The World of Deities Chapter 390

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André looked into the distance, revealing a heavy look.

“You might think that I’m going to snatch their credit. I’m here to gilt. But, whether it’s past, present, or future, I can say that I did this for Athens or even Greece. Only my Magician body Being at the top of Athens and becoming the real power General, I can change Athens’s and even all Greece’s prejudice against Magician. The whole Greece can only fight warrior and Magician to fight against the external enemy. I have selfishness, but in this matter, I No doubt,” André said.

“I don’t understand the future situation, and I missed the Magician battle that First Stage was spread by them, but today, I really saw that a trifling silver Magician can affect the whole battle. This is what I didn’t expect before. .Anyway, Magician must be more and more important.” Chard said.

“So, I want to be General, then, change Magician, change all Athens, change all Greece!” André said, looking to Miltiades General not far away.

Then, André lowered his head and muttered to himself.

“However, war always bleeds, and change always requires sacrifice. Everyone, sorry, I’m not targeting you, I’m just for Greece.”

André lifts the head again, looking into the distance, clenching his fists tightly, his eyes shining with firm rays of light.

On the evening of the same day, each City-State held a celebration party of varying scale. This time the celebration party was much larger than the first game.

Everyone knows that Persian impossible sneak attack tonight, because they have been terrified.

Many Greeks even believed that as long as the Demes General led the Navy to arrive, they would surely break the Persia navy, and then the two sides would join forces to wipe out Persian.

However, many experienced generals were sullen.

In the early morning of 2nd day, a news disturbing the whole army spread throughout the fortress.

Miltiades General suffered an old injury and was temporarily unable to command the next battle. The next battle will be directed by a Saint Domain General dispatched by Areopagus.

As a result, various rumored news spread among the army.

“Damn it, this is blatantly grabbing the power! Next, as long as the Persia army is defeated, the first power will definitely be the new General. Alas, Miltiades General is distressed.”

“The new General even ridiculed Miltiades General, saying that as long as he stands on the city wall, he can wait for the military achievements coming in. He is different. He wants to join the army in battle.”

“The most ridiculous thing is that I heard that a teenage Aristocrat child led a 1000-person elite corps, saying that he is Magician, and he has a much better grasp of the battle situation than other ordinary generals. It is a laugh to the dead, if anyone can grasp the battle situation, To be a high-level general, I recommend Devil mage Urak! Which mage is better than him?”

“It is said that Urak is also sick.”

“Hehe, a chief General, a chief hero, at this time all are sick, and the fool knows what is going on. Without the Netherworld Demon King beast, I see how they deal with Persia’s 4 big ace Legion…oh now only 3 big left.”

“It is said that Aristocrat acted together to force Miltiades General to hand over power, but Miltiades General was under pressure and only handed over some authority. Fortunately, Faust General is also responsible for military performance records. If Aristocrat is responsible for this military performance record, I don’t know how many civilians will be sent. Military merits are transferred to Aristocrat.”

“I thought the apples would be eaten before they ripened? Be careful sour!”

“Look, these little Aristocrat cubs won’t have any good fruit!”

“This bunch of bitches!”

“Are they bought by Persian? Do they believe in alien gods? Why didn’t Gods lower the thunderbolt to hack them?”

“I really don’t think of us soldiers as human beings, and completely treat us as a tool for their military achievements. No, in their eyes, we are not even as good as the tools, and the tools need to be maintained. We just run out of them for them. Just throw the garbage!”

“Damn Aristocrat! Jacquerie is right! It annoys Lao Tzu and stabs him directly with a dagger! Anyway, it’s all dead, and I can’t live anyway. Whoever hurts Lao Tzu, whoever gets revenge!”

Throughout the day, all City-State soldiers complained.

Suye seems to be really ill and has never been out. The main time is spent studying and doing homework. The rest of the time is studying and characterizing the Magic Formation Chart.

Another day later, the Persia camp was dispatched again.

At this time, the Army of Greece did not go out, but fortified defense.

Persian did not use any ace troops, not even the Undead Army, but sent a large number of light infantry and the King’s Army.

Even the number of Magician has plummeted.

The battles on both sides suddenly seemed to have returned 100 years ago, almost entirely dominated by warrior.

The tragic siege began.

Suye didn’t go out, but occasionally listening to the battle report on the front line, he could almost draw out the tragedy of the battle.

Persia is completely consuming life.

Even if there is a big defensive advantage in Greece, the military will be exhausted.

When the sun went west and dusk fell, Persian stopped siege.

Later that night, Suye heard an unimaginable message.

Because it was a defensive battle, and Persia did not dispatch a strong Legion, the Greek coalition’s casualties were less than yesterday, and it was blown into success by Aristocrat.

Subsequently, the award order of Areopagus arrived, calling this battle the greatest battle of the marathon, because the number of Greek coalition soldiers killed was less than 500, far lower than the number of casualties in the previous 2 battles.

Suye sees this award confusing?

A sense of familiarity haunts my heart.

If the next death toll is huge, and Persian kills the piece of armor, will they brag that the whole army will fight hard to fight, in order not to let the fallen general be cold in the center of Underworld, and double the award?

Soon, Suye heard André’s promotion news.

André was directly promoted to the commander of the army from a teenager with zero military merits, because the soldiers he led not only did not take a step back, but caused huge casualties to the Persia soldiers in the siege, and at the same time, no one in the entire regiment died.

“It turns out that this is the easiest way to get military power. I really don’t understand Aristocrat…”

A scene emerged in Suye’s mind. The elite corps with more than 70% of Black Iron or higher-order warriors were fighting hard, and André stood behind the team and cheered loudly.

In a defensive battle for 3 consecutive days, Aristocrat earned 3 consecutive military credits.

Areopagus issued a commendation order for 3 consecutive days, and the Aristocrat’s military merits increased.

However, no one noticed that Greek casualties were increasing.

Some people were seriously injured and died in the rear and were not included in the death statistics.

The number of casualties on 3rd day exceeded 1000, and countless wounded.

These 1000 people are just numbers for Persia, but in Greece, each is an experienced warrior.

Even if the teachers and students of the Plato Academy are protected by Magician, they will be treated by the priest in the event of serious injuries, and people continue to die unexpectedly.

Even if he didn’t go to the battlefield, Suye can tell that this is Persia’s plan, and is constantly improving according to the situation of the Greek coalition.

Persia generals have no way to take Magician strategy, but deal with Greece Aristocrat with no difficulty.

“Sure enough, Aristocrat knows Aristocrat best…”

On the night of the 3rd day, Suye heard a crazy news. In order to expand the military power, the Aristocrat faction decided to go out of town to fight tomorrow.

Suye heard the news and went straight to Euclid’s residence.

“Euclid Teacher, do you still need research support for the thousand thousand golden eagle?” Suye asked.

“Yes! I remember!” Euclid stretched out his hand to straighten the purple cloth hat, expression serious.

“Then immediately let Plato Academy withdraw from tomorrow’s battle and ban them from participating in the war! If you don’t do it, I will contact Paros!” Suye said.

“Who is Paros? Well, it doesn’t matter. You said this thing, I’m thinking about it. Since even you found it wrong, it means that tomorrow is a big crisis. I ordered them not to participate in the war tomorrow, and then consulted with Faust General. Go back, leave it to me.” Euclid said.

2 people went out together and walked in different directions.

Taking a step, Suye turned back and asked, “Can’t it be avoided?”

Euclid stopped and turned his back to Suye.

“If you can avoid it, you won’t leave Athens. However, I always feel that there is a way to avoid it, but I forget it. I suspect that what I forgot is related to this matter, I will look for…” Euclid Flip the book while walking forward.

Suye stared blankly at Euclid’s back, brows tightly knit.

“Is the thing he forgot really true or false?”

Suye shook her head and continued to return.

After walking for a while, the fiery silhouette came.

Even the girl who loves beauty does not care about the damage and dirt of leather armor at this moment, but just moves forward with a cold face.

Suye glanced at Paros and lowered her eyes slightly, but Yu Guang kept falling on her.

Paros always looks straight ahead.

As if none of this World’s All Living Things deserves her a closer look.

2 people pass by.

Suye continued to move forward.

Paros sniffed his nose gently, turned around in surprise, and looked at Suye’s back.

The thin black eyebrows frowned gently.

She gently took the head and turned away.

He has more muscles, a wider back, a taller body, and a temperament with a little evil. He is affected by Devil Bloodline and is not alone.

It just feels a bit like it.

Maybe just…

Paros lowered his head and gently stroked the Ring of Health.

She continued to move forward, but her eyes were a little bleak and her pace was a little slow.

Back in the room, Suye was relaxed and then lightly sighed.

Forcibly opened the Magic Book, but his thoughts were unstable.

Retreat second, see the travel notes of the Masters.

Still can’t see it.

Retreat second, think about objective, think about what you should do in the future.

Active thoughts jumped in the mind, slowly calming down.

In 3 days, Suye only learns 6 silver magic.

Fire Attribute’s blaze, flame wave and wild blood have been learned, and flame cloak will have time to talk about it.

Offset wind energy affects all flying arrows and even magic to a small extent. With the Wind Elemental General Bloodline, the effect is extremely strong and the learning is completed.

Fading down the haze can make the body blurred, and with the drift wind, even if it encounters a warrior melee attack, it can affect the enemy’s judgment. The effect is obvious, and it has been learned.

For the last magic, Suye chooses frost bloom.

This magic belongs to the powerful magic that can always be used in Legendary, just like the drift wind.

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