golden Mage are in various Dark Attribute innate skills.

People who suffer from numbness will lose their judgment of danger. Even if they are obviously burned by flames throughout the body, they will not feel pain and danger until they are burned to death.

People who are confused will forget to cast or use Battle Skill, walk around indiscriminately, do not know what to do at all, and slowly be burned to death.

Suddenly, several Golden Warrior and Magician killed themselves.

Endless anger and fear surfaced on each of them.

“Kill you!”

“You murderer!”

“You’re actually resurrected, I’m going to kill your family!”


Dark Attribute innate skill in them: illusion.

Dark Attribute innate skill is one of the scariest innate skills.

“Unforgivable.” The middle-aged fate warlock was wrapped in a dazzling white light, unaffected by the lava of Hellfire, and pointed to the Netherworld unicorn.

The clear sky in the morning is bright and bright, even if there are stars in the sky, you can’t see it.

But at this moment, everyone felt that the sky was dark, and a Doji star lit up in the eastern sky. Then, the Doji star turned into a white flame and instantly crossed the space, hitting the Netherworld unicorn.

The white light fire pillar, which was as high as ten floors, fell suddenly.

Just like the flame waterfall.

The Netherworld unicorn just grunted, and its body was completely evaporated.

A deep black hole was left on the ground.

“Unfortunately, there is no way to be resurrected. If I am killed by Sacred Flame, I will call Suye Teacher.” Euclid sighed.

“That’s what you said, I remember.” Faust General said.

“What did you remember? I forgot.” Euclid gave Faust a blank look and continued to look at the Persia camp.

The Netherworld unicorn was killed, but the last hellfire lava directly killed 7 Golden Warrior and 4 Golden Magician, as well as 4 Golden Warrior and 6 Golden Magician who died in the illusion.

However, looking at the Golden and Saint Domain of each and everyone flustered and exasperated in the Persia camp, the Greek coalition forces did not choose to rush into the camp after all.

The magic giant crossbow of Persia battleship exudes frost and cold light.

Even now, Persia’s total strength still surpasses the Greek coalition.

Greece The coalition navy has not yet arrived.

Faust General looked at this scene and whispered: “Unfortunately, if the navy of Dimis General arrives, we will attack on both sides, and we can now cheer the final victory.”

A Golden General next to him sighed and said, “The Aristocrat are still watching, and the City-States are still watching. Even if the First Stage victory is over, they are also worried about the annihilation of the navy. Fortunately, in the second war, we still win. Tonight, the Coalition Navy of Greece should depart from Athens.”

“Aristocrat?…they are mad dogs who can only see the benefits in front of them. We have 2 wins. They will definitely regard Persia as fat, when the time comes… I hope I think too much.” Faust General looked quietly Into the distance.

The Persia camp has gradually calmed down.

“I don’t know politics. If you use mathematical thinking to calculate, you will always think too little.” Euclid looked at Suye.

“Yeah, when they think Persia is a soft persimmon, they will certainly open other people’s hands and pinch themselves.”

“They will hold a hedgehog.” Euclid disagrees.

“But it’s not just Aristocrat’s hand that bleeds. That’s why Miltiades General would rather offend Areopagus and fight the Persia army.” Faust looked at each and everyone Greek on the battlefield.

“Someone is going to ignite the flames of Lava River Town.” Euclid looked away from Suye and turned to the blue ocean, where the densely packed Persia warship gently undulated with the waves.

Faust glanced at Suye and looked towards the Greek soldier again.

“Yes, the final victory will ultimately belong to us.” Faust smiled faintly.

The smile on his face was exactly the same as the smile on the faces of the Greek soldiers.

Suye is counting Sparta warrior.

Six people were killed in battle, all died of Persia’s sneak attack.

Only 24 people left.

Whether it is Commodus, Kastor or other Sparta warrior, there is no grief at all.

This is the fate of warrior.

They did not die because of failure, but fell before victory.

“This battle, you have enough fighting skills.” Commodus said.

Castor nodded.

“Are you sure?” Suye said.

“Killing a fate warlock is half of the General’s military merit. It is enough that you have defeated the 4 Legion, plus the warrior and Magician who died directly from the unicorn.” Commodore’s tone Full of envy.

“I never thought that a bronze Magician can make military effort so easily, even our Demi-God family can’t do it…No, you are already silver.” Kastor’s tone was also full of envy.

“I also feel honored for you,” Suye said.

Commodus and Castor rolled their eyes simultaneously, Suye’s mouth was always so poisonous.

Kastor suddenly turned his head to look at the coalition generals on the city wall, silent for a long time, sighed, said: “Next, you can’t go, but you can use mana as an excuse to take a break.”

“Oh?” Suye looked doubtfully towards Castor.

“You know magic, you know battle, but you don’t understand Aristocrat.” Kastor helplessly said.

Suye frowned for a while before being nodded, saying: “I probably understand what you mean. But they will not be stupid to this extent?”

“Persian 2 lost in a row and looked as stupid, but are they really stupid?” Casto whispered.

“Yeah, they are not stupid, they are just kidnapped in the past and fight the tide of the times with a rigid mind, but their mind always tells themselves that they are right. They thought they were protecting themselves, but they could not protect themselves, only Protecting my ignorance.” Suye looked at the Persia camp and looked at the various appliances that had been eliminated by Greek early on.

There is a generation gap of at least ten years.

“You lie down now.” Casto whispered.

Suye nodded, said: “We will win.”

Suye said, take the self-made stretcher from Ruins Space, put it on the ground, and walk up on her own.

“Let’s go,” Suye said.

“Urak! What’s wrong with you, Urak? Are you over-exhausted by mana?” Kastor yelled, expressionless, but the voice was full of sadness and sadness.

“Ah! The next battle depends on you… I’ll do my best!” Suye finished closing her eyes.

“You two…” Commods didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Many people look here, even those Generals on the city wall looked towards here.

Two Sparta warriors rushed over, lifted the stretcher, and slowly walked towards the fortress with the team.

Euclid hurriedly cast and ran over with an azure breeze.

“What’s wrong? Was it influenced by the power of fate?” Euclid asked.

“Fate can’t affect me, Aristocrat can.” Suye squinted lazily.

The sun is quite dazzling.

Euclid was silent for a while, nodded.

“I see, you rest for a few days, and when the time is right, I will contact you.” Euclid said.

“How is my military merit?” Suye asked.

Euclid glanced at the city wall and said, “As long as Faust General is in charge of military power, no one will deprive you of military power.”

“What if Faust General has another appointment?” Suye asked.

“They must first solve Miltiades General.” Euclid said.

“Well, yes, they are short-sighted, but not stupid X.” Suye mixed with Greece’s swear words.

“But if they want military merit, they must get Miltiades General’s consent.” Casto said.

“Of course, there are gains and losses, no one can take everything, Miltiades General can’t, Aristocrat can’t.” Euclid said.

“Also.” Casto whispered.

A team of people crossed the city gate, entered the fortress, and walked to the residence.

Suye suddenly raised a mocking smile at the corner of her mouth.

Commodus, Kastor, and Euclid also looked at each other, with similar look of ridicule on their faces.

The Sparta soldiers remained unchanged.

“You Athens are really interesting.” Commodus is unable to bear sneered.

“We Sparta’s unbelievable people were ousted by you, and I still feel why he is not an Athens person on the city wall. I didn’t laugh with my belly, but I gave you a face.” Kastor touched his belly. Tiger head on the armor.

“Every other one, your Sparta anti-Magician is like an anti-thief,” Euclid said.

Casto Whisperer.

Commodus looked back to the city wall, looking towards the backs of those Aristocrat.

Suye slightly opened her eyes and saw a familiar silhouette.

The silhouette that had been smashed by a big wooden stick, and the curls of pale-gold.

Above the city wall, André glanced at the marathon plain with gray green eyes.

“I like it here. The cry of the warriors is more pleasing than my harp.” André smiled.

“You are so humble that even the horn of the battlefield cannot match your harp. If the war ends before the Pitiah competition, you will surely become the harp champion this year. Junior Athens General Gapitia competition music champion , You will get the favor of Sun God.” Aristocrat, the youth on the side said.

“Chard, your praise made me ashamed and unable to show one’s face. I just accidentally directed a battle, and then I might kill a Golden Warrior or Golden Mage with the Family Magic Tool, and finally get military power, probably also It’s just the level of the regiment commander. The teenage General is too exaggerated, I can’t do it.” André smiled on his face.

Chard sighed and said: “Speaking of military merit, the silver Magician named Urak really left dog shit, with a magical magic servant, fortunately restrained Giant Legion, and even accidentally killed a fate warlock. Those generals , Always talking about him. Not surprisingly, he will become the youngest General in these years, second only to Aristotle.”

“Yes, this Sparta person is still much worse than Aristotle. That famous fire battle really shook the entire Athens, which also led the military to pay more attention to the cultivation of Magician. Unfortunately, those old diehards have always been afraid of Magician. “” André said.

“I cannot understand you Magician as a warrior.” Chard shrugged.

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