The World of Deities Chapter 394

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Kastor suddenly thought of something and opened his eyes wide: “They wouldn’t use the plane ship? The whole world together, there are only less than 5! That’s the real Divine Item!”

“What is that?” Commodus asked.

“Make a powerful Divine Power Plane with special power into a boat, and it can be carried on the boat, and it can carry Space Transmission. You can think of the plane boat as a very large Ring of Space, Or the oversized Magic Carriage, which can live in people.” Castor looked up at the fortress, facial expression grave.

“During the war, it is not allowed to use Legendary or more than Legendary. If Persia dares to use Divine Item, then Athens City’s giant Idol can be sent directly to destroy all Persian.” Anto 10000.

“What if the plane ship is not involved in the war, but only transports the troop army?” Kastor asked back.

Anto 10000 looked drastically, quickly opened the command book and sent an emergency military situation.

“Late…” Suye murmured.

“Appeared? Why can’t I see it?” Commodus glanced at the water curtain and then at the sky.

“The eyes are invisible, but the mind is imaginable. If you experience two consecutive defeats, will you be in pain?”

A cloud appeared in the eyes of Commodus, saying: “Pain, very painful! I have experienced great pain before and after becoming the gladiator battle king.”

“And then?” Suye asked.

“I don’t want to suffer in the future! I work hard to improve myself, I must not let the same pain appear again.” Commodus said.

“From another perspective, the enemy is not important, the pain is not important, the important thing is, what can you gain from the pain, and how much have you improved since then. Can you, I can, what about the Persia generals who have experienced two defeats? Like, Greece Aristocrat did not hesitate to take the risk of defeat in order to gain military power, and Persia Aristocrat, in order to obtain this victory, in order to avoid returning to be executed by Darius, coupled with the stimulation of Greece Magician, will inevitably make huge changes. “

Suye looked at the battlefield.

Everyone is looking thoughtful.

“Can you make it clearer?” Commodus asked.

“We beat the old Persia, but activated a new Persia. But now the new Persia’s opponent is the old Greece Aristocrat.” Suye said.

Everyone suddenly realized that this angle was too thorough.

“Is this a good thing or a bad thing for Greece?”

Suye shrugged and said, “I don’t know if it’s good or bad for Greece, but it must be good for the whole Human.”

Everyone carefully thought about this sentence, and always felt that there was something deep hidden in Suye’s words.

Everyone was thinking, dark clouds emerged, and most of the battlefield was shrouded in huge shadows.

“Where is the overcast cloud?”

Anto 10000 slowly turned his eyeball, then stunned.

Just above the sky, the deep blue mana rays of light are like ocean waves.

In the deep blue ocean, a giant ship with a length of 5000 meters emerged slowly.

obstruct the sun, obscure the sky.

Like a mountain.

The entire floating giant ship hovered high in the sky like a dragon. The bizarre mana rays of light flowed on the surface of the hull like a variety of electric currents. It was obviously a black wooden hull, but it exuded a shiny metallic color.

Suye was about to observe carefully, a huge rumbling sound sounded.

The voice spread throughout the marathon plains to the fortress of marathon.

Everyone gave up looking at the water curtain and looked up to the sky ahead.

A huge black shadow appeared in the sky.

The side of the giant ship opened one after another.

shuaa~ …

A 7-8 meter long dark red and black spotted 2-winged flying snake flew like a pigeon flock, with a total of more than 1000 heads.

There are even several 20-wing giant flying snakes with a head of up to 4 meters, all of which are wrapped in azure’s whirlwind.

One of the thickest flying snakes was born with a crown of bones. Above the crown, a huge Fireball was pressed against it, just like a small sun, emitting bright rays of light.

“Legion the Flying Snake King, Legion the real angry dragon…” Castor looked desperate.

“That is……”

After the flying snake king Legion flew out of the hatch, huge silhouettes appeared one by one at the door and above the deck.

The silhouettes are so familiar, each one is above 4 meters, and some even exceed 6 meters in height.

Giant Legion.

Every Giant wears thick armor, no, it should be called armor.

At the bow position, a giant mountain with ten meters high stands there.

“King Giant…” The voice almost came from Commodus’ throat.

There is no metal armor on King Giant’s body, and his whole body is covered with thick semi-transparent yellow gemstones, like the same gem Giant.

For ordinary people, this mountain Giant’s is indeed covered with topaz.

However, for Magician, it is a harder stone than quartzite, yellow jade stone.

This Giant King looks very simple, only covered with topaz, shining in the sky, there is no crown above his head, not even metal weapons, just carrying a dark trunk.

20 meters long trunk.

On the surface of the trunk, there are numerous blue black magic lines.

A magic mark tree over 3000 years old can cut a piece of debris and become the main material of Saint Domain Magic Tool, if it can be cut.

One after another azure’s Wind Attribute magic fell on Giant, and Giants jumped from a height of more than 100 meters.

Even with the power of magic, their falling speed is extremely fast.




Each Giant is like a demon dropping from the sky. After smashing out the pit of each and everyone, stepping on the crack of the ground, in the boiling dust, killing the soldiers of Greece.

“Giant Legion, undefeated!”

Seeing that the Giant King, ten meters high, made a deafening cry, carrying the magic mark trunk, and jumped out of the plane ship.

Hong long long ……

He smashed to the ground like a hill, and then, with him as the center, Earth with a radius of two hundred meters collapsed and shattered. Everyone in the range, whether it was Greek or Persian, was killed by the falling rocks.

Even as strong as the Silver warrior, it can’t resist the Giant power contained in the rock.

“Hand over the Netherworld Demon King beast, otherwise I will level the marathon fortress!”

King Giant rushed madly to the Allied Forces, ran a few steps, and suddenly jumped short and high.

50 meters in one jump.

The audience was shocked.

Such a huge body, carrying such a huge weapon, the body is so light.

Like a flying mountain.


King Giant landed a huge roar, and then held a magic mark trunk with a strong wave, sweeping out a huge fan shape, the Greek warrior screamed and flew out, the chest and abdomen collapsed, the skeleton shattered, and even someone was swept by direct powerful force Into 2 and a half.

The end of the trunk of the magic mark even tears the air, making a piercing shriek.

“Hand over the Netherworld Demon King beast, I’m going to roast it! Giant is undefeated!” Giant Wang yelled and continued to jump around, sweeping the trunk with magic mark.


A heavy voice exploded in mid-air, and the Greece 3 Army was defeated across the board.

Giant King is like a giant lion leaping continuously in the ant colony. When passing by, there are 4 smoke, rumbling sound, and Greece soldiers have died.

“Persian, you are so mean, even use Divine Item!” Commander Greece’s angry voice spread throughout the marathon plain.

“You misunderstood, this is just our troop carrier, because it is difficult to grasp the position of the ultra long-distance transmission, and it happened to be over the battlefield by coincidence. The plane ship did not carry out any attacks, and it was still in midair, not counting Divine Item. You can also Using the plane ship to transport soldiers, we Persian will never say that you are mean. You will see you next time.”

On the plane ship, there was an arrogant voice, and then countless mana wrapped the plane ship, sky suddenly erupted with strong light, just like the sun exploded.

After the glare, the plane ship disappeared.

Above the battlefield, Greece was defeated.

1000 flying snakes burst and burst Fireball in mid-air, bombarded indiscriminately.

1000 Giants rushed on Earth, and they were invincible.

The Persia army chased crazy.

The scene of the first battle with the marathon is exactly the same. After the Magicians released some magic, they reluctantly use magic to escape.

The high-level Golden Warrior shook his head helplessly and ran away first.

Those 1000 Giants are equal to 1000 Golden Warriors.

Those 1000 flying snakes are comparable to 2 1000 silver Magicians.

In the face of absolute power, Greek has no chance of victory.

Suye looked at the water curtain, looked at the Greek that each and everyone fled inside, and looked at the desperate faces.

In front of the water curtain, everyone watched silently.

At this time, no one can pull strongly against a crazy tide.

In the third battle of the Marathon Plains, Greek was defeated.

Greek keeps running away, Persian, Giant Legion and Flying Snake Legion keep chasing and killing.

A large number of Greek soldiers rushed into the city gate, and even trampled. A few injured soldiers were trampled to death under the city gate.

Only one step.

Under the threat of death, in the face of fear, everyone is equal.

What happened in the Persia army in the first 2 battles, now what is happening in the Greece army.

Hong long!

The gate is closed.

On 1000 Greece soldiers are still outside the door.

“Aristocrat, you bitches, I use everything I have, curse you! You must not die! Greek, never bow your head!”

A Black Iron Warrior scolded, tears and blood, and turned to kill a 6-meter-high Giant.

“Aristocrat raised by bitch! You are the accomplices of Persian! Kill!”

Another Greek scolded in front of the closed door and turned to kill.

No one rushed to the door, no one knocked on the door, no one begged for mercy.

Amidst anger and fear, the over 1000 Greek soldiers killed Persian.

They fell one after another, but everyone, at least one Persian’s life.


Persia commander Mardonius’s voice echoed in the sky.

All Greek faces have changed dramatically.

I thought that Persia would withdraw after this victory, but didn’t expect that they even wanted to break the city.

“It’s over…”

The same thoughts came to everyone.

In front of Giant’s, all the city walls cannot to withstand a single blow.

In front of densely packed flying snake Legion, all the city defense equipment are just toys.

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