The World of Deities Chapter 392

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“You don’t know what kind of character she is, as if she owes her money all over the world…cough cough, in short, so indifferent. But when she heard that you were well, she was relieved.” Casto whispered.

Suye nodded.

“We can see today, Persia Aristocrat and Athens Aristocrat, which one is more stupid.”

Suye looked at the sky in the direction of the marathon plain.

“Would you like to invite a Golden Magician to use the Watching Eye, and then use imaging?” Kastor.

“Can it work?” Suye asked.

“Fortunately, I am also a member of the Demi-God family, and this face will not be lost! I will borrow a Golden Magician who is resting.” Kastor finished and left.

After more than half an hour, Kastor returned with an elderly mage wearing a golden oak badge on his left chest.

The elderly mage had a kind face, and Kastor’s expression was a little gloomy. Obviously things were not as smooth as imagined, but he succeeded.

“This is Anto 10000 mage, he is willing to help us watch the battlefield situation.”

The two sides simply greeted each other, and Antoin 10000 casting.

In the deep blue Magic Formation, a fist sized eyeball appeared, and the whole body was whitish. Then, a black pupil slowly appeared on it.

Even if Sparta warrior is well-informed, it’s weird to see this eyeball.

The wait-and-see eyes rose slowly and quickly flew over the fortress.

Anto 10000 said: “I’m just Golden Mage. After turning the wait-and-see eye into the water curtain, it will be motionless. Please also protect me.”

“Use this, other people’s small things.” Castor took a slap-like silver water cup from the Ring of Space, engraved with complicated patterns, inlaid with gems of different colors, looks like Persia Regal appliances.

“It turned out to be the cup of visualization, which would save me a lot of mana.”

Anto 10000 said to use mana to connect the cup of visualization with the eye of watching.

Seeing the empty silver jewel cup, there was more transparent water out of thin air, more and more water, and finally poured out of the cup mouth, not flowing down, but continued to surge upward.

Finally, a large water curtain with a side length of about 2 meters was formed.

Slowly, the gemstones on the surface of the cup show different rays of light, and many light spots appear in the transparent water curtain.

After a while, those light spots of Condensation soon appeared on the battlefield of the Marathon Plain.

On the shallow brown land, during the embellishment of messy green grass, there are occasionally red and black colors.

On Earth, Persia and Greece 2 troops fight at close quarters.

There is no sound above the water curtain, but it clearly shows the scene of the ground battle, and the angle of viewing from the sky exactly the same.

The Sparta warrior watched curiously.

“Didn’t expect is so clear.”

“Even the most basic movements can be seen clearly.”

“Magic is really amazing.”

Suye, Commodus, and Kastoll had a calm face, and the water curtain was too blurred compared to their eyesight.

Commods said: “Now it seems that the two sides are evenly matched. Or, let’s say that our Killing ability is superior to ours. Persian has far more deaths than our Greeks. However, regarding the proportion of deaths and injuries, the two sides are actually the same. Actual On, we suffered a little loss from Greek.”

Kastor sighed, saying: “The proportion of people who die is the same, Persian actually does not care, because they are basically a certain degree of integration. In contrast, on the Greek side, each City-State is an independent country, any single Excessive loss of City-State will cause the entire City-State to suspect other City-States and give up make an all-out effort. However, fortunately we have a common God.”

“But our God is not unity.” A Sparta warrior whispered.

“Urak, what do you think of the situation now?” Kastor suddenly called Suye’s fake name, and others were nodded, realizing that Kastor was reminding everyone that it was not good to speak in front of outsiders.

Suye thought about it and said: “Our water curtain can only see the most intense battlefield, but the core of Battle of Marathon is neither on the battlefield nor in the marathon fortress, but in the Persia camp.”

“Insight.” Golden Mage Anto 10000 immediately adjusted the angle of the watching eye. The watching eye quickly looked at the Persia camp and quickly zoomed in the picture.

Suye carefully observed Persian’s expression. Several high-ranking people looked up at the wait-and-see eye and then smiled slightly, not caring.

Suye’s eyes looked everywhere on the water curtain, his complexion getting worse and worse.

“Anything found?” Commodus asked.

“I feel something is wrong, but I can’t tell.” Casto whispered.

Suye glanced at Anto 10000 without speaking.

Anto 10000 said with a slight smile: “I have followed Miltiades General for 5 years to promote Golden from bronze mage.”

“Faust General assigned him.” Casto whispered.

Suye nodded, said: “The first thing I noticed was the general Persia’s expression and subtle expression, which is very wrong. That’s not like what it should be after 2 big defeats and 3 days of siege, unless General Persia, Golden Warrior and Golden Mage, everyone’s proficiency…I will call it’expression management’ for now.”

“I probably understand what you mean. This word is interesting.” Anto 10000’s eyes brightened.

“Sure enough, I said that I always think there is a problem, or your observation is meticulous. When you say this, I understand that the expression is the reaction of the mental state. They are so relaxed, they will not just feel that they can defeat us, but may Victory. But, on the surface, they have no means of winning, so, it may only be what is hidden behind them.” Casto whispered.

Sparta warrior were surprised, are they boasting or talking seriously? Can you see so much just by looking at the enemy’s expression?

Commodus asked: “Can those Aristocrat see it?”

“If they are defeated in a row, it is likely to be seen, but… they have experienced the illusion of victory made by Persia and won the award of Areopagus in succession. Do you think they will carefully analyze the details of General Persia like us? “Suye asked.

“Alas…” Commodus sighed softly.

“True didn’t expect, you Sparta people have such Magician with innate skill, strategy and even hearts. Are you interested in joining Athens? I can send you to Plato Academy for further study.”

Suye was silent.

Sparta warrior’s expressions are a little weird.

“Urak, do you have any other discoveries?” Castor diverged the subject and eased the extremely embarrassing scene.

“They… prepared ambushes. If you look closely, you will find that the camps and magic houses close to our direction in the Persia camp are closed, but the doors of the camps and magic houses in the distance are open. Closed, very natural. I still remember that in the past few days, the gates of the local camps and magic houses were not closed neatly and clearly, there was obviously nothing hidden in them. And, from those camps to the road outside , Has been cleaned up, and almost no Persian is walking around there, which is completely different from the clutter elsewhere.” Suye said.

Everyone paid attention to the details of the Persia camp and suddenly realized.

“However, those ambushes are not used for sneak attack, nor do they seem to be used for killing. The Persia camp is far away from the center of the battlefield and cannot be sneak attack. Even if you win, you can’t kill, then there are only 2 possibilities. One is big. Large-scale transmission, obviously, Persia cannot afford such a high cost. Another possibility, I think you should have guessed.”

Suye finished, those ordinary Sparta warrior blank faces, what do you mean?

However, a few Sparta warrior and Anto 10000 gently nodded.

“It seems that Persia will lead our people to the big camp, such as scams, and then attack. But, I always feel that it is almost what.” Casto said.

“The difference is where their determination comes from. This is the source of our strangeness. If we can find the source of their faith, everything will be solved.” Suye said.

The water curtain slowly changes and the angle of view turns to the sea.

A large number of Persia warships are lined up neatly, and the Persia navy above is standing by.

“Is the Persia navy shot?” Komodes asked.

“Just look at the waterline. There is no difference between those warships and the previous ones, indicating that there will be no ambush or other forces hiding on the ship. Compared with the formation of the previous few days, the Persia fleet has not changed much. Also The arrangement of the equipment on the ship, not at all any landing preparations. If you look carefully, the battle of the marathon plains is in full swing. The observers of the Persia navy rarely look at the marathon plains. They have been constantly looking south, obviously still preparing for the Navy. This shows that today’s battle has little to do with the Persia navy. Of course, everything is not absolute, but the probability is very small.” Suye said.

Commodus was ashamed, Sparta warrior was sweaty, battle had been for so many days, he didn’t even pay attention to such critical details of the water line, this Suye was good, not only concerned, but always remembered, but also Used it.

“Amazing people of Magician and Sparta, if you can join the Athens military, you will become Athens’ first Magician General, or even Magician General! Real Power General!” Anto 10000’s eyes were gleaming.

“Alas…” Castor looked at Suye and sighed.

Anto 10000 did not know what he was sighing for, but the Sparta people knew.

The crowd continued to chat. Suddenly, Kastor held out his white and right hand, grabbed Suye’s wrist, walked into the room, and then motioned to Suye.

Suye took out the blocked cage, isolated the inside and outside, and looked at the young man suspiciously.

“Are you interested in entering the Demi-God family?” Castor stared at Suye’s eyes.


“If you want to seek greater development, Athens is already impossible, and you have offended too much of Athens Aristocrat, even if Pandan Family can guarantee it, it may not be useful. Even more how, there will be a battle between Athens Aristocrat and Plato Academy in the future, Aristocrat’s Behind is God, Plato Academy will inevitably fail. Even Socrates used to kill the gods.” Kastor’s eyes flashed.

“Continue.” Suye vaguely guessed Kastor’s purpose.

“Want to marry Princess of the Demi-God family as your wife? Paros, don’t think about it, she is unmarried! My Big Sister Helen is prettier than her!”

Castor’s voice was like Devil’s temptation.

Suye was puzzled.

Helen? Greece number one beauty that even the beautiful god Venus is jealous of?

No, the point is, Paros is unmarried?

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