The World of Deities Chapter 391

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The release time of frost bloom at at first is longer, but with the continuous improvement of mastery, this magic can gain the ability to cast without spells, combined with other innate skills, can form a real instant release.

After the frost bloom is released, it will instantly form an instant spherical range of ice power, greatly delaying the enemy.

If you practice this magic to the extreme, it will form a frozen power, and the range can continue to expand. It is one of Magician’s strongest life-saving magic spells.

It is also the core magic of “Frozen Danger Land Stream”.

Magicians who specialize in Ice Attribute, most of them take the frozen Danger Land stream. Their enemies are often frozen alive without waiting for their shots.

“When you have ice elemental Bloodline, consider studying this Sect. At present, you only need to learn frost bloom. As for Ice Attribute Magic Evolution, there is no record. It is estimated that no one has the corresponding Bloodline. I am afraid that I have the power of Ice and Snow Divine Right. To get evolution.”

“From the silver level magic, Sect began to increase explosively. For example, the most basic “floating blade” of the metal system is an indispensable foundation for the “Iron Throne Sect”. The sky rain of Water Attribute seems useless, but it is On the basis of the “Master Flow of Planting”, a small number of Magician gave up the battle and turned to study those magic that can enhance the whole Human. Among them, a few Magician specializing in Wood Attribute are mainly responsible for breeding and planting, which has made a huge contribution to Human.”

“However, everyone didn’t expect the development of the matter. Planting Master Sect actually has a powerful battle ability, completely replacing the former forest master Sect. After all, the forest master can only be confined to the forest with many trees and can be planted. The Master planted the tree himself.”

“The basic magic of Air Combat Sect also appears in Silver Magician, which are’floating technique’ and’gliding technique’, if you don’t master Mobile Casting and flying casting, you need to use floating technique in the sky casting, but if you have flying casting , These 2 magic spells will be eliminated.”

“As for the most powerful Hydra Legion Sect, it is currently only a theory, because no one will use the precious Hydra blood to strengthen the magic of “Flame Demon Serpent”. Even if it is in the Saint Domain rank, master the “Fire King”. The symbiosis of magic leaves can make Flame Demon Serpent fully enhanced. Three Fireballs can be breathed out in one breath. It is not worth the precious blood. However, Hydra Legion is particularly suitable for me, because the different heads of Hydra can release magic that is not the same attribute.”

“If you can really integrate the blood of Demi-God Hydra into Flame Demon Serpent, will the Fireball ejected from the Flame Demon Serpent of 9 heads be additional multi-line innate skill? The Hydra Hydra group is a very strange creature, they are only one species Master the magical creatures of the whole department, but because of miscellaneous and imprecise, it leads to bullying ordinary enemies without any disadvantages, but in front of powerful opponents, the dishes are very special. I am different, I have more innate skills…”

“Unfortunately, Hydra must have at least the full 9 heads in Legendary rank, and only in Demi-God to master the tenth series of light attribute magic. A drop of Demi-God blood can only add one head, the cost is too high, depending on the situation talk later.”

Suye has repeatedly studied various Sects, at first, only focusing on Fire Attribute and Earth Attribute with Magic Evolution, but soon realized that he made a mistake.

“I shouldn’t think from the perspective of “I will do what I have”. This perspective is true. Even in a short period of time, the return is extremely high, but it may be deviated. Since I want to become Legendary, even above Legendary, then Start thinking about what Sect points to Legendary and points above the higher Legendary!”

Thinking of this, Suye suddenly opened his mind to rethink his magic in a longer and more correct direction.

“Frozen Earth Attribute should be given up! Frost bloom can be studied in depth, but frozen Danger Land Sect is a Sect with a higher rank and a smaller effect. The reason is very simple. Those powerful enemies and Demon Beast are terrifying and impossible. Frozen.”

“Air combat flow is the top priority. Although it is difficult, Legendary Great Mage is all about flying battle, standing on Legendary? It does not exist.”

“Planting the Master Stream cannot be said badly, as long as it takes a lot of time to prepare. As long as there is enough time, the Planting Master is the master of the mobile forest and can pay attention, but cannot make an all-out effort.”

“For Hydra Legion, if it is guided by a new way of thinking, like air combat, it is of paramount importance. Even if the cost is high, as long as it is completed, the formidable power will be terrifying. This magic Sect, if you do not consider the cost, no matter Whether it is considered from its own innate skill or from the perspective of Legendary, it should be done. It is a double fit. The Bloodline of Hydra Hydra is derived from the king of the devil and the king of monsters. Although it is impossible to determine the strength of Tifeng now, Once had the strength of Godking, even Zeus and Greece Gods act together could not kill them, and could only barely seal him in Netherworld. If it can help Hydra Legion into the blood of Tifeng…Forget it, I am a bit Gone far away.”

Suye is eager to study the magic of the silver system. With clearer directional guidance, everything is like building a house.

I slept until dawn and walked out of the room. The others were having breakfast, but my eyes were strange.

Suye was puzzled and looked at all around and found that there were 4 more guards outside the door.

Suye walked to the door.

“Urak General, received Faust General’s order, you can’t get out today, if you violate the military order, all military merits will be cancelled! Please General don’t embarrass us ordinary warrior.”

Suye was stunned for a while, and turned back, walked back to the yard, and ate with Sparta warrior.

“Faust General is really good. He is for your own good.” Casto whispered.

Suye said nothing, silently eating.

Commodus said: “Castor is right. If you go out of the house and go to the city gate, the current commander orders you to take us to the front line. Are you fighting or not fighting? If you can’t kill enough enemies, Commander Aristocrat can tell you that you neglected your duties and directly deprived you of military power. If you don’t have the command of the commander and you do it yourself, then they still have a way to say that you violated military regulations.”

Kastor said: “Commodus is only one thing. If the Greek coalition wins this time, you will be fine. If the Greek coalition loses, they will find a scapegoat. Your apparent identity is Sparta. Now Greece The commander of the coalition is Athens Aristocrat, and will definitely trouble you. Even if they were defeated, even if you can reverse the situation, they will steal your military power. However, such a large military power is difficult to grab unless you are directly convicted. I know you still have illusions about Aristocrat, but as I said, I know Aristocrat better than you.”

Castor’s expression was tangled.

“Trust Kastor, he is one of the biggest Aristocrat.” Commodus patted Suye on the shoulder.

“I don’t listen to good words.” Castor gave Komodos a white look.

“It seems that you know, saying that people are Aristocrat like cursing people.” Commodus said.

“You learn something better with Suye in the future, don’t even learn the bad.” Kastor said helplessly.

In a friendly and friendly atmosphere, everyone finished their meal.

After a while, Suye said: “Commodus, please help me to find out if the people of Plato Academy are playing. If it is, ask which class is the specific one.”

“Let’s go, I know Paros Big Sister.” Casto whispered.

“En?” Suye stared at Castor.

Castor shrugged and said, “I met once a while ago, um… actually 2 times.”

“Is she unmarried?”

Castor hesitated for a moment and said, “I can’t be completely sure, and I can’t say even if I’m sure.”

“Also, I will not embarrass you. By the way, do you have the opportunity to enter Shenxing? I am willing to pay a reasonable price to buy, and it will definitely not let you lose.” Suye said.

Kastor shared his hands in two hands and said, “Divine Power Plane at the level of Shenxing is extremely important to our Demi-God family. I can’t be the master. Of course, if someone wants to sell places, I must think Way to tell you. Actually, you might as well look for Paros instead of me. She is particularly favored in their family, and you don’t know it.”

“I really don’t know.” Suye was slightly surprised.

“En? Oh, I see. You had left Athens at the time, and you probably didn’t know about it. A while ago, the people of Areopagus embarrassed her. Pandion Patriarch shot it personally and alarmed the whole Athens Aristocrat.”

“What? Someone dared to embarrass her?” Suye was worried and unhappy.

“Of course it’s because of you. Your champion statue was taken away by the people of Areopagus, Paros was not happy, then Pandian Patriarch shot himself and killed a Saint Domain. Areopagus ordered City Guard to arrest you, Sisyphus just found one Excuse, kill a General who wants to catch you. 2 people seem to be helping you, but they are actually helping Paros.” Casto whispered.

“Can you elaborate?”

“I have been in Sparta, and I know so much. After you recover your identity, you can ask her or return to Athens to inquire.” Casto whispered.

“Well. Then you go, try not to let her participate in today’s battle. If it doesn’t work, just say I asked you to bring her a message.” Suye said.

“It seems that you are really worried about your desk-mate. Rest assured, she will still give me my face without moving you out. Wait for my good news.” Castor turned and left.

Not long after, Kastor returned.

“The good news is that Plato Academy is taking a day off today, and Paros Big Sister is also very smart. Yesterday I found Euclid and said that unless Miltiades General directs, she and her classmates will not go to war.”

Suye remembered passing by yesterday, and Paros should have been looking for Euclid, so he was relieved.

“Now that she knows to avoid war, that’s fine,” Suye said.

Kastor suddenly smiled at mysterious and whispered: “She asked about you.”

Suye’s heart jumped.

“Of course not to ask you Urak, but to Suye. I said that you are still in the area cultivation, it may take a year and a half to leave Sparta.”

“What’s her reaction?” Suye asked.

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